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194  April 26, 2006
- How to lift weights when you travel.
LOCATION: Cebu, Philippines
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 9
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         How I feel today...
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      Travel Blog! A daily web diary of my travels.
~ HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)
       Just plain crazy travel
Travel Dumbbells
        - How to lift weights when you travel.


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How I feel today, or a start down
the proverbial travelers path.

Those who visit foreign nations but associate only with their
own country-men change their climate but not their customs.
They see new meridians but the same men; and with heads as
empty as their pockets return home with traveled bodies but
untravelled minds.
- Caleb Colton


One Way Ticket Traveler
- An unusual traveler or a true travel.
The have no plans to return and notion is bewildering,
why would a person return to where they came?


Cat house
- A brothel


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A lot of photos - The world unedited...

Guatemala Vegetables
Guatemala Girl
Lago Atitlan Guatemala
Santa Catarina
Guatemala Culture
Guatemala Drunk
Cakchiquel Family
Cakchiquel Culture
Cakchiquel House
Antigua Guatemala
Guatemala Food

Manhattan New York
Ground Zero New York

Cusco Peru Poverty

Penn State University
Nutrition Books

Budapest Hostel

Extreme Travel

Cebu Philippines

Travel Barbells


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Andys Travel Blog! A daily web diary of my travels.
Daily photos more or less.

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Guatemala to New York City
New York to Penn State University
Penn State to Indiana
Indiana by rental car to JFK Airport
New York to Budapest Hungary
Budapest to Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok to Manila, Philippines
Manila to Cebu Philippines

That is a list of jumps I have made since the last newsletter.

It has been a rocky road, confused and delusional in many way, truly
the only way to understand would be to read through my daily diary
online called a blog.

Life is good, however sometime it is...
Just Plain Crazy Travel

I am in Cebu, Philippines, why I am here is not obvious and I know it
is sort of a delusional, surely surrealistic, unrealistic trip I have been on for
the last month. This has not been a made for prime time TV travel trip,
I highly recommend you do not follow my example.

I have two ways to communicate with the world, one is my blog or daily
diary or travelogue, and it is online for people to read.

The second is the Newsletter you are now reading, they are both in a
way a travelogue, the advantage of the Newsletter is it has a
comprehensive digest of all my photos in one location.

The advantage of the Blog is you get the daily diary of how I feel.

The disadvantage to me is I have to tap into my writing energy.

I have X amount of energy I can or willingly devote to typing in my
computer, it is not difficult for me to type, write, narrate or explain
how I think and feel, However, after about one hour of typing in a
day, I am bored and need to move onto some other project.

I apologize for not knowing what I am doing or want to do, however
this is an advantage for me, I realize daily I have achieved my
primary goal of travel. I am now fully capable of wandering the
planet as a nomad or Hobo, not a care in the world where I live
or where I go, just a whim, and I travel to another location.

What I have been doing?

I love Guatemala and hated the Caribbean, therefore I took a wonderful
vacation on Lago Atitlan or the city of Panajachel, Guatemala, it was
the third time in my life I have been in this Village. The lake called
Lago de Atitlan has four or something like that Volcanoes on it and
it is a Mecca for Backpackers.
New York City
I met a friend in New York City, walked through Central Park and
visited the place where September 11 happened and the crazies
of the planet attacked the USA. It is a big hole, not much to see,
however Central Park and Manhattan is manageable, I will return.

Penn State
I went to Penn State University, and talked to a professor about
how to do research on Malnutrition. I am very sad, it seems they
spin their wheels and accomplish very little, the same as the
NGOs in Niger. It did help me to understand the University Library
is a resource however, I am not sure the research done in
Universities is up to my level or standards, that I would require of myself.

It seems ridiculously slow and ineffective, and out in space as to
understanding the planet. I know that is arrogant, however, I truly
do not care, I will not be involve in doing the same thing I saw and
feel is being done by NGO in Niger, Everyone just spins their wheel,
uses the money of good people that donate money to be highly
ineffective and make themselves look good, publish, talk, make noise,
however never solve any problems. I just want to help solve the problem;
I do not want to be the problem.

(The money all seems to be to pay for management fees.)

Mom and Dad
I stopped in and visited Mom and Dad in Indiana, ate too much,
had some butter pecan ice cream and know again I grew up in paradise
on the planet. I was born lucky to a family that is unique on the
planet and live in a unique place on the planet. A truly safe
place to live and grow up.

Budapest Hungary
I am not going to comment, too cold for me now, I am not
going to travel again in Europe until I can buy a van to live
in and escape the attitude that says, you should love to pay lots of
money to live in a very low quality Hostel with
a bunch of animals.

Truly, the best value on the planet for travel, the true and
deservedly the best place to start to travel the world on the
planet. There is no better value for the money.
Beaches and everything in one country.

It is Christian not Buddhist, an extremely great value for the
money, they have 7000 island and you can live and explore
here and never understand everything you see. They have
multiple ways to scam you however, they are friendly and if
you are cautious one of the best places on the planet to visit.
A truly friendly country to Americans.

What am I doing, I do not know, I am trying to streamline my
travel writing and create a way to generate interesting
photos and stories quickly and not interfere with my
enjoyment of life. My gut feeling is somewhere or somehow
I am going to hire or pay writers or photographers to travel
with me. The big problem is they all want to be famous or
have this over-zealous idea of their value. I need a person
that like to joke around and type on a computer, enjoy life
and share the trip. I am not interested in being famous or
having a person around me that is too much in love with

There is this competition in life, the world is competing to
be somebody, and each year I am separated from the
competition and know for me this has no value, the more
I realize the crazy nature of people. I cannot buy things,
I cannot carry them, even if I purchased those, possessions
have zero value, and people have value. It is some type
of thing a person would tell you, value your friends and
family. What happens for me is I have no choice; I cannot
put value on possessions, because there is no way
to carry them.

I can tell the tourist, they buy things.

I have no need to compete as 99 percent of the persons
I meet I will never see again, if I am popular, famous, good
or bad, they do not care, some do, however most are too
busy competing and buying things to care, or talking on
their cell phone or have music captivating their brain and
turning them into a person that can no longer think.

I am a lucky man, I am free to examine my life daily, I do
not always like what I find, however I do have the time,
I am happy I have purchased the time from the world, I have
carved out a way to live and give as much time as I desire
to my friends, family, new friends or just some bum in the
street. I do have the time to smell the rose or throw them
out the window if I wish.

Andy of in Cebu, Philippines

I will go to Nepal soon, maybe to one Middle East country
and I am not sure, I am wanting to explore the South Pacific.

Today’s tip
Travel Dumbbells
- How to lift weights when you travel.

Life is Good!
Andy of

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.
      X was HERE!

Article written by Andy the
On Year 9 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Travel Dumbbells
- How to lift weights when you travel.

How to carry a 40-pound dumbbell.

PUMPING IRON or Pumping Water

I want to lift weights while I travel the planet; I want to do this
in any city, in any country on the planet.

I lifted weight for over 10 years in the USA, I exercised daily.
For sure, I went to the Health Club almost daily to meet with
friends, walk on the treadmill, do the stair master, and ride
the stationary bike. I was there, now I am not, I am a traveler
who body is atrophying to a blob.

I am not a power lifter; I have no desire to bench twice my body weight.

However, I am a body shaper; I want to keep the tone, the shape,
the form of a healthy person. I wish to have some parts of my body
larger and other parts smaller.

Specifically I like to blast the deltoids, that little, hopefully big part
of body at the top of the arm on the outside, or the traps. This is
what makes for square shoulders.

I have lifted liter bottles of water, I have tried to find rocks, I search
for a gym in the area where I am staying, I have found person that
had dumbbells to borrow. I move every few days, then the search
begins, the only sure thing to find is the one-liter bottles, they are
normally available.

IF you say, go to the gym, you are telling me this information:
- I really do not travel, I stay in one location for a long time -

IF you say, run, you are saying to me,
- You have not seen the streets of Bangkok or Katmandu. -

IF you travel, if you continue to move, the gym is not a solution,
it is only an occasional solution when in the right country and
the right place and the right everything. If this works for you,
then you are not a traveler, you are living in another location
on the planet.
- Travelers Travel -


Whatever your reasons, I believe I have found a way to carry
approximately from a one pound to a forty-pound dumbbells

I purchased a portable shower that holds up to 5 Gallons of water;
I can fill the bag with as much weight or water as I wish. I have
attached a wooden dowel rod to the bag to grip the bag.


You can measure the water with a one-liter or one-quart bottle,
or you can use a one-gallon jug if you can locate one.

1 Gallon is about 8 pounds or 3.62 Kilograms
2 Gallon - 16 Pounds
3 Gallon = 24 Pounds
4 Gallon = 32 Pounds
5 Gallon = 40 Pounds or 18.1 Kilos

Travel Barbells

Water is available anywhere on the planet, my new set of
barbells hard weigh anything. I am happy to feel stronger
and healthier anywhere on the planet.

Life is good.
Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 9 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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-- Thank you, Lord, for thinkin
about me. I m alive and doin fine
I’m alive and doing fine.‘
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