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192  March 1, 2006
LOCATION: Anguilla - A Country Island in the Caribbean
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 9
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How I feel today, or a start down
the proverbial travelers path.

What we do in life echoes in eternity.
The Movie - The Gladiator


Gap girls
- Young girl travelers from England traveling in the
gap between school.


- An overcoat. A vest used to be called a ben.


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A lot of photos - The world unedited...

Saint Vincent and The Grenadines
Bequia Ferry
Kingstown to Bequia Ferry
Bequia Photos
Manchineel Tree
Bequia Guesthouse

Barbados Guesthouse
Barbados Beach
Antigua to Anguilla Flight
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Anguilla Guesthouse
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Andy-- s Travel Blog! A daily web diary of my travels.
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Anguilla - On some Rich Folk Island named after an Eel - Anguilla

I left the Island of Bequia in the country of St Vincent and the Grandines,
went by plane from Kingstown St Vincent to the Island Country of Barbados.
Hung around, could not find a good guesthouse, the beach was good.
It was full of Brits and Germans, took off for Anguilla a many Island jump north.
Life is good in Anguilla, cheaper, and less hectic.

I will go to St Martin or Sint Maarten the same Island, however half is
French and the other half is Dutch (Netherlands). Hope to figure out
how to go St Barths, Saba, and Saint Eustatius then somehow I will
either go to Antigua or easiest way to fly to Florida?

Fly to Florida, Pennsylvania, to work on Malnutrition project,
Pay the USA my taxes, and fly from the East Coast of the USA for
Europe, hoping to land in Hungary, Croatia or somewhere.


How to say Hello in Caribbean English, not Brit, not India, not American,
Caribbean English my new discovery about the English Language.


Maybe it is one word, maybe it is two, however the intonation is on the
 - RIGHT, the ALL starts out slower or quiet like, as if you want to make
the world RIGHT and forget the - All or maybe forget Al, nonetheless, you
do not say Hello, you say All Right. I am told in Newcastle England they
use the term - All Right - also, and forget the Hellos and how are you dos.

Note: If you need, they also just say - HEY -

NEEDED - The Special Ingredients

I am learning new lessons, change is guaranteed.

We gets Too Smart,
Too Late,
Too Old,
Too Soon,

As told to me by
Hutson Gombs

Tuesday February 28, 2006 around 1:15 in the afternoon after walking
back from the Anguilla, Library, stopping along the way home to talk
with the Anguilla Agriculture Department.

Please if you meet this gentleman Hutson, ask him questions, take notes, and
request with a please for him to tell you the story about William Gombs
in 1850 sinking his boat, swimming to shore, losing his friends to Sharks,
having faith in God, and realizing while he was swimming he wanted
to Marry Catherine Flemings.

Because William Gombs swam to shore in 1850, all the other Gombs
including Hutson are now everywhere on the Island of Anguilla.

Remember to say - allRIGHT -

I could blame it on the lack of Bikinis, I can say it is the weather, with a
little work I could explain how this culture is driving me crazy. On the
other hand, always a good choice is to blame the Hotel or Guesthouse
for my bad vacation time in the Caribbean. In Barbados I had some
good Bikinis, however a bad Guesthouse, in Bequia I had a good guesthouse
however no Bikinis, however, some good conversation. In Tobago on Crown
point we has some excellent Bikinis, however we left too quick and too
soon and the battleaxe that ran the guesthouse should have been in the
Army. The conversation was good; the Guesthouse was great the owner
was not, the Rastas on the beach were annoying.

I am mixing it up right here on Anguilla, Hutson Gombs, owner of the
Casa Nadine Guesthouse over here in Crocus bay is a good soul; you
can feel the good energy coming to greet you. Not much on clean, however
the rooms are the first that have had screens to stop the Mosquitoes in
all the price ranges I have know in the Caribbean. With a great Kitchen
self service for 20 U.S. Per night you are getting a perfect value for the buck.
(Not for tourist, for the strong of heart backpacker.)

EAST SHOAL BAY BEACH - Inside the tourist bubble

The East Shoal Bay is inside the pay with U.S. Dollars Tourist Bubble
and has perfect white sand beaches, older people, younger daughters
and all what is not natural to the Caribbean.

CROCUS BAY - Outside the Tourist Bubble.
If I can walk about 8 miles away, go to my home in Casa Nadine, then
I am completely, not on margin land, no if, buts and - or maybes, I am
outside the bubble, then I start to pay with East Caribbean Dollars and
leave the tourist behind.

There are the proper ingredients where you could stay around a month
or so until everyone knows your name.


Barbados was a good place; the people are about three steps above
most Islands so far in the Caribbean, interesting developments. I felt with
every step or every Island north of Venezuela I left the Hostile nature of Venezuela
and was moving toward Jimmy Buffet and Margarita Ville,
as I am closer to Florida.

Soon, or up the Island ladder closer to Miami toward the Bahamas and a right
turn below Cuba is Jamaica. It is interesting, I have never hear a reason
to go and visit Jamaica, it sounds terrible, aggressive and the only person
I ever knew who like it was a single girl, probably went to hire a man for
the week. (Not a joke.)

I am looking for Culturally, Touristy, Mentally and Spiritually the proper
ingredients that would make this good old boy Hobo from Indiana, feel
back home on the farm. Strangely it seems the best so far is on one of
the most exclusive, get rich, hide your money, dine with King and
Queen Islands on the planet, Anguilla seems like home away from home.
It does help that one of the best 20 Dollars Guesthouse in the Caribbean is
strangely in Anguilla.

Note: Shakira, where are you when I need you!

I am not you, and you are no me, I am not going to like your favorite spot
on the planet, and you do NOT have to like my favorite spots. This way we
all are happy going to our own paradise somewhere on the planet.
Otherwise, we would all end up on the same location.

Posting my daily diary on the internet has been a series of ups and downs,
more downs than up, as I can say the Caribbean is low on my list of places
to come visit again. However, it could be high on my list if I had a Yacht or
some girl that refused to dump me, break up with me, or more like had
a strange sense of humor and kept me around. In that situation I would
bring her to the Caribbean, knowing she would think me special and
I could save them special beaches for my solo trips. I am sure some
really; in-love-with-the-Caribbean types are going to go to my daily
blog and try to lambast me or calls me names.

There is a rule in Travel, you must love another persons Paradise and
agree, YES, true, YOU  are correct, this is Paradise.

I think I can give them a wink of the eye,
and not tell them about
- The Beach. -

Today’s tip

Life is Good!
Andy of

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.
      X was HERE!

Article written by Andy the
On Year 9 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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“A dangerous person to disagree with.”

Quote by
T. S. Eliot (1888 - 1965)
U.S.-born British poet and playwright.
Referring to Samuel Johnson.
Selected Essays, "The Metaphysical Poets"

WHY - Why to have a blog?

I never keep a diary, I never wrote down my trips in little books, I never
wanted to keep a journal or travelogue and maybe I still do not, however,
I do, therefore I must be receiving some reward from the experience.

Many persons, especially the Backpackers out for their ones in a life time
journey to who knows where and for who knows why, keep a diary. You can
see them sitting in parks, at the table in the Hostel, in their rooms, many
places. They will write for hours, draw little pictures inside their diary, they
will sometime paste photos, or souvenirs inside the book. This was happening
before the blog was invented, and it continues today. I suppose it easier to
find normal notepad to carry around the world than to constantly pay to
type in an internet café.

I carry a computer, however many person fight this, they do not want to
carry the weight, the ones that do, seem to care more about collecting
music, than the idea of typing a blog or some daily journal into a computer.

I believe I started mine to help persons, as I was on the way to Iraq,
knew there was no good guidebooks for the place, thought this is a
dangerous trip, nothing better than to keep a daily online travelogue
of my trip. I could explain how I would deal with the danger or entering
Iraq, explain how I evaluated the problems, how I found solutions,
explain in my own words how to do this type of trip.
I have continued, I suppose I will continue, it helps promote my web
site, however it is more than that, it helps me to think.

It is a work in process, it never ends, it the beginning, the middle
and the end, then I start again. Every feeling is started before I enter
a place, how I feel as I am experiencing the new destination, and then
after I am finished, what it felt like with a little introspection. Expectations
of a place do create a self-prophecy or your mind goes out looking to
find either the answers or to validate that you are correct or sadly
that the guidebook is correct, nothing to do with reality.

I try not to read, listen, learn, or think about a location until I am at the
location, if I am learning it only fact, encyclopedia facts, not guidebook,
magazine, hope to love the place crap, just the data. This allows me
to form my own opinions. I will blog about my thoughts and feeling,
my expectations, however I am only thinking without any real
experiences, then as I am in the location, I have many good and bad
experiences. Then after I am normally onto the next location, hard to
blog the re-evaluated thoughts. The best thoughts come many months
later after I realize or put one and one together, I then know how I really
feel about the place. Sadly this is not blog it is just residual memories,
however if I return to a location, I must have like it, or I would not return.

Why Blog my laundry list of why.

NOTE: I am making a list of why I suspect persons have travel blogs,
these are not my reasons they are my beliefs, just opinions, nothing
factual. However, I do truly believe any survey would be wrong, there
is the reason people say they blog, and there would be the real reason.


Help other travelers.
Desire to write a book.
Want to be famous
Have a desire to express their social agenda.
Want someone to listen to them.
Want to be a guidebook writer.
Want to make money.
Likes to write
Like to feel, think, plan, knows that writing helps them to plan.
Wants to remember so they can tell their friends when the go home.
Playing with the idea of having a big web site, however starting with a blog.
Promote their book
Promote their Magazine, Hotel, Newspaper, or some media.
Stay connected with their friends.
Talk to their friends.
Hope to be listened to by their friends.
The need for the intimate connection with home or friends.
Prove to the world they are smart, can observe and explain.
Prove they are better than others at travel.
Document their trip and make it into a book, movie, documentary.
The journalized all their lives and this is just the next step.
Want to provoke or start arguments.
Wants to prove to the world how good or perverted they are.

I will continue next week with another aspect of blogging or keeping
an internet based travelogue of your travel life

Note, my belief is most person want to be a famous writers, believe
they will somehow be discovered, uncovered made famous, get on
talk shows, and in the end, make a movie about their adventures,
where they will play the lead.

However, when they sit in a room, alone, typing, writing, editing,
(I try to not edit ), making their lives spectacular, wonderful, impossible
to believe, more glamorous, truly a work of fiction they lose steam,
give up, they find they want to enjoy the day, not work.

Now, there are some that like to write, who know why, however they
have a need to spin the wheels of their brain, hear the clicking of time
passing, the type, the enter information, they stop, they muse,
somewhere in this is writing.

A blog is just, if the world like what you write, they will return, or maybe
they just like the photos, note put up photos, a photo does speak loud.

Andy of Tying in Casa Nadines at about
8:46 on Wednesday, March 1, 2006 as the world turns.

To be continued…

Who should blog
When to blog
Where to blog
Why to NOT blog
Which blog to choose
Why blog
What to blog
How to blog
How many times to blog
How much to blog
How long to blog

Life is good.
Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 9 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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-- Thank you, Lord, for thinkin--
-- bout me. I- m alive and doin- fine.-
I’m alive and doing fine.‘
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