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ISSUE:  144
DATE:  March 24, 2004
Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Beached - How to describe a beach?
TIP: Beached - How to describe a beach?
LOCATION: Koh Pha Ngan Island Thailand



Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Beached - How to describe a beach?
Issue 144 - March 24, 2004
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 7
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       Beached - How to describe a beach?
       Beached - How to describe a beach?
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The Hellos
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I would postulate that the if you hate this comparing of
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not liking to talk with some people and not enjoying the
"The Hellos"

Big school or house
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A lot of photos - The world unedited...

Short on pictures this week. I am afraid to publish the
photos here on the Island of Koh Pha Ngan with an ADSL
Satellite Internet Connection. Last year it made a glitch on my hard
drive of my hosting company computer.

Koh Phan Ngan Full Moon Party Beach - Had Rin Beach - Thailand
Some of my best from photos from last year.

I am having trouble with the accidental capitalization of "K"
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Thailand NOTES:


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Thailand Island Life

I felt like I just left a war in Mongolia with Russia, so I am on
R & R on the Island of Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand. That fight with
the Russians over a Visa to Russia took the oomph out of me
so I went for the Islands.

Koh Pha Ngan is an Island with very few Thai people as is
common on lots of Islands in Thailand. It has lots of current movies
to watch, so I  am in movie heaven, with white sand and very
tiny bikinis. A great place for Hobo that just likes to look around.

I am happy and it is always difficult to avoid some of my favorite
haunts when I am close. I will leave in five day for Had Yai,
then back to Bangkok to get my Visa to Cambodia, Vietnam,
and if needed the Philippines. I have decided pretty much for
sure I will take a land route through Cambodia to Vietnam,
and then fly to Manila, Philippines.

Life is real good on the Island, and I am getting some reading
done on the beach. Someone has to do this type of work
and it should be me!

I am thinking a lot about Eastern Europe. I believe that
Athens Greece is having the Summer Olympics this year and
that could be fun to invade. Plus I hear lot of good things about
Greek People and it is close to Italy. Lots of possibilities,
but who knows where I will go? I am never sure where I am,
till I am there.

Thanks for all your support.

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Beached - How to describe a beach?

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What I carry? - Battery Powered Alarm Clock

Rules of thumb:
- Make it cheap so when you lose it.
- It must be inside a box that closes.
- Do not think some backpacker hotel will wake you.
- Turn the alarm off or your neighbors will holler.

A cheap good alarm clock is hard to find. A wind up
one or a battery powered one is good. It must be inside
a box that protect the little buttons that turns on and off the
alarm or you will find it ringing inside the airplane, bus, or
train and driving the world crazy when the button is turned
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I bought this one in the photo in Dohuk, Iraq.

Thanks - I BE HOBO
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This is both a tip on how to choose a beach and an explanation
of why I am on Koh Pha Ngan Island the Full Moon Party beach
of Had Rin.

How to describe a beach?

Some are Beach people and others are not, but everyone goes
to the beach for a different reason. I be Beach person, so maybe
I be Hobo on Beach person, or in the end a �Cheap Beach�
person. But you may already have got the drift that I like the beach
if have read a few of the newsletters you know that I make a side-trip to the
beach on regular occasions. I am not sure if it is the calming of the
sea or the color or Bikinis that gets me there, but in the end I
am on the Beach every couple of months if possible, or when needed.

At the close of each of my Tips I place a small garage door size phrase,
that allow me to escape argument, and allows you to be different
from me comment. So remember, if you can dream it, describe it,
and define it you may be able to visit paradise.

�As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am giving
guidance, and there are always other opinions.  ï¿½One mans
paradise, is another mans hell.� This way we do not all go to
the same place.�


I live on a beach, I stay at the beach, I sit on the beach,
and I walk the beach for many reasons. But how does one
choose a beach?

I would say for 94 percent of you, it is because,
�It was recommended by a friend, photos in the travel agents
brochure, or some wild and crazy claims to fame by a travel guide.�

Then the other 6 percent of you may make a proper choice,
but do not take this personal as it is almost impossible to
make a good choice on a beach because the descriptions
of the beach the travel agent gives you goes something like this,

�An Deserted Island Paradise where you can watch Magnificent
Sunsets from the beach while bathing in Crystal Clear Blue Waters.�


Everyone wants to go this beach or they think they do, I
personally would not want to go to any deserted beach, just
too lonely for me, unless I had a date, but for a couple it can
be perfect. But a lot of couples go to the deserted beach and
if they have it listed in a Travel Brochure you can guarantee it
is not deserted or empty, but full of people that bought the tour brochure.


I made my short list of descriptions for beaches. I am quite
positive I can come up with another few hundred more descriptions,
but this will suffice until I can get them all up on Hoboguide.com.
I apologize for not explaining them better, or trying to give you more
actual places that go along with the descriptions, but the list is
over 300 now, and life is both long and short.

I used this list myself to chunk done to my perfect Andy HoboTraveler.com
Beach for a single guy, but if I was Andy married with two kids this
would be a totally different wish list.

I like a small family run Hotel setting where there are about 20 rooms
or cabanas around in close clusters where I can meet and talk with
my neighbors easily and avoid the impersonal and large Hotels.
Normally the areas that have the under 5 dollar a night Hotels brings
out the mom and popish family ran places. (Koh Pha Ngan, Hat Rin)

"Everybody always wants the... ?
Therefore: Bed and Breakfast = Mom and Pop

I look for beaches where the coconut tree hang over the beach for
shade trying to avoid getting bonked by falling coconuts, but I like
the feel of palm trees. A bay, cove, or lagoon is better than a long
strip of beach because the water is calm and in some places the
dolphins come skipping in to feed on fish.
(Palolem Goa, India, Pipa Brazil)

A reef is great with a break in the reef where you can body surf
or use a boogie board, but inside the reef the water is calm with
lot of shells, fish, and coral to inspect. (Brazil)

There are wet beaches and dry beaches or places where the sand
is white and dry, a beach with waves that come all the way to the
huts often make for wet sand, mosquitoes, or bug beach. A good
stretch of permanently dry beach is needed, wrapped by high cliffs
on each end with the sun setting directly in front of the bay is great.

I do NOT like Topless beaches so much because it make the
not-used-to-being-topless girls very quiet and reserved
so the conversations on the beach are minimized. In the end a
good conversation, volleyball, and a gradually sloping beach
where you can walk easily along the beach for exercise or lie
in the shallow water to cool is perfect. (Koh Pha Ngan, Hat Rin)

I suppose I like certain cultures, with a cross between Hippie Chics
Israeli, Italian, and French girls. I would rather have a
Jimmy Buffet beach than a Bob Marley beach,

There are beaches where there are lots of children or no children,
a beach with large waves will stop the children, but can make for
a noisy salty mist beach with no peace in swimming but a good
challenge when needed. (Pie De La Cuesta, Mexico)


There are fingers of land that go into the ocean, on one side of
the finger will be salt water and the other side is fresh water.
Fresh water makes for better swimming and maybe for water sports
like water skiing.
( Pie De La Cuesta, Mexico)

I do not like loud bar beaches or where there are just too many bars
on the beach, or high rises, but I like to talk or watch a movie,
Koh Pha Ngan and many of the smaller beaches of Thailand entice
you to come eat by showing movies at night, so you can walk
from around on Koh Pha Ngan and choose from up to 30-40 current
movies to watch while eating or drinking. This takes up a couple of
extra hours and the day. (I think the movies are all bootleg copies.)

Large tourist beaches tend to be strips for stores, malls,
shopping, and bars. This is perfect for the NON-BEACH people,
that really should not be at the beach anyway or for the girl that loves
the beach but the husband hates the beach couple, or the girl wants
to shop while the man wants to play volleyball.

I like a Thong Bikini beach with a free shower on the edge of the
beach to wash off the salt water, or to cool off without going in the waves.
(Copacabana Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Barcelona Spain)

I just hate when I have to make a long walk or journey to the beach
that turns into daily chore, where I need to pack the whole world
in my rucksack to be sure to not forget a thing.

All-inclusive resorts can be fun, but only when they are close enough
to each other that I can take the swimming pool tour. I like to go from
rich hotel to rich hotel walking in as only a foreigner could and swim
the maze of pools stopping for a drink at the inside the water pool
and then walking to the next place to smell the rich and famous, but
not have to pay. (Acapulco Mexico, Cancun Mexico)

I absolutely hate the Club Med mentality of stay in the resort, impossible
to walk, you must-take-a-taxi place to see anything. I am sure I have
failed in my choice of beaches when I need to use a taxi. Relaxation
is for me about slowing down and walking and looking at the world,
not a drive by shooting.

I do try to find Shrimp Beaches or places close to Shrimp farms
for a great way to enjoy some of my favorite seafood.

I learned or spotted a target for my future beach plans by reading
my own list of descriptions for beaches. Koh Pha Ngan is definitely
an Israeli beach, which makes me happy because I like the strong,
assertive, after Army attitude, but there are other Ethnic Beaches
around the world that I am sure I have missed, or overlooked. I
learned in Palolem, Beach India that there are �British Colony Beaches.�

This means there are places in the world that were former
colonies for the French, Dutch, and I am hoping the Italians because
they are always a noisy round and curvy bunch. I can go visit.

For sure there are French and Dutch colonies that would be interesting
to explore, sort of like going to a French or Italian restaurant you can
visit these colonized destinations and find the same colonizing
culture still exist.

I will make a list of French, Dutch, Italian, and Portuguese Colonies
around the world and see if there are beaches that correspond.
I can then find the perfect French beach culture. (Wow)

I make these long lists of ideas for you to peruse and to hopefully
give you a pre-thought out wish list or check list, so you can find your
perfect beach for you, your family, or just another wandering
Hobo beach bum like me.

In finishing it may appear that I always go for the cheap, and this
is true, but I am looking for the places where paradise exist prior
to being invaded by tourist. All the great places started out cheap
and worked there way up to being a true tourist trap. Luxury living
does exist even on Islands like Koh Pha Ngan where you can get
air conditioned rooms, continental breakfasts, pay too much for
beer prices if you wish. There is the perfect place for you!

But you need to describe it!

"The Beach" do not tell Beach. (Alex Garland)
20 room hotel on Beach   !! Andy Happy !!
4-wheel drive Beach
Adult Beach (Just are no kids sense)
Adult Beach (X rated sense)
American girl clatter Beach
Archipelago Beaches
Arrive home at 5 Beach - Koh Phi Phi Thailand, Playa del Carmen Mexico
Baby oil Beach
Banging wave beach
Battle Beaches - Normandy France
Bay Beach - Palolem Goa India, Venezuela   !! Andy Happy !!
Beach bar Beach   !! Andy Not Happy
Beach chair in the waves Beach
Beach lovers Beach
Beach umbrella Beach
Beer Bottle Beach
Big Wave Beach   !! Andy Happy !!
Black people Beaches
Black sand Beach - volcano ash or pumice forms black sand.
Boardwalk Beach - Southern California
Boat taxi Beach
Bob Marley Beach - Most Carribean Coast   !! Andy Not Happy
Body surf Beach   !! Andy Happy !!
Boogie board Beach
Book Readers Beach   !! Andy Happy !!
Breaking Wave Beach
Breaks Beach - rock along the edge
Bridge Beach? cannot figure out what I am thinking.
Brisa del Sal Beach
British Beach - Goa
Bum on park benches on beach.
Cabana or hut on Beach
Camera or Bag Snatcher Beach
Campers Beach
Campfire at night Beach - Ecuador
Capture at the beach.   !! Andy Not Happy
Caravan motor home Beach - Mexico
Caribbean boats hopping Beach
Casino Beach
Cave Beach - Koh Tarutao, Thailand
Cerviche Beaches - Peru, Ecuador
Cheap Beach   !! Andy Happy !!
Checkers Beach
Chess Beach
Children's Beach - very small waves, shade, sand castles, lifeguards
Cigar boat or hot boat Beach
Clear water Beach
Cliff Beach - like Acapulco
Close to the airport Beach
Cloud formations Beaches - Ecuador
Club med Beaches
Cluster of travelers Beach - Mantanita Ecuador,
        Pie De La Cuesta, Palolem   !! Andy Happy !!
Coco Loco Beach
Coconut drink Beach - Mexico
Coconut oil sales Beach
Coconut overhang
Colony Beaches - former
Cooler or Beer on Beach Beach
coral in water Beach - Krabi Thailand
Cow S#$t Beach
Cricket Beach - they play cricket on the Beaches before sunset in Goa India.
Cross Wave Beach
Cruise ship Beach - a private island in the middle of nowhere and
   they more or less extract cash from your pocket because you
   are thirsty and you have no choice.   !! Andy Not Happy
Dance Beach
Day trip Beach
Deep Dark Tanning Beach
Deserted Beach
Destination Beach
Divers Beach
Dolphin Beach - Pipa brazil, Palolem India   !! Andy Happy !!
Dominoes Beach
Don't feed the seagulls Beach
Down the cliff Beach - Acapulco Mexico
Down the path Beach   !! Andy Not Happy
Dread head Beach
Drive the Ferrari race to Acapulco from Mexico City rich kid Beach.
Drunk locals on Beach
Dry Beach   !! Andy Happy !!
Drying Salt Lagoon Beach
Duck s#$t Beach
Dutch Beaches
Elevator to the Beach - Acapulco Mexico
Escondido Beach
Ethnic took over Beach
Expatriates Beach - Goa India, Philippines, south Mexico
Expatriates tour Beach   !! Andy Happy !!
Expensive hotel tour
Falling Coconut Beach
Fat old topless women Beach - Barcelona Spain
Feed the seagulls Beach
Fenny Alcohol Beach - Goa India
Fish drying in the sun smelling beach.
Fish Stinking Beach - Pak Bara Thailand
Fisherman Beaches
Flamingo Beach - In between Merida and Cancun Mexico
Floaters Beach
Force the tan Beaches
French Colony Beaches - Kota Baharu, Malaysia Andy wants to try
French Girls Beach   !! Andy Happy !!
French take off your top Beach
Frisbee Beach
Full moon Beach - Koh Pha Ngan Thailand
Gap Girl stopover on route Beach.
Gay Beaches - Ft. Lauderdale Florida, key west Florida,
        Zipoliti Mexico   !! Andy Not Happy
Gecko Beach
German Beaches - Koh Chang Thailand close to Burma.
Get robbed Beach
Girl Watchers Beach
Good conversation Beach   !! Andy Happy !!
Got you by the boat Beach   !! Andy Not Happy
Grassy Beach
Futball Beach
Hammock Beach
Heat Rash Beach
Hide in air conditioning Beach
High rise apartment Beach
Hippie chick Beach   !! Andy Happy !!
Hippie jewelry sales Beach
Hippies make huts on beach, Beach.
Hot car Beach - southern California, Daytona Beach
Hot springs Beach
Hotel on Beach
Hotel towel Beach
Island Beach
Israeli Beach - Koh Pha Ngan Thailand   !! Andy Happy !!
Italian girls Beach   !! Andy Happy !!
Jam box Beaches
Japanese fully clothed taking photo Beach - Koh Phi Phi Thailand
Jellyfish Beach   !! Andy Not Happy
Jet Ski Beach
Jewelry sales Beach
Jimmy Buffet Beach   !! Andy Happy !!
Jungle Beach
Karst topography Beaches - Southern Thailand - Krabi
Kayak Beaches
Kite Beach
Lagoon Beaches
Lake pier Beach
Lay in the waves Beach - Koh Pha Ngan Thailand
learn Spanish on the Beach - Beach
Lie on flat large rock Beaches
Lifeguard Beach - ft Lauderdale, california
Lifeguard in training Beach
Little Umbrella Drink Beach - Acapulco Mexico, Koh Samui, Thailand
Live on the boat Beach
Local Sh#$ on Beach Beach - India
Locals Beach
Long Wave Beach
Loud Boat Beach
Made for tourist Beach
Make the trip to the beach, Beach
Manatee Beaches - Belize, brazil
Mangrove Beach
Manmade Beach
Massage Beach
Mediterranean Beach
Metal detector Beach
Monkey Beaches - India, Koh Tarutao Thailand
Morning Bloody Mary Beach
Morning Martini Beach
Morning walk Beach
Mosquito Beach
Mountain by sea - Rio De Janiero, Brazil
Mountain hot springs Beach
Movie Beach   !! Andy Happy !!
Movie Camera Beach
Mud Beaches   !! Andy Not Happy
Mud volcano Beaches
Muscle Beach
Muscle Car Beach
Need a jacket Beach
Never gets deep Beach
Night Cruise Beach
No Beach - shore and no Beach
No Dry Sand Beach
No see um Beaches
No toilet Beach
Nobody talks Beach
Nude Beach
Ocean Beach
Off season Beach
Off the tourist route Beach
Old farts Beach
Old hippies Beach - Goa India, South Mexico
Old women get young man Beach - pay to play
Om Beach   !! Andy Not Happy
On the hook Beach
On the tour of Beaches
Palapas Beach - hammocks
Parachute Beach
Parasail Beach
Pelican Beach
People sleeping on beach
Perverts Beach
Photo with girlfriend Beach - Fort Lauderdale Florida
Pineapple drink Beach
Pirate Beaches - Honduras, Cartegena Colombia
Plan the restaurant for tonight beach - Restaurant Tour Obsessions
Porpoise Beach
Port to port Beaches
Powder Beach fresh water
Private Beach - cord to water
Private island Beaches - pay through the nose
Prostitute Beach
Pump iron Beach
Raft in middle of lake Beach
Recife or reef Beaches fresh water
Red Ants Beach
Rent a Beach chair Beach
Rent a Horse Beach
Resort Beach
Rich and famous Beach - Take me.
Rip tide Beach
River Island on Ocean Beach
River mouth Beach
Road between hotel and Beach
Road on Beach
Rock Beach
Rock clatter Beaches -
Rock Climbers Beach - Krabi Thailand
Rocket ship tree Beach
Rocks as large as house Beach
Rolex, Goochie Beach
Rope swing Beach   !! Andy Not Happy
Said you was there Beach
Sailboat Beach
Sailboat taking off into the sunrise
Salt and Sweet water Beach
Salt Flat Beach   !! Andy Happy !!
Salt Spray Beach
Sand bar Beach
Sand bur Beaches
Sand castle Beach
Sand castle competition Beach
Sand crab Beach
Sand dune Beach - Indiana Dunes
Sand Flea Beach
Scandinavian charter Beaches
Scuba Beach - Florida keys, Koh Tao Thailand, Honduras
Sea hawk Beach
Sea urchin Beach - Florida Keys
Secret Beaches
Sewage Canal to Ocean Beach
Sexy Beach
Shark Beaches
Shell Beach
Shifting sand Beach
Shoppers Beach
Shopping Beach
Short Wave Beach
Shower house meeting Beach
Shower on Beach
Shrimp Beaches   !! Andy Happy !!
Skates and skateboard Beach   !! Andy Happy !!
Sleep on Beach - Beach
Sleep till noon Beach
Small boat Beaches
Small shell Beach
Smoke a joint Beach
Smokers Beach - Marijuana - Mantanita Ecuador,
       Koh Chang Thailand (close to Cambodia)
Sneak on the Beach at night sex beach
Snorkel Beach - Caye Caulkers Belize, Florida keys
Sold to the Americans, British, German, French
Spring break Beaches - San Pedro islands Texas,
       Fort Lauderdale Florida, Daytona Beach Florida, Cancun Mexico
Squid - Portuguese man of war
Starlight Beach
Sticky Sand Beach
Strip or finger into ocean Beach - Pie De La Cuesta, Mexico
Strutter Beach - Daytona Beach, Florida
Sun blocked Beach
Sun Stroke Beach
Sunrise Beach - Brazil
Sunset Beach - Pie de la Cuesta Mexico
Sunset Clapping Beach   !! Andy Happy !!
Surf Beach - Puerto Escondido Mexico, Costa Rica
Surf in the Reef Gap Beach
Surf tour Beach   !! Andy Happy !!
Swedish charter Beaches - Natales Brazil
Swim with the Dolphins Beach
Swimmers Beach - can swim the distance.
Swimming pool bar chair Beach
Swimming pool on water Beach
Swimming pool tour Beach   !! Andy Happy !!
Table top Beaches - Peru
Take the boat to bar Beach
Tank by water Beach
Taxi to the Beach from the cruise ship Beach
Techno music Beach
Telescope or binoculars Beach
Thai Massage chanting Beach
Thong Beaches    !! Andy Happy !!
Throw stones at girls Beach
Thundering Wave Beach
Tidal Beach   !! Andy Not Happy
Tip the canoe over Beach
Toilet Beach - India
Too far to walk take a taxi Beach resort
Too many children Beach
Too many motorcycles Beach
Too many tourist Beach
Too much walking to be worth the bother Beach
Too tight Speedo Beach - Fort Lauderdale Florida
Topless Beach - Bacelona Spain, Cancun Mexico, Koh Pha Ngan Thailand
Topless cell phone Beaches - Barcelona Spain, Cancun Mexico
Tour guide hits on your girl Beach
Tour guide sales Beach
Tourist party island Beaches
Touts Beach
Trailfinder around the world ticket preferred stop Beach.
Trance dance Beach
Trashed Beach   !! Andy Not Happy
T-shirt sales Beach
Tube or tuber Beach
Turtle egg Beach - Costa Rica, India
Under 5 dollar a room or hut beach   !! Andy Happy !!
Undertow Beach
Vinyl Beach
Volcano Beaches - Guatemala
Volley ball Beach
Wade out forever and snorkel beach    !! Andy Happy !!
Waiters on the Beach Beach
Walk around with surfboard Beach
Walk to talk Beach
Walkers Beach - Walking -    !! Andy Happy !!
Walled Beach - Cartegena Colombia   !! Andy Happy !!
Watch the locals clean their clothes Beach
Watch the locals shower Beach
Water park Beach
Water ski Beach
Water slide Beach
Water sport Beach
Waterfall Beaches
Weekender Beach
Wet Beach or wet sand Beach
Wet T-shirt Beach   !! Andy Not Happy
Whale watchers Beach
White sand Beach - Cancun
Why would you go to the Beach the locals ask Beach
Windy Beach
Young boy old man Beach - Pattaya Thailand
Young girl old man Beach - Phuket Thailand
Shark Tooth Beach - South Carolina, USA
Conch Shell Beach
Starfish Beach
Lobster Beach - Florida Keys
The Lost Beach
American Beach
Cross the road to get to the beach Beach   !! Andy Not Happy

I will add more as time passes and hopefully I can
mark these in Hoboguide.com as to where to find
your dream beach.

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
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