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What I like about travel pants and what I do not like

Hobo Travel Tips
By Andy the HoboTraveler.Com

ISSUE:  020
DATE:  November 07, 2000
TIP:  What I like about travel pants and what I do not like.
LOCATION:  Cuzco, Peru



“What I like about travel pants, and what I do not like”

Travel pants, or those pans with the zipper, that you can
remove the legs, and make into shorts.

Good:      What I like...

1. The are light weight, for you backpack.
2. They dry fast, after they get wet.
3. The look good.
4. Pockets on the sides are big enough sometimes to put
a guidebook inside.
5. Fold up small, so you can pack easily
6. Tight weave so warmer.
7, Legs come Off, so you can be cooler, or made into shorts.
8. Some come with a pocket on the inside, to tuck in your valuables.

Bad:      What I do not like...

1. If you have a Velcro pocket, and not the button, or
zipper. Thieves can put there hand inside, and pickpocket you.

2. The pockets are usually only one layer of material. If a
thief wants to cut it with a razor, they are instantly able to
get to you valuables. Jean have 2 layers.

3. Most you have to remove you shoes, to remove the

4. They cost a lot.

5. Not all of them dry fast, this is one of the main reasons
to buy these pants.

6. Some are just ordinary material, and not the type
Some are warm, and others are not.

7. I do no like to look trendy.

8. The thieves instantly know you are a TOURIST.
a.k.a. $$$ Money $$$

9. Sometimes the pant legs of the short are TOO long.
If they are not short, when you take the legs off. They
will hinder walking, and not be cool.


The bottom line. I would buy these pants IF:

1. Reasonable priced
2. Pockets with zippers.
3. Inside pocket sewn inside. SEE photos.
4. Pockets big enough on side, to put my guidebook inside.
5. And of course, light, and dry fast.
6. The legs of the shorts, must be short!

Note: No matter what. I do not like the one layer of
material for a pocket. I like the pockets they have
in regular jeans. They are safer from razor slashings.

Photos of Travel PANTS, with some explanations:

Have fun!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
Please send me questions, I will reference you, and
give you credit. Please say “I give you permission,
to use my...”




Hello, Here is a Travel Tip written by Andy of What I like about travel pants and what I do not like