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Hang a Note on Door Handle of Exterior Door of House as Reminder to do Something - Organizational Skills

Why do I hang paper notes on the door handle, or on the door of my room as a way of staying organized? Organizational Skills

Mon, 23 Jan 2012 01:33:28

Hang Note on Door

Problem: I do not work at 10:30 PM
--- Therefore, I must wake up my mind to this task.

I have many organizational systems, there is a step by step process how an idea moves from a my head to reality, to the list of finished "todo's." 

OK, you see the note on the door! That is "Extreme Priority," I cannot leave the room without feeling the note, it is going to interrupt me.

I had the note on the door, I just realized, I need to move it to the handle. Any note on a door is more or less extreme priority, and also something incredibly easy to forget or procrastinate.

Example: That note you see is for me to call Jeroen in Thailand, he is 12 hours different than me. I need to call him at 10:30 PM Dominican Republic time. Now the problem is this, I fall asleep

Note on Bed

OK, I need to call Jeroen at 10:30 PM, my time, it would be about 10:30 in Bangkok, Thailand.

I normally watch TV, then fall asleep around 10:30 PM, therefore I may not see the note on the door handle. I now have two notes, one on the handle to the exterior door, and another on the bed. I cannot forget, I will get this todo thing done today, or maybe tomorrow. Even though the note is in both places, my desire to fall asleep may take precedence. It is not a got to do today, I need to get this done this week thing.

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NOTE: I never try to remember anything, I put all todo's into a system, and the system interrupts me an demands I perform the todo. I do not say, I forgot, because I do not have anything to remember.

Exteme Priority Hang Note on Door
Exteme Priority --- Hang a Note on Door Handle of Exterior Door of House as Reminder to do Something.