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ISSUE:  135
DATE:  December 10, 2003
TIP:  Laptop Computer - This will break!
LOCATION: Benalium Beach, State of Goa, India



Hobo TRAVEL TIPS -  Benalium Beach, India - Computer - This will break!
Issue 135 Hobotraveler.com – 10, 2003
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 7
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       Benalium Beach, State of Goa, India
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How I feel today, or a start down
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The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it.
 - Rudyard Kipling


 - A train or bus that leaves in the evening and arrives in the morning
saving the cost or a room and making the trip faster because you
 sleep all night. But you often do not see the country.


Biscuit shooter
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Torch - Export Package - Colva Beach - Snake Charmer
Cows Eating - Carom Board - Benalium Beach Goa India
Chewing of Coca Leaves in Bolivia
What the hell is Mak Kio or Mak Khio Laos - Nam Kham
BANARAS PAN MASALA State of Goa - India
Computer - What will break on your laptop. Compaq


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Benalium Beach, State of Goa, India

I am supposed to find or discover myself. I think that is some
Hippie recommendation for a wide-eyed spiritual experience.
But for me I am just trying to find out my reluctance to go
wander around India more? I have finally got in touch with that
little subconscious mind that is controlling me, and keeping me
hostage in Goa.

It’s a logic problem. Logically it would make sense to take a
train to Gokarna as a way to travel. I just do not like trains. If they
ran every hour or more I would love trains in a way, but in the
end they just annoy me. I feel like this India train system and
me are having an argument. The argument goes like this, I say,
“I want to leave early in the morning.”
The train says,
“I sorry, train only leave at 2:10.”
(Train talks like India people. Short on the English words.)
I say,
“But if I get on the train at 2:10 I will arrive in Gokarna around 3:30
after all the dust clears that is pretty late in the day to find a room.
I like to leave early and catch and eat that worm.”

This conversation goes on in my head for days. There is a conflict
in my mind because I want to get up early and leave, but there is
only one simple train to Gokarna in the afternoon. It will take me
Jacking around from 7:00 AM till 2:10 PM waiting and thinking
about this train. I just want to go; I do not want to sit around waiting
in some hot, dusty, and too much of too much India train station.

The train is supposed to be comfortable and the bus is supposed
to be uncomfortable. I am going to overrule my brain logic and
leave by bus soon, but I am going to just take a 2-4 hour bus trip
and see where I land.

Benalium Beach is a few thousand resort rooms and no tourist.
I have no idea where they are hiding, but there must be a 1000
rooms around here, and I have only seen 10 foreigners.
This place is ugly and boring in comparison to Palolem.
No trees on the beach, and everyone hiding in a resort.

It is just 8 kilometers from Margao and I can go in for 5 Rupees
and walk around the market for thrills, plus the Internet is cheap, fast,
and cluttered. I wonder if the boys in the internet cafes mothers know
what the boys are looking at? The India boys are the champions of
the world for looking at Sex sites. They have almost destroyed the
computers with a world of pop up Sex site clutter.

I promise you I will leave soon, or I will think about it. I also promise you
I will do whatever I want to do. Maybe?

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Just another day in Paradise!
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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
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Go this way!

I have discovered that people of the world have a strange
inclination to put things in their mouths. Most of the time I
have not thought a lot about it, and really to be truthful I try
to ignore, forget, or overlook some of these ugly things
people place in their mouths. I am not talking about food
that that is needed to keep this body running smoothing, I am
talking about things like tobacco, gum, chiclets, toothpicks,
cigarettes and such.

So what do people put in their mouths? It could be anything it
seems, like a baby sucking on its thumb the world is still not
weaned and constantly finds some alternatives. There are
addictive ones like tobacco that has nicotine inside that
makes you physically addicted, but others like toothpicks
although not very harmful they can be annoying to people
and more mentally addictive. A habit.

But I am giving you a heads up, keep your eyes pealed, and/or
pay attention notification as a world traveler so when you are
going this way pay attention you may see and learn about
the curious mouth habits of the world.

I am personally a toothpick person, and actually carry
toothpicks with me when I travel. I thought this was harmless,
but the lady cleaning my teeth in Ecuador pointed out my gums
were receding a little. Just when I thought is was a safe to go
back in the water…

So as you wander the planet I would recommend you observe
what people are chewing. The local habits or customs are
interesting and culturally significant and will tell you a story of
their day-to-day lives. This is also a great conversation opener
and the locals will be very happy to explain to you their
habits and you will learn that maybe chew is not the right word.
They place, wad, insert, suck, arrange, various combinations
of odd stuff into their mouths and soon they will teach you to
go this way.

- My definitions are ambiguous and confused, but the learning
or your attempt to learn the local customs is the adventure.

I believe this is a banana leave with a choice of about 25 different
variations of spices, sweets or nuts that they rub or swath onto
the leaf. Masala is the paste, sauce, or combination of spices,
seasoning, food ingredients that are flavoring. Try to understand
the word curry to research or explore.

LAOS - Mak Kio or Mak Khio?
The Lao people want to be helpful, but in reality they do not speak
English and I do not speak Lao. So it was more or less sign
language or a touch and go learning. I suppose you can look at
the pictures and realize this is really a nasty thing. They spit out
this red juice and not a pretty sight.

Sold in most small markets of Bolivia and Peru, but more
predominantly in Bolivia. The stimulating ingredients inside the
leaves will keep you awake in a mild way. The leaves of Coca
have been part of the local culture for around 1000 years, but
I do not recommend you believe the guidebooks and other
travelers rendition that refined cocaine is part of the Bolivian
Culture as it has only been part around for the last 100 and
more a part of the Western World Culture.

I have tried all 3 of these and consider them a great way to
make my teeth turn colors. Please note I have not found any
of these substances to be healthy or recommended for daily use.
Do not experiment too much; I do believe they are all
addictive and harmful.

None of these chews provide any real sustenance or nourishments
needed by the body, but are normally stimulants that give energy
chemically. Someday day soon these habits I hope will disappear
from the earth and talked about only in the history books.

This all good fun in a confused sort of way, but definitely
a must see and do experience.
Go This Way

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
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There are so many problems for a traveler that carries a
laptop that it overwhelming. But I decided the time has come
for me to tell you what is my biggest fear of breaking on my
computer. I learned this the hard way so you can maybe
learn the easy way and avoid following in my footsteps.

What will break on your laptop?
Everything that wiggles or moves.

So as a rule of thumb, if it wiggles or moves, wobbles
when it walks, the less you do this the longer it will last.

I want to talk about the electrical cord and the connector
in the back of the computer. The laptop computer needs
electricity and works better plugged into an outlet. But the
last thing you really should do is put it on your lap or plug
it in and unplug it all the time.

Do not put a laptop on your lap while plugged in! If you do
you will break the connection on the back of the computer.
It will get bent, and become loose and will not function. It will
break either inside the computer or on the outside. This
happened to me in Colombia and I spent 2 months nursing
the problems until I got it fixed in Quito, Ecuador. I do not
put the computer on my lap now. I use on a table, desk,
chair, but I try to never use on my lap.

Rule of thumb: The more times you plug in your computer
the quicker it will wear out the connection. I unplug the computer
at night, but only at the wall outlet, and not on the back of the
computer. The small connection will break. I leave it connected
as much as possible, and do not play around.

The best situation would be to allow the computer to sit on a
table all the time and unplug at night to let the computer and
the electrical transformer that is inline on the cord to cool. If I was
rich; and on this same trip, I would carry 2 cords. You cannot
just walk into a store anywhere in the world and buy a cord
for your laptop computer.

I believe this is planned by the computer industry so they can
guarantee you buy the next computer. A laptop is designed
for a maximum time of 2 years in my opinion and after that
you are on borrowed time. I had my last computer for 6 years,
so I had 4 extra years because I cared for my computer, which
is saying a lot because it lives inside a backpack.

Here are some photos that tell the story better.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Archives of Scotts Story

He is in Australia.

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“Peanut Gallery”
Fun tips - Here's a little tip from me, to you,
as an experienced traveler.

In countries where the electricity goes on and off
a lot like Mexico, Iraq, India you may want to take
the stairs and not the elevator.




I read your emails out of boredom, but I honestly believe you
are somewhere in America watching television. I will continue
to read them, because they are a great escape from reality.

You are probably overweight, playing video games, and snacking
somewhere in America.

Liar, Liar, Liar. May your pants caught on fire.


Sometimes I think I am jaded, but then I realize I am an optimist
that trust people.

What would prove to you that I am really traveling?

I normally delete these types of emails but my friend John T. told me,
"People do not believe you are really there."
I said,
"Naw, I can't believe that. How would I take all them photos?"
He said,
"I'm telling you, people think you write them letters from the USA."

To me the idea that people would write stories and lie about what
they are doing, and where they are at just seems crazy, but then I
read some articles in travel magazines and I know it is possible.
I say to myself that the writer is full of crap and never left the resort.

My trip to Iraq was the proof I needed to know that journalist and
traveler writers should be in the category under fiction.

I think she drinks.

I do think the art form of travel writing is to forget that you
have an audience. Pretty easy to do sometimes.
I can remember I have a computer because I carry this rock.
But people that write me e-mails seem like distant waves
that sometimes crash loud enough to hear, but only for a moment.


I'd like to travel to East Asia and North Africa for a bit, but can't really
afford it... How do you afford all your travel?



I would think a "bit" is not much. I would recommend you
save money or get a better job. It cost me about 15 dollars
a day to travel so for 3 months or 90 day "a bit" travel trip it would
cost about 1350 Dollars U.S. and about 700 Dollars for the round trip
plane ticket. So I would say you need to save 2000 dollars.

In the end the answer is work.

But I am poor and am still living very frugal. I had to work in the USA
the last time I was home for a bit. But I think I am getting closer to
having this money thing licked. Here is a laundry list of how I make
money WHILE traveling all have something to do with the internet
and the idea that my webpage needs to grow.

1. Write a newsletter paid for by donations.
2. Make money selling my products.
3. Have a few click through ways to make a few dollars.
This is the only one that makes much money and is good.

I am sort of a prick when it comes to advertisers and click
through links. I will only put on my site if I would use the service.
I use various sites  Here is a link on how I think on affiliate
programs for WebPages:

4. I have one advertiser now.
5. I save money, I normally spend only 6 dollars per day.
6. I am working on a import / export way, but no money yet..

I would say you have a 1 in 50 chance of making money
by a webpage. That is on the assumption that you make zero
money for the first 3 years and only meager money for the
next 3, after that I would predict it is gravy.

But for the most part the easiest way to travel and live
it to teach English. Requirements: You are from a country
that speaks English. All them certificates could help, but
not necessary.

Every dollars I save is worth 3 I earn.
It is easier to save then to earn money.
Andy HoboTraveler.com


hello again.
which of your cameras did you use for the photos in london ?
the colors in your photos are just great.
i have a minolta dimage but am not happy with the image color.
i love indian food.
'ol lady lynn


I think I answer in the past. But 85 percent are taken with
my Creative WebCam and 15 percent with my Sony Mavica.
Here is a link explaining:

I have found out that the Creative Camera is maybe not
offered anymore. I think they have an alternative, but am
not sure what...?

Thanks... I am still testing the food.


Dear Andy,

All the ideas about poverty, malnourishment, bad water, and
all the social issues that keep the NGO’s and the
United Nations driving the big cars is a difficult subject.

I have spent the last 6-7 years roaming around in countries
that are labeled with one of these names.

Third World Nations

This I feel and believe is about 80 percent of the planet.
Hard to know because I have not seen the whole planet and
Bravo! Finally someone with the spine enough to tell it like
it is and not more Politically Correct nonsense.

The UN and the GWL (Guilty White Liberals) run the
"Total Victim" industry that manufactures victimhood and
shoves people into them so they can wring their hands,
form non-profits and make a living while doing absolutely
nothing to truly help erase poverty.

Thank you,


He is referring to the prior newsletter.
I think I will steal and use the GWL thing.

I keep thinking that it would be fun to have a shirt
that says,

"All self-appointed victims will be shot on sight."

I have found most NGOs full of self-appointed victims
that are searching for a company or person to victimize.
They dream of being the abuser. So in the end, the victims
are just fighting to be in line to be the next abuser.

To really help people is difficult. It is personal and scary.
I am giving food to people daily in India. It is the first country
I have entered where some of the people will take the food.
Most beggars want money, and do not want food.

To get close to a blind, legless, noisy, dirty, smelly, filthy
person laying in the street. Smile and say hello, hand them
a piece of bread takes all the energy and nerve I got.
This is everything a GWL wants to hide from... Me too.
Giving is very personal.

These are not nice people that had a bad break.
It is often criminals, alcoholics, and the filth of the planet.
I treat them with respect, smile, with the hope they can learn to
respect themselves. I give because someone with more
than me gave to me when I was in need.

Thanks, Andy HoboTraveler.com

Hey Andy,
Thanks for responding to my request.  As for your
wondering why I am envious, I suppose it's because
I was once in India and decided to skip going to Goa
because at the time I wanted to avoid the party scene
altogether and concentrate on seeing the "true" India
(whatever that means).  But since then I realize that it's
important to see all aspects of a country.  A friend of
mine always travels by third class when he takes trains.
He says that the "real people" of a country travel this way
and that he wants to experience what the real people
experience.  I argue that it's important to also travel by
the other classes just to see what that is like as well.
It's kind of like in China where to get the best perspective
it's important to travel not only by hard seat, but also by
hard sleeper and even occassionally by soft sleeper.
China is not just a country of hard seat peasants.  A trip
by soft sleeper will give you perspective on how life is
for the upwardly mobile and give you a better overall
perspective of what that country is all about. 

I guess this is a long winded way of saying that I regret
not having seen Goa and its party scene (as well as seeing
the beautiful Goan countryside and meeting the uniquely
Goan people).  I've had friends who did partake in the party
atmosphere and most have felt fortunate to have
experienced it.  Yes, I'm sure that there's a lot of bullshit.
 Plenty of knucklehead not only of the packaged tourist
crowd but lame hippies as well.  But many a friend has
come away from their time in Goa having made lifelong
friends with both other travellers and Goans alike.
There are plenty of very interesting, spiritual people who
go there trying to soak in the atmosphere, to connect with
a beautiful place and culture and to create some
positive energy.

That is what I'd like to see and why I'm envious that you
are there.  A friend of mine brought back a few pictures
from Goa and the shots were tremendous.  People dancing
in groves of trees while the sun comes up.

I hope you get to experience this little piece of world culture.
It's an interesting phenomenom and one that would that
would be a worthy addition (be it good or bad) to your
already extensive collection of experiences.   I feel like I
missed out.  As I'm living vicariously through you my
wandering minstrel, I encourage you to open your eyes
and mind to what that scene has to offer.


p.s. I'm also envious of your ability to eat masala dosas.
I miss those tasty treats.


Hello Mike,
Met him in Mexico about 6 years ago, and I know he
has traveled to a lot of unique areas of the planet.
I think he helped update one of the guidebooks also.

I think at the end he was buttering me up to try to induce
me to go take more pictures of the crazies on the beach.
I will do my best to find them Mike. Goa is so full on tourist
right now, I am not sure what I have to do, short of going
to the place where the biggest "Trance" or "Techno"
parties are suppose do be. I think it is Anjuna Beach
where this occurs.

I think for the stereotypical hippies it may be more difficult.
The are really either hiding, or just interspersed with the
normal travelers and given up on the idea of living on the
beach in shacks. I also think the day of heroin addition
has moved from Goa to Delhi or maybe Mumbai. I am not
really sure, and very difficult to be clear on, because the
junkie type hippie travelers are not in vogue so they hide.

I think as I head toward Kerola in the south there will be
more isolated beaches for the people that want to camp
on the beaches. Palolem was too much tourist and the
information coming from the mouths of "Tourist" that
think they are "Travelers" was hogwash. I am looking
for some sweet spots of information of the whole country.
I do not think I will find it in India. There is nothing centralized.

As for the Third Class or Sleeper and what is real or unreal
culture and so forth and so on... I suppose the "Real People"
as your friend would say are in the Third Class section.

But all things are real and the word is vague.

I think he is saying the people that have not been changed
by the presence of tourist or western style people or

I think there are 3 types of places.

Full on tourist places where they wine and dine
you and try to give you the resort, plus the culture thing
but in the end it is just a "TGIF" Restaurant with a localized
menu. (Thank God It's Friday) There are some claimers
of thing to do so you can say you are looking at the sites.

The museum, archeology, churches, temples, and
historical stuff. This sounds like what I think Mike thought
he should spend time doing, and missed on Goa.

A vacant city with no tourist or foreigners.
Like the closest big city Fort Wayne, Indiana. USA
to my house. Not a real good reason to visit if you
are touring the USA unless you want to find out how
a normal American lives.

I like the vacant city, and is similar to 3rd class.
I like them all if there are some nice conversations
a few girls to chat up.

To know the real country a person must not be
able to see any tourist and everyone tells you not
to go, and why would you go?

But life is for fun and do what is fun.
I do not think the drunk dancers on the beach are
having a spiritual movement. I done my share and
a couple other peoples share of the drugs and alcohol
and can say from first hand experience that it did not
make me more spiritual or a better person. Maybe
after I got through the tunnel I was on a higher plain
but only after I stopped drinking and doing drugs.

I do think the drunks and druggies are having fun.
Spiritual no, but this concept give the locals a way
to make money off the stupid people of the world.
If they drink enough.... I can take the photos you want!

When traveling nothing is important to see.
You are a unique person with interest that are
varied as the stars and planets, so find your
own star, and do not worry about the rest,
I can assure you they are not worried about you.
Andy HoboTraveler.com

p.s. I do not know what "masala dosas" is?
But I am not a garbage disposal eater so I am
slow to test the foods. I have learned what "Masala"
is and now I am trying to learn what "Dosas" is?

I am always tempted to act like I know what the devil
people, travelers or tourist are talking about, but
I really do not care. All the other can pretend then
know everything and I will pretend I know nothing.

Click on REPLY to write with questions.

~ HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks

India is suppose to be corrupt.
I think they need to update the gossip mill,
because it is behind the times.
Plus the Brits have left... their colony.


My wish list of things to help me travel.
I want to buy this travel gear.

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I’m alive and doing fine.‘
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