Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Dog Danger - Cambodia
154   July 13, 2004
TIP: Dog Danger
LOCATION: Sihanoukville, Cambodia
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 7
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So here I am on a Cambodian Beach, not the first country you think
of when someone mentions going to a beach, but in my way of thinking
it is my job to personally inspect every beach of note on this small planet,
so I trudge on and on doing this difficult job, but life is good on the beach,
but life on a Cambodian beach bridges on boring and too bored.

The beach here has no common area or place where a person can go
and guarantee they are permitted to sunbathe. Every country or beach
has a different way of looking at beaches, some just make anything like
100 meter from the ocean owed by the country, and other like this beach
seem to say,
“No sitting in front of my building, or if you do you much buy and maybe
buy some more, or rent a chair, or in some way pay.”

This is not a stringent beach, when it is really obnoxious they put up little
ropes between plots or resorts and keep all the bad in and the good out.
The big problem presently is the beach is not wide, that is not to say the
beach could not be wider at another season of the year, but presently the
beach is maybe 30 meters wide or more less 30 yards wide, and all the
beach is occupied by some building that lays claim to area in front of the
building, and even the open areas have these grass huts like places that
claim the land in the name of Vendors or Soda and Beer worldwide.
This is normal Resort mode beach that keeps all the people away that
are not in the Resort.

The water is nice though and the quality of sand is up to snuff a finer
white brownish dirt type sand and soft to the foot, and the water gradually
gets deep, and had no big rocks under the water that serve as little foot
stubbing mines, so the beach is ok, plus some French girls to hear
in passing.

Thailand has these cove types beaches on island, and this means each
beach is a half circle or half moon and you have a protected areas, not all
beaches are like that, but to me the best in the world are like that, Palolem
Beach in India, Choroni Beach in Venezuela, Pipa in Brazil, and maybe
Acapulco Beach in Mexico although it is a very large bay, and not really
a cove, but still qualifies.

I have decided my tan is adequate, still needs some work, but I am off to
Phnom Penh to see the local Killing Fields of Pol Pot and the torture
Museums and all sort of voyeuristic things in life, I am really not big on
mass grave places as everything reminds me of the mass grave I saw in
Iraq, but I suppose it needs a few photos.

I will probably go down the Mekong River to Ho Chi Minh City soon or after
I figure out Phnom Penh a second time, the place makes no sense to me.

I will do further work on my spelling there as these Asian words are killing
me as I have no clue on how to spell and must always double check the spelling.

Apocalypse Now!
I am in the area now, if you a fan of the movie Apocalypse Now or get a
rush from comments from the movie like,

Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore:
“I love the smell of napalm in the morning … Smells like—victory.”

This movie is patterned after Joseph Conrad’s Novel or Book Called the
 “Heart of Darkness“(1902), and this Conrad guy also wrote a famous classic
called “Lord Jim.” Not that I have read it, but I am told.

The names of the cities and the movies are more dramatic than the reality here
folks, so do not get a rush or think I can take some mystified photos that
would resemble the movie, but nonetheless I also have my views of the world
defined by movies and then go find out they are,
“Just movies.”

I am not too impressed with the Jungle life of Cambodia so far as everywhere
is really more or less flat, and not really the think luscious stuff like Costa Rica
or maybe the Amazon, but the place is green, but this is the delta area of the
Mekong River and the mountains are really north of the ocean a few hundred
kilometers. Hard to say, as I am confused on this country and need some
time to think and postulate in my mind, or ask questions, research and read.

I think this is a Monkey eating country, and there are less Monkeys, in India
the do not eat meat or monkeys so much, so there are more Monkeys.

I plan on coming back by land along the coast from Vietnam all the way to
Thailand so I will have a second chance to dwell on Cambodia.

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Dog Danger

Just another day in Paradise!
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Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
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Note that these are my opinions and not deeply researched topics,
and should just be saw as speculative and not as facts.

Sihanouk Ville or SihanoukVille was a small fishing village by
the name of Kompon-Som then they changed the name to
Sihanoukville after Prince Sihanouk.

Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam has a large deepwater port
and prior to the French helping to build and complete around 1960
the port here in Sihanoukville the Cambodian people were dependent
upon the port in Saigon for food and products to be delivered
cheaply to Cambodia.

The French provided economical assistance for the construction of
the port and the USA provided economical assistance for the road
between Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh. With this port and road the
people of Cambodia could sell their products to the world and receive
the products of the world easier than having all the products come up
the Mekong river from Vietnam. They declared an economic independence
from Vietnam.

Giving money to a country just makes a welfare nation, while providing roads,
ports, electricity and other needed infrastructure creates what is needed for
jobs. Once a country has a job they can feed themselves and have the pride
of self-sufficiency. While often the NGO’s or Non Governmental agencies never
stop feeding or providing food thus robbing the people of a good life.


USSR and Chinese supplies came into Sihanoukville and then proceeded
to travel by either land or water to Vietnam. Supplies for the North Vietnam
Army was coming from China, the Mekong River either from Laos, Cambodia
or the port of Sihanoukville Cambodia.


There is a constant questioning by travelers as to why Cambodia was
bombed during the Vietnam war? The answer is they aided, housed, and
collaborated with North Vietnam, U.S.S.R and China against South Vietnam.

The Lonely Planet guidebook exacerbates the question by only talking about
the problem, but not outlining the issues clearly and playing off to the simplified
views of travelers that just want to find reason for anger at the USA. Sort of a
I hate anything bigger than me, the boss is bad, the USA is bad, and I hate
authority perspective that in my opinion dominates the guidebook, and to
me needs to grow up and become an adult as big is not always bad as they
become to big to be an effective guidebook.

The bottom line here was is a country that helps the enemy an enemy? In the
legal world a person that helps or conspires to kill a person is just as guilty
at the person that actually kills the person. So if a Mafia boss tells a person
to kill a person they are guilty even though they did not kill the person.

Nations overlook and diplomatically try to not state the obvious for reasons
of keeping the peace. Similar to everyone sort of turning a blind eye to
Switzerland being the banker of Hitler Nazi Regime and to Mafia Bosses
around the world, but they are somehow good, like they are really being
good people.

Bringing in supplies, troops, smuggling, making deals was probably a
great way to make a fortune. So Sihanoukville was probably on this path
to making a fortune. If you can stop or hold up something like a big
container boat and require money to be paid you can extort money
from the people that have money. This is normal method of corruption
to put a person in between a rock and a hard place and force them to pay.
The port of Sihanoukville was probably a place for the corruption in the
government to extract money during the Vietnam was and they were
willing to sacrifice their people to earn the money.

The new fortunes in Sihanoukville appear to be in the Casino Industry,
but the port is serving its original purpose of providing a way for industry
to ship products in and out of Cambodia. I personally saw an extremely
large shoe factory just outside of Sihanoukville and probably built as a
result of the port.

The backpackers like me often think we are the main world of tourism,
but probably we are just a 5-10 percent minority in the number of tourist
dollar brought to a country. The bulk of the money probably comes from
the big money resort tourist. Sihanoukville is building lots of resorts, and
they are almost hidden from the city, but you will find them everywhere
in the area. A resort is by nature a place for people to hide from the locals
and self-supporting so that a person inside the resort does not need to
leave. This is maybe why in the cities you will only see the backpackers
as the people in the resorts do not leave the resort.

So it appears that Cambodia is making a Casino Resort area of
Sihanoukville so the tourist of Thailand can cross the border and gamble.
The beaches of the area of Cambodia are not special, so hard to believe
they will become worldwide popular, but the trip along the coast from
Thailand to Cambodia to Vietnam will surely become a large tourist path.

I will test the path from Ho Chi Minh City to Thailand along the coast on
my return to Thailand from Vietnam to see how developed this route is
and how Sihanoukville fits into the path.

Life is good!

Article written by Andy the
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
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My dog would not harm anyone.
He is harmless.
Do not worry she will not bite.

Last words heard before you get bit.

People probably love their pets more than humans.

I do not trust any dog, but then again I was a paper boy and know that dogs
can change, and will attack for various reasons. Susie the dog down the
street had babies and what was normally a nice dog became an attack dog
in the desire to protect her pups.

Companionship for people.

But a dog is not only your companion, they can be used for:

1. Hunting
2. Herding animals
3. Guard livestock and property
4. Destroy rats and other vermin
5. Pull carts and sleds
6. Guide the blind
7. Carrying messages

So when you leave a country like the USA or maybe Germany, Australia,
or Norway or any of the safer countries you will find that dogs are not just
for companionship. They are not just a pet, they are sometimes needed.


When I enter a country I will observe many small things about the country
to see how safe the country is for me to travel.

1. How many house have dogs?
2. Are there bars on windows?
3. Are houses always within a high wall or gate?
4. Do they park cars on the street, or are they all behind a wall?
5. Is there broken glass or very elaborate fences on the top of the wall to
discourage people from jumping the wall?
6. Are porches enclosed in massive bars even on the second third,
and higher levels of a building?

Poor does not necessarily mean they steal, and often in Europe or the USA
you can find more theft than in the poor countries. I have no doubt that they
will steal a CD Rom players anywhere in the world, but will they steal your shoes?
I used to warn other travelers not to leave their shoes or hang clothes outside
the door in Mexico because the people would climb over the walls and steal
them, they always thing I am silly and then they lose their shoes.


I first learned about dogs on a beach in Pie de la Cuesta, Mexico where
I stayed for about 6 months off and on 8 years ago. I was a paperboy and
generally would rather kick a dog then deal with them wanting to bite me,
believe that if I am afraid of them they will attack, so I go on the offensive
more often than the defensive. But on this strop of land you could be walking
down the road at midnight and every dog on the street would come out and
start barking, you would have to walk the gauntlet between 20 very vicious dogs.
The sad part is these dogs could be your best friend during the day, but at
night they were there to protect the house from theft, and sometimes to help
keep the owner from being kidnapped.

I tell stories about Mexico and how I used to appreciate the men outside
the doors with machine guns to protect the people living inside the hotel,
then one day the owners went on vacation for a week and the guard was gone.
The one worker said, well he is not needed because the owner is gone and
he is safe from being kidnapped.

If you want to know if your girlfriend is rich?
Does she have a bodyguard?
In Central American and Mexico this is common, not many Asian countries.

But the dog? What about dogs?

I have found that the dogs in Thailand are the meanest and nastiest dogs
I have encountered in the world, they are downright dangerous, and last
night her in Cambodia I had another standoff with a dog.

So what happens when you have a standoff with a dog, the dog decides
you are not to walk down the road and you need to return home, then he
or she barks out and starts to call in reinforcements, and soon there is
a whole battalion of these mongrels.


This will normally work in most countries, as in most of the poor countries
this is extremely common and people throw rocks at dogs all the time, this
probably will not work in a modern country.

I have found in Thailand and in Cambodia, maybe Laos I actually have to
pick up the rock, and wave it at the dog.

Do not be stupid, start looking for a rock when you see dog alone at night
in the distance, sometime you are not going to get by that dog unless you
have rock in your hand.

I remember having to walk home in Ranong, Thailand and there was one
exceptionally vicious dog, that would try to attack me every night at just
after sundown, it did not even wait for late in the night, it was just plane
a mean dog and in my opinion needed shot as it was dangerous to small children.
I could only get this dog to leave me alone if I would actually throw rocks at the dog.

But my claim to fame is this dog came after me one night and I turned and
heaved the rock at about 30 yards or meters and nailed the dog in the hind
quarter. I was so proud and thought to myself,
“I still have that baseball throwing arm!”

But what was even better as I had taught the dog who was boss finally
and I never was bother again.

Ever sit in the morning and watch the joggers run down the beach in
Mexico with a stick I their hands,

This is because they have to protect themselves from dogs.


I have never seen a dog with rabies, I have seen a fox with the Mange
that we shot on the farm, but I have never seen rabies in any dog in any
country and I believe for the most part they would very quickly kill a dog
that was suspected of having rabies in most poor countries extremely fast,
and probably do a better job at it.

But when a person gets bit in another countries they go into a panic, they
sometime leave the country and immediately fly home because in their
mind they must be in their home county immediately to be safe because
for sure the doctors are not good in that country.

Learn how to protect yourself and your children from danger, this is real
danger and I have heard of many people that have returned home
because of a dog bite.

The dogs are not the same.

I have delusional Europeans that think that you need a gun in the USA to be safe.

I tell them,
“Do you know that is illegal in Fort Wayne, Indiana USA to have a fence
in your front yard?”

This is amazing to a person from Europe, they think, but you need to
 have a fence in your yard to keep the house safe.

What out for the dogs!

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.
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Life is good.

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Taxi Drivers make the best tour guides.



Letter from Justin after I posted or put in the webpage his
photo as an American with an Canadian Flag on his bag.

hey andy-
its justin...the liar from brighton that you don't want ever want to
treat you! harsh words man. should you ever even be so lucky to have me
treat your hobo-ass. only messing with you, no worries. anyway, i came
over to sigon (district one of hcmc) after i parted ways with you. i only
spent two nights there which wasn't enough time...but i gotta keep moving.
i made it up to dalat today. absolutely beautiful. this small city is
filled with smiles and a very refreshing cool spring air which drifts over
the rolling hills. i'm going to stay here a few days to enjoy the
waterfalls, lakes, and hill tribes that this place has to offer. i scored
what feels like a luxury hotel for $5 (by far the nicest accommodation i've
had in southeast asia). this place really so great, there are very few
tourists here which makes touting virtually absent - a very nice relief.
also, everyone out here sees the few westerners they encounter as
celebrities. they love practicing their english and even just touching you.
its a strange, yet awkwardly welcoming feeling.
anyway, maybe you can write on your website that the reason i put that
flag there was because i was genuinely concerned with my wellbeing in
southeast asia as an american traveler - not because i lie. honestly, i
felt that due to our such recent carpet bombing campaign in cambodia and the
vietnam war, there might be a prevailing anti-americanism still lingering
within the shadows. but i was wrong. they all love americans here. i'm
really surprised by that due to our recent history. but this is a very good
for us, and i'm glad a front is not a necessity in these areas.

take care and safe travels. hit me up if you're ever in boston.


Hello Justin,

You said it,
"they all love americans"

It is not ever locals you have to hide from, it is almost always
the Europeans, I still recommend you put an American Flag on your
bag to get the racist and mentally deficient people that hate American
away from you faster and not let them get close.

The guy is pretty well balance, but I think think he should not lie,
plus why don't the Canadians ever raise a stink?

It is dangerous to every lie or make false statements in a dodgy
country, they normally will not kill you if they trust you, but they
could really cause you a problem if they think you are hiding
or even the worst, you are some type of spy or stealing their


Note: I need some a new big flag for my bag. In Thailand
they sell big flag with maybe 33 stars, and I am still trying to
find one with the correct number, I may have to sew on the little
ones I found until I get a big one.


I was wondering about where to stay in Phnom Penh?

Jac Wrote:

Hey Andy,

The place to stay at in PP is at the lakeside yes, ask to be taken to Cloud
9 hostel. It is the coolest hostel we have ever stayed at.

Take care,


Hey Andy,

The cost is something like $2 a night, and it is well worth it. We have
traveled extensivley and the place has the most amibiant atmosphere. All
the rooms and deck are over water and the food is excellent and cheap.
There is hammocks and new release movies outside by the lake. We made great
freinds with the staff.

... more was written


Thanks Jac, I will go to the place very soon.
I always like to know of 2 dollars hotels and when people say,
"It is the coolest hostel we have ever stayed at."

This comments gets my attention because there is nothing
better in life than a good hostel or hotel to hang my hat.
A good conversation, some great fun and atmosphere.
My family away from home, a Hostel.

Note that I hope it does not have dorm beds. This is the
absolute worst thing invented, but is a great way to meet people.
I am pretty sure this is more of a Hotel and less than a Hostel.

But life is good.


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Casinos in Cambodia
Another Communist Nation gone to waste.


My wish list of things to help me travel.
I want to buy this travel gear.

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