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ISSUE:  102
DATE:  December 19, 2002
Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Khon Kaen Thailand - Stupid Hobo
TIP:  What type of traveler to avoid.
LOCATION:  Khon Kaen, Thailand




That question in some way is easy to answer.
I want to avoid all of them.

I go to another country to visit, understand
and know the other country. Knowing and trying
to always remember. I am a visitor. I have
the rights of a visitor in their house.

But this is not totally true.
I like to meet some of the other tourist.

I have a lot of very good friends
that I have met traveling.
I have a lot of very good friends
I met that write me e-mails.

I have had a lot of readers ask me
what type of tourist I like to avoid and
so I will try to explain.

To be happy in life, and to enjoy
the animal called humans. We must
learn from experience a lot of small
rules. These are rules we collect and
keep in our memories of types of
situations that caused us problems
and maybe we should avoid in the future.

It is not possible to avoid all people
that caused problems, and a person
should not after one bad encounter
judge another person forever.

Plus there is also the situation when
the come and ask to be forgiven.
“Do I have to?”

THEREFORE to tell you what type of
tourist to avoid is the same type of person
that I avoid when I am at home.

There are good people and bad people
in every country. It is the percentages that
change. Some countries have a higher
percentage of jerks than others.

I have met some really good friends
in the strangest places, and for silly reasons.
Every time I meet a person.
I try to erase my memories of all past
experiences and let the person enter.

I want to forgive forever also anyone
that has hurt me, so the door is open.

How to advise you on this subject?

“I look for a place or country where
people want paradise. Where they
act and behave as they would want
in a perfect world.
Try to help them to have a job, food
and place to live.
Where I am able to erase past memories
of problems that other people caused.
I should also try or hope they will overlook
or forget when I was a jerk.
And not to forget. If for some reason I walked
on the wrong side of the road and want to
be bad, or I am provoked. I hope I am able
to avoid the person, or place and do not

That is a paraphrase comment of a very
famous quote.
Do you know the quote?

The book,
“The Ugly American.”
Is a profound and great book.
Written by 2 Americans, and in the proper
manners, is talking about themselves
and their own country flaws, to explain or
demonstrate specific problems.
A parable that applies to all nations.

They sacrificed themselves for the
benefit of the readers.

I would say that the one word that sums up
what the word ugly means, or what an ugly
tourist or traveler is....

SELFISH: Concerned only with oneself
Sort of I take and you give.
Make me happy.
If you do not.... I am angry.
I will give you nothing.


What people say...
Is who they want to be.
What people do...
Is who they are.

Look at their ACTION.
What they give.
....Another paraphrase quote..

I sit around and watch people.
I observe how they treat people.
The way they treat me is not as
important as how they treat others
Do they kick when a person is down?

Some people can dress like
a saint, but really be the devil.
Some can dress, and act like
a bum, but be an angel.
...Oops another Paraphrase quote.

There are a lots of people that demand
and expect to be treated good,
but think they have the right to treat
others bad.
.... And yet another paraphrase comment.

I could make a list of 10
things you should do or not do.
Make a laundry list of the bad
and the good.

But in the end.
I would only be copying or rewriting
another persons work.

So in the end
Avoid people that do NOT say Hello,
or give you a nod of the head,
a wink of the eye, or in some way
let you know you exist, and they are
happy you are in their world.

There is some bad fruit on
trees, and some good fruit.
Look for the good fruit, but do
not make the bad fruit feel guilty.
They have a reason to exist.
If nothing else to make you look good.
Life is always good.
Be grateful.

Hi Mom and Dad.
Thank you.
You did good.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X     Hobotraveler.com was HERE!

Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
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