Auschwitz Concentration Camp

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Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Auschwitz Concentration Camp Poland - Digital Camera
180  July 24, 2005
LOCATION: Krakow, Poland
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 8
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        Krakow Poland
        Staging city for trip to Auschwitz.
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When a person enters a city, they should find the "Must See" locations
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Peru-Machu Picchu - Acapulco - Divers

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Marijampole Lithuania

Augustow Poland Room
Augustow Poland Lakes
Augustow Poland Map
Augustow Poland Photos
Poland Homestay
Poland Water Skiing
Poland Room Rental
Poland Stork Bird
Augustow Poland Canal UNESCO

Poland Train
Krakow Poland Hostel
Krakow Poland
Krakow Poland Jewish Museum
Krakow Poland Jewish Museum
Krakow Poland Jewish Museum
Center for Extermination of European Jews


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Krakow Poland
Staging city for trip to Auschwitz.

I entered Poland and settled in a typical Home in Augustow, Poland.
Took a train to Krakow Poland, visited Auschwitz Concentration Camp
and now I will fly to Stuttgart, Germany on Monday, skipping the
Czech Republic, I will visit my friend near Stuttgart, then go by train
north on the 4th of August so I can attend the conference.

I am making an abrupt change of plan and will fly to Tel Aviv, Israel
around August 9. My friend Oren says he is leaving and I decided to
visit while I still have a great insider to show me around.

Augustow, Poland

There is a city on the border of Poland, close to Lithuania where many
locals come to visit, however I saw no foreign tourist, surrounded
by water, this is a UNESCO site, something to do with the Canal that
connects two rivers, the Wista and Niemen.

I got off the bus from Lithuania, then stumbled around, did the walking
around, look like I need a room walk, then started talking, that is
trying with a couple of Taxi. I said, Hotel, and soon they had me in
a Mercedes Benz Taxi going somewhere for 1.50 U.S. for the taxi. While
in the Taxi the driver snagged his son who spoke English, then they
asked me,
“Would you like to live in a home?”

I said,
“Yes, if it is cheap.”

I ended up spending one of my best weeks of travel with a typical Polish
family, completely with Grandmother - Grandfather. They treated me
with great respect and tried to make my life wonderful, they did a
great job. The Grandmother was on a person mission to make sure I ate
well, and had a cup of coffee. The one daughter donated her bed, so
I would have a room. All was perfect and the ideal way to travel, living
in homes is fun, gives you something to do, and I only had to fight
with the kids over the computer to use the internet. They remind me
very much of my own family and I was lucky.

Decided I needed to keep moving if I wanted to get to Frankfurt by
land in time, so I took the train from Augustow to Krakow. This did
not start out well, however eventually the city woke up and I found
a pretty girl walking around with brochures to Hostels. She called
the Hostel and off I went to a room in the Bling Bling, a proper Hostel
although it is missing the stove in the kitchen. The owners in Europe
of Hostel are getting this wise idea, they can say they have a kitchen;
however they do not give you a stove, so nobody cooks.

On the other hand, the Bling Bling has now entered the short list of
places that provides a full size backpack locker for every bed. Eight
years or travel some 600 hundred Hotels and Hostel, this is shame to
think I only have only four Hostels on my list that provide what I
would consider required in a Hostel of mine, if I had mine….

Bling Bling in Krakow, Poland
El Lobo in La Paz, Bolivia
Centro de Mundo in Mantanita Beach in Ecuador.
Cats Hostel in Madrid - “Flophouse Hostel”

So life is good in the Bling Bling, whatever a Bling Bling is?


This is probably the most famous or infamous camps set up by the Germans
in World War II for the extermination of the Jewish people, and a few
other types, like maybe Gypsies or anyone that complained.

What is Auschwitz like?

I felt like I was walking into an old memory of a cave, this place
felt dark and sad to me, like something was sticking to my feet. As
I walked around I was afraid to enter the buildings, I did not want
to think about this, and truthfully, the mass grave in Iraq has taken
the push and oomph out of my desire to see what people can do to each
other. However, I moved slowly and deliberately around the camp, trying
my best to not cry or look silly, a mixture of anger, rage, and incomprehension.
Nothing is simple when you try to empathize with a place like this,
what can a person think about when they take people into a room and
kill them as a large group. Who raises you to do this, who would do
this freely, it does have a stink about it, as if there is something
inherent in some races that make their culture believe they are superior.
There are many races that want to kill other races, as if they did
not have the right to be in the same room, less on the same planet.

Each large barracks had a name like Poland - or maybe Hungary, or maybe
Belgium, they each had a theme for the country that was maybe housed
or exterminated from that building. Inside you heard and seen the cultures
of that country there trying to imagine and see the faces. Many, many,
too many photos of people who are gone, killed, disappeared, no way
to retrieve, just a camp that feels like a cave. It is a prison, it
is a place where many souls entered,
and never left,
a place where decency lost it way.

I see many ways people on the planet are capable of doing this again,
and I cringe, there is a responsibility to see this place. I had a
friend write and say, it would not be on his high priority list of
places to visit, however he can tell you about all the battle of Europe,
however this is not good. This is war, killing, mutilation, death,
the end, darkness, if you want to wage war or you want to understand
war, you need to know what you could do, or what they can do to you.
There is nothing noble about killing, however sometimes needed.

I am tired, time to see better views of the souls of people, the world
of travel is about visiting and spending the day with consumers, they
are capable of being very selfish. It appears that the solution, so
this never happens again is for me to remember, I have the responsibility
to never allow this to happen again. If I am capable I am to stop this,
therefore history can never repeat itself. It is not the responsibility
of my country; it is my personal responsibility to champion the stopping
of these types of people. To speak when nobody is able to speak, to
quiet the unruly crowd, to calm and steer the misguided souls on the
planet that would try to hijack my world. I need to do what I can do.

I am sure that Sadaam, Hitler, Pol Pot and many more will become the
names that will always mean.

Taking people into a dark cave and killing them.

Today’s tip
The ones you did not think about...

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.
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Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 8 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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The ones you did not think about...
There are not two types of photos in the world, the normal film that process
into the paper photos and the more recent use of the digital camera. I have
learned a few uses for my camera that can help you in your travels of this
small planet called Earth.

There are many ways to save these items however a great way is to save
as an attachment and send as an e-mail to yourself

Here is a tip from the past… October 17, 2000 Tip number 19 explaining
how to do this, I am on 180 so many moons ago.

These photos will be of great value when you are robbed or lose these
items, for those of you who are perfect ignore this tip.
(Thanks in advance for being the great example of how not to travel.)


This should be done before you leave home, and held in your email box in a folder.

Hotel Receipts, Credit Card Receipts, Plane tickets you paid for along the way,
I highly recommend you do NOT use a credit card when traveling, only in the
Bank Machine, however when you do, and you find out later how you was robbed
you will need proof of the transactions. Take photos of all of these items for
easy long-term storage.

I have many business cards of Hotels, Friends, destinations I have started a
special folder as a way to remember and not have to carry a pile in my backpack.

You walking into a shipping office, make a big box of souvenirs and personal
items to ship home, then you pay money. If you photograph the box, the company,
the owners and everything to do with this transaction you will have proof of the
existence when this box mysteriously disappears. Only use the major companies,
DHL, Fed Ex and UPS for shipping.

The airplane loses your bag; they are going to want a description of the bag
and the content inside so you can argue for days with them on the value.
Note as best I understand this money must be claimed at the airport where
the bag did NOT arrive, you cannot wait until you go home. I learned this from
an experience in Istanbul with KLM, and for sure, I did not get the value of the
lost items paid to me, it was a long argument and my travel agent denied any
responsibility in helping.

You are walking by a tourist attraction, there is a nice looking girl or boy you
wish to meet near, ask her or him to photograph you in front of the tourist
attraction. This is a great way to prove you are the sentimental and an
interesting person… You know the sensitive type.

When you enter a Hotel or Hostel, the first thing you should do is put a
business card of brochure in your pocket so when you get lost you can
find your way back to the Hotel. Many accommodations do not have these,
so if you take some photos of the place before your walk and the street
sign you can show a taxi driver that speaks Chinese the sign and return
home safely.

There are many faces and many emails you will collect along the way, email
addresses like my-cute-something @ will not mean
anything to you in a few weeks. Take a photo of your new friend, send and
email to yourself with that email address. When you need to find their email,
you can search your box for their real name or the worlds associated with
this person.

The best way to collect is to photograph the items of value, whatever you
are dong may need to be proven later, with no proof, often no pay.

10. MAPS
You friend has a map to the perfect Hostel or Hotel, you could make a copy,
however where is a copy machine? So you take a photo of the map, you
may need to enter an internet café and see the photo in a larger view; however,
this map is now saved for the future when you need a map.
A photograph never forgets, however for sure I do.

Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 8 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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I’m alive and doing fine.‘
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