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Staying Organized by Pre-meditated Forgetting

To be organized require you understand people, they will not take no for an answer.

Tue, 16 Oct 2012 03:49:30

People who are organized, and responsible do more in life. This organized person believes, he or she gets more out of life, however, normally the opposite is true.

The Thinker

Say, for example, an organized person could do 50 errands in a day.

Say, for example, a disorganized person could do 10 errands in a day.

Why is it the disorganized person only finished 10 errands in the day?

Simple, they spent more time enjoying the day, playing on their cell phone, and watching YouTube videos, etc.

My proposition to organized is to remember to forget 40 errands per day, and spend 80 percent of the day with leisure, and curious endeavors.

The goal of being organized is to enjoy life. One person tells me,
"I am too busy."
The other person says,
"I have tons of free time."

Which person is organized?

It is easy to do, without remorse, with premeditation, plan to forget to do 40 of your errands today.

Pre-meditated Forgetting