Panama Canal

December 31, 12 NOON 1999
United States gives canal to Panama

40 Second and the
Canal is


Congratulations Panama
MVC-013E.JPG (10699 bytes)
OK, Just so you
understand this picture.

I got them to POSE!!!

There were serious,
but having fun!!!
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In front of the adminstrative
building for the canal.e
MVC-002E.JPG (11714 bytes)
Che Guevar the new

TRENDY person of

the Latino world....
MVC-003E.JPG (7499 bytes)
I was lucky to get this
picture, it was the only
sign I saw...
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Front of the Building MVC-008E.JPG (12005 bytes)
Resting in the Sun
providing security.
MVC-012E.JPG (4018 bytes)
The steps to building.

Who's looking at who?

These were the VIP's
behind the rope.
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  Mvc-059e.jpg (10146 bytes)
Sovenier Flag Mvc-614e.jpg (10084 bytes)
Omar, This is a picture
carried through the
crowd, of the Panama
person that helped negotiate the treaty
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January 1, 2000