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How to explain Web Site Problems to Your Webmaster or Graphics Person

E-mail sucks, chatting is no good, and talking on the telephone is horrible, but sending a screen shot with graphic changes is best.


Techs are Anal, they are not Intuitive / Solution: Send screenshots
Techs do not believe they have any responsibily to understand, the burden is on the client to explain something they truly do not understand; it is a Catch 22, if I already knew the solution, I would explain it... aagh.

Screenshot Defined: "A screenshot, or screen capture, is a picture taken of your computer's desktop.  This may include the desktop background, icons of files and folders, and open windows.  It may also include whatever is being displayed by currently running programs.  Screenshots are and easy way to save something you see on the screen, such as an open window, image, or text article.  However, because screenshots are saved in an image format, the text saved in a screenshot will not be editable."
- Tech Terms


I took this Screenshot of, and I can mark it up, and send to the tech, and a picture does tell the story better.

Tech Problem
Pretty much, if you do not know the proper term, they do not understand.

Therefore, communication is futile, it is not that they do not want to help, they just cannot understand normal humans.

Invariably, they will write back with another question, and not just give you solutions to the five possible answers.

Solution: You take a screenshot, then you change with a graphic program, mark it up, and send to them.

How to take a screen shot video:

Press prt-scr at top right end of keyboard, but here is video. If you have a Mac, buy a new one, or admit a Mac does not make you smart.

You need a graphic program, this is a program that will allow you to markup or make lines pointing the problems. Or a great idea is to find examples of what you want to happen, take a screen shot, mark it up, point with arrows, and maybe with hope, the web person will understand.

Truly, the easy way, is to have the Webmaster come to the office, pay him or her by the hour, but this is not truly what works, a site evolves, it is never completed, it is a process not an event

Here is FREE Image Program, why free, because you can never lose, and if you truly knew Photoshop or Corel, you do not need a webmaster. Or, maybe you are smart enough to delegate to people who want to do this stuff. Program

Save As a JPG or PNG, all the other things are problem children.

Get Started:
Ok, now take a screenshot, then paste into, the "save as" onto your computer. Mark it up, draw arrows, and attach and send to the Webmaster.


Andy Graham

Another solution is to allow the tech to have access to your computer, then he can watch what you click on, while the two of you talk on the phone.

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