Andy's Mission for Travel

I want to enjoy life, and everything that life offers. 

I plan on wandering slowly around the whole world, with no plan, on when, and where I will be. I will collect topics, ideas, experiences, and friends, that will teach me what is important to travelers.

Always taking the time to enjoy my adventure. I will not allow time, to rule, but will change the route, or go slower if necessary to enjoy my discoveries.

I will make a "Hobo home on the internet" where all travelers, for free can find information about traveling anywhere in the world. Providing a forum for travelers to submit information.

There are many reasons why people travel and I encounter different types of travelers daily with a big world of differences. and other Hobo sites is your home for travel. I invite you!

This site is not for sale, it is for people to find some Hobo truth.

Thank You,
Your friend

Andy a

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