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We want to find a superstar, someone that can write WOW press releases for Hobo Traveler. We are a 21 year old website, the needs a superstar.

Press Release Wow Offer to Writers

Hello writers,

I want to find the 1 in 100 writer, the real talent, the people who can change the world, who can write great press releases.

What is a press release?

In my opinion, it is a ready to publish article, super well written, that a journalist can just copy, and paste, and not have to work today.

How much would I pay for a great press release?

1000 dollars… or more…

Why would I spend 1000 dollars? Simple, if the writer understands the goal of a press release; it is to be published. If it is not published, copied, and spread around the world, it is not a success.

I will pay the winner 100 dollars.

Then pay 100 dollars for every major offline newspaper.

Then pay 10 dollars for every small newspaper.

Then pay 5 dollars for every Internet post.

You must be willing to have your profile, contact information on You need to join Hobo Traveler.

Can you write WOW?

Send me a wow rewrite of this press release:

Andy Lee Graham

CEO of a Social Network going SuperSite

Send Wow to:


Hoboontheroad   AT

Sun, 3 Jan 2021 22:57:34

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