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170  April 5,  2005
TIP: CLIP IT TO YOUR BODY - Did I forget or was it stolen? I am connected.
LOCATION: La Paz Bolivia
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 8
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La Paz Bolivia
La Paz Bolivia


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Life in the bowl, life in the market.

Hello World!

La Paz, Bolivia is a city that looks like it was painted on the inside of a bowl.
The bowl is line with red brick houses. The clay here is red, so the bricks are
red, and the houses are red and so on and so forth. The ugly parts are the
new corrugated steel roofs they sell, in the past it was red tile roofs I believe
or flat roofs, the new steel roofs rust and look worst.

At 3625 Meter or 11,900 Feet above sea level, this place is always
cold at night, and get warm during the day, a little too high for real comfortable
living. Roughly 16.5 degrees below the Equator this is in the tropics, but when
you take the altitude it is still chilly sometimes, strange to wear a light jacket
in the tropics.

Some day I will figure out a calculator for warmth, something like this…

(Latitude: Location north or south of the equator)
(Altitude: Elevation above sea level.)
(Location of Sun as it revolves around the planet creating the seasons of the year.)

EQUATES or Equals!

I can wear
Swim trunks
Light jacket
Winter clothes

Every house or business is walled in so they are not robbed, that is the nature of all
of South America and Central America, Mexico etc, culture, there is a need for a wall
around your house to keep from being robbed. I like to tease them about it being
illegal to have a fence in Fort Wayne, Indiana in the front yard because it would
make the house look ugly.

Most of the travelers are planning these huge bus trips around Bolivia, as there
are Silver Mines and lots of places to get lost. Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid, and
Che Guevara, was killed here demonstrating proof that you can be famous
if you die causing problems.

A few UNESCO sites.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

City of Potosi
Jesuit Missions of the Chiquitos
Historic City of Sucre
Fuerte de Samaipata
Tiwanaku: Spiritual and Political Centre of the Tiwanaku Culture
Noel Kempff Mercado National Park

I recommend you always check out this site before you enter a country.
My explanation:

I am probably going to Rurrenabaque on Wednesday to meet up with Peter from
Bristol, England, he is the person that met up with me in Arbil, Iraq and we travel
to Baghdad and Basra together. I think he wants someone to help him speak
Spanish to the girls, I guess I am qualified for this job.

Peter is the person that explained to me the UNESCO list and made me aware of
the importance, he is also I thinks trying to visit all the sites in the world. It is common
for real travelers to have goals like this, I suppose my goal is to not work so hard,
and go to the beach, but then again...
I be Hobo, not same as Tourist wanna be Traveler.

- Yikes what a word to spell!

Rurrenabaque is on a feeder river or part of the Amazon River, this is where
maybe you would say the Amazon River starts its journey all the way to Belen,
Brazil where it enters the ocean. I was told that there are more animals here than
anywhere else on the Amazon. I have done most of the Amazon and you really
did not see many animals. Mostly because the locals eat them, if you want to
see lots of monkeys go to India where they are vegetarian and do not
eat the monkeys.

Life is good, I am having fun trying to make the perfect backpack, and I am
on prototype number five and think I will do six before I make maybe
one hundred to try to sell on my site. It is fun to have a project when you travel,
remember I travel all the time so I do not want to be a tourist 24 hours per day,
I need a second life, and maybe third…

La Paz is a big market, and I will wonder around taking more photos, I am
getting real good at posting photos daily on my blog, so if you want to follow
daily read the blog or daily travelogue. Then you see photos daily.
Life is good in a Latina way.

OH yes, they are making a Hobo Museum in Iowa, check it out.
Buy a brick, you can be a Hobo.

Today’s tip
Did I forget or was it stolen?
I am connected.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.
      X was HERE!

Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 8 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Did I forget or was it stolen?
I am connected.

Robbers are not brave.
Robbers for the most part are stupid.
They are people that like an easier softer way of making money, they do not
normally work hard to rob you, they like an easy prey.

Therefore, robbery is about temptation, the thieves see something that is easy,
quick, and stupid and takes advantage of your naďve nature.

I am lazy, I am tired of trying to protect myself every minute of every day from
silly stupid thief that is watching me, waiting in the back, seeing if I make a
mistake, he or she knows I will let down my guard. That if they are patient I will
do a classic mistake. They know I am stupid also, plus a little lazy. I will put
that camera down on the table for one second, and they can snatch it and run.

If it is not tied down, attached to my body, part of me, I will eventually forget
I am in South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and think I am home, safe in Indiana,
back on the farm, away from danger. I will place that camera down, like I would
have done all of my life, it is a habit, I trust people.

Boom, I have no camera, it is gone, the thief knows foreigners are easy targets,
they walk around with cameras on their necks, they obviously do not know they
left home, they are naďve, and the tour guide has not told them because who
would buy a tour thinking they will be robbed.

Ms or Mr. Tour Guide knows people do not admit they are a little stupid, a little
naďve, a little to rich, and really he or she knows, the tourist always says,

“I knew it could happen, I was warned, but I put down my guard for one second
and they stole my camera.”

The tour guide knows the story, so there is no need to protect the tourist, and
a tour company sells safe tours, forget the fact that someone always gets robbed,
they know nobody admits, plus to admit the truth would not sell tours.

I have know for a long time, that I needed to tie everything to my body, I knew that
I needed to do this, but I am finally after eight years of travel am getting organized.
Hard to believe how simple life can be, but I needed a toy, some little device to
make it simple, gadgets, devices, things that work, I want toys.

Toys can be easy and difficult to buy; I am now buying these small clips by the dozens.


This is all that is necessary, a small clip, and then connect it to your clothing, the thief
is looking for the easy person, and the clip makes it difficult to rob you.

Fortunately or unfortunately there are many volunteers to be robbed, I am the one
in ten that protect their valuables, while the other nine are volunteers to be robbed.
Everyone is robbed including me, but some are beggen for the opportunity.

Thank you to these person for doing such a great job, this means I am at the back of the line.


I am forgetful, I by nature will forget to pick up my bag before I leave, I will not be
robbed, I will forget my bag. Other will be robbed, but neither of us need to forget
or be robbed if we can devise ways to connect the bag to our body.

I want to take photos, therefore I created this fanny pouch, and I wear on the
front modified to make it difficult for thieves to take or enter. It has two clips
that connect to my belt loops on my pants, and one that connect to the zipper
so it cannot be opened as easily.

Photo examples of clips being used on fanny pouch.

Be creative, get connected.

Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 8 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Fun tips - Here's a little tip from me, to you,
as an experienced traveler.

Dutch girls travel alone, they leave their boys at home




I have to read the newsletter off-line. Dick.


A friend of mine lives in South America, however his short comment
helped me to remember how difficult connections to the internet
are in the world. He probably goes online, download his email,
then goes offline to read.

There are these newsletters or most for that matter where you
have to click on links and go read the articles. This annoys me also
because I thought I was receiving a letter to read, why do  I have to
go somewhere else?  He is also saying, that the photos are hard
to see because there is no way to send them inside the letter.

I want to remember to empathize with my friends and family.
The whole world does not love computers, and some consider
them an annoyance. I try to keep is simple and possible for
all people to read, and laugh with me.


Dear Andy.

I am writing to let you know I enjoy reading your newsletters. You seem to
have a great life, reading your website makes me happy, but I do wonder
what you motives are for the site, it must take a lot of your time?

I am 23 {UK) and looking to embark on a hobo travelling career!! Next week
I am flying to Thailand to take my divemaster course in Koh Tao, I am also
hopeing to embark on a online TEFL course. I would like to start a hobo career
there and then but I am all worried about money and security - what if I fell ill,
I would have nothing. I think I will try and take the tran-siberian tran from bejing
to moscow and work my way back to the uk, commence with a 9-5 job so I can
save up some money so I can make some kind of investment as my insurance.

I am not sure what to really write to you here, are you interested what a strangers
plans are? Maybe as you have a comments box! Maybe it is so your inbox is
full of self gratifying comments!!! I think not!!!

Without wishing to snoop too much I wonder if you have such \'insurance\' or if you
live your life day to day so to speak!

I spent the last year in North America first doing a ski season I then spent some
time in Alaska, Yukon, spent a summer in Montreal with a quick trip to Cuba!
If you have any interest in my journey, you can check

I have a few things I would like to do, I am wonder if you have any advice or have
done anything similar and if you think it sound cool!!

When in Dawson City Yukon, I met some Swiss guys who were paddeling the
whole of the river Yukon all the way to the bearing sea. They had lots of pasta and
rice and hoped to catch lots of salmon and not get caught by and grizz!!!
They thought it would take about 65 days on the river!!!

Last summer me and my phonix buddy hitched the dalton highway to the mountain
range in the artic circle (forgotton the name now), We stopped at a terrific little
community (Joy Alaska) in the middle of nowhere. There life was very first nations
influenced, if your cold you fell a tree and start a fire, if your hungry you go hunting,
if your tired you go to bed etc. They breed husky dogs and lived a very simple life.
I would love to stay in this community through the winter, with no light,
-30 temperatures and live the this life!!!

Cheers, Matt - P.S. All English are alcoholics!!!


This is an essential letter, although full of mixed and complicated questions.
I used this letter to add a couple of FAQs to my Frequently Asked Questions page
I am making to help me deal with great questions faster.

What motivates you? The website and newsletter must take a lot of work.

My motivation has always been simple, I wanted enough money to travel,
and to continue to travel. Presently I have achieved my goal of having enough
money to travel, so now I ask myself the same question, why work when I am
living comfortable and happy. I suppose partly to quote my friend Walt,

"That is who I are."

I have woke every morning for the last 18 years at around 6:00 am and fiddled
around with work or tried to categorize my life first on a yellow legal pad, and
now on a computer, but this is what I do every morning. It keeps me regular.
routine is my security blanket, my best friend, and sometimes keeps me
from accepting a new challenge.

I quit drinking alcohol about 18 years ago, and I needed to change.
So I changed.

Most travelers make their trip and endless party, they are on vacation, and use
this as an excuse to be someone else, therefore they are radically different on
their trip, when they go home they become someone else again. For me, I am
about the same traveling as I was home in Indiana, just a different dance.

I am very curious.
I am endlessly curious.
The world is endless, there is always another corner to go investigate.

I like to help people, on the other hand, I do believe the best help I can lend to
people is to let them know all is possible and they are responsible for themselves.

I should add girls to the list of motivations, I suppose one day I will find a wife somewhere.

Do you have insurance?

I suppose I am the same as the rest of the travelers in my class. No, I do not
have insurance, I suppose God protect fools, but nonetheless I live under a
lucky star. It has become a thought though, although is one of the excuses
people give me for not traveling. I would do the same...

Except for ... I have no money.
Except for ... I need to pay my car payment, my house payment.
Except for ... I need insurance.
Except for ... Blah Blah Blah

Face the facts, you are afraid, or you jump.
Get a passport and buy a plane ticket, then you leave, it always works out.
That is what is great about travel, there is a path.
You will never have enough money, I will guarantee that.
I am endlessly curious, I am not endlessly wanting to buy things.

"A Life Less Normal"

"I met some Swiss guys who were paddeling the
whole of the river Yukon all the way to the bearing sea."

I can add that one to my list of river trips and places to go.

Dive Master is a great travel job, it is stationary to stationary
however you can do it about anywhere. Never worry about earning money,
worry about how you spend money. You will earn enough to live and
travel, can you stop spending money and be a Hobo.
No house, No money, No job, No worries.


Hey Andi !
I´m back from Thailand , but it was a nightmare.
My friend had a very, very bad motorcycle accident near Pai
( 120km from Chiang Mai)
in the first week.
She is still at the ICU in Bangkok.Her son is still with her.
Everything at the whole body is broken.
But she can be happy, that she survived this.
She got hit by a truck.
so I´m trying to get back in normality .
It seems that your hostel plans didn´t work out.
Yes, but you did the right thing to trust your instinct!

Take care!
Sabine !


This is tragic and very sad.

The most dangerous part of travel is walking along the road,
and when a person makes a decision to rent a car or motorcycle
along the path. This is not Kansas, and the roads are very
dangerous, it is ten time more dangerous on the highway in
an under developed country as in the developed countries.

This means 80 percent of the planet is crazily dangerous.

Cars are 10 times more dangerous than AIDS.

I am not afraid of AIDS, I am afraid of people driving
cars, it is extremely obvious to me that people do not
care about other people until it is too late.

There are no grown ups, or adults on the planet.
People drive like children, honking their horns, passing
pushing and shoving, just like kindergarten, nobody can
wait their turn, they are behind the wheel of a two ton
killing machine.


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That nasty smell is exactly what you think it is.

Every corner in South America and every empty sidewalk.
There is a portable toilet.


My wish list of things to help me travel.
I want to buy this travel gear.

I ADDED a zipper

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