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Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Hong Kong - Transportation from Plane to Hotel
186  November 10, 2005
TIP: Transportation from Plane to Hotel
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 9
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       Mumbai to Bangkok to Singapore to Manila to Macau
       to Hong Kong to Bangkok.
       Transportation from Plane to Hotel


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I was in a (Name of Big City)
Example: I was in Hong Kong.
I was in New York, etc.
This is a one-up-man-ship game play by travelers.
Trying to brag about the big cities they have visited.
- Interestingly enough visiting big cities is very easy
and getting transportation to small villages is difficult.
Therefore the bragging is silly and not an accomplishment.

 - Migrating non-working vagrants.
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I am in Hong Kong.
Many trips since the last letter, I guess I have been lazy.
Nonetheless, I left Mumbai, India and flew to Bangkok, Thailand.
Took a plane to Singapore for a few days, then to Manila, Philippines
for about 16 days, then to Hong Kong for about five days,
now I leave tomorrow for Bangkok, Thailand.

Next, stops… Seoul Korea - USA - Caribbean for winter.

NOTE: The Chinese computer is causing a big problems
with quotation marks so if you see this -- think Quotes
or apostrophes.

Hong Kong

Bangkok, Thailand is a base or home away from home for me,
a comfortable place to rest and relax, buy those items I need for
my backpack. I purchase a LCC or Low Cost Carrier set of tickets
from a man by the name of Nat, a very knowledgeable Agent
in Bangkok.

Singapore is a more Western City than Europe or the USA if that
make any sense, the place is very clean, and a trash bin on every
corner and the place is spotless. This is a place to shop, look at
tall buildings and for me; I wished I had an Architect at a guide.
A great way to visit Asia, hang around with Asians, however not
have to deal with the real Asians. Very few backpackers and I
think to rich for most of their blood. Mostly Brits or Aussies on the
well-worn travel path between Australia to England or England to
Australia with a Singapore stopover. They all go down to Trail finders
or StaTravel.com and buy an around the world ticket.
Very deep ruts in this travel path.

I love the Philippines; I did not even make it out of Manila, just hung
out in the Hostel and enjoyed my life. My mother thought I retired or
quit writing newsletters or blogs. I got so lazy, I just enjoyed myself
Funny is my mother told me to rest, and then tells me to write, I told
her it was hard to go on vacation when you want me to work.

The Philippines should be on every person list, a little dodgy,
however they have everything there. Beaches, Surfing, Island,
Natives, Primitive, Crazies, Expats, and of course the same
same as the rest of Asia… (Hehehe) They speak good English,
probably for sure better than Hong Kong, and about the same
as Singapore, so a great place for people afraid of language
problems. Many Philippine girls… and a perfect type of culture
in many ways, a little more warm and cuddly than most of the
Stone Face parts of Asia.

Almost forgot this place, it is the place where all the cheap Airlines
are flying now. Airasia.com and Tigerairways.com fly here then for
about 13 dollars U.S. you take a 1-2 hour trip to Hong Kong.
Macau is strait Casinos and Gambling, a few imported Philippine
Girls and many too rich for my blood stores. I have no real clear
reason to go there except to stop over, before you go to Hong Kong.
I made a page of the one of two guesthouses in Macau that are
reasonably priced, all the rest are dreaming of quick cash.
Macau Hostel

I flew for less than 300 Dollar from Bangkok to Singapore to
Manila to Hong Kong and back to Bangkok. These Low Cost
Carriers are becoming the best toys on the planet.

I collect these links here, and soon I will have a site called:
Flyinghobos.com up with all of the best ways to fly!

Hong Kong is a big city, anyway you do it, too big for me, only a
great place for people to store big money and buy cheap
products from China. I discovered though that a big 16-story building
--- The Chung King Mansions ---
is the center for backpackers in Hong Kong. I can say that if you
go there and work you way away from there you can figure out
Hong Kong easily. Everyone knows this place and you can get
there easily. I did not find Hong Kong to speak good English in
fact I consider it rotten, just a couple of steps above China. You
have to look for the rich type or young executive types to ask
directions and all the signs are in Chinese, with English below.
I am sure many people would disagree, however I talk to everyone
and for sure, they do not understand my English.

Hong Kong is another place for the shoppers; I personally believe
that shopping is the number one tourist activity in the world. 85 percent
of travelers could give a hoot about where they are or about the
local culture, so Hong Kong is perfect. Singapore and Hong Kong
are like a Mall with Asians selling something they cannot explain.

Interestingly enough the Chung King Mansions is full of people from
Africa and India. I think there is about every culture on the planet in
this huge building. Inside the place, I counted 29 different guesthouses,
so you can find about any type of Backpacker accommodations.

I am happy to leave for Bangkok tomorrow, after a little Rest and
Relaxation in the Philippines, I am happy.

I am hoping to go to Seoul Korea then to the USA, land in the
Caribbean for winter after a stop in Bogotá, Colombia to visit my
friend German. Of course, you know me; I never stay on the path
so expect that all to change.

Life is Good!
Andy of HoboTraveler.com

Today’s tip
Transportation from Plane to Hotel

Just another day in Paradise!
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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On Year 9 of Hobo trip around the world.
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Transportation from Plane to Hotel

There are many way to travel from the Airplane to the
Hotel, however there are two major differences in Travelers.

1. Convenience Travelers
- maybe called the Business Traveler

2. Cheapest Way Travelers or Travellers.

I almost only believe there is one cheap way and that is the
Taxi, however the Taxi is also the most convenient.

The reason why I believe the Taxi is cheapest is because one
of the top five best situations to be robbed is on the way to the Hotel.
Therefore I believe the cheapest form of Travel Insurance I can purchase is
a Taxi to my Hotel. IF I am not robbed, I save money.

I Guesstimate I take a Taxi 95 percent of the time in almost all
countries, including Europe and the USA.

However, what you need is choices and many times the Taxi is
not the best choice. An inner city train system called a Subway,
Metro, MRT, Underground, Elevated and many other names is
great way to save a bundle. I will go from the Airport to the city
stop, get off and then take a Taxi… hehehe

However, I want choices…
I want to save money.

What stops choices? Or how to I keep my options open?

Not having the correct change in local currency

I need Change for the cheap options.
I deboard the plane, find some local currency and then negotiate.
I do not exchange money, and Travelers Checks are a waste of time,
the only good solution now is the Bank Machine Card or Debit Card
or ATM or Cash point or anything you wish to call these nice machines
that issue money. However, they will spit out the local currency in
LARGE denominations and not in small bills for the Taxi, Bus, Train,
Rickshaw or Motorcycle Taxi, etc.

So… NEW Strategy.

I cash in my extra money or left over money I did not use in the country
I am leaving. I then get small money either in Euros or Dollars. I need 5-10-20’s
in Euros or U.S. Dollars, or if I am lucky maybe it is common currency,
like Hong Kong Dollars or Swiss Francs and I can also change them.

I need small change… TWO Choices.

1. I exchange for it in the country I am leaving.
(This is a good time; you have two hours before the plane leaves to
find small money or coins.)

2. I exchange a small money common currency, like U.S. Dollars,
Swiss Francs, Euros, English Pounds in small bills. I do not want to
exchange anything large. I keep that for emergencies, cash is King.
In the end, U.S. Dollars and Euros are the only sure money on the Earth.


- I am asking locals,
“What is the best way to get to my Hotel or this region?”
“How much is a Taxi?”
(If is under 10 Dollars U.S., I am taking the Taxi.)
They will usually tell you a price for Taxi that is too high and too much,
if they are nice, they could share a taxi with you and help.


If you deboard the plane, take you time, have a little patience, a good
solution will arise, and be obvious. Most of the simple solutions given
to you by an information or tourist counter are expensive and not good
advice. I almost 100 percent of the time do something different from
the Tourist Information Desk. They normally are getting a kickback or
paid a commission by someone and are in no way safe for advice….
They are a guide, not dependable, however better than nothing. I have
found that the people that work in the candy shops, food shops, or
venders will tell you the best advice on how to travel cheap. Please
never trust anyone that walks up to you and offers you advice, they are
for sure are not dependable.

A good option will come forth if you have patience, ask the money
exchange, the flight attendant, the airplane Pilot, the baggage handlers….
“What is the cheap!… Say CHEAP… way to you hotel?”

Contrary to any myths, the world loves cheap people; they are the
common person, the workers, the people in the street. If you try to be
rich, they will take your money, if you try to be cheap, they will say,
“Hmm… he or she is just like me, has to watch their money.”

Therefore, they will help you.

However, in reality a GREAT Hotel, Hostel, Room will in someway help
you to find the cheapest and a safest way to the Hotel. Write them an
e-mail and ask, I often make a choice of Hotels only because they
gave me the best map and directions. I am also hoping, if they care
enough to help me arrive to their Hotel, they may I hope care enough to
clean the place.

Advice with out a price is not travel advice!

I hope that was a guide, not an answer to how to travel from the
plane to your Hotel.


Local Bus
Subway MTR - Metro - Underground
Local Taxi
Airport Arrange Taxi - Pre-set fees
Meter or Arranged Price Taxi - (Meters are dangerous.)
Shuttle - Big airports have special buses.
Hotel Shuttle
Tuk Tuk

If you are really cheap walk outside the airport, completely leave the
place and the prices will drop almost in half. Nothing on the planet
is as expensive as an Airport.

Remember though, safety is more important than money. You have
everything you own with you, a plane tag that tells the world this,
you are an easy target.

Rule of Thumb:
If the Taxi is under 10 Dollars U.S. - Take the Taxi.

Life is good.
Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 9 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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-- bout me. I-- m alive and doin--  fine.--
I’m alive and doing fine.‘
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