Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Thailand Palace and Solution to Asian Shoes
   June 30, 2004
TIP: ASIAN SHOE SOLUTION (Leave your shoes outside the door please.)
LOCATION: Bangkok, Thailand
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 7
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Wat Phra Kaeo


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I am in Krung Thep still and having trouble escaping this place
as there is just too many interruptions in my attempts to stay bored
enough in life to enjoy reading a book. I can almost always tell when
I am too busy because I do not read books. I have not read a book
for at least three weeks. I hope to escape soon to Cambodia and
get good and bored, or just sit around talking with other travelers
and not spend time in a big city. Bangkok is a polluted, noisy,
and too much city, but the center of the Backpacker Universe
and the gateway of all travelers entering and leaving Asia.
If you do not enter or leave from Bangkok you probably do not
understand the big picture very well and are looking at Asia
with a microscope and not get the big open eyed view.

Why am I in Bangkok? I think it is a trap. I have been in Thailand
for three weeks and have not gone to the Beach. Thailand is a
great beach country and in the end the best reason to come to
Thailand is the beach, and the Thailand culture is mostly obnoxious,
but cheap. Cheap is always better than expensive and would rather
be in Thailand with obnoxious culture than in expensive Europe with
obnoxious culture. I am not sure, I think all cultures are obnoxious in a
petty way at the end and I must look for the spot where life is good and
find a way to avoid people.

There are hiding places around the world where paradise
does exist, but you have to search for your paradise, it will not be
obvious, and to some Bangkok would be paradise.

I am looking forward to Cambodia and Vietnam as I think they are
less developed and cheaper.

Thailand is completely full of people and is a cheap form of Paris.
It is full of tourist and cheap, while Paris is full of people and expensive.
I am thinking there is probably some travelers like me that have
already gone to some Cambodia island and truly escaped from
the tourism that has invaded the world.

I have mixed feeling about Vietnam as I have heard hundreds
of complaints from other travelers that the Vietnam people are
very rude, but that could mean that Vietnam does not have the luxury
of Thailand and they are uncomfortable. People complain when
they are not living in complete luxury, and try to bring everything
they can from the Western world to make sure they are not
living in Asia.

Oh well, life goes on and I will go look for those places that the
experienced travelers do not want you to know about, I promise
I will not keep the secret and tell you what I find.

Today's Go This Way
City watched over by good Spirits

Today’s tip
(Leave your shoes outside the door please.)

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.
      X was HERE!

Life is good.

Article written by Andy the
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
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An Antenna for a wireless computer network connection.
It is named after a Can + Antenna.

Why carry?
So I can connect for free to the internet by open
internet connections that are on a network.

I have been carrying this device for about 2 months.
So far in 2 months I have been able to use twice and
both times in London. I am thinking that this is maybe
best of the most highly developed countries like England,
USA, Australia, and New Zealand... oops. Canada.

NOTES page:

If you want a review, send me Free stuff...


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Thailand Hotels


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City watched over by good Spirits

Bangkok has an Angel on one shoulder whispering in your
ear and the bad things you do will bring the Devil to you.

The way you live your life whether you do the good thing
or the bad thing in life it will be recognized when you die
as you will go through both Hell and Heaven the same
as you lived your life in the end.

I visited the Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.
No I visited the Temple Wat Phra Kaeo.
I visited both the Temple and the Palace.

The name of Bangkok Thailand is really Krung Thep,
this is the name used by the Thai people for the Capital
of Thailand, while the foreigners call it by Bangkok and
never know the Thai people are living in Krung Thep
while the Foreigners live in the city of Bangkok.

I suppose a Foreigner would go and visit the Royal Grand
Palace and the Thai person would go and visit the
Wat Phra Kaeo. I tried to separate them in my mind, but when
I visited the Palace I saw a Temple and when I visited the
Temple I saw a Palace. I believe they are the same.

I would recommend you visit the Royal Grand Palace and
the Wat Phra Kaeo. The architecture, the colors, the
Buddhist world, a former home of Kings and Queens,
of rulers of the Kingdom of Siam, the rulers of Thailand,
a place of both good Gods and Devils, it will give you
what you want to see as Thailand will always gives
you what you want. ( I think the King does not live here.)

I do not profess to understand Buddhism or Thailand
and it will always be a “Maybe” as maybe I do,
and maybe I don’t.

Maybe you will see a Temple and maybe you will see a Palace.
But for sure this is Thailand.

Wat Phra Kaeo

Life is good!

Article written by Andy the
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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(Leave your shoes outside the door please.)

I suppose a solution indicates there is a problem, and I suppose
there is a problem for many Westernized people with the Western
shoes that have shoelaces and we then tie a little bow to hold
the shoes on our feet, but in Asia they seem to think that wearing
sandals or no shoes is a better way to go in their daily lives.

I have a lot of opinions on sandals and ideas about why sandals
are so prominent in the Asian world, or probably more correctly in
the warm worlds of the tropics where life is very easy and life is very hot.

I think maybe less clothes is cooler.
I think maybe sandals are cheaper.
I think maybe they have somehow mixed up religions and shoes
or shoes and religions.
I think they work less and so less so why wear a bulky shoe when
you are laying around in Hammocks or just sitting talking with friends?
It is maybe part of their religion, but I think not.

I think they despise feet and consider them nasty.

I am not sure, I laughed though when I think of the Southern Muslim
part of Thailand and they have the same shoe thing culture also,
and the sandals. There is definitely a bleeding of culture from
one religion to another.

But the problem is….

When you enter a building in Asia, they may want you to take
off your shoes. This is not always, it is sometimes, and a maybe,
and when they would lose money they do not care, but it is often.
I do not know how it is connected to anything, being religion, culture,
or whatever but they can get real annoyed if you wear your shoes
inside a home or business in some cases.

So what do you do…?
You leave your shoes at the door. I sincerely hope my feet do not
stink and especially hope your feet do not stink.

I have some Reeboks that I wear around and I hate to tie and untie
these things a few times a day, I like my sandals also, but a good
walking shoe is good especially when Asian people think it is part
of their culture to throw things on the ground or to spit, so sometimes
I feel a little more safe in my culture than in theirs, but sometimes
a shoe is good and sometimes a sandal is good, but who wants
to do all this untying and tying of shoes all the time? Not me,
I am just too lazy and cannot be bothered.

So I leave my Reeboks Gym shoes untied.

But then the laces pull out and they get messed up and next thing
you know I am tripping over my laces. So I came up with a solution
after a few falls and getting my laces very dirty. Note that these are
a new pair of Reeboks so they do not look so much like dirty shoes,
as I had some old ones before and thought about this tip a long time
ago, but who wants to look at photos of old ugly shoes, better the
newer Reeboks. I also had the good luck of getting
into the action as he unlaced or untied his shoes while I just kicked
my shoes off and put them on a shelf in front of a Buddhist Temple
we were visiting, note that for sure you should take your shoes off in
a Temple, or pay big money before you enter, I am sure both could
work on occasions, but simpler to take your shoes off. I am never
amiss to understand why a good donation to religion makes you
more acceptable to both the good and the bad Gods of the world.

But a few pictures will explain this simple tip better so go look please.


Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X was HERE!

Life is good.

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Fun tips - Here's a little tip from me, to you,
as an experienced traveler.

If you smell something strange, pretend you do
not and you are in truly Asia.



subject line: To Andy Hobo From Patti

I would like to buy some thai silk material, can u help me out with that?
I'v been reading ur blog for a while and have noticed u r always looking
for ways to make money from ur blog. i am intrested in a bout 10 yards
of black thai silk. Let me know if ur intrested in doing this and price.
Thanks Patti from Arizona


Hello Patty,

This has not worked out as I spend more time writing emails with people
asking questions, it just ends up me writing and writing.

Andy in Bangkok

90 percent of my ideas to make money fail on the internet.
10 percent succeed, it takes a lot of time to suss out the
the way to success.


subject line: To Andy Hobo FROM Tsanjui

comments: Hello Andy,
I am a student from Taiwan, an island on the west Pacific Ocean.
I plan to go visiting Boston this September. Since Boston is quite
an expessive city and I don't have so much money to do the
conspicuous consumption, I wonder if you coule recommend me
any low-priced places to eat and stay there. Thank you for your
reply and if this letter really bothers you, please just ignore it.

Best Regards,


Hello Tsanjui,

I would recommend you go to any bigger USA grocery store and
buy food.

Not the corner convenient store. It must be a huge store.
7-11 is not the place to buy anything in the USA cheaply.
Very good in Thailand... hehehe

Living? I would try to rent a room in some ones house.

A guidebook is always your best source for cheap rooms.

Note that if you leave any of the large cities and go into the
farm areas you will save hundreds of dollars. I recommend anyone
going to the USA buy a car on one end and drive across the USA.
It is almost impossible to enjoy by Greyhound or living in the inner city.
The Amtrak Train is never on time and is completely undependable.

1. Stay out of the cities, and drive in to look at tourist attractions.
2. Have at least 2 people to share a room. The cost is the same for one or two.
3. Camp in State parks, or you can ask farmers to camp.
4. Sleep in car in rest areas, or get showers at beaches, school dorms.

The person talking about bothering me is referencing the page
from which she submitted which says,
"I am not a travel agent."
But continued to write Travel Agent questions...

The USA is very difficult to visit cheaply.
Mass transportation is terrible.
Big cities are full of very difficult people.
Travelers go to the cities and not the country.

Maybe you should go to South America.
Much more fun to visit.
The USA is a great place to live, not to visit.

Andy Hobo


Dear Andy,
I'm writing as I've noticed that I have not received anything from you
since the date of receipt of this newsletter issue which I am using reply
function to contact you. I hope all is well with you, and wondering if I
need to make some adjustment in my mail filter, or whatever, or maybe you
are taking a break. I bet you really appreciate getting a message from
someone concerned about not receiving their free newsletter, huh? But
please consider it a compliment, as I appreciate receiving them.
Additionally, though you mentioned that you have not received any
donations over the past few weeks/months (???), I did send you a whole
whopping $5.00 (cash) as a small donation, to your Indiana address.
Understandably, this is not a whole lot more than sending nothing at all,
but considering the current status of my employment (status of "un"), the
five dollars was $5.00 more than I am making in any 30 day period at this
current time.

Best Wishes,


Hello Alan,
Thanks for the money, I only ever wanted one dollar, and this
is 5 times the requested amount, but do not worry, I have learned
that I cannot live from Donations on my page. I know that some of
you think I should be more appreciative, and I am to people like
Alan, but I travel to enjoy. I write this letter to enjoy life, I do not
owe you anything, and you do not owe me anything. Most writers
must be nice because they lie to make money, I make money
by not lying. If you want to read crap meant only to sell tours,
go read 99 percent of all Travel Writers.

Writing in Bangkok has been a problem. First I have been here
so many times that it is hard to think of something new.

I think it comes down to boredom. If I am bored than I write better.
I wish I was bored now, and had more time to write newsletters.
I seem to be working on my Web Pages and not writing as that
is where I am making money to live and travel and the newsletter
is fun for me. There is a big need in my life to have boredom.
I find that when I am searching for something to do I am happiest.
When have too much to do than I have too many problems.

Travel is mostly about sitting around doing nothing and not
about staying busy. I like myself and do not try to keep so busy
that I cannot stop to visit with myself, although I am sure that the
majority of tourist or travelers spend all their time keeping busy
so they do not have time to introspect on who or why they are
doing what they do. I try not to plan anything, and the Mobile
or Cellular telephones are making other travelers annoying.
They want to bring home with them and not to leave home.

It is nice when people wander what I am doing. I know
that the spam filters are causing a lot of problems. I do not use
them much as they cause more problems than they fix.
The bulk mail options or filters seem to always stop the people
I want to write, and do not stop the people I wish to stop.

I opened a new Hotmail account and have never written one
email from this account. I am getting 10 spams per day.
I can honestly say I would not recommend Hotmail, Yahoo seems
to be the best, plus now they give me 2 Gigs of storage.

Well, hope you earn more money, but in the end the money is
just a way to make life easier, but not necessarily happier.



subject line: TO Andy Hobo FROM Paul

Hi Andy,
You refer to a "small electric hot plate" Where did u
source this from?
or where can I buy one.

Thanks Paul



In most countries in the world they sell them. If you
are in a poorer countries like South America, Central
America and Southeast Asia they will sell them in
large markets of strangely in Hardware store.

The price is almost always 3 dollars U.S.

So buy one at the country you enter and not before you leave.
Note that 220 will work in 110, but 110 will not work
in 220. They can go down, but not up in voltage.

Good to heat room, cook, saves tons of money, and help
when you get hungry at night. Note that you should not
use with a computer plugged in at the same time, and
you should never let the manager enter your room or
see this device. Hotels managers are looking for any excuse
to charge you more or to cause you problems, but than again
the residents do cause lots of problems.

A hotplate is dangerous and you must be smarter than the
hotplate so take care.

Hmmm, where did I source this from?
People have stopped talking English.

Andy in Bangkok
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"Same Same but Different."
Trendy saying in Thailand, which means it is the
same as you wanted, but you do not get what you want.


My wish list of things to help me travel.
I want to buy this travel gear.

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