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How to Interview a Virtual Assistant

Step by step process on how to interview and hire a virtual personal assistant from countries like India or the Philippines.

Thu, 17 Feb 2011 04:39:48

I have worked virtually with many people, our head coder from India has worked virtually for over five years. We have developed skills at HoboTraveler.com on how to take the application, interview the worker, hire the worker, then monitor their work and pay them.

This page is to explain how to hire a person over the Internet from country where they persons first language is normally not English. The questions you ask about job skills and what the abilities of the worker are the same as any other type of employees. This page focuses on helping you to anticipate the problems of doing a virtual interview.


  1. To learn if the person can speak your language, there has to be a nice flow, an interchange of idea that is intutively, you are from a different culture, there are going to be some compromises necessary.
  2. To discover if the person is easy to contact, are they available, a person working virtually needs to be readily available.
  3. To learn if you like the character of the person.
  4. To check if the person has adequate Internet connection to work virtually, if you want to see the person, then you need to turn on the video and learn their computer expertise.
  5. Can the person work the hours of you need for your world time zone?


  1. I read the job application looking for improper spelling or inadequate completion of the form. If the job application is OK, I then proceed to step two.
  2. I send the potential employee an e-mail.
  3. I wait for a reply, if it take longer than 24 hours to return, I do not proceed with this person.
  4. I log into Skype.com and call the person between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm of the hours in the targeted country.
  5. I talk with the person, about anything to start, I normally explain the job, this conversation is to learn if they speak English. I try to get them involved in the conversation, I want them to engage, be friendly, I want to know if this person is going to fit into our organizational structure.
  6. I give a test, a small job, I try to see if they want a job.


If you are having virtual employee works regular hours, then you need a way to monitor their hours. We solve this by telling the employee in a written work agreement that during the hours of work, they must be on Yahoo Messenger, or G-Talk or Skype.com, we generally try to hire employees who have Yahoo email address, because Yahoo is more stable.

How to Interview a Virtual Assistant

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