June 19 2019 - Andy Non Stop Traveler Of 21 Years 112 Countries Offers Free Consulting For Hotels Making 50 Video Recommendations - Newsroom

June 19 2019 - Andy Non Stop Traveler Of 21 Years 112 Countries Offers Free Consulting For Hotels Making 50 Video Recommendations - Newsroom

Free Consulting for Hotels by Andy Lee Graham

Andy Lee Graham hasn?t had a home address in 21 years, but he?s traveled to 112 countries, writing stories, taking photos and shooting videos all the way.

Now he?s sharing his global travel experience with hotel owners for free.
Why? Read on.
(His next stop: Lisbon, July 17, 2019)

Andy Lee Graham is one of a kind: He?s a perpetual traveler. His home has been in hotels for more than 21 years. At every stop, he?s made friends with locals, experienced various cuisines and traditions, adjusted to local customs and laws and stayed in hotels of every class and nameplate.

Now he wants to share his global travel and lodging experience with hotel owners across the world to help them satisfy the needs of the diverse visitors they serve. The cost? No cash, just an airline ticket, unless he is already in your city, then it is free..

Graham?s perpetual motion has given him a unique perspective. Simply put, the more hotels one lives in, the more one understands the pros and cons of the services and amenities that make for a great hotel experience. His next stop will be in Lisbon, Portugal on July 17, 2019.

Graham, CEO of HoboTraveler.com travel lifestyle social network, has written more than 8,000 articles, taken more than 30,000 photos and created more than 4,000 YouTube videos. Before starting his nomadic adventures, the Fort Wayne, Indiana native worked for 15 years as a real estate broker, managing more than 230 properties and selling up to 80 properties per year.

Combine Graham?s property rental, ownership and management skills with his construction, global travel and social media resumes and the result is a sharp, savvy and always friendly hotel consultant with a vast amount of valuable advice to share.

Graham?s consultations, which are worth thousands of dollars (or euros), can include meetings with owners and managers, written point-by-point checklists, videos and hotel reviews based on secret stays.

So what?s the cost to hotel owners? A plane ticket. Graham doesn?t accept free rooms?or cash.

This year Graham will be in Lisbon, Portugal (July 17, 2019); Constanta, Romania; Basel, Switzerland; Almaty, Kazakhstan; Bangkok, Thailand; Goa, India; Manila, Philippines (maybe Baguio also); Dumaguete, Philippines and back in the US for Christmas

?Offering a kind of ?trade? for services is a great way to offer hotels a valuable service without having to dig too deep into their current marketing and PR budgets,? said Andy Lee Graham. ?As an active member of the travel industry, I want to be able to support and grow the business.?

Interested hotel owners should contact Graham directly via WhatsApp, phone or email (see below).

To join Graham?s 20,000+ member HoboTraveler YouTube Channel, go to: https://www.youtube.com/user/HoboTraveler
To Join HoboTraveler Travel Lifestyle Social Network: https://www.hobotraveler.com/

Contact info:
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp:  +228-92-06-04-91
USA telephone:  +1-260-624-4414

Sample video for fun made in Dubai of 20-30 problems with hotels

Andy Lee Graham

Tue, 18 Jun 2019 21:54:07

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