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190  February 13, 2006
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The Cluster of needed Hotel Benefits
LOCATION: St George, the Island Country of Grenada - Caribbean Sea
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 9
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        Grenada - In search of Bikini Beach
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ENTERING Carriacoa Grenada, and maybe Grenadines
Coming from and going to…

I was in the Chaguaramas Harbor, Port of Spain, Trinidad Yacht boat yard
for the last week, trying to be crew on a sailboat. I finally gave up on the boat
and flew with Liat Airlines to St. Georges, Grenada; I will now take the
Osprey Ferry Lines from St Georges to Carriacoa, Grenada, where I
hope to take another Ferry to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines another
little Independent set of Islands or a country in the Caribbean Sea.


I have this dream of being in a sailboat entering under the grace of the
good Gods and a pleasant wind into a small bay in the Caribbean,
where I will encounter blue waters, white sands, and thousands of Bikinis.
Some type of heaven for a Hobo looking for a place to lie in the beach,
read a good novel, and try to be lazier.

Where is the Expatriate Colony World?
The people who forget to go home?

I found a boat with my friend Craig called the Odessa, a large
Macgregor 65 foot boat in the Chaguaramas Harbor of the Port of Spain,
Trinidad. I had no plans on getting a boat, however made a donation
to Craig site so he could afford to live there and search for a boat to
Brazil for Carnaval. I decided, why not and post a note on the board
saying I wish to go north. I discovered a large boat, the bigger the
boat the more they appear to need crew. Well, after one week of
working on the - Money Pit - or - This Old Boat - I decided this was
not my personal dream of the Caribbean. I decided to jump ship
before I mutinied. Too many bad decisions per nautical mile of
thoughts. Craig gave up on the Carnaval idea and also joined
the boat as crew.

Nonetheless, Craig is still on board the Odessa, he is now in
Grenada also as the boat has actually made it to Grenada. I
have a dream, sometimes the dream only goes around once
in life and I refused to sacrifice a country or a dream. Each country
and every country has great value, a culture, a way of life and a
correct way to enjoy the country. I have realized, do not go to
some countries unless you can afford the tariff, I am in the Caribbean,
probably one of the most expensive places to travel on the planet;
it is resort city, two-week vacation wonderland, the inflation of tourism
is impossible to understand. I have just left three years in
Southeast Asia where the bang for the buck is excellent. I am going
to continue to find the good path through the Caribbean, I learned a
lot about what I do not want in a sailboat and how not to travel as crew,
maybe I can find a boat that show me how to do it correctly in the future.

I am looking for my blue water and hopefully some Bikinis of good
note, I am sad to say in Grenada I am still missing the Bikinis, glad
to be off the boat, looking for a paradise so far not found,
however not lost.


This is one of the southern most islands in the Caribbean Sea and
just above Venezuela, South America in a way. Christopher Columbus
came to the Island and then the British and the French have fought
over the place for centuries. I am still not clear on which culture or
country won; I think it was Bob Marley.

(The English Language here is impossible to understand)
4 Type Discovered on planet:
British, American, India, and now
Caribbean English.

What is great about Grenada are probably Spices, Ship, and everything
nice, a lot safer and more interesting than Trinidad and Tobago.
The beach life is a 5 as I have only seen 5 bikinis of note in two trips
to the Grand Anse Beach, I must have missed something, this is high
season, February of 2006, I thought the Caribbean would be full of this
clothing, instead I am at a 3 - Three Cruise Ships in Three days, a place
where they dump the persons to go to the market and discover just how
much a taxi driver can earn from a naďve person.

FORT GEORGE - The place to see!
Fort George - There are two Forts, one I have seen on top of the hill
just above St Georges Harbor, an excellent view of the city and bays,
a great way to understand where you are at, the first, best, place to
go in Grenada. One of the Forts is suppose to face the Atlantic; the
other is facing the Caribbean Sea. I dream of wooden sailboats
coming into the harbor and a history full of Pirates, Slave Ships and
Christopher Columbus. I am in need of a history book to enjoy this
place better. Many places on the planet have hidden treasures. I am
sure the History of Grenada is first notch, however the local
government and tourism industry has not dropped the ball, and
they have not found it. I have my encyclopedia on my computer,
and I will slowly slice and dice the information until I can weave
together what happened here in Grenada and all of the
Caribbean Island.

I have been thrown off course by to prevalent modern cultures,
they make it difficult to see the best of the Caribbean Culture
and History as it is hidden under the noise these make.

1. Yacht Owners or Yachties
- Person that live on boat and maybe the only true explorers of the
Caribbean, because they take their homes with them, they can
afford the accommodations and transportation cost.

2. Cruise Ship
They seem to be touring the entire island groups and a new one
has come daily to Grenada, they dump off tourist go for the taxi
gouge, and the cruise companies and the city put them on their way.

There are maybe four backpacker in Grenada, and three cannot
afford to be here, they are all looking and searching for a cheaper
lifestyle. The are not accepting the prices and fighting to hard, hard
to enjoy a place if you cannot say ok, enough, I will pay.

It is possible to travel in the Caribbean for less than 50 dollars per day,
 probably cheaper than sending you kids to Europe because there so
far is less party and less drinking to pay for, I do not drink, however
even if I did, the party has yet to be found.

Trinidad has a Carnaval of work fame, however the room went from
25 dollars per night to 125 dollars and I had to book for 7 nights.
1000 dollars for a week of very loud music and a dream of exotic
girls that probably would not talk with me did not seem a good value.

So far, my guess is this, the Caribbean is a great place to bring
a date, a wife, a place to come and pay a lot to say you were here.
The Sailboat Cruising guides are probably the best guidebooks to
the Caribbean if you are looking for a guide to the place. I am trying
my best to carve out an affordable path from South America to Florida.
I do believe a backpacker can afford to come to the Caribbean,
if they do tons of research, I will do my part of the work.

Sadly, I am already dreaming of Eastern Europe or Katmandu, Nepal
or maybe Malawi in Africa and my mind is wondering. Very few
people here to talk with and everyone is a tourist. Barbados is looking
like my best option and maybe a place full of tropical dreams in my brain,
yet to be discovered here in the Caribbean.

Today’s tip

Hotels - Internet - Food - Transportation - ATM
The Cluster of needed Hotel Benefits

Life is Good!
Andy of

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Article written by Andy the
On Year 9 of Hobo trip around the world.
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Hotels - Internet - Food - Transportation - ATM
The Cluster of needed Hotel Benefits.

TIP - The Cluster Travel Tip

How to say this, how to know this, how to explain this cluster.
There are benefits of a living in a Hotel or Guesthouse, some have
guest kitchens, sometimes there is a TV in the room, most times
I choose a room only because the owner smiles and there are plenty of
persons for conversation. However, similar to choosing a home,
a flat, an apartment, I also extremely care about.


This is my needs, clustered around me, or if not, then I am I forced
to walk, ride, or in the worst case pay a taxi to satisfy my needs.


The reason an - All Inclusive Resort - is great, is because it has all
the amenities, niceties, fun things, and hopefully entertainment inside
the fence. Your travel agent is almost positive you will pay your way
through to happiness, all the tour package travelers, umbrella tourist,
will come home relaxed, happy, content they made the best of their
two weeker vacation package.

This is good.

However, with the invent of the Internet, many person are not opting
to book a room over the internet. I personally despise a room reservation,
it takes away my wanderlust for life, my feeling of freedom.
I like the Hobo Easy Life, no plans, no future, no past,
just wandering the planet.

IF, I was making a reservation on the internet, these things are very
important to ask about or discover the locations.

However when I flop, I may often do a one-day, then opt to move
method of choosing a room.

- Any room, cheap, and hopefully close to where I want to land.
I normally, almost 90 percent of the time arrive before 12 noon,
I then have the afternoon to roust about.

- Walk around before check-out, find a room.
- Walk around in the afternoon of the first day.

Therefore, on my first test runs of the new city,
I will try to find a better hotel.

I am presently in St George’s, Grenada, a small port city in the
Caribbean, there is this beach by the name of the - Grand Anse -
it is the, - PLACE TO BE - or, from reading the guidebook, understanding
the country, this is the beach where you should be, could be, or
I thought I wanted to be, however why?

I found a few hotels closer, I found one-hotel cheaper, I found a couple
of hotels with TV and bigger rooms, however nothing in the end
was on the - Grand Anse Beach for a better value.

I have the benefits of the beach, I can lie around, sun bathe, bask
in the sun, become a lobster, then return to

I came to visit Grenada, ordinarily this requires you discover the
nooks and crannies of the - OLD PART - of the city. I am in the old part,
I could not find a better hotel, with all my needs close. I have a cluster
of all my needs all in one place, I accidentally chose the best hotel day one.
(New exist everywhere on the planet, I search for old.)

This map or link to a photo will explain:

TIP - The Cluster Travel Tip


1. Internet
2. Grocery or place to purchase food.
3. Vans that will take me to the beach for 1 dollar.
4. ATM or Bank Machine
5. Fed Ex or DHL for shipping.
6. Ferry to Carricoa
7. Bus Terminal to all the local cities.
8. Fish Market
9. Telephone
10. Two Tourist Restaurants and one Local - over the hill is a KFC and many others.
11. Fort George
12. Lighthouse
13. Older Architecture

TIP - The Cluster Travel Tip

If you find yourself walking a long way daily,  you may have
made a bad choice for Hotel or Guesthouse.

Life is good.
Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 9 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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I’m alive and doing fine.‘
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