Own a Web Site for 350 Dollars Per Year

If you can type, take photos, you can be wriing travel articles in less than five days. Hosting, CMS, advice, SEO, tech support included.


Are you scared to own a web site?

I am Andy Lee Graham, the travel writer of the HoboTraveler.com Travel Blog: Top Travel Blog - NatGeo Adventure, Forbes.com, Budget Travel, About.com, New York Times, etc; and 100's more.

I have traveled perpetually the planet with the money I earn on the websites, we have enough traffic, whereby I can earn enough money to live anywhere on planet earth. I have done this for 14 plus years, and visited 90 countries.

You can live the dream,
by using our self-service page system.


"When we improve our CMS, your sites are automatically updated."

This is Too Easy: Self Service Web Sites
If you can write an e-mail, attach a photo, and run a spell check, you can now write articles on your own web site in less than five days.

Self-Service Web Sites
The Hobo Network is the webmaster, we do the back-end work, code, technical work, updates, hosting, databases, PHP, SEO, all the very confusing things to learn. And you write articles with photos using our WYSIWYG system. This is a what you see, is what you get system.

Writing on the page, working, uploading photos is self-service; however, when learning to use, Andy Lee Graham or his staff will walk you through, or do what is needed to get you started. We manage the difficult parts of owning a website, so you can write articles or create content, because "Content is King."

List of to Benefits

  1. When we do updates to CMS, SEO, Graphics, Layout your pages are updated.
  2. Web Hosting for 350 U.S.D. per Year
  3. SEO - Search Engine Optimized Design Template
  4. Unlimited GB Hosting Space
  5. Unlimited GB File Transfer
  6. Unlimited Photos Upload
  7. Write unlimited number of articles
  8. Upload unlimited number of photos
  9. Use your Adsense
  10. Telephone & Email Support
  11. Personal Consulting by Andy Lee Graham and Hobo Staff: A proven person who has earned from 30-80,000 Dollars per year from Adsense and other advertisers in his last 14 years as a perpetual world traveler.
  12. Abort using our system, and have standard Hosting (This negates the consulting)
  13. Become Editor: Member of Hobo Network can write article for you. This means your friends, family, or anyone. You are the editor, and can stop, ban, or modify writers privileges.
  14. SEO Consulting - I Andy Lee Graham am an SEO Expert, and Marketing Expert. However, better yet, I have over 50 personal friends who own some of the largest Travel Sites in America, when I have a problem, I ask them. And, I am personal friend with five of the biggest SEO experts on the planet.
  15. Members can access our Job Application Database and hire Graphics people to help them.
  16. Our 7000 members will or could write free articles on your site, all members have the abilty to contribute to your writing success.

PLEASE --- You must be willing to accept the layout of the group.
I am going to type that again...
Please, you must be willing to accept the basic look, feel, and way the page is designed.

NOTE: You not need to accept my grammar errors... hehehe

But you do not have to accept the layout, we do about 3-10 updates to the Content Management System per day. You can request changes, and if the experienced staff approves, we will spend the hundreds of dollars for the updates, and you benefit.

All this for 350 U.S. Dollar per year.

How to get started? Write Andy Lee Graham at:

Send telephone number to:


(Fun, I can explain why I do not just put my e-mail on the page...)

Include your telephone number in the e-mail, and I will call you from my present location on the other side of the planet. We can discuss what is a good domain name is, how to pay, and all the things that are easier to understand by talking.

I will talk you through the process, and keep you safe, then you can get start by getting frustrated learning to write your first article, and then write 1000's more without a problem.

Almost forgot, you can allow your staff, you friend, your nephew, and even members of the Hobo Network to help write on your site. You are not in this alone, you can allow anyone you want to access the site to do updates.

Pay HoboTraveler.com Now

Andy Lee Graham


How to explain Web Site Problems to Your Webmaster or Graphics Person

E-mail sucks, chatting is no good, and talking on the telephone is horrible, but sending a screen shot with graphic changes is best.

My Greatest Joy in Life is Hobby Web Sites

I have five to 30 hobby web sites, Internet sites where I research, collect, and write about my hobbies, or Interest, and earn money.

Own a Web Site for 350 Dollars Per Year

If you can type, take photos, you can be wriing travel articles in less than five days. Hosting, CMS, advice, SEO, tech support included.

Own a Web Site for 350 U.S. Dollars per Year with a Content Management System

Welcome... this is easy, even my 79 year old Mother could do this, she could own, and be writing fun articles in less than five days.

You Bought a Domain: Now how to point the DNS at the HoboTraveler.com CMS - Hosting System

Own a Web Site for 350 Dollars per year, plus cost of paying for domain, about 12-15 on GoDaddy.com.

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Learn until you can earn money.

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