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Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Latvia - Hostel Life Europe - What is needed
178  July 5, 2005
TIP: Hostel Life Europe - What is needed?
LOCATION: Bauskas, Latvia
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 8
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    Latvia - Baltic States - Eastern Europe
Hostel Life Europe
What is needed?


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2-3Day City
- Europe Travel Talk, more of a tourist way of thinking
and often the debate in the Hostel. When you are getting
a reservation and making a time commitment, you need to
know in advance, how long it takes to see the city attractions.
I was surprised, Venice, Italy is maybe a one-day city as I have
overheard in the Berlin Hostels.


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Hostel Parnu Estonia
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Riga Latvia Photos
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Riga Latvia Hostel
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I left Estonia and traveled by bus to Riga, Latvia where
I stayed a few days, then proceed to a small village near the
Lithuania border by the name of Bauskas. Tomorrow I will cross
over into Lithuania and proceed to I hope another small village.
The countries are small only a few hundred miles wide, I will then
soon enter Poland proceeding West towards the Czech Republic.

Map of Latvia

Riga, Latvia
Eastern Europe Party Capital as best I can tell, women, drink,
and a city that stay awake all night. It appears to be challenging Prague
Czech Republic for the designated party city of East Europe.

The city is beautiful if you can close your eyes and not notice the girls
or the bars. Under the surface is a Medieval city complete with what my
encyclopedia says is a Moat, however the guidebook calls it a canal.
The city fails to represent the Old Town properly and really drops the
ball, Brugge, Belgium is a much better Medieval environment however
lack the Eastern Europe girls.

I have always said that Medellin, Colombia has the best looking girls
on the planet, however there is a good challenge being posted by the
"Letse Sletjes" as a couple of Dutch girls called them. This is a full on
bright colored, skimpy, slinking, not bring home to Mama and Papa
girl city. I think they have all decided Riga is the place to show of those
parts that do not get much sun. It may soon give Bangkok and Pattaya
Thailand a run for it S e x Tourism money. There always comes the dark
side with all great places.
(Pattaya is not a great place, and I never plan on visiting.)

The building are nice, however to skip the party just go to Tallinn, Estonia
and the city is easier to understand. Riga has great building, however
the Moat and the Coast are forgotten, therefore all you have is some
old building and you really do not feel like you are inside an Old Town
like I did in Tallinn, Estonia.

I am on my baby steps in my learning how to travel Europe.
I am positive now for the type of traveler I am, I need to stay out
of the big cities and where the tourist are to enjoy the place.
My Two-Wheel Cart of my backpack will forever now be standard
equipment, this alone has made this trip 10 time better.

Bauskas, Estonia

This is a learning process, I paid 12 Lats or 24 Dollars U.S. for a very
average Hostel called he Argonauts in Riga, with a kitchen and no
stove. I am now paying 7 Lats or 14 Dollars for a private room in a
home environment in Bauskas, Latvia.

The bike riders of Europe may be the only people I trust in the future
for advice. I need to tap into their list of Hostels and Hotels, they have
to be better than the Party Circuit Backpackers.

Although I have a great fear of Taxis in Europe and the USA, I have
found that in Eastern Europe for about five dollars U.S. I can pay my
way out of the too much walking problem of Europe. Contrary to any
misguided belief figuring out a bus system when you arrive is not
easy, and really too much. Better to heave your backpack and
live like a bum. Walking is an absolute necessity in Europe, so
as always and great, I am losing weight.

Eastern Europe Poverty

I have not found it, the stereotype in my mind of some impoverished
former Russian states does not exist so far, maybe as I go south.
I have found a Western Europe quality of life for a cheaper budget.

Estonia Trash Bin Capital of the World
I am nominating Estonia as the World most conscious of trash country.
When I was in Rapla, a no-name, not on the map city, there was
a trash bin every 50 meters along the sidewalk path. It is impossible
to walk around in Estonia and carry trash.

This is a major annoyance of the planet, how to dump my ice cream
wrapper. I even go so far to think the United Nations should group together
to supply them big walky roller type Trash Bins to all countries.
Eventually after there stashed two or three in their home to store grain
and dead fish, there would be enough to clean up the countries on
the planet.

The solution to trash is first to start collecting the trash.

Nonetheless, Estonia is one of the cleanest countries on the planet,
thanks to their government.

Riga has nominated itself for naughty girl capital, and I am in the
the countryside of Latvia, where there are cows and large fields,
a real down home feeling.

I am doing a big debate, should I skip Prague and stay in the
countryside, maybe find out how the people actually live?
Maybe I should avoid the "Tourist Bubbles" of Europe.

Oh, well, life is too good, and I have many lives to live.

Blog Rambling about an Hobo African Expedition.

Today’s tip
Hostel Life Europe
What is needed?

Just another day in Paradise!
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Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 8 of Hobo trip around the world.
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Hostel Life Europe
What is needed?

99 Percent of the Backpackers in Europe are what I would
"Party Circuit Travelers"

They only go to the main destination cities and never
to a place that is not in the guidebook. This tip is created
for the Party Circuit Traveler or Tourist.

Normal time in a city is 2-3 days, moving rapidly
and often doing two to three per week.

What is needed?

Your are going to be living out of your backpack or suitcase,
there is not going to be a place to hang your clothes and
often you will be packing and unpacking while others people
are sleeping. There is no space to move around or to arrange
your belongings.

PRINCIPLE - The less you have the easier to live in Hostels.
I believe if I was not carrying a computer, I would find a place
in a central country, leave 80 percent of my bag there in a locker and
go on 10 days journeys to a spider web of locations, returning
to the center to retrieve object and to clean my clothes. I would need
an abnormal Hostel for Europe that helps you clean clothes, and
provide total living facilities at a real SHOESTRING budget.
I find zero of these Hostels in Europe.

Please post place where you can store things for less than one
dollars U.S. per day.


Duvet, Pillowcase, Sheets.
There is a fee for sheets often, sometimes you can use your
own and for sure the beds are not clean. You need to bring a sleeping
bag liner or a duvet to sleep inside. Both to save money and to attempt
to avoid other peoples body fungus, and bedbugs

Blanket, you need a light blanket, very light because often they
do not provide adequate. A rain poncho can be used as a blanket.

Shower Bag
You will share a shower with many people, you need a way to carry
all of your cleaning supplies in one bag. A one gallon zip-lock bag
will work, however if you place anything on the floor it will become
wet, best to be able to hang up, then hope there is hooks in the

You need to pack the night before you leave, most people in dorms sleep
until 11:00 AM in the morning, and to be respectful you need to pack
the night before.

Pajamas or sweat pants and life is better for all the mixed dorms.

Forget it, they do not exist, think... how am I going to organize my
things? If you really are wanting organization I use a backpack
organizer of my own invention.

Forget it! Security is not provide adequately in 95 percent of Hostels
for your backpack. Buy a dog chain, buy a bag you can lock.
Lock it to the leg of the bed and keep all of your items inside,
this is major danger if you wish to charge a batter to a camera
that needs to be plugged in directly. Contrary to any mis-guided
belief, many people get robbed in Hostels.

Pan and spatula are needed if you wish to save a lot of money.
Pepper and Salt
Bag to carry all the things you need in kitchen, lock bag.

Earplugs are a plus, people snore a lot.

A way to block the sunlight is good, I find them uncomfortable
however for the majority of people sleeping to 11:00 AM, the
sun does rise and the light will shine.

You need a clothesline to hang your clothes, you should wash
one set of clothing daily in the sink or when you know for sure
you have a full day of air dry time. When you are next to a place
to clean your clothes do so, you do not know when you will encounter
the next available place.

The main Party Circuit Travelers are all going to the same places
you need to make a reservation all the time, never an exception.
There is a growing number of travelers looking for places that are
not in and / or have very low ratings. These
place are normally less party and better living conditions for the
non-party group or those people who do not wish to live in the
Flop House Hostels.

I recommend you carry a mobile phone, handy, or cell.
It is not possible to arrange a telephone call fast enough when
traveling around Europe. You do need to call Hostels so you
have a room arranged in advance.

Buy the Euro Pass, you are only out for a couple of months,
you need a place to sleep when there is no room, moving every
2-3 days is not being a traveler, you are a tourist, pay the money
and enjoy your trip. This pass must be purchased I understand
outside of Europe. Arrange your exit transportation when you
arrive and it will save a trip back to the train station or bus
station. now is probably cheaper than the train.
The Euroline is always cheaper than the train.

A backpack is not needed, however a two-wheel cart is needed
if you are carrying more than 15 Kilos or 30 pounds.
Less than that an a backpack will work fine, with very good
harness because you will walk a long way between the train
and your Hostel.

You still need a shoulder harness to go up and down stairs
in the Metro, Subway, Underground or any other name for
the inner city train systems

Please do not consider this Shoestring travel, that is not
living on a budget and saving money in any stretch of the imagination.
There is very little information now in the guidebook for the
true low budget travelers of yesteryear.  You need to allow one-half your money
to pay for party.

50 U.S. to 75 U.S. per day

Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 8 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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