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Hobo Travel Tips
By Andy the HoboTraveler.Com

ISSUE:  003
DATE:  February 16, 2000
TIP:  Lockers - Intuition - Buy Now - Mailing Letters - Learn Culture - Life is Good in other languages
LOCATION:  Quito, Ecuador



Q5: No lockers in hostel to place valuables.
A: I place my stuff on the inside part of bed. I sleep on the outside
part of the bed. Therefore when I sleep
people can not walk off with stuff.
BL: If a person does not have to interrupt your life to take something,
(i.e. wake you, touch you, talk to you) than
it is convenient to steal your stuff. People steal thing that they know
you have, and is easy to steal.

Q6: You are entering a place, you feel bad, or you for some reason do
not trust someone.
A: Always trust your intuition. When talking in different languages, or
being confused, the mind
can often save you.
BL: If some feels wrong, there probably is something wrong

Q7: Buying things. If you say to yourself, I will buy that tomorrow,
because you want to shop around.
A: I have said this to myself lots of times. When I am at my home, and
there are regular stores, this is
good, but I have missed out so many times on something I wanted because
of the idea of
shopping around.
BL: If I want it, I buy it. I am a traveler, I do not return to places,
I go to new place.
If you want something buy it now.

Q8: Mailing letters
A: I always mail letters at the post office. I let them tell me how
many stamps, and let them weigh it.
Your letters are important, do not trust the owner of hotel, or a
friend you JUST met to be
BL: People are dependable because they know they will see you again, if
a person will
never see you again, there is no commitment.

Q9: I want to learn about the culture.
A: I have went to the hotel in the newer parts of cities, because I
think it will be safer, and cleaner.
This is true, but If you are traveling to meet the people, and see the
way they live it is better
to choose the older section of town.
BL: Older areas of cities are closer to the way people live. Newer areas
are closer to the way I might live.

Q10: One of my NEW friends always is saying that there is a problem with
the hotel, the vender on the street, or something.
A: Maybe this person is scared, and the way they show it, is by being
stern, or serious with people they
meet. Smiling, and being friendly will get you a lot further, than
making demand.
BL: It is easy to ignore a person that is demanding, It is difficult to
ignore a person that is laughing
and having fun.



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