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My Greatest Joy in Life is Hobby Web Sites

I have five to 30 hobby web sites, Internet sites where I research, collect, and write about my hobbies, or Interest, and earn money.


"We all write the story of our lives, we take daily mental notes on what the future shall bring, then live another life, as if the notes never existed."
- Andy Lee Graham

What we say, is what we want to be, what we do, is who we are, if I watch a person doing something, and he says,
"It means nothing,"
I think to myself,
"No it means everything."




Babe Ruth Master

 “You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up.”
- Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth made his hobby his life, his play, his story, he inspired many a small boy, he was a dream maker.

If you can make your hobbies, your dreams, the inner notes you write on a pad of paper in you brain, your vocation in life, then you will never work a day in your life.

I am Andy Lee Graham, founder of, and when I started this site, when I came up with the name in the Voyager Hostel in Panama City, Panama in 2000, I was an idiot. I was still chasing the American Nightmare, the never ending belief that hard work would make me happy, because by working hard, I would earn enough money to buy happiness.

I lost, and I am winning, but the path has been full of trolls. My biggest obstacle has been to stop my mind from believing in money, I always in the back of my mind, had this primary goal obsession, if you had more money, then I would be happier. I think it is instinctual, I must hoard money, to insure I am safe when the rains stop, to get a wife, to propagate, to sow my seed.

If I had more passion, I would be happier, by working on my dreams, my passions, my muses, I become happier.

Work is doing something you do not like to earn money. I just do not believe any person on the planet should need to trade eight hours of misery for money. And, a few of you, most of you, the majority live that idea, but I am assuming you are missing the point. I know you want to go home from that miserable job, and not work, sorry, you still need to do exchange energy for money.

I Enjoy Exchanging Energy for Money

I have been waking up, doing my thing for 25 years, and after 25 years, I must say,
"I are one."

I are one that does his thing in the morning, I am the person, this is the person I have become. Even if I traded one way of exchanging money, for another, I would do it the same way, I would wake up at 4:00 to 5:00 am, and work on what I was wanting to do, on what I wanted to become.

When the Internet started - We was told to be "Gurus."


You will have to excuse me, by putting two and two together right now, by journalizing about my life, I have had a good laugh.

I am on Lake Atitlan, in Guatemala, and I am surrounded by Woo Woo people. And Sanskrit is one of the languages of endearment, for example, if I got a tattoo that was that Sanskrit word above, I would make a doorway into meeting the Woo Woo girls of San Marcos. I would have high DHV...

This type of thing, always delights me, here I am on Lake Atitlan, often, always, almost normally annoyed to no end by the Woo Woo people. Then by writing in my journal online here, I write about a Woo Woo topic.

I wanted to explain Guru, and now realize the word comes from the Woo Woo peoples dream.

What the Woo Woo people do best is "obfuscate."

Ok back to the missive that hope to bring clarity to myself, then by accident you.

I am sad, because when the first started, the way to become big, was to make a site that answered all questions on one specific subject. For example, in the old days I read a man who created the site: (He sold, and it sucks now.)

I still read Wilson:

The founders of these sites, were the Gurus on specific subjects.

When I want to learn something, I go find the Gurus, and read everything the Gurus have to say, with the hope I can go and sit at the table with them in the future.

Gurus like students, but they do not like it when the student believes he Guru, when he is still a student. And the horror of this generation, the tragedy is, we have enable this generation to all believe they are special, that they have the inalienable right to say they are a Guru. Then the PC police, the political correctness protects the idiots, we cannot hit them with a cane on the top of the head, or we are abusive.

Gurus in Hiding is This Generations Tragedy

How can a student learn, unless he is told, he still needs to study.

Seth Godin and Tribes, here is a genius at clarity, he is a Guru, he explains about marketing, but in reality, he explains human nature, he is sociology expert, hid behind this thing, where he explains again how to make money.

Now, he props up the American Nightmare, to make money with the dream you will be happy.


The best pages on the Internet are niche pages, Hobby sites, where a person is the Guru, and he or she creates a "Tribe," a group of people who are different than others, they are not the same, they are defined by who they are not.

Steve Jobs was not Bill Gates, Germans were not Jewish, and Hitler was the Guru.

Readers are angry when you start becoming a Guru, but I have yet to figure out to arrive at the end, before one takes the journey to mastery. Sad, and nuts, and sick, writers write as if they already know, with no proof they are Guru. A well written article does not make a Guru, extensive research makes a person a Guru, the master of one specific knowledge.

Gurus Can Write a Book

Well, my greatest joy is this, I have had many "Hobby" pages on These pages have been places where I collected more than normal information on one subject.

I have a few pet pages, or Hobby Pages:

"Mobile Office."
"Top Travel Movies"
"Travel Quotes."
"I have Sciatica"

etc. and etc.

I have now spun these pages on to niche sites:

Mobile Office Pages on HoboTraveler is becoming:

Top Travel Movies pages on is becoming:

Travel Quotes on is spinning off to:

My Sciatica has become a research project for me, it is so painful, I am doing massive research to find my own solution, and this has become:

I suspect, I will spin out 100 plus personal sites, with the goal of compiling information on each of the subject, until I have a 225 page book ready to publish.

I am a Guru of Travel, and what is travel, it is the joy of being uncomfortable, of always being elsewhere, to thrive on people around me thinking of me as a foreign object, to a life less normal, that is always changing, nothing is ever status quo, it is alway changing.

I am not a Cliché Travel Writer, who will tell you to come to a place, life will be great, and love it. I keep telling you, it will be like boot camp, you will hate it, want to run for home, but when you get home, you will be telling stories with pride until the day you die.

Travel fills up your conversation bank, you will always be remembered, not loved, but remembered.

These Hobby sites are fun, and what I recommend you do on the Internet, but please do not collect 1000's of photos from another person. Do not collect 1000's of stories from another write. Celebrate your own life, and become the hero of your own life, make the person you dream of becoming you, not someone else.

I do not want you to travel, I want you to find your reason for living, and I want to know what you dream about becoming when you grow up.

Time to grow up and so something uncomfortable today, change.

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