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Negotiate quietly

Hobo Travel Tips
By Andy the HoboTraveler.Com

ISSUE:  026
DATE:  January 18, 2001
TIP:  Negotiate quietly

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Buying supplies, souvenirs, or just getting a room, can
sometime be the most difficult event of travel.
Negotiating doe not have to be an argument. It can
be a game. I am constantly trying to think of ways to
negotiate in a way that is friendly, and does not end
in either person being angry.

If you hear NO, then you may have made the owner mad.
I am very careful that I do not negotiate to hard, or make
an owner of a hotel mad. They may say yes, but I need
to remember. They have keys to my room, and
if they are dishonest, this may be their excuse to steal
my camera.

To make it a game, and enjoy bargaining for a room, or
that bikini you need to THINK

NOTE: Please do not negotiate for things you do NOT
want. This is the waste of the owner time. Impolite, and bad
manner. His time is valuable, Only negotiate for things you
will buy, Determine first the price you will pay.

Some ways to negotiate:

Example: I walk into a store. I want to buy a blanket.
I have already decided, I only will pay 5 dollars. Before I enter
the store. I put 3 dollars in one pocket, and 2 dollars in the
other pocket. The rest of my money I have somewhere else.
I ask the owner. “How much does this blanket cost?”
The owner says “8 dollars”. I frown, look around the
store, and then grab, the blanket, and look at it the
loving eyes. I reach into my pocket, and pull out my
3 dollars. I count the money in front of the vender. The vender
thinks. “hmmm if I want to sell this blanket, I must come down in
price. He says 5. You start digging around in the other pocket.

If you want better discount.
Leave the store. Walk out.
I always leave the store. I find that when I get about 4 steps
down the road, The price seem to drop, as they scream out
a lower price, or follow me down the road.

The owners, will often say, this is a good price, and I will
often start to talk about the price I found at another store
or venders. They start to get worried, and offer you a better

When looking for a cheap hotel. The owners ask 8 dollars.
You frown, and look around. Then you ask, “can you tell me
how to find the Casa Blanca hotel?” I think they have rooms
for 4. What do you think, you live in this town, I really need
to get a room for 4. The owners say. I guess, I could rent the
room for 5.

I walk into a hotel, and announce,
“I would like a room for 5 dollars PLEASE”,
“I am looking for a room for 2 dollars”. The owner starts to laugh,
and says. “There are no room in this town for 2 dollar, the
best I can do is 5 dollar.” You look around, and say, “can I take
a look at the room, but that is still more then I want to pay.

I was in Potosi, Bolivia. I wanted a cheaper price. I was very tired,
and the hotel would not come down in price. I sat in the
reception area for about 30 minutes. I rested, thought of my options,
talked with the owner, and became friends. I ask about
other hotels. The longer I stayed, the cheaper the room.

1, Always have some idea what you will pay, before you start.
2. Start with a price at HALF the asking price.
They do NOT sell things at a loss.
3. THINK .... What represents money.
Wearing big diamond rings, wallets that are 1 inch thick, and pulling out
a money belt, and putting on the desk to count you money does
not help.
4. Make it a game, have fun. If you play, and laugh, and have
fun, they will play, and laugh with you.
5. Never get into an argument.
6. BE POOR, Be a hobo.

Negotiating, and buying is my part of my daily
life. I enjoy going to the markets walking around, and finding
good bargains. This is normal everyday life, in lots of countries,

Have fun!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.


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Hello, Here is a Travel Tip written by Andy of Negotiate quietly