Press Release - a Social Network for Travelers Turns 21

100% Remotely Operated Business, Founded by Veteran Traveler, Andy Lee Graham is 21 Years Old. Andy has traveled non-stop for 23 years, been to 112 countries and he designed to be a place where travelers can connect, meet friends, and explore...

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Andy Lee Graham

Email: [email protected] 

For Interviews leave a message: +1-260-200-3711

Special - Download Photos courtesy of hobotraveler, every photo has a story… a Social Network for Travelers Turns 21

100% Remotely Operated Business, Founded by Veteran Traveler, Andy Lee Graham is 21 Years Old - Meet Friends and Explore 

January 2021 - The Journey of 21 years Started In a Hostel Dorm Bed in Panama. The remotely operated website/social network HoboTraveler, where you can meet friends in more than 100 countries just turned 21.  Andy Lee Graham, the founder, is a remote worker and a backpacker who has traveled non-stop for 23 years. He has no home, works from hotels, and has been to 112 countries, and is one of the pioneers of the digital nomad movement. Andy started traveling in 1998 and in January 2000, he bought a domain name for the website. Since then, Andy and his partner, Andrew Suares, have worked together for 21 years, building and maintaining the website. While Andy worked from hostels and hotel rooms in different countries, he connected virtually with Andrew, who worked in Goa,  India, and workers in other locations around the world. Together, they achieved the dream of building a network for travelers to contribute to and benefit from while working from a distance and without physical contact. 

With HoboTraveler, you can make friends online and meet them offline. No need to worry about meeting fake members because HoboTraveler has a strict policy that eliminates anonymous members. Each member is required to pay a $25 fee. These fees are used to pay staff whose job is to validate the authenticity of the information used by the member in signing up.

This verification step is important for the safety of other members. Unverified members have restricted access for a limited time; it is only after being verified that a member can have full access to the website and its resources. The website is built on truth, trust, and honesty, so you must be who you say you are. You must use your real name and real profile photos. No wonder it is a haven for those who want to spend less money traveling, and more time meeting friends and exploring the world.

School bus loading children in Kathmandu,  Nepal 

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Monks in Bangkok, Thailand, collecting morning alms 

(Photo credit:

Children cleaning clothes in a river, Togo, West Africa

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Who is Andy Lee Graham?

HoboTraveler founder, Andy Lee Graham, is most likely the most experienced person on the planet at working remotely, with 23 years of working this way in 112 countries. He is what they call a digital nomad; he lives anywhere he wants, he is a free-roaming, free-range human, and has made friends in all 112 countries. It is common for him to talk to people in 5-10 countries in one day. His blog, “Hobo Traveler,” has been named a Top 10 Travel Blog and featured in National Geographic Explorer, Flipkey, TripAdvisor, New York Times, Forbes,,, Budget Travel,,,, TripBase, and hundreds more.

Andy Lee Graham taking a selfie in a coffee shop in Odessa, Ukraine, before going to the beach

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Andy holding a baby girl, taken in Benin, West Africa

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Andy Lee Graham has written 9,000 Blog posts and made 4,000 YouTube videos. He has written three books and is involved in over 20 social entrepreneur innovations or inventions, constantly coming up with new ideas to help humans live better anywhere and everywhere! Andy is an inventor who travels and lives the life that most people only dream of.

The Journey of 21 years Started In a Hostel Dorm Bed in Panama. was conceived in January 2000 by Andy Lee Graham, while sleeping in the top bunk of a dorm room in the Voyager Hostel, Panama City, Panama. Andy had come to Panama City as a tourist to photograph and record President Jimmy Carter giving the Panama Canal back to the country of Panama. Andy was a Hobo, searching for a way to make money so he could travel the world. He’s never stopped … 23 years later, he is still out and about, traveling abroad.  

HoboTraveler Social Network emphasizes Freedom of Speech for its members who are Real People, with Real Profile Photos. No Anonymous Members are allowed. It is the first social network of its kind where you get to make friends online and also meet them in real-life as you travel across the world. For this reason, Hobotraveler takes members’ identities seriously and each member is verified before being accepted. No fake names are allowed: you must use your real name. Truth and great advice are what you get from HoboTraveler. Members are encouraged to be honest and required to provide their real names and profile photos, so other members will want to meet them. The Hobo Traveler website promotes freedom of speech, where every member is a moderator: if you don’t like someone, just block them, you won’t see them again and they won’t see you. It’s simple. Every member self-moderates. More importantly, real people with real names and real profile photos can be trusted and are safe to meet in real life. 

Members are required to pay a $25 verification fee. The staff takes privacy seriously. Money, time, and innovation are needed to ensure that our members are genuine.

A young boy in Breu, Peru Near “Uncontacted Tribes”

(Photo credit:

Andy witnessing a mass gravesite in Iraq

(Photo credit:

M.A.S.H. Sign in Yeji, Ghana 

(Photo credit: - Meet Friends and Explore: A Brief Walk Through Time

This site was remotely updated while in a boat on the Amazon River from Manaus, Brazil to Iquito; in Peru, while watching a monkey poop on his friend, Tom; during his 30 days tour in Iraq where he saw a mass grave; while walking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, laughing because it’s a sidewalk; while on the Champs Elysees in Paris, drinking two cokes and a coffee for $25; while on Copacabana Beach, Brazil taking photos of bikini women dancing; while in Côte d’Ivoire, proposing marriage to a woman; while getting up close to uncontacted tribes in Breu, Peru; while trying to decide: are the women in Lithuania, Serbia, or Medellin, Colombia the most beautiful on the planet? While developing an invention that cleans round wells in Togo, West Africa; while manufacturing products to sell on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, the most perfect climate on earth;  and while riding an elephant and chasing Rhinos in Chitwan, Nepal. Do you think entering Mexico is a hassle? Andy has entered 112 countries and done 1000 hotel check-ins...

A glimpse of the sunset taken in Palolem Beach, GOA, India

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Before the Hobo Traveler? After Hobo Traveler?

Facebook 1997 2002 1995 2002 1997 2001 1999 2005





What is a Hobo?

A hobo travels to work.
Tramps travel, but won't work.
Bums will do neither.

Final thoughts...
Andy’s goal was to find a way to travel forever and he did. He has traveled non-stop for 23 years and has never been in one location longer than 3 months. In these 23 years, Andy has been a backpacker, non-stop world traveler, with no home, no apartment: living in hotels and hostels. Presently, he is in Togo, West Africa. HoboTraveler was his way out. It made the life he wanted to live possible. Today, Hobo Traveler is 21 years old. It’s the place for Backpackers and explorers to make friends online so they can meet in real life.

Why wait? Get your personal travel companion on any mobile platform now. Use the links below and get ready to meet friends and explore. 

iPhone Apple “Meet Friends, and Explore”

Android Google Play App “Meet Friends, and Explore” 

Life is good!

Andy Lee Graham CEO

Mailing Address;
971 S. Centerville Road #120
Sturgis, MI. 49091

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