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Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Pyramids of Egypt - Trip to Famine of Niger
183  August 31, 2005
TIP: Number One Danger of Travel
LOCATION: Cairo Egypt
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 8
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How I feel today, or a start down
the proverbial travelers path.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a cash advance
- Unknown
(Niger does not have Bank Card Machines, very true today.)


Former Colony
- A place where maybe the British, French, Dutch, Spanish,
Portuguese or many countries held or owned.
These "Former Colonies" will have major resemblances to the nation
that held them, maybe by language, currency, foods, legal systems,
infrastructure and most interesting is the former Ruler tend to visit
former colonies. Example French will be maybe first to visit Niger.


 - To make a touch. The reward for good panhandling.


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Pyramids of Egypt

I took a bus from Jerusalem, Israel to Cairo, Egypt where I visited the Pyramids,
I now leave tomorrow for the country of NIGER to try to understand and maybe
help with the problem of Famine, or starving people.

Egypt is a wonderful place, full of noise and people, and some Wonders of the
World, I got to walk around yesterday in the Desert of Egypt, trying to take
photos of the Pyramids. I believe I took 172 photos, which are all posted in
today’s Hobo Photo Gallery, trying my best to keep all the photos with the
newsletter written, there are some real problem with real time.

The Pyramids of Egypt, just outside or inside the city of Cairo, these are the largest
Pyramids I have seen, the ones in Mexico, the ones in Tikal, Guatemala
I believe are smaller, however looking at these Cairo are a wonder.
I do still have a special love for the ones in Tikal though, and would say both are
about 50/50 as what I would recommend, so as the Scarecrows says in
the Wizard of Oz, some go both ways, therefore I recommend you see both.
It is a 50/50 recommendation.

Note when you come see the Egyptian Pyramids I would recommend you
either go by tour, or give in to the venders and rent a Camel, Donkey, or Cart because
the venders inside the site have an extremely high "Donkey Quotient."
However for the most part Egypt is an easy and friendly place to be when you
are outside the tourist areas.

I have seen Tikal, Angko Wat, Hampi, Brugge, Great Wall of China, Pyramids
of Mexico, here are some links where I we can discuss the ages and history.


I am not a serious person, have no aspirations to save the planet, do
not like to talk with Volunteers or NGO's, usually I try to avoid them, as they have
glassy eyes, and seem too much, of TOO much for my thinking.

My biggest goal in travel is to go to exotic beaches.

However I am going to go to Niger where there is presently a food famine,
this translates for my non-English speaking friends reading to.

“People die because they have no food.”

I have a person, helping that seems determined that I go to Niger and nose
around, she even offered to give me a couple of Hundred English Pounds
to go, so I decided she was serious. If you have followed the newsletter than
you know I go wherever the wind blows, I am not good at following any known
paths, try to go where my heart leads me, and now I find I am going to Niger.
However I do listen to readers...

I have never seen anyone ever that I thought was dying from starvation; I
suppose I saw some malnourished people on the River Napo between
Coca, Ecuador and Iquitos, Peru. I for sure have seen many beggars,
as they have stuck their nubby hands into my face in India, or on any
street corners in any land on the planet.

Here is a recent blog photo of boy in front of Pizza Hut in Cairo, Egypt.


There is a difference between a beggar asking for some money, and a
person dying. Begging is a huge problem, sometime it seems possible that a
whole nation can become a nation of beggars, we often teach people
to become beggars as they discover by appealing to the middle class
guilt of the western worlds they can extract money from you or me.

However as I came closer to getting my Visa to Niger, which took one
week of pushing and shoving by me and friends, I realized, I have a
self-made policy on dealing with beggars.

If they ask for food, I give it.

If a person wants some food in my hands, I will share the food.
How can I turn down hungry people. Most people want money though,
and not so obvious why they need the money, harder to access the problem,
however a person that wants a chunk of my bread, is going to get it.

Therefore, what am I to do if I do find a real problem, not a CNN or BBC
made-to-be a problem, however a real problem. I believe
there is a real world food problem here, and what should I do?

Andy has a self-made policy on how to deal with people
that want some food, I share my food. I was writing my friend in the USA,
when I realized the words to describe the solution as I feel it.

“I think they need a window of time, a window where the world changes for them.”

I do not know the answers, I will go look around, see if I can find
out what the problems are, see if I can be a little part of the solution. used to live only on the donations of readers, now the
site is doing great, so I can give back to those who helped. I learned a
long time ago in my a path of recovery from a world of dysfunctional behavior,
an alcoholic haze of needs, that I could never repay those who helped me,
I could only help them downstream from where I was,

What happens is you cannot pay back those who gave to you,
when you needed help, you only can pay them back, by
helping those below youself.

I do not know what I will find in Niger, however will you do me a favor, keep a
special eye open, read a little harder my newsletters and blogs. For those
of you know do not understand, I have a DAILY online post of my travels,
you can read daily and look at photos of what I am doing.

Awareness is all I can offer presently, I will go take some photos,
and see what I see.

If you wish to help, I am collecting information on my new
page, I am trying my best to keep this easy to manage for me and for you.
I do need and want you help, I suppose I need your questions and your
solutions, as I go search for the answers to questions I did not know I should ask.

I am calling this Operation Robin Hood; just seem like a good name.

You can now post some questions and answers on:


Number ONE priority:
1. Maps of locations where there is a Famine problem.
2. Explanations on how to travel to these locations.
3. Ideas on how to help.

Number TWO priorities.

 Information on these topics.

1. Doctors without frontiers
Médecins Sans Frontières

2. NGO's - Non-Governmental Organizations in Niger
Names - Locations, Contact information, etc.

3. Hotels where the NGOs stay

4. United Nations -The same information.

5. Journalist in Niger

6. Photographers in Niger

7. Media of any kind in Niger.

8 . A way to get money into the country, there appears to be no ATM or
Bank Machines in the country.

9. Salvation Army in Niger

10. Red Cross in Niger

11. MAP with French Words and English words if it exist.

13. I want to know the amount of money in Dollars or Euros a person earns in
Niger per year, this seems to me the amount of time they need as a window.

14. Volunteers who are working on this project, names, address, emails, etc.

15. Do the people of Niger have an Identification card they carry; do all people
in the country have a card?

16. How to know a good NGO from a bad NGO?

17. Percentages of money from organizations that reach the persons in need.

Please help, however please, I am not in the business of answering emails!

Please post all the information on the Wiki I made,
you can add information directly onto the pages.

Then the world can share or use your contribution.

Click here to answer or contribute to
Operation Robin Hood:

This is part of

Thanks from Andy of

Today’s tip
Number One Danger of Travel
How to cross the street in a crazy country.

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(I live in Paradise, not the whole world.)
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Article written by Andy the
On year 8 of Hobo trip around the world.
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Number One Danger of Travel
How to cross the street in a crazy country.

Photos explain better so better to start out here:

The most dangerous thing about travel is crossing the street.

I have traveled to Iraq, trekked to the Jungle, rode on Elephants and
walked around on foot chasing Rhinoceroses in Nepal. Nothing makes
me more scared than to cross the street, I believe 99 percent of tourist
or travelers that die while on vacation are hit by cars.

I suppose the next half percent are alcohol poisoning and another
half percent for who knows why, these are guesstimates, and truthfully,
I do not believe it possible collect real or accurate information on this type of death.

I do know from my personal experience.

I have two people I met that have were killed, I know of one person on
motorcycle in Thailand that had almost every bone in their body broken.

1. Canadian Man killed in Mexico while standing along side the road.

2. English Girl killed in Bolivia hit by bus.

3. One was German Girl on a motorcycle near Pai Thailand, that broke
most bones in her body, then the truck that ran over her took off in a hit and run.
(She looked the wrong direction before starting, not used to the direction cars traveled)

This is only the tip of the iceberg, I was unlucky enough to hear these stories
from travelers along the way, who told me about our mutual friend or their best
friends being killed or badly injured. The odds of me hearing a story a couple
countries down the path is rare, however because I have traveled for eight years,
the odds increase that I will meet the same travelers in distant lands.


There is the ever present story about beggars in India being maimed or hurt
by their families so they can be a more productive beggar. I personally believe
this to be 99 percent myth, and 1 percent fact. I do believe though that most of
the beggars without a leg, and arm, both legs riding on them skateboard
contraptions using their hands to push them along have been hit by cars.

Maybe they will give you an electric powered wheel chair, or if you are not
lucky you only get a bike powered by your arms, that is the undeveloped
worlds version of a electric wheelchair.

How to cross the street.

Find a group of people that are crossing and use them as blockers
for the cars, you stay just far enough down the road that any
cars coming would hit them before the hit you.

1. Old people are in the most danger of getting hit.

2. Pedestrians have no protection.
The pedestrian does NOT have rights.

3. Find a group of people to use as blockers.

4. Women make better groups as taxis and cars slow down better
for women in the street.

5. Stay about three meters or three yard back so in the event
they do hit these blockers, you are not also hit.

6.Trust Issue
- Do not trust the green little man signal.
- Do not trust the stop lights, people run lights all the time.
- The pedestrian does NOT have the right away, I think we are the targets.

7. Left Lane or Right lane.
Crossing the street in a country where they drive on the opposite side
of the road than your native country are VERY dangerous,
"You will check the wrong direction!"

8. Do no follow your blockers too close,
they may thing you are going to rob them.

9. Follow only the locals, not foreigners or tourist.

10. Cross at the Zebra.
Cross at the designated areas when possible.
I believe there should be a universal Zebra Crossing.

11. Choose only one person, in the group, follow with your eye
the one person, not the group, so you do not get mixed up

12. Watch for passing cars, that speed by when one car
is slowing to let you walk.

13. Stay away from clearing, car will speed up when
they see a clearing, better to say with your blockers.

14. Ambulance Chaser are extremely dangerous.
If you hear a siren of a ambulance or police.
Stop and wait until the sirens end, do not follow
or pay attention to the crazy locals.

15. Always avoid exceptionally fast cars.

16. Walking on the shoulder of the road is dangerous.

Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 8 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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"Thank you, Lord, for thinkin'
'bout me. I'm alive and doin' fine."
I’m alive and doing fine.‘
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