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Two padlocks - Arriving late - Go to your first choice hotel -Thirsty on bus - How much money?

Hobo Travel Tips
By Andy the HoboTraveler.Com

ISSUE:  005
DATE:  March 23, 2000
TIP:  Two padlocks - Arriving late - Go to your first choice hotel -Thirsty on bus - How much money?
LOCATION:  Mataņita - Baņos, Ecuador

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Ugly padlocks on doors!
I moved into a Hostel called, Centro del Mundo in Mantaņita, Ecuador.
It had a hasp, or the ability to put a Padlock, on the outside of the
I carry 2 padlocks with me, and this sealed my decision. I take their
off, and replace it with mine. I am now feeling very secure about my
computer, money, and digital camera. I know they have to make a lot
of noise to break in, I got a room close to the office, and felt safe. A

friend from California, USA ask me, What she should do when she does
not feel safe? I said that was easy. Move. I never live anywhere where
I do not feel safe. Rent rooms where you can use YOUR padlock, and
do not let them clean the room.

Arrived Late.
A couple of woman from Canada were leaving Quito by bus.
I ask them how far they were going. They said about 4 hours to Baņos,
It was already 4 O’clock in the afternoon. I thought to myself this is
To arrive at city late in the day, after dark, walking around in the
city, not knowing
which hotel is not wise. I always try to arrive in a city around noon,
or before
, or at least have 3-4 hours of daylight left. If the bus is late a
couple of hours,
I still have time. All night buses’ are nice because they arrive in the
A late start can be dangerous.

Hotel advice.
I arrived in Baņos, Ecuador from Guayaquil. I knew I wanted
to go to the Planta y Blanco hostel. I had to walk by 20 nice looking
or Hostals as they call them here. I had already got some rave reviews
this hostel, and was quite sure it was good. If I only read the
I would have been stopping at all the hotels along the way, and asked,
price, and looked. I would not have made it to the Planta y Blanca
I would have missed out on one of the best hostels, I have ever seen.
Know which Hotel is recommended when you leave a city, ask friend
to recommend a couple of places. You will get a better hotel

Thirsty on the Bus.
I got on a bus, and realized I am thirsty. The price of water went from
Sucres for a bottle to 5000 Sucres. I had free water at the hotel, but
forgot to fill up my water bottle. On a 11 hour bus trip from Quito,
to Mantanita, Ecuador you get thirsty. Fill up your water bottle before
a bus trip, buy some snacks, and you will save money. Water is
one of my biggest expenses. Save money, pay attention to the
cost of water. It is a big expense.

Ran out of money!
In Mantaņita my friends from Australia were leaving to go to
Libertad to get money. This is a 1-2 hour trip in a bus. They
did not have enough money to live for a couple of weeks,
and there was no banks in Mantaņita. They would run
short of money soon. I try to carry enough money to live
for at least 2-3 weeks with me at al times. I never know
when I will go into a town with no banks, or Automatic
Teller machines. Get money before you leave, not
after you arrive. Too much money is better problem
than not enough. 100 US dollars will spend anywhere.

As always these are guidelines, and not always true. Adapt to the


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Hello, Here is a Travel Tip written by Andy of Two padlocks - Arriving late - Go to your first choice hotel -Thirsty on bus - How much money