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161    October 3, 2004
TIP: Hobo Questions and Answers
LOCATION: Katmandu, Nepal with Photos of Philippines
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 7
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Travel has a way of stretching the mind. The stretch comes not from
travel's immediate rewards the inevitable myriad new sights smells
and sounds but with experiencing firsthand how others do differently
what we believed to be the right and only way.
- Ralph Crawshaw


- It's her last night.
A inside joke between some male travelers who have seen women
in various hostels around the planet. What happens is on the last
night a women, especially girl traveling independent the girl will decide
to spend the night with one of them boys. The girl on the last night knows
she has no commitments and will never see any of them again.

Boston bum
 - One of those superior fellows.
(Strange correlation between John Kerry and what Hoboes think?)


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A lot of photos - The world unedited...

Philippines Rice Fields
Philippines Hotels
Shawarma Food
World Building Construction Methods


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I am not being a good Hobo!

I have explained often to readers that
A Hobo is a person that travels to work.
A tramp is a person that travels and won't work.
A Bum is a person that will neither travel or work.

But this week in Katmandu, Nepal and maybe even the last month
or two I have been torn between worlds.




Now a Hobo does work and will work, but a Hobo is never know for
being a good worker, maybe more of being one of them clever folks
that earns just enough money to survive and catch the next train out of
town. For me the train looks more like a bus, plane, and maybe in
India or Iraq it was really a train.

I am clever some days, but when I find myself working more than four
hours a day I feel I am stupid. I pride myself in lying around and doing
nothing. I like to be lazy, but to be really lazy you have to avoid work,
moving, and especially people that want you to move.

I actually worked 8 hours yesterday; I was a little depressed that I
failed in my goal of being lazy. However, here I am in some gear
heaven again and I am making a backpack, not just a normal
backpack, but my dream or perfect backpack.


When I was younger, I listed to a song by music group called Foghat,
they maybe have influence my present life, but nonetheless they had
a song, which I will paraphrase�

I got my home in my hand,
traveling across the land,
trying to make a living,
Doing the best I can.

Bob Dylan than says thing like
�When you go nothing,
you got nothing to lose.�
( I got one thing to lose, my backpack.)

So here, I am traveling the planet with my home on my back, trying
to make a living and doing the best I can. What I have is nothing but
a backpack; I have sold or gave away my world and no live on the road.

Blah Blah Blah, so what does this have to do with a backpack?
I live out of my backpack, and I am now trying to make my
DREAM HOME! I have spent the last few days pushing and shoving
in another culture and language trying to explain and build my new
home. I am fighting with the contractors, discussion, no materials,
shoddy work, or extreme frustration in trying to explain how to make
a bag. This is my home and I want it perfect.

So I am working on my dream, along with the my web site and trying
to be a tourist, plus of course trying to be a good diplomat and
carry the word to the opposite sex of love and peace� hehehe

But geez this is too much, I need to lie around on the beach again.
I am just some speck of sand in some big universe and I had better
make sure I lie on the beach and be a good speck of sand.

I am in Katmandu, Nepal, a great place to smell the rose and climb
a mountain, definitely a breath of clean mountain air after my time
in Manila, Philippines and Bangkok Thailand. I am up on the top
of the world and building a home that looks like a big backpack.

I will only be here for 10 days, and then I am off to Amsterdam, Holland,
by way of Brussels Belgium. Therefore, I am hoping to do a little
culture tourism in the next few days and go browse or nose around
in a smaller rural Nepal village. I am sensing that there is some lack
of Nepal reality in the tourist industry in Nepal. I think they keep you
clean and safe, and a village with no tourist could be the opposite.
This country is supposed to be one of the poorest in the world, but
I am not sure, and have big doubts, so the only way to learn is to
be an explorer.

I had a new word associated with me or tagged on me last week
besides the normal words, like Hobo, jerk, A#sH#$$, and of
course the normal word is �Vicarious.�

I have a couple readers a month say they travel vicariously with me
and I always wish they would stop that, just come, and visit, but nope,
they have to just look at photos and work, and read ramblings of a
lost soul on and endless highway. Nevertheless, the new word was�


Now he wrote me this in a nice way so I did not feel threatened, so
I will accept the label and not go looking for him for some payback.
Moreover, he is a PHD or Doctor, or has lots letters after his name,
so hard to for me to feel smart.

I do not like to feel stupid more than 10 times per day, and when
a reader writes and calls me names and makes feel stupid I am
happy I have this Encyclopedia in my computer to go find out what
he called me.

Ethnology or Cultural Anthropology, one of the four subdivisions
of anthropology.

Study of ethnic groups: the comparison of different cultures, or the
study of how and why cultures differ. Ethnology can focus on one
culture through time, or several cultures at the same time.

Ok, I am sure I observe cultures and I am sure I talk about cultures,
and I even try to have relations with different cultures, and I do my
best to report my observations accurately.

Ooops, yep he is right I do observe culture; I am presently putting
on the front page two photos showing the difference between the
Philippines and Nepal by comparing how they construct a building.

World Building Construction Methods

I am in Nepal; I watched the Bush-Kerry Debate and have a TV
in my room. They are torturing me in repeating, spinning,
mis-representing the facts, and just being small people.
The TV in the USA has to be torture.

I only have 7 more days and my torture ends, but for you in the USA,

For what its worth, my opinion after personally traveling all of Iraq in
35 days is that Bush is correct and Kerry is Dangerous to the world.
Israel and Palestine is the center of world terrorism. Sadaam was
their last great hope of the Jihad so the left one is gone.

I had an English SAS person say they killed Usama Bin Laden
in Ranong, Thailand a year ago.

I had an American Military contractor in the Philippines tell me the same.

They had a memorial last week for the two beheaded Americans that
were beheaded in Iraq in the Sukumvit area of Thailand or Soi 22.
This was because the two dead men and the English guy all hung
around with the Thai Bar or Thai Bar girls. Watch on TV and you will
see the English person has a Thai wife� Most Americans would not
understand this, but the Europeans know exactly what this means,
one of them inside stories or who know the skinny situations.

IF Mount Saint Helens keeps blowing off I a may need to make an
immediate evacuation to the USA to go see the action. I want to
see a Volcano up close and personal, lava, eruptions, power, and
the anger of the planet all in one place.

Enough of too much fun, enjoy you lives folks, and I will go out my
front door and take photos of Nepal culture.

Life is good.

Today's Go This Way
I am lost as normal so no where to recommend.
You can come visit.

Today�s tip

Just another day in Paradise!
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Life is good.
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Fun tips - Here's a little tip from me, to you,
as an experienced traveler.
Cable TV
I did not think it was possible, but...
I have a room in Katmandu, Nepal with 62 channels.
I assumed for sure there would be one good movie station.
There are zero, check all the channels.
There are maybe 3 in the Indian language.



People often want to know how to connect to the
internet with their computer while traveling.
Here is an update to prior answers.


I recommend that you purchase 2 - 10 Gig external
hard drives that connect to your computer through
the USB port. Make these drives mirrors and copy
all your photos and information onto the disk.
You can run email programs like Foxmail, Pegasus or
Eudora directly from the drive.

You can enter the internet cafe with the drives
and download or upload your information.
Take back to your room and work.
Direct connections are still difficult and only about
one in twenty Internet Cafes will allow.


subject line: HELP

comments: I am seeking a place to live for three months,
March 2006 through May 2006. I need to stay in the price range
of $110 euros a month. Is that possible? Seeking a one-bedroom or
studio apartment, hotel room, or renting a room in someone's house.
Please assist me in finding a place to stay in Ag. Pelagia,
Crete Isle, Greece.
Thank you.


I have no answer to your question. Presently the only possible
way I would know how to find a room in this locations is for
you to search on the internet.

But if you are really saying the year 2006, then I will have
a page for people to post rooms and readers to post their needs
in the next year. I am working presently to make a worldwide
directory of accommodations priced for less than 5 dollars per

Check with this link for changes:

This is a good option for booking a room in that price range.

Good luck, Andy


subject line: i dont no swimming but love to spend my time in the beach

comments: please andy tell me about it where should i spend
most excited beach in thailand,u are real traveler as far as i know
in this world,i am going thailand end of december.
thank you very nmuch.


Hello Wasim
Thank you for writing and reading my newsletters. I feel
appreciated when a person that speaks another language
is interested.

I can recommend the beaches I like, but what you like
is difficult because we are different people.

Some descriptions:

Tourist Resort Beaches - Shopping, modern hotels, more
- Koh Samui - Maybe Phuket

Sex Tourism Beaches
- Pataya - Koh Samui - Phuket

Young Backpacker Beaches
- Koh Phan Ngan - Koh Lanta - Krabi
- Koh Change or Koh Mak close to Cambodia

- Koh Chang close to Ranong or Burma
- Koh Tarutao and the area.

Jungle Beaches
- Koh Tarutao

Thanks hope this helps
Andy HoboTraveler.com


subject line: Where is the best place to get started?

comments: Andy,
Hey, I'm sure you get tons of stupid e-mails asking stupid questions,
but I was wondering whether it would be better to start an "I'm leaving
home and never coming back" trip in Central/South America or in
South East Asia? According to you, these are the two cheapest
places and while I've got a pretty good head on my shoulders and
don't intend to waste any of my money, I'm realistic enough to
know that I am going to get raped fairly regularly until I learn the
ropes. I have no language skills and I'm bad at math when I have
to convert anything. I'm an American. I'm 28. I have about 10,000
dollars saved up. I'm serious about this (it takes a while for poor
people like me to save up that much money). I feel obligated to my
boss and my employees until after the Christmas busy season, so
I'm thinking of starting between January and March.

Oh and one comment. One of the many reasons your comments
and views are so trustworthy is BECAUSE of the bad grammer.
Don't listen to these people that say you should fix it. While I can't
say that I believe all of what any one person says, I must admit
that the way in which you write your newsletter and on-line diary
thing gives the reader the feel of sincerity. After all, people are
reading your site so that they can get some real useful information
and cut past all of the other bullshit that everybody else is putting
out. Correcting your grammer after all of this time with bad grammer
is going to make you come across like a tool.


Great Question!

Hello Erik,
I wonder why people with stupid or angry questions think
they are smart and people like Erik with great questions
think they may be asking stupid questions.

STARTING a "Never go home trip."

What you have to do is learn the rope or correctly you
will get financially raped or bad advice. I recommend you
go to one of the following locations. Live for a minimum of one
month before you leave. Keep looking for cheaper and cheaper
rooms and negotiate rooms. You should be able to get a room
in any of these locations for less than 2 dollars per day.
Food cost is cheap if you stay off the beer and look for
a kitchen to cook yourself.

Panajachel Guatemala or Lago Atitlan
A great place to retire - Volcanoes

Otavalo Ecuador or Quito Ecuador
Go to the old part of Quito and stay. NOT the new.
Otavalo is touristy but very cheap.

Arequipa Peru or La Paz Boivia
Both these cities are nice and easy.

Bangkok Thailand - Khao San Road
Go to the opposite end than the Wat or Temple
and there are tons of cheap hotels.

Phnom Penh - Anywhere near Lakeside Hotel

Palolem Beach Goa India
(Almost anywhere in India)

Katmandu Nepal - Best for Asia

China - I am sure there are places, but the language
is more difficult.

Best choices are Panajachel, Guatemala, Quito
Ecuador and Bangkok Thailand.
South and Central America is more cultural and
Asia is more about Sex and Drugs - Religious quest.

Good luck, Thanks for the ideas on grammar.

Andy in Katmandu


subject line: Thank you!

comments: Hi Andy ... My name is Steve. I live in Dayton, Ohio.
I am disabled. I dream of traveling, and live the dream vicariously
through you. I enjoy your stories. Thank you!
Your friend, steve

I know we have never met, but I think people can be friends
of the same spirit. Thanks

Your Friend
Andy HoboTraveler.com


subject line: Egypt again

comments: Hi Andy,
Yes, there are some stunning beaches around the Sinai, and,
you'll be interested to know, lots of Israeli girls on holiday. I spent
a little time around the gulf of Aqaba. The coral reefs go right up
to the shore in some places and the colour of the water is beautiful.
It's very salty, so you can float around on the surface with goggles
and snorkel, and use almost no effort to move around. You certainly
don't need to use your legs at all. There are masses of different fish
everywhere. I didn't get a chance to do any diving, but I don't feel
that I missed out, because you see so much in about a foot of water!
The only problem is pollution. I saw quite a bit of rubbish floating
around, which is a real shame. I'm talking mainly stuff like plastic
bags, not the sort of stuff that will make you sick. Well, there's
plenty of the human and animal waste variety around, just not
noticably in the water.

The pyramids are amazing. Even more amazing are some of
the temple complexes that still survive after thousands of years
 Edfu, for example is pretty much completely intact, and you can
really imagine the priests doing their thing in the dark corridors....

Hope you do get there. I'll be looking forward to hearing what you think.
Lovely to talk to you again,


I am going this direction soon so very helpful.
I really like it when readers send me recommendations on beaches
and places to visit.
Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com


subject line: True to your plan and true to yourself

comments: Andy, as an old time reader, it was refreshing to read
your last letter on why you change channels. Travel is fun and you
write your observations and opinions. That is why you have kept
my interest all these years and countries.


Thank you to my friend John and family. I appreciate you
support and kind words over the years.
Andy HoboTraveler.com


subject line: Hi--beaches in the philipines : my personal favorites

comments: Hi Andy,

I'm Filipino, currently living in Vietnam (after a 3 year stint in Bangkok).
Good to know that you're enjoying the Philippines (so far :-) ) . I'm
no expert on traveling around Luzon, but the south is more of my
specialty. And if going to the beach is your thing then that's definitely
the place to go. You can of course opt to go to Palawan or Puerto
Galera from Manila though.

If you do skip Boracay, I suggest the ff. beach destinations:
All are in the Visayas. I've skipped the ones in Mindanao for
security reasons , although I don't think it is really that dangerous
as many people claim it is (I grew up in Mindanao by the way).

1) Apo Island, Negros Oriental - A bit out there but good place
for snorkeling (with a marine sanctuary). Stay at Liberty
Guesthouse (there are only 2 guesthouses on the island).

2) Siquijor Island - The island of fire. I'm not sure if its the
right time of the year for the beaches. But very laid-back
island. good for chilling out

3) Malapascua, Cebu - About 10 (if I remember it right)
hours bus ride from Cebu city. Some say this is Boracay
10-15 years ago. Small island, white beach, good snorkeling area.

If you need any help regarding how to get there and places to stay
or any other tips, don't hesitate to send me an email.

Have fun in the P.I.!!!



Lots of good information and intuitive on the Philippines.
This needed shared.

Andy Hobotraveler.com


subject line: Simon and Nikki of Vietnam Airlines Scam #157

comments: Hi Andy,
I'm glad that you have highlighted the problems that we encountered
on arrival at HCMC Airport and the complete lack of customer care
or interest even! We both loved the pictures of our nailbiting countdown
and are happy for you to use them in your fight for the little man
against corporate piracy in SE Asia. I hear you bumped into Nikki
the other day in Bangkok and it was a shame that I missed you
so I'll say hello now. I hope you doing well on your travels and
we will keep our ears to the ground for any other malpractices
going on.

See you soon
Simon and Nikki


It was nice to see both of you in Bangkok again, I hope
your lives are good and we meet again on
this small planet.

Post any scams you know of or discover here please.
Choose a country and submit:

Andy in Katmandu



I've got some views that are opposed to yours, and
I don't expect to be dropped from your list. I will
just register from another account! 8^) As you
say, "Hehehe."

First of all, I'll be very interested in your views
on the Philippines. It was well documented, on 60
minutes for example, that the IMF in combination
with the global investment community and the top
politicions of the Philippines robbed the people
blind and destroyed their economy.

If you want to read a bit about the current
situation, go to


where the situation is discussed and comparisons
are made with the Argentinian economic collapse
which resulted from similar actions and putting the
Argentinian peso on a par with the dollar, a form
of "dollarization," if you will. Dollarization has
destroyed every third world economy that has tried
it, but the corrupt politicians buy into it because,
as the whole world, and the IMF, knows, most of the
loan money associated with the dollarization process
goes into the politicians' foreign bank accounts
instead of into improving their country's

Now to my original intent:

I have come to the point where I can't even say
"that's nice" when a person expresses patriotic

I have some comments about the following from one
of your recent newsletters.

"Scams are widespread around the world and only the
highest level countries stop this type of business behavior or
have any mechanism to stop it. I always say, if they will
sell copies of CD, software, or brand name products, then
they cannot be trusted because the rule of law does not
work. Ergo if your country openly sells copies your country
is not trustworthy, so buyer beware."

Which are "highest level countries" and how do they
stop scams that are worked at the level of individuals?

Assuming the US is one of the "highest level
countries," which I doubt, how do you rationalize that the US:

Scams US citizens by Gov. perpetration of the likes of

Enron at the highest levels of gov.?
scams foriegners by bombing countries to control oil?
Scams US citizens by bombing countries and making US
citizens pay the friends of US political leaders
to reconstruct those bombed countries?
Scams US citizens by bombing countries to distract the

US citizens from events in the US? For ex: During

the Clinton/Lewinski episode.
Creates laws to grant ??ludicrous?? revenues/loot to
individuals who they favor for one reason or another, Enrons,

entertainers (with copyright laws), campaign
contributors etc, etc....?
[We need to tighten those copyright laws because
I discovered that the Hobo doesn't pay royalties
everytime he quotes the Five Man Electrical
Band! :-)]

I know you read a lot and I would like to suggest a
book written by Frederick Bastiat, a Frenchman, but
applicable in most countries, titled THE LAW. It is translated
into English and I am about to publish a version in
Spanish. The English version costs about $3 in paperback - That
is in the US...not a knocked-off Asian copy! I hope to
get the production costs down to the point that I can GIVE
it away to judges, lawyers, and politicians here in
Ecuador in the hopes that it might fall into the hands of one
of the one percent that have some scruples left after
being brainwashed by the law schools and the legal

BTW, I gave English versions away in the US where the
corruption is MUCH WORSE than in Ecuador. I ordered
them a hundred at a time and got the cost down.

Andy, like you, I was raised in the Midwest and have
the Midwestern values. I like the life in the US and find
myself, every now-and-then, wanting to move back. The
big "but" is that it sickens me to witness, on a daily
basis, the institutionalized tyranny that the American

people have submitted to; and although I think it is
good that we are not reading about the Mafia in the
daily papers, I dislike the reason we are not reading
about them: They are all in the government and control

the media, keeping their scams from being printed.

Andy, please don't be blinded to where the REAL SCAMS
are being perpetrated.

I read your newsletter regularly and enjoy it. You
frequently make comments similar to the above quote.
This time I'm moved to respond. You can print this,
or not, as you see fit.

Dick Corner.


Hello Dick,
These are not stupid questions or statement and although
I would probably consider you naive when you probably consider
me naive to the working of the planet.

I do agree with you that scams are everywhere.
I do agree with you that when an individual wants to scam
it is impossible to stop.
I do agree that the large corporations do perform scams.

All I know is that only in USA, England, Australia would I say
that the law will prosecute. Ergo Enron.

The process of removing scams around the planet
start first at the poorer levels and works it way up.
I know that scams performed by the poor go to jail
on a regular basis so the legal system is working.

Nixon had to leave office and Clinton almost go impeached.

Peron in Argentina had to leave the country or get killed
then came back and ran for office. Typical crap.

I find that anger skew a persons ability to think
clearly. Are you angry at a country? I can be angry
at a person, not like some aspects of the culture
of a country, but all in all most countries are good.
I think the USA is the example of the hope or experiment
for democracy, law, and freedom in the world.

I will warn you again, do not cause problems like
you probably caused in the USA in Ecuador or you will one
day come up missing. Most countries do not have heckler
the just remove you.

You are correct on the email removal aspect, I
really cannot keep anyone from reading the newsletter.

Note that I start to trust a person when they have or

20 Countries
3 Continents
Owned a business
Over 40 years old.
Have a wife and three kids minimum.

I do not qualify for the wife and kids, so I would never
trust myself with relationships and needs of family.
My opinion is always suspect, I know how to leave
a relationship more than I know how to stay.

I do know personally about the abuse of the USA IRS.
In India only 26 Million people pay taxes.
Taxes are need for roads, water, and sewer.
But mostly for schools.

Note: Copyright allows quotes from people, but not
to take the whole work of art for purposes of making
money, but you can use for reference.

Note: The connection of the dollar to the Argentina
Peso had nothing to do with the USA.

Note:  I went to the Embassy in Quito, Ecuador and asked,
"How did you arrange to have Ecuador go to the dollar?"
(Ecuador uses dollars and Dick is living in Ecuador presently.)

The press person for the USA Embassy in Quito said,
"We read it in the paper, they do not tell them, they
just went an bought dollars."

Andy HoboTraveler.com


comments: Just wanted to let you guys know who I am, and
what I'm doing. I'm sailing around the world by myself while
producing an online webshow
If you would like perhaps we could do a cross-promotional thing.

- Alex Dorsey


I wrote this guy, but no answer, maybe the email bounced
off some email filters or spam protector. Or better yet he
could be out on the Ocean and unavailable.

This is interesting and hope to follow the trip.
I am very interested.

Andy HoboTraveler.com


subject line: jumping trains

comments: Hello Andy,
My name is Mike and I just stumbled onto your site today. It
piqued my interest and I immediately signed up for your
newsletter. I was looking for help with my train jumping journey
from Baltimore, Maryland to Salt Lake Valley, Utah. This will
be my first experience with being a hobo, if I can even call
myself that, and I figured I could use some pointers. I know
that hopping trains probably isn't the safest means of transportation
but the price is right and I believe it will prove to be quite the
adventure. I was just writing to ask if you have any experience
riding the rails and whether you knew where I could get my
hands on a good railway map of the United States. If you
have any other tips they will be greatly appreciated. If this is
a terrible idea and I should forget it and find another way,
then break it to me gently please. I really have my heart
set on accomplishing this. Thank you for any wisdom you
can bestow.



Hello Mike,
Traditionally there is a correlation between a Hoboes
and hopping a train. But the reason a Hobo hopped a
train was to go to another location to look for a job.
The train was the cheapest form of transportation.

A tramp travels but does not work.
A bum is lazy, does not work and does not travel.

But a Hobo will
Find Cheap ways of travel.

A traditional Hobo of legend and the way the Hobo life
started is now gone. For instance there used to be
Hobo Jungle or places along the tracks where the Hoboes
would sleep and live outside the city. They still have this
type of jungle in India, but I do not think they have them
really in the USA. You do have some bums in big cities
and homeless, but not homeless roaming the USA looking
for jobs.

So the lore and legend carry on a little more than the reality.

I am personally more of the cheap travel and looking for
a way to see the world cheap. I think a lot of men or
Hoboes lost their job in the depression or after the war
they came home and there was no jobs. They had a family
and kids, and felt bad that they could not support their family.
They would take off and look for a job, jump a train, walk
or any cheap way possible. The problem with some is they
never went home, and basically got a Hobo divorce.
Hard to understand the motivations and life of people that
lived a life less normal...

I live a life less normal.
I live a life of travel.
I have left my home.
I am finding a way to live in different places on the planet.

Train Hopping
I know a little about train hopping, but have purposely
avoided this because if I go and hop trains and write about
it, then people would be tempted to follow my example.
Hopping trains is for a special purpose in today's world.
I am not sure I want to encourage or help people to do
this because it is illegal and very dangerous.

If you wish to learn how to be a train-hopper there
is a newsletter reference on this page of mine.

Thanks and take care.
Andy a HoboTraveler.com


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Hello Lesa,
I have no answer other than to search in

But this is a great question, and I am pretty sure they have
these types of planes and you could wing it and go.
I do not know about cheap.

Iquitos Peru has planes to the jungle and is the same type of
city. Jungle Trips, Eco-tourism, etc.

Note in the future I will have answers or places to post answers
on this page.




subject line: One ???

comments: I'm sure it is redundant, but you truly live the life I crave.

Are you independently wealthy, or do you work your way across the world?

Take care,


subject line: QUESTION, PLEASE

comments: Mr. Andy: I figured w/all the 'stoopid' questions you get
(like "objective newsletters") 1 more wouldn't hurt(much).
Here goes:"How can you afford to travel this long"? I'm a 48 yr.-old
batchelor w/o dependents and would LOVE to do the same.
Please, I don't wish to pry, but I am VERY serious about this.
Godspeed and thank you for always brightening my day w/ your
travelogs and cultural insight! Craig


I will answer again, because the answer changes over time.

The first 7 years, I average cost per day was probably
between 5 and 10 dollars per day. I do no drink and
save money in any way possilbe.

    Had savings.

    Traded making a webpage for a free room.
    Taught English
    Had some saving and collected some money.
    Happened to make a webpage for 4 thousand dollars.


1. I created three major types of communication forums.


Blog, Travelogue, Diary

The web site:

I then asked for donation and got paid through

2. Selling of products
Make page then got paid with.

3. Advertisers.
I had in year seven an advertiser contact me and
start to pay me 300 dollars per month, this with
donations, and the sale of a few products helped
me tremendously.

Note that I have a good family and know that I ever
got really stranded or in trouble they would help
buy a ticket home.

4. This is the dangerous question for me to ask.
I now have another form of advertising that pays
about 30 cents per click that is all over my pages.
This is a complete windfall for me. It is called contextual
advertising and is the future of the internet. It has been
around for maybe a year and I have been using for four months.

I have presently went solvent and can probably now
afford to travel in Europe and America.

I will continue to expand my other types of advertisers.

NOTE: The bottom line is I sat down and typed in my
computer daily for 8 years. I have made maybe 5
separate files or pages per day. These all become searchable
in the google.com and I presently have an average of
3500 plus UNIQUE visitors per day on my site.

The more pages you have the more money you will make.
Here is an example of how to make a perfect page for google.com

I devote my time and one of the major themes is for a Hobo
to travel from place to place looking for a job. So I have also
collected a lot of ways to make money as you travel the world.

Hope that helps,
But save up enough money to live for 6 months and you
will find the way as the money runs out.

It cost about 15 dollar a day to live in countries like
Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, or Thailand.

Andy HoboTraveler.com in Katmandu, Nepal


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- Hash


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