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171  April 17,  2005
TIP: TRAVEL PANTS After a few years…
LOCATION: Rurrenabaque Bolivia
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 8
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         La Paz Bolivia to Rurrenabaque Bolivia
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La Paz Bolivia
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La Paz Bolivia
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La Paz to Rurrenabaque Flight
Rurrenabaque Bolivia Pampas
Bolivia Monkeys
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Bolivia Tour
Swimming with Dolfins
Bolivia River
Amaszonas Airlines
Map of South American Rivers
Distance of trip map from La Paz to Rurrenabaque Bolivia
Map of my obsession to find river paths.
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La Paz Bolivia to Rurrenabaque Bolivia

148 Miles as the crow flies.
238 Kilometers as the world thinks.
16-24 hours as a person from Los Angeles Californians thinks
... or if and when they think.
This is too long for the Brits between pubs....

In my mind, in my experience bouncing in buses around the world
this is the worst bus trip I know of on the planet.
There are probably worst in Africa, yet to be discovered by me.

For those of you that think in terms of Airplanes trips.
Guess what?
You are not a traveler, you are a tourist.

For those of you who think in only in train times.
Guess what?
You need to leave Europe, it is only about 10 percent of
the planet, and you do not qualify as a traveler either... hehehe

Distance of trip map from La Paz to Rurrenabaque Bolivia

My rule of thumb is,
50 Miles or 50 Kilometers per hour.

Rurrenabaque is a three hour trip in a bus.
Wrong, different rules apply in Bolivia.

Truthfully I think only in time, I never think in miles or kilometers.
this does not work, a good traveler calculates the time needed to travel
between locations, then tries to arrive early in the morning or at least before
2-3 in the afternoon with adequate daylight to find a room.

I personally do not change cities, I change hotels. I travel from Hotel
to Hotel, I have a target hotel in mind, and never a reservation except in
Europe where travel is do difficult and expensive you need to be crazy
to visit or rich. However in 90 percent of the world you can have
three hotels on your list, go down the list and find a room.

I use the guidebook to find a name of Hotel and experienced gossip
to find the fun Hotel, hopefully the internet with my help will soon
change this method, I will just get on the internet and check the
current posting for a city.

I always take a taxi from the bus stop to the Hotel, again except
in Europe where you need the worlds best travel gear because
you will walk hours trying to find a room if you do not have a reservation,
and really best to sleep on the train, life is better.

So I jump from Hotel to Hotel, never having a reservation,
I take a taxi, because the distance from the bus to the Hotel is the
most dangerous time. This is when you will get robbed, or by the maid.
I do not let Hotels clean my room, I learned that as first lesson.

Maybe Beni, or the state, district, canton or whatever they call these
departamentos here.

I am 87.222 percent sure this is on the River Beni, I am real sure
it is in the area of called Beni, only because I have an Encyclopedia in
my computer, although Rurrenabaque is does not warrant an Encyclopedia
article, and it is one of them destinations like the Inca Trail
that has taken on importance because travelers visit the place.
Machu Picchu is important, the Inca Trail is a tourist trap.

Normally places visited by backpackers make a transition into tourism
growing from the joint smokers world into the beer and air conditioning,
I think Rurrenabaque may never make the transition as it is maybe already
burnt and is already a has been.

Rurrenabaque is the way travelers in Bolivia go visit the Amazon River
area. This is one of the fingers of a river basin that covers maybe 40
percent of this continent as best I can guess.

The three biggies for South America are

1. Manaus Brazil, just below Venezuela, but Belem is at the mouth.
2. Iquitos Peru, the start of most trips by cattle boat to Manaus, Brazil
and a the semi-official place to start Peru Jungle trips.
3. Rurrenabaque, Bolivia, not by name on the Amazon River, but
is on one of the feeder streams that leads on to the Amazon.

There are river that lead to the west from the Andes towards Lima.
Guayaquil, Ecuador, Galapagos then there are rivers that flow towards
Brazil, some go down from the back side of Cusco, Peru to Iquito, Peru
passing Paculpa

Map of my obsession to find river paths.

You want to ask me how the bus ride was?
I do not know, I took the plane for 50 dollars U.S.
Grass runways, and great views of mountains, rivers, and pampas.
The plane with Amaszonas Airlines from Rurrenabaque to La Paz though
is impossible to predict, they have a first come first serve.
The plane reservation means nothing.

It took me five days to leave the city by airplane, as the move
the schedule, cancel your flight in anyway they wish, with random
decisions. I am always in wonder at how the Latino world is able to be
so disorganized, it is a feat. You need to allow five extra days
for any plane connections.

I took the plane for many reason, however one very big reason
is my fear of vibrations. The buses in Bolivia vibrate, the rattle,
clatter, bounce, I have a great fear of vibrating buses. This type of
motion can destroy a computer, and 16-24 hours of it is not
worth the risk.

What everyone traveler or tourist wishes is to visit the jungle,
see lots of animals, alligators, birds, snakes, dolphins, monkeys,
turtles, and if the were really lucky jaguars, etc.

I have been to many jungles, and normally the animals I see are capture
pets or in some form of cage, they bring them out to play with, however
I see very few wild animals running free. Most animals are lured to the camps
by food and become scrounger beggars.

I can only speculate, and having spent over five years of my life
in various areas of South America I have a few ideas. I believe that
most of South America is too difficult for tourist to visit or dangerous.

Therefore there are still plenty of new places to explore, however to reach
these place presently are only possible with sea type airplanes that
can land on the rivers and lakes.

The locals eat the animals, capture the animals, shoot, or drive the
animals further into the jungle away from people. A girl on the plane was
explaining to me that the people of Rurrenabaque are very concerned
that no one kills the Animals, however this not to save the Animals, it
is so they can make money. They know the tourist come to see the animals
and they afraid if they disappear there will be no more tourist.

They have laws in South America however they are not enforced,
and normally they are for sale to the high bidder. However economic reasons
can preserve the wildlife of the planet.

Eco-tourism is harming the world more than it saving the planet, they
just send more and more tourist to trample the ecological system.
This is a good idea going the wrong direction.

South America is full of small family business, that proceed to supplement
there incomes by gather wood, eating a few animals, selling the nature
around them for a profit. This is maybe 80 percent of the people and they
slowly deplete the resources.

There is a need for large employers of people, factories which employ
thousands of people would create a level of income that would be an
alternative to them eating wildlife or cutting of trees for firewood.

With a good job that supplies surplus money the locals stop going
to the jungle to find ways to feed their families.

Eco-tourism is supposed to provide alternatives to the locals so
the stop destroying nature, I personally believe the real alternative solution
is for good business persons to make money on the cheap labor,
and create thousands of jobs a truly sustainable solution.

Do not worry about the world, they find a solution eventually as you
can see in most of the developed countries animals are becoming
abundant again, so this is the future.

I believe there are lots of unexplored places on the planet, although
I am now thinking about finding seaplanes or taking very long boat trips.

Today’s tip
After a few years…

Just another day in Paradise!
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Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 8 of Hobo trip around the world.
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After a few years…

Yes, a few years ago in Peru I wrote about travel pants, although as time
passes there comes a time when I feel compelled to visit the same topic,
hopefully with a new and better twist, maybe for pants it is a better pull.

November 07, 2000

Travel Pants are a special type of pants sold in travel gear shops that we
would assume are designed to help travelers. A type of specialty clothing
designed for special travel problems with the solutions.

They have sleeping bags for extreme cold, special tents for the jungle,
special shoes to climb the side of a mountain; therefore, yes they design
special pants for travel.

What are travel pants? There are three normal features that would says to you,
“I want to be called travel pants.”

1. Zippers that allow you to remove the legs of the pants so they become shorts.

2. Light weight cloth that dries quickly.

3. Most have large side pockets, sometime referred to as “Cargo Pockets,”
although these pockets are not always large, but appear to be large. If you look at
my Hobo Logo you will see that the little guy is wearing this type of pants,
it the traveler uniform or a part of the archetype that creates the stereotype.

I would recommend you look at these photos as photos explain
better than words.

Example of bad Travel Pants Tips number one
Example of bad Travel Pants Tips number two
Photos of Travel Designated Travel Pants

My hope would be that you and I could buy a pair of pants that makes our lives
better; I am always wondering when I will see the perfect traveler pants. The last
few years they have been getting worst as fashion wins the battle, the need to
be fashionable is chosen often before practicality. More often then not the
consumer has no idea how to choose pants for travel.


I was lounging in a comfortable hammock when suddenly the noise began,

“Why don’t they make pants good?”
“I do not mind paying for quality.”
“You would think this would not happen.”
“I hate to sew.”
“I paid 75 dollars for these pants in the USA.”

My thought was,
“That was your first mistake, you paid 75 U.S. dollars.”

Contrary to any misconceptions, I do not live in the USA, I go and visit the
USA, I have lived outside the USA for 8 years, so I would never pay 75 dollars
for some pants made in India, and I would buy them in India for 4 dollars.

However my thought was to buy a great pair of 25 dollars pants in the USA
and have them reengineered to serve my needs, not your needs, however
my needs, I am wearing the pants not you. I am not in need of being
fashionable so I will do what I need.

The USA is great, only in a Wal-Mart can you get a refund just because
you do not like what you foolishly purchased. I inspect the languages of
countries and the notion of refund is a USA notion, service is foreign
concept in most countries.

However, 80 percent of the world has these people; they sit in funny
little corners of rooms, working on sewing machines, sometime with
a motor and more often with paddle peddle.

The work all day for around 5 dollars USA, and can sew, modify, transform
some poorly designed pants into world class clothing, for an additional
fee of five dollars U.S.

That is my solution to buying what I want, I have the clothes customized
in the country I am visiting, however I am eight years down the path, it
would be logical that am more experienced. This means I am like a
connoisseur of wines, I am extremely choosy.

You cannot give and expert table wine and tell me it some exquisite French
wine costing hundreds of dollars.

I am a connoisseur of travel gear, I am capable of explaining for hours the
good and bad features of travel gear, I can explain the years of problems
I have seen and encountered.

I very seldom by travel gear in shops that specialize in gear because I never
find what I need. Price is not the reason, the gear I want is hard to find, or then
simple gear I can buy for one-tenth the price in the country I am visiting.
Example: Mosquito Nets.

My friend was taken to the cleaners if he really paid 75 U.S. Dollars for the pants.
Sometimes you can learn by telling what you like, and other times a bad example
is better, here is a bad example of travel pants.

Example of bad Travel Pants Tips number one
Example of bad Travel Pants Tips number two

Before, let us clarify a major problem area of travel pants and travel gear,
there are two ways gear is commonly used, however the two require
almost totally different gear.


There are two major classes of travelers, those that buy a gear to go
to the mountains and those that buy gear to hop a bus, although
90 percent of the time the mountain climbers are on the bus with me,
however they may be pretending they are on the mountain.

The needs are different, I would feel negligent if I said any type of
backpack or gear would works in the mountains, you need some
special gear, on the mountain I am outside my knowledge, I am on
the bus and train, I am a traveler not a trekker.

(If they admitted it, the trekkers are only 10 percent trekking, and
personally I believe paying for trekking is not trekking, that is a tour.)

Great gear is needed for mountains above 5000 meters.
Great gear is needed for Europe, USA, and anywhere where a taxi
cost more than five dollars, you need to walk so much the gear needs to
be very comfortable, lightweight and durable, it will take a beating.


For lack of a better way of explaining I will rate the my desire for these
features from one to ten.

1 - Do NOT use this feature.
10 - Very needed feature

Fast Drying: 4
If I am that worried about the pants drying, then I do not wash them.

Cargo Pockets: 9
I want cargo pockets that are big enough for the huge guidebooks.
They need to be secure, three levels, buttons, flaps, zippers, and pockets
that are inside. - Bag Pockets. Cargo pockets are a replacement for
a small backpack, and this is always with you when you need a bag.

A pocket needs to be a separate bag, you need to have levels of cloth
inside the pants or away from the outside of the pants. A small cotton
bag is best.

ONE level of cloth pocket: 1
This is the type of pocket that is on the back of jeans, is you
are familiar with Levis, this is thee type of pocket you should avoid at all cost.
It is very easy to lose a wallet, to cut the side of cargo pocket, this type of
pocket does not work.

Snaps: 1
You cannot repair a snap, you can replace a button.

Buttons: 10
Buttons are safer, they can be replace or repaired while traveling.

Elastic in waist: 1
The elastic will eat into your waist if you wear the pants for days.

Zippers on legs: 3
Nice, however not a big advantage.

Light Weight: 2
The weight problems are with heavy items like books, flashlights,
shampoo and cooking gear, clothes is not the major problems.

Velcro: 4
Vecro is very good, however is too easy for pickpocket, you need a zipper
or button to slow down the thieves, or in reality you need two to three levels
to slow them down.

Travel Pants Style: 3
Travel pants tell everyone you are a tourist, and helps all the thieves, vendors
and anyone that wishes to annoy you, you are the target.

Secret Pockets: 10
Every pair of pants, including bathing suits, fisherman pants from Thailand,
sweatpants, shorts, etc have sown inside extra pockets for security.

Rings on pants: 8
I believe you should connect or clip backpacks to your clothing while in
Internet Cafes or on bus, train, or sitting around the station waiting to leave.

Clips: 7
Nice if there were clips on the pants.

Belt Loops: 7
I like a belt, however a belt is a problem as it interferes or is directly in the
 location where the backpack girdle or waist band is located. The weight
of the backpack sits on your hips. This area of pants is a problem, they
really need to raise the waist or remove the belt, hard to have both. I believe
if you have belt loops they should run in pairs so if one breaks you have
the other. They should be on close to, or on both sides of the buck so
extra belt lengthy will have a place to slide into when not in use. A belt
is best if extra long because sometime you can use the belt for other
things than a belt and in winter clothes you may be wider.

Bottom Pull Rope: 7
A rope pull at the bottom of pant legs will stop mosquitoes or
no see ums from going up your leg.

Rope pull waist: 7
For the perfect body this can replace the belt a small pull rope ran
through the waist, only for a small amount of support.

It is very difficult to buy pants for every type of person, fat, skinny, girls,
boys, this is a large problem. Fortunately travel pants are a luxury and
not really a need. The priority is for security from pickpockets and
thieves. When purchasing these types of pants focus on safety and
theft and you will be ahead of the game.

REDUNDANCY - Backup Systems.
What happens if the zipper breaks, what do you do?
Travel pants need backup systems for all problems.
Remember you are traveling you cannot just stop and solve
the problems.

More to come on this subject as I photograph all the possible
features and collect them.

Example of bad Travel Pants Tips number one
Example of bad Travel Pants Tips number two
Tips on Designated Travel Pants
Photos of Travel Designated Travel Pants

Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 8 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Fun tips - Here's a little tip from me, to you,
as an experienced traveler.

Cheap Labor
This is what make travel easy.




I cant believe you went to Mosul. I just came back from there. Its a bit different now.
A lot more shooting (there was an uprising that just ended). I loved reading about
what you did there, and looking at the pictures. I have been in some of the same
places. I took about 270 pictures while i was there. Met some really nice locals,
and learned to love the Chai/Tea and kabobs.



Hello Scott,

I see the ending on the email.

Hope all was well, it looks like you was a Soldier.
Maybe not, but if you was, let me say.

Thank You.
I appreciate you risking your life for me, my family, and the world, country, etc.

Mosul I feel has probably change as everyone is probably fighting for control now,
however this needed to happen before Israel Nukes some countries in response
to some crazy like Sadaam lobbing Scuds into Israel.

The region is much safer now.

I am in Bolivia roaming the jungle now, I will go to Paraguay soon I think.

Hope life is good.
If you want a place to post your pictures on the internet I will pay to put them up
for you, photos of Iraq are interesting to the world.

Andy in Rurrenabaque Bolivia


Hello Andy! I still find time to read your newsletter and find myself thinking of the
time that we (Sybille, your Argentine girlfriend at the time and John) met in Brazil
several years ago and all the othr places that we have both been.. I am inviting
you to see Paraguay, the place that time and the Lonely Planet have forgotten....
(maybe just LP). So come to the Guay while I still have a house to invite you
to stay. I will be leaving the end of June. On to more traveling!

John D
 (In Paraguay teaching English)


I am going to accept, I need to go see Paraguay.
There are fashionable and unfashionable countries.
Paraguay is not in fashion and Argentina is...
Argentina was not in fashion when I visited it because it was

Now it is the fashionable place to visit.

Personally I try to ignore the travelers.

Paraguay has a very unique culture for South America
however the big problem it there is not travelers path through
Paraguay and you need to make a special trip.
This is the same for the Philippines you must make a special trip.
Peru is in the middle, you must pass through.


I have read the last few newsletters from Hobo traveler and I am curious what
you might say to a curious want-to-be wanderer on the edge wanting-to-make-the-jump?
plan to travel to Mexico in May and I have a general idea where I want to go and I've saved
some cash. I even turned down a full-time career job so I could travel, that is how serious
I am about doing this. First off I am female and traveling alone is something I won't do but
I wonder how many single females you've met in your travels and If it is even possible.
Second I was wondering If you just show up at a destination and take it from there, fly be
the seat of your pants, or do you have a plan laid out. Thirdly is there anything you have
learned over the years that you would like to pass on to a newbie?
like the secret to traveling?

Thank you for your time


Traveling alone for females is ok, I see many females traveling alone.
Going out drink with a bunch of locals is dangerous.

It is always possible to find travel partners for short dodgy trips.
This about where you will stay, the cheaper hotels have more people
traveling alone.

What I have learned, I suppose I would recommend reading all
the tips... hehehe or the blogs.

What is the secret to travel?
There is no secret, you leave home and all your problems
will find a solution.


1. Smile
2. Good family.
3. Be the first.
4. Fear is your  friend.
6. Change all the time, adapt.
7. Common sense.

It is about the same danger traveling for a woman as living
in your own country.

Everywhere has danger and people will help you avoid it.



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There is a correlation between

Theft and Poverty.

Dishonest people are poorer.


My wish list of things to help me travel.
I want to buy this travel gear.

I ADDED a zipper

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