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Brainstorming for New Ideas

Great brainstorming skills allows you to stop worrying, are you asking the question, "What am I forgetting?"

Fri, 2 Sep 2011 06:26:17

Small minds talk about other people,
Average minds talk about things,
Great minds talk about ideas.

This is a hint, if you want to be great, try to have some new ideas to talk about, and if someone says, "think outside the box," this is mean to brainstorm.

How to brainstorm?

Is there a class, if not, there should be?

Step One:
Carry paper and a pen in your pocket, the process of brainstorming can take a day or years. When you discover a new idea, you will need to add it to a list of other ideas you have collected through brainstorming techniques.

I have index cards in my back pocket, a pen in my other pocket, when I discover a good idea I write it down. When I return to my room, I take out the piece of paper and enter the new idea into a database on my computer. In the past before computers I entered the idea into a file folder.

There is nothing sadder than a great idea forgotten because we failed to write it down.

Step Two: Define your storm, what do you want your brain to storm about?

Example: I can brainstorm about, "How to brainstorm?"

Step Three: Apply some brain tools.

First Tool - Five W's


Ask yourself:

Who - How to brainstorm?
What - How to brainstorm?
Where - How to brainstorm?
When - How to brainstorm?
Why - How to brainstorm?
How - How to brainstorm?

That should prompt your brain for ideas, then you write them down, as you write a few down, the list will suggest other ideas.

Second Tool - Experts

Find a person who is great at your problem, then request suggestions, then be sure again to write them down.

Third --- Google it

Search on Google?

Now, please suggest other systems you use for brainstorming in the comments below, note, you will need to join the travel club to make comments.


Brainstorming for New Ideas