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Why I Stopped Receiving Emails and Started Answering the Telephone

I have given up on e-mails, they are too dysfunctional, this truly is the generation we are entering.

Tue, 17 Jul 2012 05:13:20


I am Giving Up on E-mails!

After over 18 years of doing business on the Internet, I am moving back to the telephone. When a person wants to start a relationship with me, they will need to call me, I am going to end my dysfunctional relationship with my 100's of web sites.

E-mail is a way to avoid doing business. 90 percent of the people on e-mail want to get something for nothing, with no commitments, and are anonymous.

Telephone calls are actually doing business, a person cannot hide.

E-mail enables people to complain. I want them to be functional, an email is to give me information, data, so I do not need to take notes.

Annoy me with Emails

 This is a fast way of resolving a problem, or explaining something, a two way dialog can reach a solution 100 times faster than e-mails.

You ask a question, I answer, or I ask, and you answer.

Need for speed

I have a need for speed!

This section of is about Organizational skills, there is a table of contents link up above, and this is one reason, I am going back to the telephone.

My List of My Goals - Andy Graham

1. Enjoy the day.

2. Do more things in a day that are enjoyable, then things that are not.

3. Eliminate negative things in my day.

4. Make enjoyable friends.

5. Do enjoyable activities.

6. Make enough money that allows me do the above 5 things.

7. Build Rapport with both friends, and rather unethical people in an ethical way, where I benefit by making money, and my clients make money.

8. Eliminate non-functional things, whereby what is remaining is effective.

 Organized people want to come together, disorganized people separate. Every conversation is a way to come together, the first sign a person is refusing to come together, then that is the time to erase them.

People are either on the team, of off the team, and few are in the qualifying process that leads to joining the team.

Either welcome or goodbye!

I have a need for speed.
A telephone will resolve, or solve a problem fast.