Nomad Travel is the dream, to wander around the planet as we wish, read and learn how Andy Graham earns enough money to Travel nomadically for 21 years.

The question you need to ask, the essential question is, "How do I earn enough money to be a Nomad?" Personally, I earn roughly 50 Thousand U.S. per year, working about 10 hours per week managing and writing on my Travel Site and Blog Then because I am not beholding to advertisers, I can travel, say, do and be whoever I want to be, I am not the traditional travel writer who needs to suck up to the resort for a free room. I pay my own way, this is how I can be nomad, I control my who, when, where, why, what, how, and how much. Read the Blog for my current location and experiences.

Mobile Office explains my working conditions.



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