Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Ulaan Baator, Mongolia - Choosing a destination?

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ISSUE:  142
DATE:  March 11, 2004
Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Ulaan Baator, Mongolia - Choosing a destination?
TIP: GO OR NO GO - SHOULD YOU GO? Choosing a destination?
LOCATION: Ulaam Baator, Mongoilia



Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Ulaan Baator, Mongolia - Choosing a destination?
Issue 142 March 11, 2004
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 7
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How I feel today, or a start down
the proverbial travelers path.

It is not down in any map; true places never are.
- Herman Melville


Internet Cafe
 - A place that sells internet access with the use of a computer.
Normally they do not sell coffee, drinks, although that is probably
where the name initially started and has somehow been coined.
The normal prices is between 50 Cents and 5 Dollars U.S. for
one hour of use in most of the world.


 - White collar workers.




A lot of photos - The world unedited...
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Airplane to Beijing - Recycling - Bicycle parking - Tours to Russia
Beijing McDonalds - Basketball - Train Ticket - Toilet - Beijing China
Tiananmen Square - Mao and McDonalds Beijing China
Food Mart or Night Food Mart in Beijing China
Housing in Beijing China - Train to Mongolia - Dining car and Photos
Great Wall of China
Train from Beijing to Mongolia - Mostly entering Mongolia
Hostel Ulaan Baator - Fur Skin - ATM Mongolia
Train from Beijing to Mongolia

Lhasa Tibet - Portala - Mountains
Hot Spring North of Lhasa
In Search Man - Tibet Mountain Man
Yaks in Snow Tibet
Buddhist Monastery - Not a tourist place or attraction north of Lhasa Tibet

Backpack Organizer in Lhasa, Tibet
Backpack Organizer in Katmandu Nepal
Hot Water Heater
Toilet Dippers - Comparison in India clean and dirty
Toilet - Ideal Toilet in the World
Heating your bed as a traveler with a light

Indian Brahman Couples in Sawegram India - Mahatma Ghandi Ashram


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Need to Downshift gears.


How is everyone?
I am in UB, or Ulaan, Baatar, Mongolia. It is a land of men
that grunt and women that smile. I like the place, but am not
sure what to do with the place. The people are for the most part
extremely nice and helpful, though there has been lots of petty
robbery. Almost 25 percent of the travelers here have had
attempts at being robbed, or have been robbed.

Jeff and me got in to a scuffle with some old man carrying a
telephone. He kicked me in the butt, and I turned around to see
what was his story, and then did not smack him because it just
did not seem fun beating up on old dingaling Mongolian
man, but then he took a kick or swing at Jeff and then Jeff took
a swing at him, I had a desire to go pounce on him for a little payback
on all them other jerks in the world that hassle people, but although
this man needed and was begging for it, we for the most part did
not give him the beating he deserved, and left him in his misery.

He finally took off, and left us alone, but this is a strange place.
Makes you wonder if maybe he is sucking down the Vodka or
is just a type of guy that wants a head cracking. You do need to
defend yourselves when traveling, it is not as peaceful as home.

This sort of caught us off guard because the country of Mongolia
is a friendly place, and the first place where the normal people have
appeared sane and friendly in a Western style way in about five
countries. A lot of good travelers and a lots of good people in
Mongolia, but then a few men walking around the street with
chips on their shoulder.

The have this ROUND TENT thing going on in Mongolia.
I am suspicious that this is just a round tent home and they are
not in anyway, shape, or form really nomads. I guess there is
about 2.5 million people in the country and half live in a tent.

I have no idea how the make money, but I believe they follow
around sheep, or cattle all day, and sit by the fire drinking all
the night.

I may or may not go look at their tents, I am losing interest fast
in all the hoopla and wish to be on some beach and leave the
overcast and cold countries.


Jeff and me stopped in Beijing just long enough to see this
extremely modern city and to look at Tiananmen Square with a large
photo of Mao on the one end of the square.

Beijing is NOT a communist city, but is really a McDonalds eating
sell anything, and very modern metropolis that is a super-charged
version of capitalism because the government has paved the way
and got rid of the riff-raft of most cities. The Chinese have made
Beijing one of the most organized and well planned cities I have
ever seen in my life.


The Chinese are good at copying the inventions of the world
and they have done a great job of copying and emulating the
western world. Everything about Beijing is Westernized except
that they cannot seem to speak English, not that they should, but
they are definitely sitting in the back of the English class and not
paying attention. Beijing is an easy city to visit and see, but sort
of sterile and boring in a Chinese cannot be bothered way.


Decided to try to get my Russian Visa in Mongolia so we jumped
on a train that brought us to Mongolia. Very comfortable, modern
and Chinese efficient. Saw the Great Wall out the window as it
meanders along the border and near the tracks. 4500 Miles of
paranoia and fear of attack, that is a lot of small Chinese piling
rocks for a long way.

The train was perfect and easy, with lot of Chinese, and a few
Canadians on board to keep us occupied. No showers, but
I have not found many Showers in China, so was not expecting


I am jumping and hopping through hoops to enter Russia.
I am two inches away from just getting a transit visa and skipping
this country, or just going through in overdrive and forgetting Russia.
I have a policy that if a place does not want me, then I do not go.
There is no indication that Russian cares in any way whether I come
and visit and there is for sure no red carpets in the Beijing or Mongolian
Russian Embassies. The place is extremely unfriendly. I do not think
that Russian people are unfriendly, but the government and Russian
tour companies have flunked tourism 101 and got thrown out of the
manners class, more likely reform school drop outs.

My goal right now is to land in either Southern Italy on a beach
or maybe in the South of France on a beach as soon as possible.
Greece is a possibility and so is Israel. I am just in need of a beach.
Life is very good and I am heading to the land of Muesli and beaches
in the South of Europe where Russian women hang out and I can
remember my own culture and forget.

So maybe I leave soon and maybe I don't? Life is good and I still
have an extra book to read.

Anyone know if you can camp for free along the road in Finland?
I am pretty sure I can camp in Sweden and Norway, but am not
clear on what to do with Finland?

My bed is warm in Mongolia, and the room is nice. A few
Japanese, a Dutch, and a few Swedish girls for conversation.
That is all a man can ask or want when at the doorway of Siberia

All these photos cost me U.S. Dollars to show you, send money so I can
afford to go to the beach for more photos...

Last moment link of fellow Iceland girl traveler with Blog.

Last moment change. [email protected]#$ Russia. I can go to Thailand
then to Europe Cheaper. I leave Sunday the 14th or March.

Today's go this way is on:
Tibet Mountain Man

Today’s tip is on:
Choosing a destination?

Just another day in Paradise!
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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
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My daily cost is about $15
Hey? I just gave you 20 Minutes of entertainment
at my expense. How about a buck? A Dollar?
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This letter is free, but I need your help. I have run
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Let's talk about the gear, clothing, equipment, and other
fun toys and paraphernalia for Hobo Travel.

What I carry? - A wire strainer.
Why? - To filter tea, coffee, or preparation of food.

I will do about anything to avoid going to a restaurant.
Some countries sell instant coffee and other countries
force me use ground coffee. Tea, orange juice, lemon
juice, and other drinks sometimes are better when strained
through a strainer.

I would never sacrifice all the pleasures of life and
consider this required gear for my home on my back.


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Tibet Mountain Man

I go burnt by a couple of eyes when a Tibetan man looked at
me searing the pupils of my eyes and sat me on my butt, I instantly
got up and took him on eye to eye, but only brazenly took his
photo and he told me to take a hike and I got nothing from him.

I felt the force of a mans glare in Tibet and cannot forget or avoid
this thought anymore, as he touched my brain and has me thinking
more than I should about a person. He told me his story
with one glance.

There a looks that travel between people. These are sub-vocal
level and mean so much more than words could ever convey.
They are ignored or avoided out of fear by most people, but they
exist nonetheless, and I cannot avoid them. Sometimes it is the
simple look of a mother saying with her eyes,
“Play with my children, but please be careful.”

On the more violent or damning level there are people that are
the bull apes of a society that look at you and say,
“Talk to the women, say hello to my people, but also leave,
do not take anything, remember take care in your actions.”

There are people that grant permissions in society, or deny
permission to enter. The weak people do this by rules, laws,
entry payments, or some minor obstructions that stop people
that wish to be stopped, or care. The strong people do this with
just their eyes, and stop or justify your actions with a glance.
Most will deny this power because they are weak, and their
instincts are weak also. They live by permission of the strong
people oblivious to the real laws of the world.

But I found a man in Tibet that looked at me explaining that I
did not have permission to enter his world, and to not follow him
into his world. Talk with the others, but he was not available
for the play, the game of who am I, and who are you,
between the culture, that he was not for sale, and that he
was to be forgotten. But I have not forgotten him and he has
gotten away, traveled into the mountains of Tibet and I will
probably never seem him again. Like a bull ape that ran for
the Jungle he is no longer part of any of my world.

But this is my question. What world does he live in?
Is there a world up on the mountains of Tibet that is really
separate from my world, and is it better or worse than this
reality of the world?

Nomads are mythical or romantic to the world. People that
live outside the rules, but they also live outside the protection
of the modern world. The warmth of a home, the speed of
transportation, the ability to say hello with the use of a telephone
to family and friends, plus little plastic bank cards that give you
money keeps us corralled. He is outside this shadow of protection,
and therefore he is a dangerous man.

I dream of freedom, but I really do not know what that is,
I am still under the control, inspection, and eye of a bull ape
called the “Real World.” I am servant to its needs and wants
for me, this is ok and the boss is an easy boss for me in my world,
but there is always that dream to escape totally the invisible ropes
that bind me up and make me scream. To stop the world of
introspections, self-judgments, and the constant listening to others
tell me about, what they tell me about, and why they tell me about,
like in the end it really matters.
I even have to listen to myself…aagh.

I say in “Search of Man,” because I am sure that a man is hard
to find. The dignity is being stripped away from man on a
daily basis, as every day there is another request,
“Please give me a pound of your flesh.”

And we reply,
I am sorry,
I apologize,
How can I help you?
I am sorry for not being sensitive to your needs.”

Whether a man or woman in mix of world relations with
each ascension, apology, or giving of ground we sacrifice
ourselves to the bull ape of society and become part of the
whole and stop being an individual. Travelers and Hoboes
around the world make idle threats by dressing different,
or screaming against the rules, but these are just teenage
angst that says nothing, and annoy.

I saw a man that made no comment, that did not scream,
he was not beat, he was quiet and deliberate of actions,
and made no defiant moves.

Eyes wrapped in a skin that stretched over his young face,
dry and cracking from the cold bite of mountain air, his hand
quick and ready, making preparation to command the small
wooden cart pulled by a donkey. As I approached he made
sure I stayed the distance, and looked at me. I froze and could
not walk closer as he had made the decision that I was not to
talk or come closer. I obeyed as told, out of respect and because
it was not debatable, he looked at me with an intensity I have only
seen a few times in my life. By accident of fate I had walked
into his circle or sphere of influence my instincts jumped
with anticipation as I felt the force being exerted by his power.

He weighed and measured me with his eyes, ever so quickly
we assessed the power and weaknesses of the other.

Man has picked up the yoke of inane responsibilities,
shouldering and striving to climb a mountain of confusion
leading to Gods with no answers.

The world is full of human stories told with their eyes,
and sometimes you meet men and women of the world that
seem to being saying to me,
“Why don’t you escape? Why are you in shackles?”

Of course, like all the rest, I deny that I am captured, and say
that I am just an observer and the journey to being a man is
just historical noise and does not have credence, but in the back
of my mind I know there is always a journey that has no guide.

As he drove away I wanted to scream and say,
“Wait for me! I am coming along.”

I shrug and rip at these chains of conventions that bind me
and order me to stop fighting.
But I say,
“I am a man, and I will follow the path.”

In Search Man - Tibet Mountain Man

Just another day in Paradise!

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
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Choosing a destination?

Do you force the play or take the path of least resistance?

I travel to enjoy my life and to enjoy a country so sitting
here in Ulaan Baator, Mongolia and trying to
enter Russia I was in a dilemma.

I just traveled from India through Nepal, overland in Tibet,
took a plane to Beijing, a train to Mongolia and I am sitting
here walking back and forth between the Hostel and the
Russian Embassy and tour company begging for a Visa to
a Russia in March.

So should I fight, force the trip to happen, or leave?

"It is expensive country!
You have to pay a lot!
Russia is difficult!
You MUST... do this...
You MUST... do that...
I cannot guarantee you will get the Visa?
What is your trip?
Why do you care? (Money)
Why do you ask questions?"

These were questions asked to me or told me
by the Legend Russian Tour Company
in Ulaan Baator, Mongolia.

"You are going to have problems unless you
go to the Russian Tour Company Legends around
the corner."

Told to me by the Russian Embassy representative
inside the Russian Embassy in Ulaan Baator, Mongolia.

Mongolia has to be the worst place in the world to
get a Russian Visa!

I truly believe that all countries are fun and interesting.
But to start or enter a country with a bad attitude will
ruin the experience, what starts out bad just seems to
continue. I do not wish to ruin a Russian experience.

I am going to Thailand where the weather is nice and
wait for winter to end before flying to Eastern Europe.
This is the cheapest choice because the answer are
definite and encouraging, while the choice to go to Russia
is way to confusion. There is an overwhelming lack of help
and the do not ask questions, and just pay way of tourism.


If this is a problem, then why would you go?
I ask questions until I feel safe.

There was no intention by the Embassy or the Tour
operator to make me feel safe, just the opposite, they
want me to promise to pay and do whatever they wish.
This is full of insecurities and feeling of hostility.


In the end I make choices with my instincts.

I ask myself?
"Self, does this sound good?"
"Self, does this sound bad?"

If it sounds bad, I do not go.
Life is way to short to invest energy and time in
a frustration just to say,
"I was there."

Ask yourself?
"Does it sound fun?"
You will have your answer.

If it seem right it probably is, if it seems
wrong it probably is not...
There will come the right time.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.
Hobotraveler.com was HERE!

Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Archives of Scotts Story

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“Peanut Gallery”
Fun tips - Here's a little tip from me, to you,
as an experienced traveler.

Hide your coffee and tea in the Hostel, or
you will learn you cannot trust the other travelers.




"But as for me this place make me grateful for all I
have, and I think the Chinese should be thanked for bringing this
place out of the dark ages and religious fiefdom."

Are you serious?

People all around the world are campaigning against
the illegal Chinese occupation of Tibet which is
killing a beautiful culture and tradition!


H xx


I guess the H xx must mean Helen...

I am still grateful for have the good life and I and there is
nothing I read or study that makes me think or believe that
the Dalai Lama and the Buddhist religion has ever done anything
good for the Tibet people but keep them giving money and living
and dieing on a mountain.

In my religion we are suppose to be judged by our fruits.
The only fruits I have seen are the monasteries or castles
made for the Buddhist Monk with a line of stupid peasants
lining up to give them money for nothing in return.

The Chinese on the other hand brought:

Public Transportation
Contact with the outside world and choices.

The Dalai Lama is not God and he is just sucking cash
from people like you to live a good life. If he really had an
issue the United Nations and the world would have supported
him in his desire to remain King, and to keep his fief.

It is quite obvious that the culture of Tibet is better off with
the Chinese and good riddance to the Dalai Lama. I heard
no one inside of Tibet screaming for the return.

Plus campaigning!... How stupid. The Chinese took the
the place 50 years ago.... Get over it. Move on, and get a
life. This is as bad as the "Refugee" camps for the Palestine's
from 50 years ago. These people need to get off the free money
train supplied by people like you and get a job and live there
life in peace. If their religion is about peace, then prove it.

I road on the road constructed by the Chinese at cost of billions
of dollars for 5 days, it is modern wonder of the world, and it
is and will be the same road that a Tibet man will carry a child
by cart or truck to a Hospital daily to keep the child from dieing
an unnecessary death.

If life was so good up in them mountains then people would
be swarming up there to live with them. The 100,000 people
that followed the Dalai Lama to India did not return. Life is
probably easy on the free money train of western ignorance.

You said,
"People all around the world are campaigning against
the illegal Chinese occupation of Tibet which is
killing a beautiful culture and tradition!"

So you are saying that because other people are campaigning
I should agree and go along. This is a dangerous way to think
for a traveler because you can follow the group into crazy situations.

I will be serious... Please stop following the others and make a list
of the reason the people of Tibet are better with the Dalai Lama
and reasons the Tibet people are better with the Chinese.

This may be a beautiful culture to the guidebook writers and for
people that wish these people to remain the same, but for the
people living in the mountains, I BELIEVE, and I do not know
that it was a life full of mal-nourishment from no variety of food.
Having half if not three quarters of your children die young.
This is not Gods will to keep people poor so we can go and
take photos.

I appreciate that I do not have to work sun up to sundown to live,
and I hope that all the Tibetan people have the opportunity to come
to the USA and take photos of me.

Thanks Andy HoboTraveler.com


Sounds good Andy.

Could I ask you a quick question? When you buy adapters for your
computer to plug into an outlet to recharge your battery, will the
adapters automatically work or do I need to buy another device to
regulate the charge. I brought a lamp with me on first trip to Europe
back in 95 for study abroad program. I remember buying the adapter,
plugging in the lamp, which followed by a pop and a flash of light.
After which my lamp was dead.

How do you protect your computer from this?

I know you are probably bombarded with pesky questions like this, so
this is my only one. promise :)



Hello Greg,

You do not need to buy a device to regulate the charge or voltage.

Laptop Computer, Cameras,  Camera Chargers, CD Roms and most
Electronic equipment has solved the problem and have regulators or
electrical converters provided.

Look on the back of your electronic device or on the cord for something
that says 220 - 110 or something like similar.

Normal round bulbs with 40-100 watt do not seem to care whether they
run on 110 or 220. I just plug them in and use them. If they pop go buy
a local bulb. My socket work in all countries.

I am sure that you need regulators for some devices in the world, and
if I was setting up a full size computer in a country I would buy a power
back up to clean up the juice. A buffer between my computer and the
local power source. This is what the little black box in the cord of a laptop
does is create a buffer.

The solution is to buy devices in the region of the world you need the device.
Buy a lamp in Southeast Asia, or South America. The lamp will cost less
that any of these silly and not needed adapters, converters. inverters or
other toys people buy.

Motorhome, Caravans, Boats, or self-contained living quarters have different
problems than people that carry backpacks. Most of the advice you hear
on electricity is some advice that has been told for the last 50 years
and has not been relevant for the last 10. I am sure that everyone can
find the exception to these situation. I would say that 99 percent of all
travelers are worried for nothing. That device I talked about in for converting
a light socket into a plug is the only thing I would buy.

Finding an electrical socket is the challenge.

The human mind and body is a complex mechanical device.
If a surgeon did not understand how to wire a simple lamp,
I would not want them for my surgeon...

Surmise the situation, adapt, improvise, and live from your wits,
and you will enjoy survival in a modern world.

Thanks, Andy HoboTraveler.com


Dear Hobo,

Loved comment on the "Free Tibet" nonsense.
You obviously dare to truly think and not blindly follow the Politically
Correct line.

You are a Hobo but certainly not a backpacker as that usually signifies

What is never said is that Imperialism with all it's flaws has improved the
lot of native cultures importing the concept of education, literacy and sanitation.

Countries have gone down hill after the colonialists left,
Jamaica, Haiti and Cambodia are still primitive backwaters after the Brits
and French left.

Liberals still have this ridiculous "Worship of the Primitive" nonsense,
the latest manifestation is that silly movie, "The Last Samurai", where Tom
Cruise manages to stop Evil American Capitalists from ruining Japan and
destroying the Noble Samurai.
What is never mentioned is that the Samurai tradition while having many
worthwhile items deserving preservation ( Kendo, discipline, archery, jiu
jitsu, sword making) was a truly fascist culture.
The Samurai had absolute power over the lowly peasant, killing one or many
under his Daimo's domain. The movie never shows how rigid Japanese society
was, peasants forbidden to move about the country freely, entire villages
massacred for the one member burglarizing a house, etc.

What is also never mentioned is that Evil Westerners brought universal
education, expanded Japan's narrow view of the world and truly liberated
Japanese Women with voting rights.

I am very wary of guidebook like "Lonely Planet" that are blatantly
They condemn Chiang Mai for being "over commercialized" with many shops
catering to Westerners enabling the owners to pay the rent ,feed themselves,
send their kids to school and live a decent comfortable life.

"Lonely Planet" then turns around and celebrates ethnic shops selling
"authentic handmade native goods" proliferating.

Those books are truly run by Guilty White Liberals who have done the most
damage to primitive societies by denying them a chance to advance into the
21st century by preserving outmoded ways and keeping them "cute" and



Perfectly said, although I do recommend that people use the Lonely Planet
and other guidebooks for hotel rooms, and basic information, when you
allow the guidebook to make your political decisions this is folly.

The problem with the Lonely Planet is they ingratiate and fill there pages
with trendy and fashionable statements to make the world love them so
they can sell books.

As I have traveled the world I have increasing learned that the Lonely Planet
especially is written by youngsters that hate their parents and the world they
live in and wish find a place where they can compete or live with no competition
cheaply, stoned, and drugged up. They are promoting a world full of mal-contents
that never appreciate the world for what it is, but want a world where they are
rich and the people are poor so they can feel good about themselves.

The Dalai Lama and the Lonely Planet have the power to help the world
live in peace and prosperity. They use their influence to sell books and
become richer and to not find real and workable solutions. They are part
of the problem and not part of the solution.

The only thing guaranteed about a culture is that it will change.
People really do want gas stoves, room heaters, toilets and for their baby
to not die in their arms. The world really is a good and life really is good.

Thanks for the clear thoughts,
Andy HoboTraveler.com

Hey hobo,

I admire you for traveling so much and living life! Had a question
though, have you ever had those experiences where.......
you're walking down a familiar street then suddenly,, everything
changes and the place looks completely different, you feel extremely
calm, you feel as if your eyes are opened for the first time in your
life, and everywhere you look - it's amazing and new, you're silent,
content, patient...and when u notice you have this incredible
awakening experience,
--- then BOOM, you go back to normal, wondering what just hit you.

I find it often happens to people who are traveling,
it has happened to me a few times

please email me hobo,




I suppose I have had this experience.
Changes of reality is what we experience and feel daily.
There is a reality to being drunk.
There is a reality to getting off the plane and feeling the air.
There is a reality of walking down the street with a girl we love.

I try to repeat the feelings of wonder and awe of life, and
hope to stop and smell the roses.

I think I am able to of my own free will create the feelings
you describe above anywhere and at anytime for myself.
I drift into my own world of dreams, thoughts and aspirations.
But for me I am probably dreaming about some simple thought
on what is the perfect way to cook coffee.

I call this "changing channels," and when I am in a bad frame
or mind I change the channels and focus on the reality I wish
to have. What is interesting to me is that I can think about all
these political, poverty, and other problems and in the end
remember they are not important. My only job in life is to
do the next right thing.

Thanks for the reality check and stay out of India!
There are tons of crazy people that will take your thoughts
till they are certifiable crazy there.

Andy HoboTraveler.com

Hey Andy!

That was just the greatest newsletter ever! Wow, incredible man.
I don't know where to start...the hilltop monoliths,
your himalayan touring partners, the exotic locals, that goat...

I appreciate the pics of the Chinese made solar parabolic cooker.
I became aware of that cooker several years ago, from pics posted to the
website, but have never seen such details of
construction before. Just wondering, but if someone wanted one,
what are they getting for them? Fr'instance is there a way to get one
from an importer (or could one be sent on if the cash were credited to
you or someone...like an address or something? This is semi-hypothetical,
but it sure looks cool. I know you don't speak hypothetical, but had to ask.
I was going to ask you to keep an eye out for that very thing and you
started shooting snaps of it! I've been waiting for that for years. Amazing.

Well anyway, great travel newsletter. You should win some kind of Award.

- Chris


Hello Chris,
I am always excited when I find some device or gadget where another
part of the world is doing something better and I can learn from them.
There is always lots of things to learn from other cultures.

I have encountered so many simple and useful ideas on how to heat
the home, cook food, or to just live simply in my travels.

I have a dream of making my web site into place where people can
post articles, or place photos of similar ideas in one locations so
the world can interact and discuss these ideas in an open forum
and we can really share.

I have a guy in India working to help me on this project, and I have
already been working on this project for four years or more and
slowly I am making progress. One day Chris I will have a page on
parabolic heaters where people of the world can post their ideas,
photos, and help you to purchase, or play.

The discovery of ideas and life on the other side of the planet
is my muse and delight. I am always happy when people share
in the learning from other cultures with me.

Well with a little help from my friends, a lot more cash, and just
my never ending persisting towards goals I hope we all can
have in the future a community on the internet for exchange of
culture and ideas.

Somewhere over the rainbow a person has invented the solution
to your problem. There already exist the way to communicate
these ideas between cultures, it just needs to be implemented
and made financially viable. People working, buying, selling
and doing business together brings us closer together.

Thanks Andy HoboTraveler.com

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