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Pros and cons of teaching a language to earn money

Hobo Travel Tips
By Andy the HoboTraveler.Com

ISSUE:  016
DATE:  October 02, 2000
TIP:  Pros and cons of teaching a language to earn money
LOCATION:  Arequipa, Peru



“pros and cons of teaching a language to earn money”
and introducing a new website on jobs
6 continent newsletters to get jobs

Pros and Cons in English for those of you, that do not
speak English as your native language is the “Good and
the Bad”. My dictionary says, it comes from Latin.

OK. so why would a person teach a language?
Hunger, shelter, heat, fun, beer, money, women, or to
save enough money to travel.
I ask my friends that work around the world, “Why are
you working ....?” The answers are never clear. The
answers probably are the same, as when I ask
“Why do you travel?”

Being a guy that understands that a person
needs money, and I do not have a rich girlfriend.
I work for money, and fun.
To stop traveling, though, for a month is not
always the smart move. For me I have lots of time
and can afford to stop. But if you are on a 3 month
tour. I would not even consider it. UNLESS...
you could “save” money for a longer trip.

I did not save anything. I broke even, “mas o menos”.
Where are those fishing jobs, that pay 1000 dollars USA
per week? Rumors, or gossip?

Pros’s (good)
Meet, and have to talk with the locals.
Your language skills improve.
Learn native culture from students.
Learn the city, finding your student.
They take you on tours, teach you, etc.
If you want to stay a long time, good.
Very few hours work needed to exist.
You can get a cheap apartment, because
you are staying longer.
You have some new friends.

Con’s (Bad)
People do not show up.
May not get paid.
Difficult to get lots of money quickly.
Not enough hours to save money.
Frustrations from the cultural differences.
Repetitious, Boring, Simple.

I want to help travelers to not have to go
home. So I have created 2 separate solutions.

The first one is a website called
A place to post, or find, recommend SHORT TERM JOB for travelers.

This site is “interactive”. I hate this word. Difficult to
explain, and everyone nods their head yes, and I am
sure they do not understand. But I will try.

Interactive: Acting on each other.
You can go look at the page.
You can act on the page. By submitting, or giving the page
information. If you fill out the “add” forms, it will publish
immediately onto the page. You can see it NOW!

The second:


Hello, Here is a Travel Tip written by Andy of Pros and cons of teaching a language to earn money