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How to receive a package

Hobo Travel Tips
By Andy the HoboTraveler.Com

ISSUE:  083
DATE:  August 24, 2002
TIP:  How to receive a package.
LOCATION:  Ranong, Thailand





I think this is the first time in 5 years. I
needed to have something sent to me.
My Automatic Teller Machine Card (ATM) is expiring.
This is not a credit card. It is only an ATM card, so is
worthless unless you have the secret code, or PIN.
I wrote the American Embassy and e-mail, and asked if I could
have the card sent to them. They said, NO.
So now I am in the precarious position. How to receive
an express mail package.

This is like sending a packages to a blind postmaster.
A person walk in to the post office and ask,
“Do you have a package for Andy Hobo?”
The postmaster looks around.
(Although he is blind. Who knows why.)
“Let me check.”
He looks around, Touches all the available packages.
and says,
I would say,
“Are you sure?”
He would say,
“I checked. I am sure.”
He would give me are you stupid shake of his head.
He could not give me a stupid look. He is blind.

I walked into a post office on the island of Koh Phi Phi
a couple of days ago. I said,
“Do you speak English?”
She did not even reply. She ignored me.
I said it again. She looked at me, like leave!



When I look at their language. It looks like hieroglyphics.
When they look at our language it looks like hieroglyphics.

This is why I used the analogy of the blind postmaster.
When you ask for something, they are trying
and do want to find the package. They cannot convert
sounds into a written text. So saying the words
is of no value. Writing them down and showing them
the words in written text will help.

To understand the language problem.
Look at the Thailand letter.
This is what the English looks like to them.
They could look at the exact word and it still would
look very confusing.

Somehow you need to get the correct address on
the box or envelope in their language.
This is what I am explaining.

The hotel where you live normally will do the minimums.
They will try to help. Find a good friend. Find a business
that is intelligent. I was going to send the package to Bangkok.
I decided that Ranong is better. Ranong is small and when the
package arrives it has less places get lost. There is also a man
and his family in the Kay Kai Internet cafe that is very wise.
And a great guy. He would help me if I have problems.

The hotel I live in is OK. They are working on a 7th grade
level of understanding of the world though. But if the package
comes to the hotel. They will tell me maybe.
Plus there is only 3 clients in the hotel.

They say this in Thailand all the time.
I think it should be the motto of the underdeveloped world.

If anything can go wrong it will.

We are very demanding. If they mess up
the order for our meal, or have problems.
We expect and they DO fix the problem.
I have learned slowly over time that in most countries
in the world they screw everything up on a regular basis.
And the people accept this as normal.
So wanting to do a very good job.
High quality, and correct the first time to
save time and frustration is swimming upstream.
So you have to do 10 time better than
you would do in your own country to avoid

The address on the package is everything.
If that is correct, and the person can easily understand
the address. The package will probably arrive.

There is always an internet cafe close.
All computers have a program called PAINT.
It is a graphics program that comes installed on the
computer. I found a person here in the Hotel to type the
the address in the Thai language in PAINT.

Do NOT type in the Thai language and send
by e-mail to people at home. It will not work. Sometimes

WHY a graphics.
When you receive an e-mail with Thailand characters or
letter they will be scrambled. I know that on various
times over the last few years people have receive a
newsletter with scrambled letter. Probably though
I was stupid, but in reality it is the computer
in another language. I have to be very careful here
in Thailand on how I use the programs.
So if I send a graphic to my parents they will have
no problem. Nothing will change. It is like sending a picture.
100 percent same same.
(Thai Joke, they say same same all the time.)

So I went to the computer.
I typed the address in English.
Convinced the lady here to type the address
in the Thailand language
under the address in English.
She did not want to do this,
She kept saying,
“No Problem.”

After a little coercion and some mean looks.
Standing over her head, not accepting no.
She typed the address in the computer.
I have no clear understanding why people
fight doing the most simple things.
And my opinion would get me in trouble.

I “SAVED AS” to the computer.
I went to my e-mail box.
Wrote an e-mail to my parents and to myself to
check that it was sent..
ATTACHED the graphics.
Sent it to my parents and me.
I hope they attached it to the envelope.
I gave very specific instructions.
I really hope the office in the USA did not say,
“No Problem.”
When I hear this phrase.
I know problems are coming.

I know that 95 percent of you have no idea on
how to open paint and make this graphics.
The people in the internet cafes will know.
They seem to like to help. Ask.
My lady was from the Hotel. Not the internet
cafe and still at the learning to mouse click
phase of life.

This is one of them task that is extremely
easy for 5 percent of the population, and
the other 95 percent will be clueless.

There is no reason why you should be
good at all things.
Please ask for help.
IF you are not able to ask for help,
Life will be very difficult.

I only know 2 companies that ship packages
worldwide quickly. DHL and Federal Express.
I see the DHL trucks all the time in cities.
I almost never see a Federal Express truck.
I would choose DHL for sending packages.
Especially from the country to home.
It will be a lot easier to find a DHL office
than a Federal Express office.

They sent the package Monday.
Today is Friday.
I receive the package Friday.
Yea! Life is good.

I was hanging around in the afternoon
at the Hotel. Nobody works in the mornings
so I went to the internet cafe.
I here a change in noise level outside my
room. I go out to see. The whole staff
and the driver is looking this package.
It is all in English more or less accept for
the label I sent. My parents had taken a
black large felt marker and wrote ANDY
all over the box.

I have told these people.
3-4 times a day about the package.
They helped me to make the label.
I have been a very very noisy wheel about
this package. The still was clueless.
The driver had no idea who to ask for.
I took the form and more or less showed
him how to let me sign it, and give me
a copy.

I accomplished my goal.
This would probably work with the normal
mail and Poste Restante.

People will say,
“I had a package sent to me, it was no problem.”
Most problems do work there way out.
I do not know why, they just do.
But I believe in what I call an
“idiot proof” systems.

Management is not about control.
It is about removing the OBSTACLES
to production.

People do want to do the right thing.
Especially if it is easy.

If sending a package around the world
fast to the correct person was easy. It would
be cheap. Thank You Federal Express

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 5 of Hobo trip around the world.
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Hello, Here is a Travel Tip written by Andy of How to receive a package.