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Travel Packing

Hobo Travel Tips
By Andy the HoboTraveler.Com

ISSUE:  010
DATE:  May 19, 2000
TIP:  Travel Packing
LOCATION:  Angel Falls - Choroni - Ciudad Bolivar - Venezuela



TRAVEL TIPS - Commentary

Travel Packing

hmmm... What to pack? Will I forget something, do I need something
special? Everyone seems to have these thoughts. I can make it simple
for you.

Passport and Money... After that, all is just luxury.

In the city where you now live you can probably purchase supplies for your trip.
Remember that the rest of the world sells these items also. Of course some
special gear is hard to find. If you want to go mountain climbing, you may have
to be very careful, or going into very cold weather. But most locations sell the
types of things necessary for the locale climate, and activities, and often cheaper
than you pay in your home country.

Most travelers pack too much, than proceed to throw away things as they go.
I would recommend the other way, buy things as you go. Have the enjoyment of
finding shirts, pans, pots, etc. You get to learn the local cities, culture, customs. etc.

The problem in packing is not to know what to pack, but to know what is
NOT available in the countries where you go. If you have a special sickness,
or need special things, do be careful. Most major cities have almost anything.
I call these business days, or resupply places. I often stop in the big cities
just to purchase supplies, that are hard to find. I stopped in Maracay to buy
popcorn, because they do not sell it in Choroni. I like to pop some at night
and give me something to do.

OK, to be more serious. What should you pack?

Absolute. Passport, Automatic Teller Cards, Money, Traveler Checks. 100 USA dollars (Cash) Guidebooks.

Absolutely DO NOT PACK: Anything that is priceless, or you cannot replace.
Your grandmothers locket, the last picture taken of your mother. If they are stolen,
or you lose them, or destroy them you will be heartbroken.
Traveling is not safe, and secure, it is an adventure. If you travel long enough
things will be stolen, destroyed, broken, or just lost.

Thank you




Larry Heckler ask:

In traveling to Costa Rica, in order to operate my American made electric appliances, will I need a power converter/adapter? If so, what


I traveled for 2 months in Costa Rica, I have a computer, battery chargers, and an electric hotplate. The battery charge and the hot
plate work off 110, or the normal United States electricity.

I was able to use any 110 product in all of Costa Rica, and you do not need any converters. I will comment though that if you go into a
hostel, or hotel owned by like a German, or European, they may have some lines, that are 220, for their products they brought from
Europe. Patrick at the Cascada Verde, in Uvita Costa Rica had some plugs that were only 220, but he had his plus label. Ask before
you use plugs.

I was very worried about 220 in South America. Peru is only 220, and was not sure what to do, but a friend of my pointed out that lot of
laptop, can receive both 220, and 110, and are ready to go. I looked at all of my label on the back and found out that my batter charge
for my movie camera, and for my Sony Mavica digital camera can use either. I also can use either for my computer, so I do not carry a

I have yet to find out what happens if I plug my hot plate into 220. But I may risk the 8 dollars I paid, to see what happens. I hope some
electrically knowledgeable person will help me on this point. I really do not want to buy another electric hot plate. This is a very simple

You may consider buying the appliance in the country, it could be easier. But like I said. Costa Rica is not a problem.

Read your guidebook, they will usually tell, or go to the library and look at a guidebook.

Your Friend Andy


In case you do not remember, I am the Canadian guy you met in Huanchaco in
Peru at the end of January. The rest of S.A. was great. Right now I am back
in Toronto for a few days before I head off to Europe.
I have a question that might be of interest to all of your contacts.

Where can I get a fake ISIC card in Europe? Actually, it would be good to
know where it is possible to get one in every country. I know that there is
a place in La Paz, but I am not sure where exactly.

Thanks for the updates,


Hello Scott,

Yes I do remember you.

Hmmmm.... ISIC. I am pretty sure you are referring to the International Student Identification Card.

I do not have one, but have wanted the savings in couple of times. In Panama I could have saved
over 100 dollars on an airplane ticket.

I found a website on them, but have not went there.


OK, so you want a fake one, or not so real, or you stall want to be a student. I can
say that this does not exist, but it does. I have decided to pay the money, and
being 44 I am having passing for anything less than 34. But if you want a
student card, I do not think what you want is a fake one, is you want a real one.

There has been some places, where a travel agency will help you to get one.
The have a list of things you needs. A student card. A couple passport pictures,
or something that proves you are student. So what people were doing is going to
the website of the School, downloading some logos, and making up a fake letter.
The lax travel agents than helped to get this done.

Now of course by me saying this, it just helps the ISIC to close up the hole.

Now FAKE. I have heard that Taiwan is basically making these card as you need.
I have heard in Nicaragua you can get about anything.

A real passport can be gotten in some countries for investing in that country.
A lot of USA citizens have Costa Rican Passports, by investing 50,000 US in the

But to get FAKE in Europe, some reader probably knows.
Interesting thing about the world. I you can buy anything.

Hope I helped, Scott.


Dear Andy,
    Two e-mails ago I meant to warn you to always shake out your clothes,
shoes and hat before you dress to make certain there are no scorpions in
them. This is a good habit to develop because I have heard many horror
stories, but then maybe it's another boogi man? I've seen but not yet been
stung by scorpions, its still on my yet list of things that hasn't happened
yet? God bless and don't forget to shake rattle and roll your clothes and
boots before dressing each morning. Don't let the bed bugs bite and if the
do hit them with your shoe.
Love Ya,



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