Hobo TRAVEL TIPS -  Goa to Hampi, India - What is a tip? What is a hint?

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ISSUE:  136
DATE:  December 18, 2003
Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Goa to Hampi, India - What is a tip?
TIP:  WHAT IS A TIP? What is a hint?
LOCATION: Hampi, India or maybe Hospet, India



Hobo TRAVEL TIPS -  Goa to Hampi, India - What is a tip?
Issue 136 Hobotraveler.com – 18, 2003
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 7
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        DHARWAD - HUBLI - GADAG, India
        Between Goa and Hampi.
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How I feel today, or a start down
the proverbial travelers path.

Travellers never think that THEY are the foreigners.
 - Mason Cooley


Locals or a Local
 - The people that were born and raised in the city or area you
are visiting. People you meet in strange cities will behave
differently when they are not locals.


Carry the banner
- To walk the street all night for want of shelter.
Sometimes it is called to lead Bruno.



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Lock - Bikes - Ponda Bus - Cattle Goa - Hampi Trip - India
Cow - Teacher - Chenna - Bus Stop Ponda to Dharwad, Karnataka India
Chenna - Dharwad, Karnataka - Hooper - Hotel - Karnataka State of India
Making wheel for Oxen Cart - Masala Dosa - Hubli, Karnataka State, India


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~ HOBO STEW (A Dish of Meat and Vegetables)

Between Goa and Hampi.

Before I get started.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the Christians.

I am very happy that Saddam was captured and am 100 percent
sure that 98 percent of the Iraq people are extremely happy.
This will make Bush and Blair heroes in the history
books of the future.  I am sure the fruits and nuts of the
planet are learning their position in society.

Thanks George and Tony for being heroes of the planet.


I left the State of Goa and entered the State of Karnataka.
There has been a very small change in basic culture other
than now I encounter a lot more Muslims and less Christians.
But the way the people behave is pretty much the same; there
are still large numbers of Hindu people so there are still lots
of Dogs and Pigs. The Muslim culture does not eat Pigs and
for some reason does not like Dogs. So I can basically do a
read of the cultures by the Animals that live with me in the
areas. The cow situation is not clear, because they have Cows,
Steers, or Bulls for various reasons, so I do not think the
observance of Cow is good indicator.

There are some real religious crossovers or bleeding of customs
happening in India because the various devout religions living

I like to use the phrase “Tribal Customs” to describe specific
behaviors I observe. For instance the USA and Europe
wear a piece of clothing around the neck of men. A long piece
of cloth made of various fabrics. It is called a Tie and appears
to have no functional value whatsoever, although I have on
occasion observed it has helped serve as a napkin in restaurants.
This “Tribal” behavior is strictly enforced in many corporations,
and often people are ostracized from the Tribe when they do
not conform. This Tribal Custom has bled, crossed over or
spread to many other cultures of the world.

Most “Tribal Customs” have to do with clothes. They seem to
wear their “Colors” like a Motorcycle Gang member would
have a “Harley Davison” jacket, then on the back would be the
name of their gang, club, or who really cares what you call it?
Religions are often like gangs or mafias and very analogous
and this enables me to understand how they are organized.

I was walking around with a 19-year-old boy that adopted me
yesterday. He was under the idea that I wanted or needed his
help. I really normally prefer these well wishers to leave me
alone, it is great if they do an under one hour adoption service,
but he decided to take the day off from work so he could adopt
me for the day. This can be a lot of pressure because as my
self appointed guide, if I do not want to eat the foods he presents
or walk and see the things he has on the list he becomes
annoyed and sadly insulted that I do not like the food or the
sights. I will normally tell these guides to leave right from the
start and avoid the problems.

I did pretty well with him, because his English was passable, and
I learned a lot of information from him in the end, plus had
the grand tour of the city of Gadag, India. It was actually great
that we walked around the city and talked, you know, did the
guy talk thing. He wanted to show me how he acted like person
from the USA or Europe by drinking a beer and saying rude
things to the women. He is Muslim and drinking beer is off
limits for him, but he drank 2 large ones. I think he spent a
days pay on one of them, and induced me to treat him to the
second. He said some very rude things to women and I had
to tell him very clearly in a big brother, I am going to kick you
butt fashion that it was not acceptable to say things in
English or any language to women around me. He got the
idea and stopped.

He ask me,
“Why don’t you drink beer? All Foreigners drink beer.”
What people have learned from travelers and tourist!
He sees this as one of the most important things of modern
culture and to fit in you must drink.

I learned from Abdul that I cannot just stereotype a person by
their clothes here, it can be very difficult to tell what religion
or who they are by their clothes. The Christians are dressing
like Hindus, the Hindus are dressing like Muslims, the Muslims
are dressing like Hindus and some people are acting like
Buddhist. And just when you think it is safe to have a good
stereotype, they will all act like or dress like a Movie Star
Athlete, or Singer.

I put that in big type… Hehehe because I know it will irritate
people. But for me if I could not recognize the stereotypical
people I would be in constant danger. I recommend you learn
the stereotypes of the world. Make sure you are clear on what
culture you are about to annoy, violate, or make extremely angry.
If you do not recognize the signs you could walk into a hornets
nest of culture clash. To talk about a culture is to talk about a

I have visited three cities this week. Dharwad, Hubli, and Gadag.
They are all very interesting and full of people, noise and
staring people. I could best describe the area as an area of
the country where they grow cotton.

I have had a few foreigners remarked they got very annoyed
at the people staring. In the Tourist areas they do not stare
as much, but I have only seen 2 foreigners in the last week,
so I am not in a tourist area. The India people stare constantly.

I am not just talking looking or staring with just curiosity; I am
talking about looking at me and not stopping. It is extremely
common for a person to just look at me and never look away.
I would caution anyone that wants to do cultural tour of India.
If you do not like to be stared at, India is the wrong country
for you. They do not think they feel that staring is wrong in any
way or fashion, so they stare.

Cultures are different, and I am the visitor in their country.
I also like to stare at them.

Note that I have just arrived in Hampi, India.

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What is a hint?

Just another day in Paradise!
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Life is good.
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~   Hoboguide.com GO THIS WAY!

Go this way!

Hoboes makes markings or signs to tell the other Hoboes
of life where or how to go. I think you should go this way!

There is a time before the sun and after the “night life” where
people wake, rise and begin their day. Just before sunrise
the world is quiet and empty. I believe that the good Gods of
the world are early risers and the Devil is a late sleeper. It just
appears that harmony in the universe is a somewhere watching
the sunrise.

The sunrise is better then the sunset.

India a country of horns, beeps, and life can be a little too much,
but the other morning I heard some different sounds so I
went to investigate.

There was this “Beep, Beep” or “Cling, Clang” of a bicycle riding
by the house. I have old memories of this, and could not place them,
but I suddenly realized. This could be the bread boy. Often in
countries like India there is a boy that come by and delivers
fresh bread.

I rushed down to intersect the boy and nabbed my morning snack
of fresh bread. But I soon discovered it was sunrise and the world
was waking up. I had lived on this street for a few days, and all my
memories were of people, cars, motorized Rickshaws and noise.
I looked around to see if I was in the same place. With all the
people, trucks, rickshaw and everything else imaginable gone
I could see.

There were signs along the road advertising hotels, and
interesting tourist attractions. A man walks over to say hello to
a Mother Mary Statue and to start the day. The man next door is
selling fresh milk for 7 Rupees and the world is waiting for a bus.
In a world of chaos there is also a sunrise, I suppose there should
be markings to say go this way, and there probably is, but I needed
to open my eyes and say,
“Good morning India.”
2 Rupees for a large piece of bread.

Just another day in Paradise!
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Life is good.
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Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
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What is a hint?

I have written 135 newsletters and each one of them has included
a tip or a hint. I vacillate between words, and get myself in stew
as to which one to use, they are more or less interchangeable.

But what is a tip?

I know you have a hunky dory, mas o menos, roundabout, a
“So So”, or/and some idea what you call a tip. I know you are smart.
But what is important about a tip or hint is the WHY!


1. To do it the easy way and not the hard way.
2. To do it quickly and not slowly.
3. To save money.


The definition of a tip or hint is not as important as what it does
for you; a tip will make your life more comfortable.

I want to live a life of leisure, great conversation, beautiful women,
and in paradise for 5 dollars U.S. per day. This is my life.

I write these tips to explain to you how to live this way also.

I did a little research on the word “Hint” and discovered it comes
from or originates from an Old English word “Hent” or maybe to
hunt or to seize. What a tip or hint does is allows you to capture
that great idea for yourself.

Information is the world’s most valuable commodity. It is the most
valuable thing on the earth, it can make you a fortune, or it can
save your life.

I am sitting here trying to write this tip, but I am also frustrated and
maybe even a little angry. How can I say the words correctly?

History is the tip to learn from our mistakes.

Did you know that I was trying to tell you how to live a life of leisure,
great conversation, beautiful women, and in paradise for
5 dollars U.S. per day? This is my life.
Or did you think I was teaching you how to be a Hobo?

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X Hobotraveler.com was HERE!

Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Archives of Scotts Story

He is in Australia.

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“Peanut Gallery”
Fun tips - Here's a little tip from me, to you,
as an experienced traveler.

Have fun with vendors!
I have been trying to sell their products to them.
I say,
"Hello, would you like to buy postcard?"




Hope this helps Andy...

... (Answers to my grammar problems posted here.)

Best Regards,
SF Bay girl


Thank you very much. She has explained a lot of answers
to my questions about grammar and I really appreciate this
help. I feel a lot better already on the use of "then" or "than."

Thank You
Andy HoboTraveler.com


Hi Andy,

I love your website. It's been a great source of inspiration! I'm
backpacking Asia (well, part of it at least) for the next 6 months
and will be bringing along a laptop to work on my website
(www.bohemiantrails.com) whilst on the road.

I'll like to find out how you usually manage to connect to the
internet with your computer. Do you usually borrow the phone
lines from the hostels or budget hotels u stay in? (Do they even
allow this??) Or do you have a LAN card & purchase pre-paid
plans from the internet service providers of the many countries
you go to?

This is a really big headache for me as I'm still trying to figure out the
best (and cheapest!) way to go about getting an internet connection
overseas. For your info, the countries I'll be travelling to include India,
Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam & maybe China.

I'll appreciate any kind of advice or feedback from you. All the best; take
care & keep the fantastic newsletters rolling! ;)

(from Singapore)

Hi Andy

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I did some research and found out from friends you could use a 'thumb drive'
to store the data in laptops and then connect that micro device to the PCs
in internet cafes for easy downloads. (No more having to work with
virus-ridden floppy disks!) I bought a 'thumb drive' for about Sing $90.
Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it'll work. You might want to explore
this option; perhaps you can ask some IT guru that you happen to meet in

Looking forward to reading your column on computer connection problems.


I think you are on the wrong path with the "thumb drive."
What you want is a direct connection.

5 Star versus Backpacker or Hostel Living?

If you live in 5 Stars they should solve your problems for you.
That is the only reason to stay in a 5 Star Hotel.
I truly doubt they will solve this problem but I sort
of despise 5 Star Hotels so I avoid them.

If you wish to live on the Backpacker Circuit I can tell
you what will NOT work.

1. You cannot get a telephone line.
( OK people, STOP - Yes you can sometimes. but not on a
day to day basis.) I have negotiated to pay for Telephone
line on multiple times in Mexico. I pay for access then when
they know they go me, the extort more money for the telephone
line or suddenly the line does not work until I pay more money.
This is a underdeveloped countries way of doing business
and you can NOT expect fairness, expect unfair treatment.

2. Buying a local connection is not the solution.

3. Worldwide access is crap. This is for the 5 Star people.
Do not purchase this unless you are on the 100 Dollars a night
budget. All your connections will be long distance calls unless
you only want to stay in huge cities.

4. CD ROMS do not work in Internet cafes of the world.
Sometimes, but the CD drives are not reliable yet...

5. You will NOT find these IT people unless you are
willing to live in a place for MONTHS at a time.
They are NOT sitting around in Internet Cafes.

You CAN:

1. Use a 3.5 floppy in internet cafes.

2. You can download onto their machines FTP programs.
(I cannot understand why, but this is allowed.)


1. Cellular or mobile phones where you buy a
new card. You then call your home country long distance.
Download and upload emails with an email client
like Outlook, Eudora, Foxmail, or Pegasus. The
long distance call would be cheaper. This will not
work in places like the Amazon River. But very few
people really travel to isolated places.

This would be cheap for email, and expensive for
publishing pages.

2. Do the same with Satellite telephone.

3. Connect with USB to USB. This would be
the perfect solution. I am searching for the cord
he in India to test. 45 days and cannot find!

4. LAN Card. I think this would work.

5. I have a newer computer. I have two
modem like jack. I think they call them RJ connections.
The larger one I believe is the same size as the
LAN (Local Area Network) cable inside the Internet
cafes. I then have to configure the IP Numbers.
I think that stands for "Internet Protocol."

If I was you I would do NUMBER 5 with a techie.
But I would if possible take them to an Internet
Cafe they do not know. A totally unfamiliar system.
Techies have low esteem often and like to show
you what the know and will not admit what they
do not know. This is the BIG problem.
( In my state there are NO Internet Cafes.)
6. Chis from Idaho is HOT on the the Hotspot
idea. I am not. I think the Techies are lying about
the existence of these so-called Hotspots.
I have trouble getting a good Internet Cafe.

I do not get real excited having a connection inside an internet
cafe and would still only do it rarely. Walking around with a computer
and using one in an Internet Cafe is like wearing a sign.

"I have a years wages here.
Please rob me."

The may be underdeveloped socially and economically, but
their skills of scams and robberies are fully developed.

When I finally learn a system that really works
for a person that changes locations every day.
I will write a tip. I have not found the system.
Most people live in a place and act like they are
traveling. Stationary is easy, mobile is difficult.

NOTE: Do not send links like this by e-mail.

Make them clickable.

I have not looked at your site, and missed the link
on the first reading. I downloaded your email with a
program I download in the internet cafe called Foxmail.
It is 1 meg while all the other are 5 megs an above.

I am here reading your email in my room on my
computer. I normally peruse my emails in the internet
cafe. Look at links, then go home to study them.

Note if you are Bohemian and Beautiful.
Come travel with me. I will show you how to access
and play personally.

I have never met another person that does what
I do on the planet. I do meet people that live in one
city or two cities all the time or return home and
update. I feel I am alone.

Andy HoboTraveler.com


Hi Andy,

I was reading your Iraq travelogues with interest.
Partly because I have a bit of interest in some of the media
stories out of Iraq. I appreciate your comments about time,
money and internet cafes and whether you wish to respond
or not.

First an observation.
Do you think its possible you have been had a little bit of some
of the mass grave stories. I have not looked at all your photos,
but for one example.

There are lots of heaps of dirt, symmetrically, but no hole where
they have come from. A pile of clothes is place on top of each, but
no remains. Even if the human remains have been reburied this is
not a mass grave site. Its a propaganda site.

3 quick queries

a) How much would it cost to hire a taxi for a day to tour a region?
Ditto, an english language student or something similiar to help
in translation. No exact figure needed just an estimate.
b) I havent read your travelogue completely, did you write a FAQ
for things such as accommodation?
Best place to look, near bus terminals?
c) Transport, share taxis common? or buses?
Money, is I guess cash only?

Even very brief answers to the queries would be appreciated.
Thanks Tom Young


He wrote:
"I appreciate your comments about time, money and
internet cafes and whether you wish to respond or not."

This came as a person email by clicking on contact on my webpage.

I wrote one time about travelers to avoid....

Go read the contact link above and you will see that he does
NOT "appreciate" my time.

I responded once to clarify that they found a mass graves, dug
it up, identified the bodies where possible, then re-buried the ones
that they could not identify. Placed all the clothes on the top
so family may try to identify hopefully in the future...

But he then he replied again and continued to comment..
blah blah blah
about this not being true or nonsense or something like that.
Telling me what I had witnessed...
Like I he was there, and I was not...
I just deleted the second email from him.
Avoid this type of person.

I try to prioritize my regular readers and people that donate
or support the newsletter in some way. I used to answer all
these questions, but found they never end. People want a
travel agent that works for nothing.

I will do anything about for a friend or person that helps
me and I help them, but I am very wary of how I make friends.
People can be very selfish and takers. Better for me to
avoid or even starting along them lines with people.

I am writing this in an attempt to clarify for my readers
or by example to show or demonstrate why this is a person
to avoid. I suppose it is possible he has subscribed to the
newsletter.. Not likely... That would mean he really wants to
learn and realizes there will be chaff in with the wheat.

There is an art to travel that takes time to learn.
I would not want a person to think they can just read
an e-mail from me and go to Iraq. But maybe this is Darwins
theory on how to get rid of a few, maybe I should encourage?
Nah, that would be mean...
(Is is Naw or Nah?)

I suppose all that elicits the question.
Why do I want you to subscribe to my newsletter?

I make money by selling you something or by giving
you information that is valuable in exchange for a donation.

For those of you that think you are going to get rich with a
Internet page pay attention. You need to have a repeat readers
and relationships. Trust is earned over time.

A Wham - Bam - Thank You Mam is not the way to live.
(My spell checker does not have Mam.)

Thank You
Andy HoboTraveler.com

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~ HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks

Sometime I just go to the restroom to take a break
and think. I miss the normal Western style.
This squat has nothing to do with “Rest.”


My wish list of things to help me travel.
I want to buy this travel gear.

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'bout me. I'm alive and doin' fine."
I’m alive and doing fine.‘
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