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I want to enjoy life, and everything that life offers. 

I plan on wondering slowly around the whole world, with no plan, on when, and where I will be. I will collect topics, ideas, experiences, and friends, that will teach me what is important to travelers.

Always taking the time to enjoy my adventure. I will not allow time, to rule, but will change the route, or go slower if necessary to enjoy my discoveries.

I will make a "hobo home on the internet" where all travelers, for free can find information about traveling anywhere in the world. Providing a forum for travelers to submit information.

There are many reasons why people travel. I encounter different types of travelers daily.  I will create new domain names, for the different reasons. i.e. Music, Art, Nature, Archeology, Volunteering, or just relaxing, so that there is a forum for the more specific reasons to travel.

I will create pages on subjects that some will say, "what does this have to do with travel".  One such subject is "How to stop corruption".  I have been traveling long enough to see some common problems, and issues, and maybe with the help of the travelers of the world, we can collect some ideas that could help. These types of problems do effect me as I travel. I do not just see the beauty of a country, but also the bad.

This site is not for sale, it is for people to find some hobo truth.

Thank You, 

your friend a hobo


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