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198  August 2, 2006
TIP: The Best Room in the Hotel
LOCATION: Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast - Abidjan
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 9
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Hobo was here and goes there...

That is a list of jumps I have made since
the last newsletter.

I flew to Delhi, India to meet my computer techie
from India.
Flew with from Delhi to Bombay.
Flew with Emirates from Mumbai to Abidjan,
Ivory Coast West Africa.

Bombay and Mumbai are the same city, two
names for the same place. I am in the country
of Ivory Coast, it is spelled in French Cote d Ivoire
with an accent mark that is a big problem
for computer pages. I will go for the country
of Ghana soon.

INSERT BLOG POST or Map of West Africa

UP UP and AWAY in my Balloon
Nepal - India, now in Ivory Coast

I wish all was happy go lucky, life is so good. It
would be wonderful if my natural inclination were
to feed readers full of crap. However, the truth is
I have no desire to feed your imaginations with
places over the rainbow that do not exist. I just
was in Nepal, what I would consider a 75 percent
India culture and a 25 percent Chinese culture,
it is good because it lets loose in many ways of
the Hindu culture that has a lot of racist and
dangerous parts for women.

I like Nepal; it is fun, in a still dirty like India way,
but easier to hide, plus a lot easer to buy clean
food in Nepal. Katmandu is some former big
hippie hang out during the Vietnam War I believe,
however now more or less now just a dreads,
volunteer, dream of saving the world travel culture,
however having trouble saving themselves
culture of hippies and the good people that
want to learn about Mount Everest.

As always, I suppose my best explanations of
countries are in my daily travelogue, I get very
tired of writing. The newsletter has ALL the photos,
while the blog has only the ones I wish to have
fun with but explains better.

I have been fighting the Windmills like Don Quixote,
as my friend Gary pointed out, trying to dream,
then create and design the perfect backpack
to sell on my WebPages. I need to survive, make
enough Dollars to continue to travel. I am always
afraid of poverty. Therefore, I continue to try to
fight with cultures to design the perfect backpack
for travel. I am at about 95 percent in perfection
after this sample or prototype number nine. I think
it is nine, I am getting lost on how many I have made.

I am in West Africa, the country of Ivory Coast, I am
sure this test run of my two backpacks will give me
the thumbs up or thumbs down to make about 100
as the first run to sell. I am amiss; I believe I will make
them in Nepal. The reason is because in Kathmandu,
Nepal I can see any type of backpack gear on the
planet easy because they sell in most shops.

I am thinking and also trying to negotiate with a
Hotel in Nepal to partner with to make it into a Hotel. I suppose some would
call a Hostel, others would call it a Guesthouse,
not important. I am getting closer to how to make
a chain of them around the planet. It is good fun
to dream about having a Hobo home for myself
in strategic countries on the planet.

Presently the game plane is to partner with a local,
fill up the hotel with my web traffic, sell the
Franchise to an English-speaking couple, and then
have my own room when I wish to return to play. I
could install all sorts of Techie toys, Ethernet wire,
WIFI, Internet Cameras and have all the toys that
would make it fun, westernize the toilets and showers,
heating of rooms, however keep the price of rooms
around 10 dollars per night.

I have discovered for my own health. I need a kitchen
to cook nutritious foods, so I do not have vitamin
problems. Changing countries and foods is not
healthy, I am not the normal garbage disposal eater,
I do not have diarrhea like them, however I am not
healthy unless I can cook for myself. Nepal and India
is difficult because I do not feel these cultures cook
up to minimum clean eating standards for the world.
I lose weight in India because they are too dirty
anywhere for me to eat. I only feel safe when I am
cooking it myself or eating packaged processed foods.
Not the healthy way of eating on the planet, cookies
have conquered the planet.

I went to the Taj Mahal, frustrating trip, it rained when
we entered. They made Andrew my India friend from
India buy a train ticket in the normal India way; this
made it extremely impossible to buy. Many headaches
for us to travel together. We both got diarrhea form the
food on the train back from Agra. We got along perfect,
however India culture can annoyed both a Goa Boy
and an Indiana USA Boy.

Agra Fort is special, the Taj Mahal is like a beautiful
girl, look at her too many times and she becomes
normal. The Red Fort or Agra Fort has a mechanical
functional nature to it, it is there to protect people, for
living, it has a moat and many needed curious items.
I find reality better than dreams, much more interesting.

I am here in Ivory Coast; I can say it is about 10 times
cleaner than India. I am very happy to be out of India.
It is not the place for me, way over the edge on dirty
and stupidity. Always feel like I got something slimy
on my body and cannot remove it. I am pleasantly
surprised at the advanced level of development here
in Ivory Coast, I have only seen the big city of Abidjan
and a Frenchie Beach Resort area called the
Grand Bassam. The area is wonderful, the people
do not annoy me like India, they have respect, and
are fun. I have not lived in Abidjan; they say it is very
dangerous. This is a lot more dangerous than India,
however 10 times cleaner.

The Ying with the Yang. I get many annoying letters
from readers who do not like to hear me say bad
things about a country. Please stop writing, I really do not
care if you like or dislike my opinions. They are my opinions,
nothing more, I have long ago giving up falling in love
with every country I visit, I got to the country to enjoy and live.
I live in each country, I do not take the cream off the top
 I drink the whole milk, and in many countries like India,
the milk is sour.

I will leave Ivory Coast, go on to Ghana, Togo, Benin,
Nigeria, up to Niger and keep on meandering around
I hope. I like Africa; I think along the coast here in
West Africa can be a joy to visit. I am learning French
and I will be conversant soon as I do not have a choice,
learn to speak French, or be isolated.

Life is always good, it is just different, I have good
days, bad weeks, I endeavor to make a clean,
happy travelers nest in each country I live. Hide
from the bad, enjoy the good, and live in Hobo
comfort. Africa is annoying on hotel prices so far
as I am above my normal less than 10 dollar a
day budget. It seem like the French have done the
money-can-separate-us-price-thing and raised
the prices high enough to not deal with the locals
in Hotels. Price is a way to separate you from
the locals.

I am just entering the cultures, I am very happy
to be out of India and in one of the Africa Cultures.

I have a many nieces, and nephew, I think about 16,
they all have quick eyes, and quick minds. Two boys
are attending some Artsy University in Chicago.


Hey Uncle Andy,
 My short film is in a contest on the website
My movie is called

"The Driver's Seat."
 - Charlie, a college student, decides to drop
out of school because he is tired of learning
useless information. He wants freedom and
absolute control of his life, however he learns that
he doesn't have absolute control. -

Anyone can vote for my film starting
August 1... 2006.....
Thanks for your help! Collin

I left out part, I do not know the who, where, what
of the movie, tried to watch, but keeps stopping
here in the Ivory Coast Internet Cafe.

He is good kid, I have proposed that he come to
Niger with me and make a small documentary
about Malnutrition, so far I am just ignored.
So be the new world, fame has its price though.
IF you wish, I would appreciate readers to write
Collin and encourage him to come help in Niger.
His Emails, the price of Fame is...
hollywoodblv @
Note: My name is Uncle Andy and not Hobo,
I am 99 percent sure he has never read a blog or
newsletter so safe to talk...
Movie is here:

I have started an NGO, go figure, the man who
complains about them daily. It is called
- It's a good thing -
I will be in Niger soon and continue on work.
The goal is to find solutions, and share, and
sometime force research to be shared.
Everything will be documented on the internet.


Today’s tip is
The Best Room in the Hotel

Life is Good!
Andy of

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The Best Room in the Hotel
Please choose the best room in the Hotel
before you pay, not after.

It is amusing to observed tourist and travelers
choose where they sleep. The world is obsessed
with a 5 Star experience, however, they easily
delegate the responsibility to find the best room
to anyone but themselves.

Many readers think and believe I live in flophouse,
cockroach traps. This is not true, yes about 10 percent
of the time, I am living in a room not up to my personal
standards and budget.

It is not possible to travel and always have a great room.

My normal strategy is to use the Lonely Planet Guidebook
to find my first night room, then upgrade to the best
valued room in the area. However, sometimes I cannot
be bothered to move for only small needs.

Every hotel has the best room in the Hotel.

1. Read the guidebooks.
2. Internet Forums such as Lonely Planet Thorntree.
3. Forums for the city.
4. Listen and learn from the persons who have traveled
for more than one year.
5. Get recommendations while in the prior city.
6. Find a foreigner that appears to have stayed and
lived in the city too long.
7. Ask an Expat, the room is their home.

I never rent a room until I look at the room. Noise,
clean, does everything work, the TV, AC, etc.

You need to rent the room you inspect, you must get
the keys to the room you choose.

Please take care with a reservation, you may have paid
and reserved the worst room and the worst value for two
weeks of torture. While in the Caribbean I observed on
islands that hotels were being rented to naïve tourist
by the internet far from the beach, with no view, posing as
Villas and for outrageous prices.

1. The Hotel Website
2. Internet Online Reservation sites.
3. Advice of persons on a 2-week Vacation.
4. Do not ask the locals, they do not live in hotels.

Everyone wants a guide, a reference, this is not needed.
I do not get on the internet, I do barely read the guidebook.
I can walk into any hotel and figure out which room is the best.
Reservations can often be upgrade, inspect a room
before you check in, not after.

I wish I was competing for this room.
Sorry, they gave it to the Hobo over there...

Life is good.
Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 9 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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-- Thank you, Lord, for thinkin
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I’m alive and doing fine.‘
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