Mission Creep is the Opposite of K.I,S,S.

Organized people keep life simple, and have plenty free time and money to go on vacation.

Mission Creep Defined: "Mission creep is the expansion of a project beyond its original goals."

Do you take pride by being busy....?

I have said this 100's of times, and I will continue to say it to the day I die. The prime directive of travel is to enjoy yourself. If you are not enjoying yourself, then probably mission creep has invaded your plans.

My friend Ken S. used this term the other day, and I realized he was giving me a way to explain an abstract understanding I have of the world. Often, the mind is capable of avoiding problems.

I will stop going the wrong way, I do not make the best of a bad situation, that is just plain stupid.

My friend Mike P. said this morning,
"You are not able to handle stress anymore since you left the USA."

Mission Creep

The Epiphany Learned by Traveling the Planet

Travel has revealed to me a great truth, that people who have less are happy.

Less money

Less work

Less responsiblity

Less things or stuff to own

Do you know something, I have never heard of anyone in Africa killing themselves --- the do not have mortgages, responsiblities, and there is little shame to be passed around, they have less problems.

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid

I replied to Mike P. when he said I could not handle stress.
"I am not stupid, I do not accept stress."
"It is stupid to choose stresful situations when you can avoid them."

I know a better way of living, oops maybe your life sucks, that is not my fault, only you can jump out of the storm.

Mission creep appears to be greed, then never-ending want for more, the belief that more will be better.

People that are too busy are the stupid people in life, and greedy to boot. They refuse to accept life, and want to complain about being too busy, like with a sense of pride.

Confusion is the first sign of mission creep, if you are confused, then mission creep is going to follow you, clarity is serenity.

The travelers I have met on the planet refuse to get involved in complex, confusing, and complicated planning, they just leave, knowing the only thing they need is money and a passport, all other things will solve themselves along the way

There is always an over-abundance of people wanting you to agree their confusing offer is good. A good offer is easy, simple, cheap and fun, and does mission creep, I mean it has and obvious beginning and end, no loose ends.

Study the phrase "Mission Creep," I believe Ken is right, it is the cause of confusion, and less is always the happy path.

The USA government is a great example of mission creep, when they do not know what to do, they make more laws.

Mission Creep

I was walking around the airport, and accidentally found this great example of a business that has lost the plot. If you read close it says,
"The power of ingenuity."

Everyone will say, keep it simple, and they always lose the plot, it is now the American way, not the American Dream.

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham


You are on both sides of the fence at the same time . Planing and no planing . Doing ones homework has never seemed to be a bad thing to me . Only a fool or a moron goes somewhere blind . Maybe that is possible with huge amounts of money . Don't know never been that rich . There is a energy attached to all places you can relax in it or be repelled by it .On the subject of making the best of a bad situation :why not ? if not the you spend your running from things . Never learn any thing with your head stuck in the sand .If you knew of a better way of living ,your words would show it instead I see frustration and discontent . Having too many things in life is just garbage you must drag behind you trying to protect . Eventually you lose them any way as they are replaced by more crap.You missed the chance to have a good book on your journey and learn something . You missed the chance for some reflection and enlightenment because you camped at Wal Mart .LOL!!!!! If you are happy now then ,good for you . If you ever watched TV back in the day then perhaps you rember Charles Kuralt and his series about Sunday morning . That was well done and positive as well . You could take some inspriation from that . Bill

Neil V

Andy, have you thought about buying a bicycle at a garage sale so you can travel around the towns you visit without paying for gas? There are bike racks for that can be mounted on the back or front of a vehicle. I purchased a nice 20 speed bike for $20.00 at a garage sale here in Fort Worth. It works great - no gear shifting problems whatsoever. I am happy and mobile. Even the city buses have bike racks on the front here in Fort Worth. Hint - Go to a nice (rich) area in the city you ar visiting - great stough is often sold for a song. Travel a major artery at around 7:30 A.M. on a Saturday while looking for garage sale signs. Start early - the best stough goes first.

Neil V

Command Control to Andy Graham. Simple wisdom, since you like simple, do not attack your audience. Keep a diary of your travels - that is great. You seem to be doing more than that in today's post. Oops, mission creep with an ugly ending. You've already lost your European readership by coming back to the U.S.A. Now you seem to working double-time at losing your American audience. Who is left after the smoke clears. Andy Graham all by himself. You are smarter than this. Don't lose the focus.


Greetings, Andy do not worry, the real people that You are benefiting by Your site, like Me, thank you, very much for the knowledge that You have shared with Us and I hope that You will be able to travel and share with Us a long , long time.


Andy, If you avoid "stressful situations it's like running away from a lesson the Universe is trying to teach you and I will guarantee you the Universe will put you back in that stressful situation, as you call it, over and over again until you cowboy up and deal with it.

I have just started following your blog about a month ago and showed up just in time for a major shift in paradigms but I see you have some wonderful, faithful friends that pray for your increase and care about your well being. So as a newbie, I send all the good vibes I can muster to your aid and wish for your speedy recovery and look forward to each and every new entry you blog... You are loved Andy Graham...and#9829and#9829and#9829 :)

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