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163    November 25, 2004
TIP: Your first four steps across the border... By Oren
LOCATION: Essaouira, Morocco
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 7
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How I feel today, or a start down
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"Ah ! the happiness of doing
just making the happiness of people around me... "

My friend Isabelle, sent to me by E-mail in
great French-English


- The Spot, Hippies look for the spot where they can be
hippies, do drugs or bongos, and be. Travelers look for the
same spot, a place or destination where the true you will find
the best spot to be you.

Angel food
- Mission preaching about the Bread of Life.


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A lot of photos - The world unedited...

Trying to play catch up, or stop taking photos.
These are from Amsterdam mostly, and I will be sending
photos of Spain and Morocco in next letter.
Too many photos! Time waits for no one.

Amsterdam is a nice place to visit for a couple of days, the canal is
beautiful and the architecture is unique, but Brugge, Belgium is still
number one on my list of places to visit in Europe for people that
like to look at buildings. Voyeurs can get a peek at women or go
window shopping in Amsterdam and that is good for a laugh
as they place them in windows for sale.

Flophouse Hostel Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canal Netherlands
Amsterdam Canal Photos
Amsterdam Working Girls
Amsterdam Airport
Gary's Barn House - Boston


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Casablanca - House White
I went south, now I go north in Morocco


I am sitting my 5 dollars night Hotel located inside the Fort called
the Medina in Essaouira, Morocco. Beautiful adobe brown colors
remind me of the movie the Raiders of the Lot Ark where
Indiana Jones is running through the market knocking people over.
The Fort is excellent, the bread is good thanks to the French
colonization and the room is cheap, now if I had anyone to talk with,
life would be ok, this country for now is definitely NOT a good
choice of places to spend the winter, too cold for the beach,
and I am alone, I may go another

679 Miles or 1092 Kilometers south.

That is the distance from Essouira to the Tropics, after that I cross
the Tropic of Cancer at 23.5 degrees above the equator and for
sure warmer.

The morning 5:30 AM prayer just started and this person seems
like a better singer than the one yesterday, these morning Islamic
prayers can either being soothing or annoying according to the
language and who is chanting.

Maybe I will say a prayer for beaches full of French girls in Bikinis,
if they can hope to die then go to paradise full of virgins, I think
should be permitted to pray for a good beach. However, God as
best I can tell does not let me pray for desires, plus no rewards
on earth for being a good boy. Darn, there has to be a way to
finagle a wish or want so I can get a beach full of French Bikinis.

That the solution, they just turned up the volume on the louder speaker
system, do not think for one moment these prayers are quiet, they try
their best to work part time as an alarm clock.
That the solution for me, I need to pray louder.

(In Islamic countries, they pray five times a day, with a call to prayer
now done with a loudspeaker system in located strategically
around the city.)

I am not arguing with the good Gods of the world, and I am real
careful, maybe they will give me what I need and not what I want.
Oops, my life is just too simple right now, so I am not going to
mess around. Thanks, good Gods of the world you are doing good.

This guy is making a large noise, I think it translates to.
“Wake UP! Feel guilty, go pray!”

Religion is both the glue and the mud of a society, either it makes
you become a better person or you get a little dirty.


“The usual suspects” and “Play it again, Sam.”

That is two quotes from the movie “Casablanca” A wartime drama
movie released in 1942 was about people hiding in
Casablanca, Morocco waiting for a pass or Visa to leave the
country. Humphrey Bogart stars as Rick, Ingrid Bergman plays
Ilsa his lover he met in Paris and they meet again in Casablanca.

So there are waiting around in Casablanca for authorization
or permission to travel and not be arrested or killed, also
known as a Visa.

Déjà vu
- (A music album from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.)

The sense of déjà vu (French for “seen before”) is the strange
sensation of having been somewhere before, or experienced
your current situation before, even though you know you have not.
- Encarta Encyclopedia

Therefore, there is a familiarity like I have been this way before…
and I have no way to avoid it, I must go to Casablanca and
“Play it again.” In any world on any planet, there are places,
which are gates to other places, and it appears to me that
I am requested to travel soon to Casablanca because there is
the gate. I am not sure, where it leads, it may lead down into
Africa so I can say the word Safari, or maybe this is the Airplane
gate that will allow me to enter and leave Europe with a one-way
ticket, but there is a reason.

The world is an absurd place, and can make you cynical and
jaded, I think no quote has caused more problems for travelers
than good ole Mark Twain being misquoted in my opinion
when he said,

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness,
and many of our people need it sorely...Broad, wholesome,
charitable views cannot be acquired by vegetating in one's
little corner of the earth."
- Mark Twain, Innocents Abroad

He also said,

Mark Twain wrote describing the Market in Tangiers, Morocco
"The scene is lively, is picturesque, and smells like a police court."

There is the notion and belief that if you travel the world you will
become more tolerant and accepting of other cultures. Then
because you are tolerant you will not say what you think or admit
what you believe you saw. You will keep your mouth closed.

It is absolutely true, you cannot travel for a long time without
accepting the other country.

People that do not accept, try to change the place, therefore
because they cannot change the place they have no choice,
they must go home. I can continue to travel because I do not try
to change the place, and I am tolerant of the world. But that
does not mean that I agree, this is what ole Mark was trying to
make in my thoughts, it is impossible to be prejudice when
your girl friend is black, and you are white, it is impossible to
not see be narrow minded when every day you look at a
different snapshot of life.

Travel make me less tolerant and accepting of people that
need this and need that and want this and want that, when
we have all we need and more, then some guy here in the
market of Morocco feels the need to cheat me a Dirham for
peanuts, life can be more than that, so the balance come by
saying in a polite way like Mark Twain that the market of
Tangiers stinks or he could have just said that, but we need
the blinders left on sometimes.

Ralph Waldo Emerson:
“The civility of no race can be perfect whilst another race is degraded.”

The biggest tourist attraction in the world is poverty and grief,
without that mixed with some beer, drugs and S ex, nobody would
leave home. But eventually everyone hide their dirty laundry
and this is very good. So the more we look the better the world
becomes, funny how that works.

So Humphrey Bogart in the movie Casablanca was a hero, who
had no desire to be a Hero, helps arrange with the corrupt cop
to save the innocence of the world, and it starts to rain and the
plane flies away. Everyone overlooks the other fallibilities and
vulnerabilities and just tries to do take the next best step.


My trip is confusing for the last couple of months; I purchased a
round trip ticket from Amsterdam to USA then returned to Europe.

Amsterdam Netherlands or Holland
Boston USA
Indiana USA
Amsterdam Netherlands or Holland
Madrid Spain
Tarifa Spain
Tangiers Morocco
Essaouira Morocco

Now I leave Essaouira and go to Marrakech, then to Casablanca,
to try to arrange visa or permissions to travel into or through
the countries of:


Chad and Sudan may be needed if Libya is too difficult or just do
not want to go to Libya. I am not going to guarantee I achieve this
goal, as this list of countries has to the best of my knowledge very
bad Embassy support and I may have to return to a place like
London to arrange all these Visas. If that happens then I will do
this trip on some other time on the circling of the planet.

Tropical beaches do exist, and I am looking for a new one to visit.

I cannot even figure out how to fly from Morocco to Egypt cheap?
The best option seems to take an flight from Malaga
to England and from England to Bucharest, and down to Istanbul
and down to Egypt. does not seem to service Istanbul,
so I am still looking for the cheap flight to Istanbul where I think
I leave the expensive cost of airlines in Europe.

( is not an advertiser, so ask them to send
free plane tickets... hehehe please, send one to Shakira also.)


I am going to take the above list of countries and go to
Casablanca probably in the end to see if I can suss this out.

1. Is permission granted immediately at border?
2. Do I make an application and 0-10 day return?
3. Do I buy an invitation like Russia and pay for tour?
3. No permission to enter due to sanctions, war, prejudices or what, etc.?

How to visit travel from Amsterdam to Israel by land pages:

So I am in this smaller type city called Essaouira just above
the Sahara and I was hoping a little more warm air would be
blowing this way in November, it is one of them fish-beach towns
where presently you need a wind break to sun-bath. I will leave
for Marrakech so I can finish some newsletters.

My photos are driving me nuts, as I have to make pages,
write captions and place them up, so this letter is a cleaning
house letter to get some of these Amsterdam photos
up for you to view.

I will put up Spain and Morocco in next newsletter, and try
to leave my camera in the room.

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to USA readers
and to my friends and family, that makes my
life perfect. I Thank you.

Today’s tip
Guest Travel Writer today is by Oren World Traveller
Your first four steps across the border...

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.
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Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
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Guest Travel Writer today is
By Oren World Traveller

Your first four steps across the border...

So you've just walked across to the other side of the
border and have entered a new culture, a new rhythm
and a new economy. You may be at a small kiosk in the
middle of nowhere waiting for the locals to stop
pissing so that you can get back on the bus and on the
road. You may have just walked over to the other
border town looking for that pick up truck to get you
to point B. You may have just been dropped off at
some extremely out of the way train station that took
you from one capital city to the next one. Either
way, you are a backpacker where money is more valuable
than time and you need to spend your money wisely. A
fiver saved here means another day's food later or one
more day added to your trip but no matter what, you
are thirsty and need water now.

Getting that bottle of water without being scammed
requires a little bit of skill and strategy. When you
ask for the price from the selection of un-priced
goods, the wrinkly man dress in dirty clothes quotes
"Ten US dolla!". Now think. Those people you passed on
the bus in the cloth tent shanty town probably can't
afford that price nor can most of the local population.
You are probably being scammed. What should you do?

The best idea is to find someone who doesn't gain from
telling you about the price of a product or the cost
of a taxi ride. Often this is a local right beside you
who is just your average Joe who lives their own lives
and wants to help. The best option if possible is your
hotel receptionist. They are often client oriented and
want your experience in the city and in the hotel to be
a good one so that they will often tell you the local
price for most things. But on top of it all, the best
thing to do is shop around.

There is a very important relationship while travelling
between time and money. Saving money means spending
time. You always need to ask around for the price of
the essentials when you arrive in the city and this
means spending time walking the area for the best deal.
Sometimes, asking the question implies that you are
planning to buy and in many places they may open the
bottle of cola before you can correct their
misunderstanding which can lead to an argument. Be
clear and state that you need the price before you
agree to anything. Then, with the first price down,
keep hunting and it is guaranteed that you'll find a
better price and that kind local that will give you a
fair deal but, again, it requires a little bit of work
and research. Always ask the other travellers what
price they got and negotiate down from there if you
are in a place where the prices aren't fixed. Fixed
prices means inflated prices but less stress and

The value of anything is arbitrary. A fair price is
the price you agree to. As a tourist that can mean much
more than the locals and it is the ultimate goal of
all travellers to get the local price. Remember that
since nothing has real value, everything is negotiable
from the cost of your room to the price of your dinner.
Haggle for that little money even if you consider it
small for that little savings here means more
travelling later. In poorer countries, know that the
person you are haggling with probably needs the money
more than you do and a little leverage is charity.

Your guide book is just that - a guide. Find the
cheapest place to sleep listed in you guide, head
there and start walking around. Most likely the cheap
places are huddled together in a little cluster. If you
are a couple then one of you can wander the streets
while the other watches the bags. It saves time and
energy. The popular guide books often create
artificially inflated pricing for hotels and hostels so
walking around lets you find the less popular places
that are in more need of your money and, consequently,
cheaper. Sleeping as a couple is cheaper than a single
so find that other lonely traveller and pair up!

As for food, most guides are only good for specialty
places and won't indicate the cheapest eats. Street
food is your best bet. Whether you can accept the
cleanliness value will truly indicate how much of a
budget traveller you are willing to be. If you do need
to eat in a restaurant, try to find one filled with old
people. They've lived a long time there and know the
best hidden places as well as their pension probably
doesn't even cover their denture cream prescription so
when they do eat, it is probably for less than your
average burger. As a general rule, vegetarian is
cheaper than a meat dish but can be less filling. Two
meat meals a day is cheaper than three veggie meals.
Water purification tablets will allow you to save on
bottled water if you are willing to consume water that
is filled with non-organic pollutants. Never
underestimate the power of a good snack.

Transport has a new equation to it as well. The
decision between service taxi, rickshaw, bus, train,
airplane all have advantages and disadvantages and is
situation specific. For those long distances, note that
getting to the bus station, train station or airport
may be more costly than the ride itself and always
check to see where you end up as you might arrive
quite far from your desired hotel or hostel. Guide
books are often out of date and the hotel staff may
want to book it for you to get a commission so often
other travellers will have to do. Don't arrive at the
station unless you know approximately what the price
is first. The best value is usually the least
comfortable and inconvenient.

Arriving anywhere at night will usually leave you
desperate in the hands of that evil rickshaw driver
who will use the time of the night as an excuse to
hike up the rate. As well as having most hotels closed,
he may take you to one he suggests and will take a
commission from it. Never tell the driver your exact
hotel as a nearby landmark will do and save you the
horrible reality of being taken to a commission based
hotel with a very similar name to the one you want.

Unless you are a total dumb#%^ and are totally out of
the loop, you may have no idea about the exchange rate
for the currency you need to purchase. Changing at the
border is often a bad idea as is changing in small
towns. For most places, changing money in the capital
city is the best option. Often money has to pass
through the capital city before it can go into the
business' bank account and you are the one who will
pay for the commute. Each country is different for
changing money whether it is a bank, money changer or
black market. USD100 bills have the best rates in many
countries as do traveller's cheques but be informed of
places that don't take them easily like Myanmar or at
a huge commission like Jordan. Your current guide book
is often good about these things but the internet is
best. Also factor in the service charge you incur when
you take money out of an ATM. Sometimes it is better
to use your card than your reserve cash. Keep all the
receipts you get as you will need them to change the
leftover money into your next countries currency and
always change this money in the country you are about
to leave. Changing it in the next country could be
disastrous leaving you with unchangeable money or at a
devastatingly low rate. As always, research, research,

Country visas also come with their share of headaches.
Getting your visa at the border can be cheaper than
getting ahead in your country. Getting them all in one
city may be difficult to coordinate but arriving at the
border leaves you in the crushing hand of the other
countries administration and can necessitate a little
bribe to get through. Think clearly and think ahead.
Paying more for peace of mind may be better than
waiting to the last minute. Some countries have
agencies that have better deals than going to the
embassy yourself but be fully updated on visa changes.

Keep small change. Break as many large bills as
possible either at the bank, train station ticket
booth, hotel reception or elsewhere reliable. In some
poorer countries it is often difficult to break the
highest denomination at that little chai shop vendor.
Also, it is an easy scam simply not to give back change
from a large note. Taxi drivers, bus conductors and
other service oriented occupations are the most common
places for this type of scam.

Finally, find those special communities that are
super-savers. The Japanese, Koreans and Israelis all
travel extensively and have limited incomes due to
either a deflated currency or a high standard of living
in their country. Finding where they shop, eat and
sleep will definitely add to reducing your trip

And, of course, ask your fellow travellers about the
basic prices of things before you even step foot in
the next country. Knowing the price of a bottle of
water before you get to your future destination could
mean grabbing a six pack before you set off to save
yourself some coin.

Good luck and shop around!

Article written by Oren World Traveller
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as an experienced traveler.
How to save water with a squat toilet?

Make sure you adjust the foot placement for the
extra height or tall requirements of Western tourist
and travelers.




Hola Andy,

My name is Jake and I am a 20 year old college student from Fl. Right
now in my life my greatest passion is traveling. I have been all over the
Caribbean and Central America so far. This summer I want to head
south to South America for three months. My plan so far is to fly into
Costa Rica, take the Tica Bus to Panama surf the West coast a bit.
Then I would love to see some of Columbia. I have to see Cartahanija
and the river of five colors. From there I would go to Peru then to
Ecuador. I know I can get to Panama no trouble, but then things
get confusing. I read a couple of your stories and am impressed
and a bit jealous. I hope to someday be doing the same thing you
are, first though I must finish school. I hear you can't take a bus from
Panama to Columbia, you have to take a boat or fly. From Columbia
I hear it is rely dangerous to cross the boarder in a bus, and that you
should fly to Peru. Then to get to Ecuador I have no Idea.

I am lost here and I need some help. I have spent countless nights
researching this and come up with little too nothing. Since you
have already been to these places I was hoping that you could
give me a step by step guide to getting around these four countries
and the best way to do so, or at least direct me to a source that could.
Keep in mind that I am a college student with limited funds, I have
looked at airfare prices for local airlines in the countries and cant
rely afford that. Please help me out with a little bit of know-how on
how to travel around these countries. I hate going blindly into things
and it is looking that way to me at this point.

Thank you
safe travels


Hello Jake,

Step by step..?

(I reviewed this. Better for Jake to start in Lima, Peru or La Paz
and move north, work from cheap into expensive. Costa Rica is
just a tourist trap, but a very beautiful one.)

Let me think, I would suppose you better know, Colombia is spelled
with a O and not a U so that you do not repeat my spelling. I did the
same for about 4 months.

It sound like you got the trip to Panama figured out.
Panama is not a cheap place, so you need to scoot out of Panama city.
But IF you have a Student card, which I did not, but if you buy one, make you, or get
one, which they was doing in Panama when I was there you can get a cheap flight
to Peru or Ecuador maybe.

This is the land strip between Colombia and Panama.
I am not sure whether there is a bus, I think to travel through here you
need to go by boats, but I am not positive and I was there a few years
ago, so the world changes.

According to your cash, but the easier way to make life cheaper would be
to travel to Lima Peru, La Paz, Bolivia first and come north. I think a plane ticket
from Miami with one of them Sunday newspaper one-way consolidator flights
is about 300 or less, I am not sure, but Costa Rica is not the cheapest place
to start, although the surfing is in Costa Rica.

To go through the Darien Gap is possible and I know one person or met
one person that did the trip. But it would be better to talk to German in the
Platypus Bogota Hostel and find out what he thinks.

He is the expert of experts and if he don't know, then nobody knows how
to travel through the Darien Gap,

But you go to know, this is not a safe trip as best I know, the Guerrillas
of Colombia make me more nervous than Iraq.

OH yes, there are Sailboat that go between Cartagena and Panama city
but I think they cost more than the plane.

Here is his address:

Calle 16 # 2-43, Bogota, Colombia
Tels.( 571 ) 3413104 - 3412874
Fax ( 571 ) 352 01 27
Web page:

German speaks English very good, and is from Colombia,
he wrote me a couple of week ago and said that Colombia is safer.
I think the USA giving them 1.2 Billion dollars to clean, help them clean house.
I am not sure, but German is the expert.

IF you father is a Millionaire
IF you are a Journalist or your Family is connected with Journalism, newspapers,
Television in anyway shape or form do not go to Colombia, as they kidnap rich
people and journalist.

But Backpackers are normally safe.

Not so full of steps, but you get the idea.

I will put more probably in my newsletter and answer again.
Andy in Essaouira Morocco a place
to surf is near here.



Hola Andy

Hi Andy i dont know if i am writing to you on the write place but
hopefully this msg will reach you.

I need some help by an experienced traveler,I am 21 years old born
in South Africa and i am currently in Spain and i have a problem. he
Thing is that i would love to travel in Europe but because i have to
fit in with rules and regulations of the world i cant do it because
i need a visa for every country i want to visit and yes ok i can get
a 3month visa to travel with but that is way to short for me i want
to first of all come back to spain in Januaury(i can be in spain
untill the 15Th)to improve my spanish because i have been doing a
spanish course in Malaga and then i would just like to go and travel
and work around Europe a while and it seems to me that it is
impossible!!! I love traveling and i dont want to smuggel drugs or
diamonds i just want to see all the beauty in the world,so if you
could maby pls give me advise on what i can do i would really
appreciate it




I do not have a good answer for you about how to live and travel in Europe.
I will think about this question, and try to answer again in my newsletter.

Off the top of my head, would say to find answers.

1. Go to London, and stay at the Earls Court Tube area, in a hostel,
Get a room for about 50 pounds per week and try to talk with the
other South Africans there with the same problem.

There are lots of under the table or illegally paid jobs in England.

2. Marry a person in Europe

3. Figure out what the penalty is for living here illegal and see if the
consequences are that severe, then decide if you are willing to
suffer the consequence until you become a citizen or get deported.
Strange as it seems Europe is full of people in the same circumstances.

I suppose your question is more about how to earn money
and less about the visa?

The school is helping you with a work visa?

Do you want to work or do you want to visit?
Visas are for sale, jobs take away from a country.

Taking a class and living in Malaga makes me think
you do not need money?

Europe is wide open, and there is no real police watching
the borders as best I can tell, I just left Spain with NO stamp
on my new passport, and entered Morocco, they could care less
where I have been or why there is no stamps. I would look for
easy borders to leave from like the Morocco and then you
have some stamps in and out, and they cannot say you overstayed.

Europe is not a close place, and the loop-holes in the immigration
system are big enough to drive a Tank through. I came from
Iraq, got on a plane in Istanbul and flew to Paris without my
bags being touched.

So for the most part, just go travel around, legal is a perspective
and needed for your protection, more than a reason to
slow you life down.

The Law works in USA, England, maybe Australia, New Zealand
and after that not so many worries. Then you have the Mafia police
to worry about which requires money for bribes. Most countries
it is not legal unless you pay for it.

Thanks Andy a
(Note pretty girls should send photos, I am making enough
money to support a photographer, writer, a some one who
wants to help me clean the room. hehehe. Thanks Google)


I am a seventeen year old studnet and I am currently studdying
for my A-Levels.

For my Information Communication Technology cousework, I have
= to design my own website, and I have chosen to do a website on my
Aunties house in Ireland. The website that I make will only be live for
a couple of days so that the examiner can mark it, and it will then be
deleted. I have been told that I need to get you permission if I want to
anything that is on your website. You have a map of the Ireland beaches,
and i was wondering if it was possible if i could use this map.
I understand that you are very busy, so therefore if I dont get a reply
I will take this as a yes.

Thank-You for your co-operation.

Maria S


Hello Maria S

This is Andy of

I am the Webmaster and you are wanting permission to use
a map on my site.

I think maybe you clicked on a LINK on one of my page and
went to a map of Beaches.

My site does have maps, and sometimes I would put up a map,
but generally there are no maps of Ireland beaches.

BUT... If there is.. You have permission.
On the bottom of all my pages are a link explain permissions.
Anything on the site is pre-licensed to use, but you must have
a link back to my page that works.

So best to find the link you was on, follow it to the end.
Copy the page and the link, then ask.

IF you right click on a photo or map, you can

SAVE AS on you computer
Click on Properties and find the exact link where the photo came.

To look for map like you wish, search in for graphics.
click on Graphic below search box.

Do NOT take a NON-reply as a YES, this is legally a bad idea.
If you use a photo or graphic you must get permission.
Note you can use quotes out of a page, but you cannot take
the whole article. But for what you are doing, and what you are
saying you do not need permission, it mostly concerns the use of
something to make money and not for illustration. Plus like you
said you are going to delete.

Wonder what A-levels means?

Andy in Tangiers, Morocco


Just curious how many vaccinations you had to get and if you have
had any trouble with local water or food. I am going to the
Philippines for all of December. Probably went overboard
with the shots and pills but I would rather be safe than sorry.


Vaccinations... oops, I am suppose to get them?

I have only had a yellow fever shot, and that was required to
enter Brazil, I received my in in Ecuador for about 3 Dollars U.S.
because they said it was needed to be proven 10 days prior
to entering the country. Then I get to the border of Brazil at the top,
I entered coming from Venezuela, and they allow this Japanese girl
to get the shot and enter a the same time.

Now, I was correct, and did the right thing, because it is
always better to error on the side of caution.

So you are correct, better safe than sorry.

Please send me a list of shots your your doctor recommended?
This would be interesting, and probably expensive advice...

Food and local water.
The Philippines is exceptionally clean and modern for what the
say is one of the lesser developed countries, but I would disagree.
The water and food is safe, or safer than most.

Mexico is the worry country, and is the worst county I have visited
for water or food. But if the locals are drinking the water, you
can probably drink the water, the food is always difficult.

Food... too much beer, too many fruits and you will be having

Package food is safer than fresh food.
Bottle water may be safer than the tap, I am not always sure.
If it taste bad, do not drink it.

The have doctors in all countries, if you are going days away
from civilization on a boat or on the Amazon, or by plane
then you better boil the water, that is the only thing I would trust.

Andy of

I will probably explain more in my next newsletter to this question.

Tangiers, Morocco


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