Organization - So Organized I Don't Work

How to never work a day in your life?

If you are worried, then you need help to get organized, the reason you are worried is because you are afraid you are going to appear stupid.  An organized mind, life, and world has serenity because of clarity, and clarity is confidence, this page it to teach you these skills.

Blackberry Contact Management Applications

I am not sure why, but the BlackBerry wants to be a business tool, but when I search for "Contact Management BlackBerry" all I get is rubbish.


Borg organizational skills, the ability to gather random facts, data, ideas and concepts, then proceed assimilate them into the major body of information.

Brainstorming for New Ideas

Great brainstorming skills allows you to stop worrying, are you asking the question, "What am I forgetting?"

Copy Success and Save Time

Successful people know how to save time, they copy success, their egos does not need to reinvent the wheel, they want to be effective.

Hang a Note on Door Handle of Exterior Door of House as Reminder to do Something - Organizational Skills

Why do I hang paper notes on the door handle, or on the door of my room as a way of staying organized? Organizational Skills

How to Interview a Virtual Assistant

Step by step process on how to interview and hire a virtual personal assistant from countries like India or the Philippines.

I Get One Completion High per Day Which Gives Me the Self Esteem to Live Within My Means and Travel the World

The simple reason I am able to travel the world. - Organizational Skills

Mastermind Alliance

Mastermind Alliance is a way to bring together friends, family and workers for organizational skills, it is to form collaborations.

Mission Creep is the Opposite of K.I,S,S.

Organized people keep life simple, and have plenty free time and money to go on vacation.

Monotasking Video - Organizational Skills

It is said, that only 2 percent of people can multitask, the rest of us are doomed to live under the illusion we can multi-task.

Organization - So Organized I Don't Work

How to never work a day in your life?

Staying Organized by Pre-meditated Forgetting

To be organized require you understand people, they will not take no for an answer.

The 1 Percent To Do Lists To Shape The Future - Organizational Skills

95 percent of the public makes plans for the day, they do not write them down, they show up for work. 4 percent are super achievers, they have written todo lists. 1 percent are leaders, they have cloud based databases for “To Do” lists, so they can sort by priority.

Tim Ferriss Explained, the Essential Reasons Why He Learned Time Management Skills

A video of Andy Lee Graham explaining how traveling made Tim Ferriss the author of the 4-hour workweek learn to be efficient.

Why I Stopped Receiving Emails and Started Answering the Telephone

I have given up on e-mails, they are too dysfunctional, this truly is the generation we are entering.

Organizations skills help you manage inquiries, prioritize use of time, and effective respond to daily business and personal needs.

The "Mobile Office" link is connected to this area, please read, the are entwined.

Organizational Skills Systems
A system is a step by step set of rules that need applied to situations, a set of protocols to help stop mistakes or errors. You need to make your own, and the easiest way is to write a book of systems, same as this page, but your own.

1. Todo Systems
2. Inquiry Management System
3. Returning Calls System
4. Consolidation of Notes Path System

Accept these princples or Fail

1. It is impossible to list all jobs.
2. If you are prioritizing in your head, you lose.
3. Highly organized people make a lot of errors.
4. You can only accomplish from 3-7 major duties per day.


  • A B C Rating of Priorities
    - Prioritize A B or C, and only do the A, but no more than 5 per day, and always succeed, build only on complete success, failure to complete is not acceptable to the mind. You need to get a completion high.
  • Appointments
    - How many per day
    - How much time between appointments
    - Travel time to make appointments on time.
    - Scheduling Appointments and what is needed.
    - Stacking Appointments
  • Appointments - No more than 5 per day, unless you sell your time. Example: Lawyer.
  • Assistants - Human
  • Assistants and how they can double your work.
  • Automobile or Car Organizational Skills
  • Backup up or Redundant Systems to Protect Information
  • BATNA - Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement
  • Box Theory of Filing and Organization
    - If you know everything is in a box, the low priority filing can be quick.
  • Business Card Cost - Cheap enough you will give 50 without thinking.
  • Business Cards Receiving
  • Business Cards Giving
    - You need to take, ask, first let the person know you care. Then take the card and instantly add to Address database with Memory Clues.
  • Business Cards Magnetic - Works good for Real Estate Agents
  • Call me back in 10 Minutes
  • Capturing an Address
  • Choosing your Business Clients and Workers
  • Clothing for Organization
  • Clothing Pockets
  • Coffee Shop Meetings
  • Coffee Shop Working - People working in Starbucks is normally not working.
  • Computer
  • Computer Screen Management Skills
  • Computer Shortcuts
  • Computer Macros - Macro Express is a program I use to type signature or long messages I repeat all the time.
  • Conference Calls
  • Consolidation of Notes into one location.
  • Contact Management
  • Contact Management Software
  • Copy Success and Save Time
  • CNTRL A  - CNTRL C to Copy on Computer
  • Delegation of Jobs
  • Enmeshment of Business and Personal Needs
  • E-mail
  • Email Reading
    - Best to Read Emails one-time, either reply, delete or file the first viewing.
  • E-mail to yourself to create a Reminder
  • E-mail Signatures
  • E-mail Filters
  • E-mail Address Books
  • E-mail Replying
  • Everyone is a Salesperson
  • Fax with Land-line Phone
  • Fax by Cell Phone
  • Fax by Smartphone
  • Faxing Overseas
  • Favorites Page - Making an Internet page to use as Favorites
  • Favorites on Browser or Bookmarks
  • Filing Systems
  • Fleeting Thoughts - How to Take Notes and Capture
  • Forms on Internet Pages versus E-mail Addresses
  • Forwarding Telephone Calls
  • High Priority List
  • Ignored by People
  • Ignoring People
  • Index Cards for Notes
  • Internet Café Working
  • Inquiry Handling System
  • Internet Connection
  • Internet Connection Planning
    - A person needs to plan for problems, and solve the problems prior to leaving a solid connection.
  • Letter Writing
  • Macros for Repetitive Typing
  • Mail Reading of Postal Mail
  • Meetings
  • Meeting in Bars
  • Meetings in Conference Rooms
  • Meetings in Restaurants
  • Memory Clues - I put note to help me remember in Address books, appointments, etc, the first thing I think. Example: Fat women who talks too much.
  • Negotiations of your Time
  • Negotiations with your Family
  • Negotiations with your Wife or Husband
  • Networking with People - Shake Hands and say, My name is "Andy Graham."
  • Note Performance, Filing, and Performing
  • Note Taking on Index Cards
  • Note Taking with a Digital Camera or Cell Phone
  • Notes Taken on Smartphones
  • Notes Taken on PDA
  • Photos of Yourself
  • PDA for Notes - Personal Digital Assistance
  • Prioritization by Elimination
  • Prioritization by Working on A Priorities
  • Prioritization Mistakes - To big of ToDo list.
  • Procrastination
  • Recording Telephone Calls Graph for
  • Redundancy or Backup Systems
  • Reminder System - Email
  • Reminder System - Appointment Book
  • Reminder System - Timers
  • Reminder System - Stuff in front of door to leave
  • Sales is a Contact Sport
  • Sales is being Popular - Twitter or Facebook, Linkin etc. are Examples.
  • Smartphones
    - Verizon has the best world coverage of Email, 220 countries. ATT is 80
    - BlackBerry is presently best choice because of E-mail proxy.
  • Smart People
  • Software to Help
  • System Creation
  • Systems Book
  • Social Groups or Communities
  • Techniques to Not Forget
  • Telephone Calls Received
  • Telephone Repeating Number Back when Receiving
  • Telephone Calls to Make
  • Telephone Calls to Return
  • Telephone Address Book
  • Test Messages
  • Typing Skills
  • ToDo List
    - Only 2-3 A Priority on a list, when you succeed, raise number.
  • ToDo List - The 100 Percent Completion Rule
  • Voice Mail
    - If you receive more than 10 Voice Mails per day, you are having problems. Returning calls take three tries, while answering the first tim
  • e finishes the problems. If you have many appointments, you need an assistant to answer you phone and solve problems, not just take message.
  • Voice Recognition
    - The Google Android Smartphone has this for notes.
  • Voice Recording
    - Waste of energy, unless you have an assitant that types into your computer software todo systems. Normally you just double the work.
  • Voice Recording of Telephone Calls
  • Work Expanding to Time Allowed
  • Waiting in Lines
    - Smartphone helps to relieve pressure of waiting.
  • Writing a Book to stay organized. You should write a How-To manual of your organizational system, this will remove the inconsistant or ingruent problems.
  • Writing Skills

Goal Worksheet
- Emotional
- Mental
- Spiritual
- Career
- Money
- Physically
- Health
- Love and Family
- Friends

Organizing Gear

  1. Pen
  2. Index cards, carry 10 in pocket for notes
  3. Smartphone
  4. Appointement book big enough to put To-Do list
  5. Computer
  6. Laptop Backpack

Organizing Software

  1. Notepad in Windows - Simple note collection and you can search with CTRL F.
  2. Mindmapper used to map out a project, not for day to day.
  3. Microsoft Works - Database or Excel - To Sort a list by Priorties
  4. Macro Express

Organizing Books

  • How to get control of your time and life

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I receive an e-mail tell me a client would call in two hours, this reminder popped up on my computer telling me the call was in 15 minutes.
Time Management is the result of Organizational Skills

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