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Travel Predictions

Hobo Travel Tips
By Andy the HoboTraveler.Com

ISSUE:  025
DATE:  January 02, 2001
TIP:  Predictions
LOCATION:  Maceio Brazil



or Predictions


1. Footprints Handbooks will get a larger market share from
Lonely Planet.

2. Internet access will be provided free in Hostels, as an
incentive to live there. Similar to the free breakfast.

3. Bank ATM (Automatic Teller Machine ) or Debit cards use will
increase, and Traveler Checks will decrease, as people find
that this is easier, and safer.

4. Airplane tickets cost will continue to decrease for international
travel. People will start realize. It is cheaper to fly international, then
it is to fly Domestic.

5. A system for small hotels, to take
reservations, and accept Credit Cards, and Debit Card
easily will be developed.

6. Oregon, Washington, Colorado will lead the USA in a new
trend to go backpacking for 3-6 month trips.

7. Buying of Airplane tickets on the internet will become normal.
With the ability to pick up the ticket at the airport,
and end of need to carry a ticket to airport.

8. Interactive travel reports will become common. You
will be able to read, and comment on hotels, places, and
travel questions immediately. The information will become
very current, so you read updated information. Plus lots more

9. Large decreases in the average cost of rooms, at the major hotel
chains because of the booking of rooms directly with the
smaller independent hotels directly through their WebPages.
This competition will put some major hotels out of business,
and force downsizing.

10. Shakira will e-mail me, (Colombian Singer) POR FAVOR!
Just seeing if your reading.


1. Countries with pay per minute telephone service, will change
there telephone services, or internet access, to be more
competitive with the world market. This will be as of result
of government intervention.
Example: In Venezuela you can buy
a line, that measures the amount of information that
went through the line. You are only charged for the quantity of
information sent, and received.

2. Internet access service will be nationalized in lots of countries.
Access will either be provide by the government, or
the large telephone companies will provide it directly. Ending
the business life of the small internet providers of access.

3. Internet cafes will decrease, and eventually
go out of business, as hotels, restaurants, other business’s
add internet as an additional incentive to enter their business.

4. Satellite Access to the internet will take over, and
the cost of access to the internet will plummet, because
of because countries will compete to provide you service,
and not just local companies.

5. The ability to talk, and listen to e-mails will start.
85 percent of the market right now is not touched,
because they cannot read, write, or type well.
This embarrassment will be removed.
Internet teleconferencing will grow rapidly.

6. The use of mini film strips on the internet to advertise
will start to dominate.

7. Internet telephone will disappear, as the telephone
companies reduce the cost for normal service worldwide.

8. Integration of the TV and the Computer into one device.

9. The free internet e-mail services, Example: Hotmail. Yahoo
will increase their box size to 20 megs, and keep growing.

10. The internet will be used as a way to expose corruption.
Pictures, movies, and data will be released to the public
anonymously, and corruption will decrease.

Have fun!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.



Hello, Here is a Travel Tip written by Andy of Predictions