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Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Volcano Earthquake East Timor and Bali
196  June 14, 2006
TIP: Traveling the low cost way around the globe!
By Jeroen Bartstra
LOCATION: Bali, Indonesia

A Hobo trip around the world. Year 9
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      Earthquakes Volcanoes Gang War and Surfing
       Traveling the low cost way around the globe!
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How I feel today, or a start down
the proverbial travelers path.

The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land;
it is at last to set foot on one's own country as a foreign land.
- G. K. Chesterton


Travel Talk Mistake:
Common phrases an experienced traveler learns not to say,
like guessing what country a person is from, or to not be aware
of the typical stereotypes of travelers of specific countries
and start talking about them.
Example: Do not guess USA, the Canadians get angry.
- Do not say American, the Central and South Americans are not happy.
- Always careful with Swedish and Swiss.
- Zeta versus Zee
- Talking about Hitler with Germans.


Timber wolf
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Singapore Airlines Indonesia
Yogyakarta to Bantul
Indonesia Soldiers Earthquake
Bantul Indonesia
Yogyakarta Indonesia Hotel

Mount Merapi
Mount Merapi Genung Merapi

East Timor
East Timor NGO
Dili East Timor
Australia Soldier East Timor
UNHCR East Timor

Bali Surfing
Bali Art


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Hobo was here and goes there...

That is a list of jumps I have made since the last newsletter.

Kathmandu, Nepal to Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok to Solo - Yogyakarta - Bantul Indonesia (Earthquake)
Mount Merapi for Volcano
Yogyakarta to Denpasa Bali Indonesia Flight
Bali to Dili East Timor Flight
East Timor to Bali, Indonesia Flight
I am in Bali writing this newsletter.

I will now go to Subic Bay Philippines to see if I can make backpacks
there, it has good shipping and cheap labor.

Earthquakes Volcanoes Gang War and Surfing

I am in Bali, Indonesia. Depasar is the big city and Bali
is the Island, famous for having a nightclub blown up by
crazy Islamic people and Australian tourist.

I have been debating, Caribbean or Bali, I am going to say….
Gong, both are off the list.

Both could be great if you have a lover on your arm and paying
150 dollars or more to stay in a resort. This is resort travel only.


I visited Jogyakarta and the smaller area of Bantul where the
Earthquake killed over 5000 people. It was not an earth-cracking
earthquake. I have now learned about the Mercalli Scale.

Bottom line is this under 7 or in the 6 and below can knock down
weaker building, 7 and above will cause the earth to crack,
and 8 will be major problems.

The Indonesia Earthquake centering around the Bantul area
of Indonesia south of Mount Merapi and Jogyakarta was in the
6 range. The bridges exist, the roads are good, the older buildings
fell down. Callous as it may sound, biggest problem after burying
the dead is some people will have to sleep in a tent until they
rebuild their BRICK home… Now, in the tropical parts of the
world living outside is not so bad. Hard for me to get real excited
about the BRICK when many persons on the planet are living in
Bamboo or Grass huts with dirt floors.

I think the bigger more critical problems are the businesses
in the area, people can survive without a home, and however
they need employment. The Indonesian Army seems to have
the situation under control, very good Indonesia…
Two Thumbs up for use of Military.

The National Guard, military and government deployments are
about 10 times more effective than a force of
NGO or United Nations groups.


It is highly over-rated and need to erupt for some action,
on the top or close to the top are many hotels and such, they
are probably hurting. This would be a prime place to view a
Volcano because of the safety of the valley between you and
the Volcano. On the other hand, nothing safe about a Volcano.


I decided to look at East Timor; this small country of around
900,000 people is in some type of gang race war. The city of
Dili with about 160,000 people and small is now a United Nations
 - NGO made to order city. They have been there for years
and nothing is good.

I think you could hire a police force that would make this country
safe and save millions of dollars in United Nations money.

The problems of Dili, East Timor are worst than the problems
of the Indonesia Earthquake.

The Australian Military has East Timor under control and the
Indonesian Military has the Earthquake under control.
How to donate, my best guess is to go to Australia and spend
money or go to Bali and spend money, help the
tax base of these countries.

Bali is hurting, as best I can surmise the Island Tourist area
has not recovered from it two bombings. The economic
situation is bad and I do not expect it to improve, it will only
get worst as years pass.

DANGER for Hobo?

Hehehe, nothing noteworthy to talk about, and what do you think,
what is the most danger I encountered between East Timor a
land of gang violence and the Earthquake and Volcanoes of
Indonesia or Suicide bombs in Bali.

I rode a motorcycle in Bali, Indonesia.

I can think of nothing more dangerous on the planet than riding
a motorcycle in Indonesia. East Timor is very safe in comparison
to riding a motorcycle.

Danger on TV is never close to what they make you think.

Note, PLEASE pay special attention to TIP, it is special.

Today’s tip by a Guest Writer
Traveling the low cost way around the globe!
By Jeroen Bartstra

Life is Good!
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Traveling the low cost way around the globe!
By Jeroen Bartstra
As a travel agent I get asked this question a lot.
"Don't you feel the pressure from Low Cost Carriers?"
The answer is No! I always see this as a challenge. To be
competitive we need to sell those cheap flights too.
So many travel agents seem to forget that the world of
travelling has changed. What about going round the world
Low Cost? Would that be possible
I am always fascinated by the cheap prices offered by the likes of
. Fly for 0.01 pound. It's always funny to see what
the final price comes out to after the whole range of unthinkable taxes
charges and others. Anyway flying Low Cost is good for those who know
when they want to fly and don't change their plans and for those who plan
early. Because booking late and changing days can cost you a lot of money.
Now let's try this, what if we know when we want to travel and we will not
change anything, what will a multi stop round the world ticket going to
ALL 5 continents cost us solely with  LCC carriers compared to a regular
changeable RTW ticket with some respected alliance like star or one world.
If you wish to travel to all 5 continents most alliances give you 35000 miles
to play with and pending on country of purchase this will cost approximately
3000 USD excluding taxes. You might say I got this cheaper but mind I talk
here about an all 5 continent ticket. I will present you a fictious
itinerary,  including prices and let's see whats this going to cost us LCC style!
Let's say for example (I blindly point at the world map) we are in
beautiful old Marrakech in Morocco (Africa). A great multi stop and
interesting route would be
Step 1  We need to get out of Marrakech and our options on
(morocco's LCC) give the biggest variety
because they fly to more then 12 European destinations starting at
50.00 EURO excluding tax to cities like Paris, Rome etc Other low cost
options out of  Morocco include to
Hahn (Germany) and to London (United Kingdom)
Step 2 (Hungary's LCC) flies from western
Europe to central en eastern Europe cheaply.  Let's say we fly from
Milan to Budapest, this can be as cheap as 5 EURO excluding tax.
Alternatives include and who have
an extensive range of West to East Europe connections. The true
aviation enthusiast should log on to a Romanian Low Cost carrier named and try their unbeatable priced routes like Maastricht
(the Netherlands) to Bucharest in Romania starting from 1 EURO.
3  After a few days in the historic city of Budapest we are probably in
desperate need of a black-sea beach tan so let's fly to Bourgas in Bulgaria
(a polish  /Hungarian LCC) they could fly us
cheaply for only 30.00 EURO excluding tax.
Step 4 Overlanding from Bourgas to the exotic city of Istanbul, cross road
between Europe and Asia, should be a breeze and from there we could
(U.A.E based LCC) to Sharjah who
quotes starting prices of 40 EURO. Sharjah is just right next to Dubai the
fascinating Middle Eastern Boom town that has to be seen to be believed.
Step 5 After Dubai we could catch a bus ride across the dessert into
Oman which in my eyes is one of the most beautiful and picturesque
countries in the world. Out of Oman's capital Muscat flies (an air India subsidiary and low cost
international LCC) to the 2 south Indian cities of Kochi and Trivandrum in
Kerala province at highly competitive prices  starting at 60 EURO excluding tax.
Step 6 Once in India we have to get up to the Indian silicon valley city of
Bangalore to use a Singapore based low cost carrier that is partly
owned by Qantas Australia named
  who flies to
modern Singapore starting at 75 EURO excluding tax. is expected to commence flights out of
India to Singapore and Malaysia soon.
Step 6 another Singapore based low cost
carrier could bring us from Singapore to a whole range of  Asian cities in
Thailand/Vietnam/china and Indonesia. If you lucky to catch one of Tiger's
very special fares, you could fly for example to Hanoi for just 10 EURO.
Step 7 Going from Hanoi to China is easily done by train and keeping
up with our obsession for LCC carriers we head for Xiamen to catch to Bangkok-Thailand. Air Asia can be a very
mixed experience ranging from good to terrible but generally they are
cheap. We could fly Xi amen-Bangkok for just 30 EURO excluding tax.
Step 8  We need to get back to Singapore in order to catch once again
  this time to Darwin Australia. If you catch
the promotion fare this can be done for only 50.00 EURO excluding tax.
Step 8 Once in Darwin we can do Australia at leisure knowing that
a budget subsidiary of air new Zealand
flies us out of  Australia to New Zealand  at fares starting from only
70.00 EURO. Let's say we fly out of Sydney to the southern part of
New Zealand to the city of Dunedin. Alternative LCC's on this route are

Step 9 After some hiking and adventure trekking we head for the
North island to catch the Richard Bransson LCC down under spin-off
 who flies  from Auckland to a few islands
in the South Pacific. The  most interesting for our round the world trip is
Apia in Samoa. A beautiful island where cost of living is lower then in
other countries in the region. Never a particularly cheap route but still
great value at about 150 EURO for their blue saver fare.
Step 10 To get from Samoa (on the American side of Samoa) to
Hawaii is the problem part of this itinerary because no low cost
carrier operates on this route. The only option is
who charges an outrageous
450 USD or approx 350 EURO one way for this 5 hour flight from
Pago Pago down to Honolulu Hawaii.
Step 11 Once we arrive at the tropical islands of Hawaii we need
to get to Mainland USA. Now the cheapest options are usually an American budget carrier who flies you to
Los Angeles for about 125 EURO based on their cheapest
advance purchase fare. Another low cost option is
who flies a whole fleet of
Boeing-737's to the west coast of the USA et reasonable prices.
Step 12 Inside the USA always check out
or who fly west to east coast from 85 EURO.
We need to get to sunny Florida because our next LCC flies out
of Miami to South America.
Step 13 Now the interesting part of our LCC trip because we need
to get onto the highly notorious and highly unreliable
They fly you for 80.00 EURO
from Miami to Caracas Venezuela). The Federal Aviation Authority
of the USA really loves these guys. But what we need here is
cheap so with the right prayers we will get to South America in one piece.
Step 14  In need for some more adventure we do a part of
South America overland through tourist places like Colombia
into Ecuador to catch from
Quito to Madrid in Spain. Special fares on this route start at
250 EURO excluding tax.
Step 15 For our last part of the journey back to morocco to make
this into a true round the world trip we book again with
to fly for about 50.00 EURO
back to Marrakech from Madrid.
So all up what has this trip cost us excluding all the taxes based
on the cheapest possible fare, all up we get to 1500.00
EURO here for this 17 flight 5 continent trip excluding all taxes.
That works out to be an average of 88.00 EURO per flight.
Off course crossing the south pacific took up the majority off
the fare here. The total mileage flown here is 35.699 miles
which in fact exceeds mileage any alliance round the world
fare offered.
In Bangkok the Star alliance 3 fare which allows only
12 stops and 35000miles cost 120.000 baht (2600 EURO).
We did this 1100 EURO or 45%percent cheaper exceeded
the mileage and we have 16 stops instead of 12. The good
thing is; yes we need to book those LCC flights in advance
but we don't need to book everything before we leave our
first departure point. We can book more flights while we are
on the road. So adjusting our schedule when our plans change.
This opens a whole new way of traveling;
Traveling The Low Cost Way around the globe.

Traveling the low cost way around the globe!
By Jeroen Bartstra

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by Jeroen Bartstra

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