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Lock your room - Hot water Handles - Change airfare ticket at airport - Hotplate - Two ATM cards

Hobo Travel Tips
By Andy the HoboTraveler.Com

ISSUE:  004
DATE:  March 08, 2000
TIP:  Lock your room - Hot water Handles - Change airfare ticket at airport - Hotplate - Two ATM cards
LOCATION:  Quito, Ecuador



II    TRAVEL TIPS - Highlight tip. Hot showers

Q11:        A German friend had his camera stolen when he went   
            to restroom. Feb 20th. 2000
A:          Lock your room, when going to restroom, toilet. He had
           lived in the hotel for 3-4 weeks. The neighbors knew
           what he had, and knew his habits. He got too comfortable.
BL:        If you say to yourself, it will be OK, I am coming right
           back, these are the last words, before a theft.

Q12:         Hot water in my hotel. I arrived in Quito, The
             advertised that the hotel had 24 hours a day hot water.
             I turned on the LEFT handle. took a shower. Seemed cold
             to me.
A:          The had a GAS hot water on demand system. The less you
            turn the handle on, the more the hot water. The electrical
            heads work the same.
BL:        Ask the owners how to use the hot water. The hot water at
           the Grand Hotel Quito, is very hot!!!


Q13:        Airline tickets: I needed to extend my ticket. I called
            the airline, and they wanted 75 dollars, and my
            MasterCard. I talked to a travel agent, they wanted the
A:          I went to the airport. They do not sell the majority of
            tickets. They are purchased at the travel agencies
            or etc. They do not want the hassle of money, so lots of
            times they will change it for free.
BL:        There is usually a way to get out of the extra cost

Q14:        Hotplates. An Australian friend could not find white gas,
            or kerosene for stove.
A:         I hear this all the time. I carry an ELECTRIC hotplate. I
           have to have an adapter that screws into a light socket,
           and an extension cord, to use. Cost 10 dollars total.
           Very light.
BL:        I can always find electricity. If you are always
           camping.... than maybe the rules change

Q15:        Bank card, ATM or Automatic teller card, My Cirrus card
            did not work. Quito Feb 12, 200
A:         I have both a Cirrus Card, and I had trouble with password.
           I tried it too many time, and the bank at home
           turned it off. I have the card in my fathers name, so I
           email him, and had him go to the bank. I have also
           a PLUS card, so I used it, until I go the other to work
BL:        Have family, or friend on your account. Have 2 types of

As always these are guidelines, and not always true. Adapt to the



Hello, Here is a Travel Tip written by Andy of Lock your room - Hot water Handles - Change airfare ticket at airport - Hotplate - Two ATM cards

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