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Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Ivory Coast Ghana GPS - Global Positioning Satellites
199  August 15, 2006
TIP: GPS - The future of travel, and past.
       A marker is set for the Travel Industry.
LOCATION: Tokoradi, Ghana
GPS: Global Positioning Satellite Longitude - Latitude
04 Degrees 53.791 North / 001 Degrees 45.772 West
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 9
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      Ivory Coast and Ghana
       GPS - The future of travel, and past.
       A marker is set for the Travel Industry.


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How I feel today, or a start down
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- Travel light and you can sing in the robber's face.
Not sure who said.


Tourist Class Bus
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Cake eater
 - The nice boy of the town.
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A lot of photos - The world unedited...

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Hobo was here and goes there...

That is a list of jumps I have made
since the last newsletter.


IVORY COAST or Cote d Ivoire
Grand Bassam to Aboisso
Aboisso to Banoua
Banoua to Ayame to Aboisso
Aboisso to Noe

Elubo to Tokoradi
I am in Tokoradi, Ghana and will go to
Shama, Ghana to see normal.
I will proceed along the coast of Ghana, I am
hoping to go North, then south again to the
country of Togo, then Benin.

Ivory Coast and Ghana

What can I say, it is difficult to explain the full story
of any place, I would rather fill out a form, 1-10 this
is good or bad on a scale of 1-10, however that
is not how the world works. When I travel, all things
are a comparison to what I have seen before, or
my inherent American culture snapshot to the
world. I am losing the snapshot because I have
not live in the USA for almost 10 years.

However, I am still very American, a man cannot
change his spots, however, he can change
his future. I am very aware this trip into West
Africa that I have now a worldwide view of
countries and not a
- I went to Mexico, one time
I know everything view. -

I have came close to visiting the major cultures,
I suppose I a missing the Russian, however
as my view of Africa is filtered through the
eyes of a man who has traveled to 5 continents
and 9 years, it is different, I am not a virgin,
I am both jade, cynical on one side of the coin,
and on the other I am tolerant, open,
understanding. This coin flips daily, from on
feeling to another.

I almost did not write this today, because I am
not in a good Africa mood, the,
- I want money -
Got to me yesterday and I woke up in a mire
of thoughts about adults, not normal beggars
walking up and asking for money.

However, I have no choice; the internet in Africa
is on the lowest rung of the planets, below South
America by a long ways. Therefore, send the
newsletter while possible is the only choice.

Africa is more expensive than the normal world,
80 percent of the planet is the developing world,
therefore normal. However Ivory Coast seem more
modern and richer than Ghana, however Ghana
has more products because not under the thumb
of France. Price of Backpacker rooms seem to
be around the 10-15 U.S. Dollars mark and can
spike at 30 U.S. Dollars per night. I do not see
backpacker, 98 percent of the persons here are
some hide-in-the-resort tourist or one-country
backpackers. That means the tourist industry is
gougers as they supply the islands of Western
Culture in the midst of Black People.

I do not see White Man or Abroni as they call
me every 50 yard of walking, I see a few, but
they are not backpackers.

I really like Bassam of the Ivory Coast, spelled
in French as Cote d-IIvoire and pronounced in
French, full on,a non-speaking, do not speak English
place. Bassam is a beach, almost a paradise
hideaway in the middle of some real clutter.
Abidjan seems to annoy most writer, I found it no
problem, I did not live in Abidjan the biggest
city in Ivory Coast though so I did not see it
up close and personal.

What happened in the Ivory Coast is I would
float in and out of the cultures, going into the
charcoal cooking stove world of normal Ivory
Coast then float over to the totally we do not
talk with the locals French and Lebanese tourist
zones. 90 percent of my time was in the normal
because there is no tourist in Ivory Coast. I am
not sure why, I guess there is a big war movement
between the Christians and Islamic, but what is
new, that has been going on for 2000 years.

Ivory Coast was as safe as Ghana, maybe safer;
Ghana people have adapted the music culture
of the USA, as English is the official language
of Ghana


I am not sure if Ghana is poor or rich, both
Ivory Coast and Ghana is wanna be rich types.
The Ivory Coast has a Mercedes Benz on every
corner, while Ghana has a Taxi. Ghana has
what appears to be more free trade. A
SIM Card, Puce or Cell Card in Ghana is about
2 dollars and in Ivory Coast 10 dollars, but this is
French caused inflation as I feel it.

Ghana though thinks it is first world, while it is
far from first world and is just below Cambodia
on the HDI - Human Development Scale of the
United Nations.

The culture is Lakers shirts, American sports this,
and American sports that, you could put them on
any block in the inner city of the USA and they
would fit in immediately. This is the city culture
of Ghana, then there is the floating out, going to
the market with babies wrapped around the waist
of mother and people who speak more
Fanti than English.

I would say Africa is somehow in a grip of some
big tax, import, export pay a fee problem impose by either
West Africans or the French, I do not understand the
economics, however the cost of what they make it
too much on a world market, then the next problem
it they think they deserve what they want paid
on a world market. Africa is competing with
Asia and Asia is kicking tale business wise on
the world of Africa. I consider the normal products
like a shirt expensive here, and the Ghana
shirts are nice but cost to much for the world.

I really do not see Ivory Coast and Ghana as having
and real major problems, I do see them moving from
subsistence farming to large farms as driving
people to the ghettos of the city. I have not traveled
north away from the water, the farther from water,
the more problems people have in life.

I am getting the repeat annoyance though, it hit
me this morning as I realized, and I do not like a
normal person to ask for money. I do not really
care if a poor beggar ask for money, but when
a normal person turns into a beggar, I want to
clobber them. I have normal people want what I
have, as if I am stupid, and they can take, they
want money, what I am drinking, they just want
money. They are not poor, they have the idea
they can take without deserving, this is on a
worldwide basis one of the few places I have
encountered this culture.

Yes, many countries people think, you are rich,
you can buy me dinner, and they truly believe
that rich people do not care about how they
spend their money. I am rich here; I am rich
on 80 percent of the planet.

Overall, though the place is great, easy to meet
people, the Blacks here like White People, they
have not learned to be racist against Whites,
although in Ghana I think they are learning.
Hard to believe you can learn this when there
are no Whites around, but racism is learned,
not logical. I like the people, if I learn how to
tell the ones who think only of Dollars from
the normal persons. The better their English
normally the more they want Dollars.

I would say this is a fun place to travel, about
the same as South America or better if you
like to avoid the ever too stupid to believe
tourist on the planet.

I am 85 percent sure giving money to Africa
only dooms them to a life of welfare, loss of
pride, them asking for money reminds me of
the Europeans on the dole or dough, I do not
know how to spell it.

Getting on the free money, I do not know,
some ways a good way to make money,
keep everyone complacent and the money
makers can make more, and he lazy can
buy a cell phone and music.

There is no reason any South American seasoned
traveler should not travel to West Africa so far,
there is too many myths about primitive, and it is
not primitive. It is more dangerous, but mainly at
night, but people here are about 10 inches taller
than South America or Asia, easy to be more
dangerous. I am not accustomed to seeing
people the same height as me.

All is all, a great place to be, about the same as
South America, not as safe as Asia, but still a
little adventure, not dangerous, but a thrill now
and then, but then again, I like the rush…
It is the addiction of travel.

I am thinking of West Africa like traveling
between countries of Europe, takes little work,
but now I have to spend time getting the
Visa Permission, I can be in a country ever other
day if I wished, just as I could travel through
states of the USA.

I am going to Shama, a small town I think of
10,000, Tokoradi has about 250,000 and
search for a non-music TV change world of
Ghana. I like more primitive, it is gentler
and real, what is new is hard and pretentious.

Today’s tip,
The future of travel and past.
A marker is set for the Travel Industry.

Life is Good!
Andy of HoboTraveler.com

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.
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Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On Year 9 of Hobo trip around the world.
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The future of travel and past.
A marker is set for the Travel Industry.

GPS = Global Positioning Satellites

I do not like acronyms; they are confusing, arrogant,
easy to use, and at best a form of jargon that stops
my mother from understanding her son. It is a writers
tool, and educational manner, it is a way to intrigue
the curious mind and lose the average person.

GPS is a way to open a big can of worms that will
crawl around and make bigger cans of worms.
It never stops; therefore, the too smart tend to
annoy those who cannot be bothered.

Nonetheless, GPS is the future of travel; a person
will have GPS in their cell phone. Talk to the phone,
say where they wish to go, the coordinates will pop
up, they will say yes or no and an arrow will start
pointing the way. It will tell how far till you get there,
and in some cased draw a map, etc, all in very
small, impossible to see cell phone size screens.

GPS as simple as I can say.
A SATELLITE tells you where you are.

It tells your exact position on the planet, or globe,
it is your exact position on the globe according to the
many satellites circling the earth.

You may be walking by the Eiffel Tower in France,
your phone rings and proceeds to say,
- You are 1 kilometer from the Eiffel Tower,
do you wish to map the route to this Tourist Destination? -
- Do you wish to listen to details of the location? -

GPS does not work between large skyscrapers good,
it may in some ways follow you down the road,
but it does not work with too much concrete.
It needs a line of site.

My guess, as the cell phones, the GPS and all the
other technologies merge, there will be large
partnerships that help the cell phone towers to
figure out where you are, and what you are doing.


Christopher Columbus got on a boat, left Europe
and returned to the New World, which was in the
future to be called America. He used all sorts of
nifty methods of navigation, the winds, the sun,
the moon, and other wise and astute methods.
He returns to the exact island, in a little wood
boat, in the middle of the Ocean, and
he did this very well.

Along comes the Sextant as invented in
- 1730, by both the English mathematician
John Hadley and the American inventor
Thomas Godfrey. -(2)
We had a way of calculating
Longitude and Latitude,
and I thank you boys.

Navigation is not a new idea, it is ageless,
then comes the mapmakers, and in the future
we return to Navigation by Longitude and Latitudes.
The GPS is history repeating itself; it is an
old way of navigation that will become Noveau.

I have a little GPS device, made by the company
of Magellan, it eats batteries for breakfast, has
many problems, it amazingly difficult to keep in
batteries, a great toy, and dangerous if I used only it.
However, it just that, a toy, but in the future when
mated better with a cell phone, it will be a tool used
to help me travel.

This is a fun tip, just a notice of the future,
I enjoy my toy.

I am at:

I think on the more complicated googleearth programs,
and not so good toy, you cold get a very blurry vision
of where I am located.

It too is the future of travel, and it has great hope.
I really do not need this in Europe, but where
googleearth.com does not work, it will work,
or some other newer toy.

I prepare for the future of travel by playing with
my GPS and taking down reading. And like the
playful person I am, when a person sees me
taking a reading and ask, what is that?
I say,
- GPS, I am calling in an Air Strike. -

I am leaving this a Marker; it is time to start
learning, especially if you are in the travel
industry as I am in so too many ways. It is time
to enter the learning curve on
GPS: Global Positioning Satellites

I am Traveler, a Hobo, and a curious sort…
Travel answers questions,
you did not know you needed to ask…

Life is good.
Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 9 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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-- Thank you, Lord, for thinkin
about me. I m alive and doin fine
I’m alive and doing fine.‘
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