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Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 14:45:00 -0700


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  • Letter from the Editors: Summer's almost here
  • Featured Lists: Travel and Digital Photography
  • Featured Top Offer: Travel and DigiCam steals & deals
  • A (Digital) Photo is worth a thousand words

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Letter from the Editors
Dear What's New Readers:

Has the travel bug bitten you yet? If not, then maybe it's not quite summer in your neck of the woods. But here in California, things are warming up, and to many of us, that means vacation is around the corner!

If you're like us, your vacation typically means lots of photos, so in addition to some unique travel newsletters, look below for lists on mastering the art of digital photography.

Once you've collected your photos digitally, we'll introduce you to a very cool new feature in Email Publisher that lets you add colorful graphics and digital photos. Its now easy to create a personal email newsletter to share your vacation fun with friends and family.

–Topica Editorial

Featured Lists
Travel Tips for Budget Travelers
Self-proclaimed hobo, Andy (who currently writes his newsletter and maintains his Web site while traveling around the world), invites you to experience traveling his way, the hobo way! Traveling on a shoestring for 4 years, Andy shares his practical wisdom and offbeat sense of humor on topics critical to the budget traveler: traveling cheaply, managing your money, cheap transportation, avoiding theft, getting jobs while you travel, and literally, hundreds of other travel subjects, too.

To jump on Andy's hobo train, click here.

A companion to their travel Web site, the breezy Voyages newsletter is a weekly round up of a range of travel topics. Get the low down on cruise news, travel deals, packing tips, international travel info, unique destinations, and more. They'll even help you book your next vacation.

Set sail with the Voyages newsletter here.

Digital Photographer
If you're going to travel, no doubt you'll take lots of photos, too. Learn the ins and outs of digital photography before you leave on your trip, and learn how to make the most of image editors so you can create lasting memories to share with friends.

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You can create fun newsletters with photos and graphics to send to friends and family with Topica Email Publisher. It's easy – Click here to learn more!

Featured Top Offer: Travel & Digital Photography
Take advantage of great deals and steals with Travel and Digital Photography Top Offers. Get email alerts when brand-name companies want to share free stuff or special discounts with you, such as Travel America, Cruise Travel, Disney Magazine, and more! Sign up now. It's free!
A (Digital) Photo is Worth a Thousand Words.
Email is a great way to communicate. But adding graphics and digital photos to your email newsletter can pack a real punch and help get your message across, or just nurture the creative genius in you.

Now with Topica Email Publisher's new email design templates, just look what you can do:

  • Create a fun family newsletter with photos!
  • Produce an online travel journal to send to friends!
  • Develop a professionally designed newsletter for your company!
  • And more!

Best part is, we've done all the design and coding for you. Easy forms walk you through the process of uploading your photos, and entering your personalized content. When you're done, just hit send. It's that easy.

With this new tool, polished, professional company newsletters or family photos and announcements are only a few simple steps away.

Learn more by clicking here. Or sign up now for 30 days – risk free! (There's absolutely no obligation to continue after your free trial.)

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