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ISSUE:  133
DATE:  November 25, 2003
Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Goa, India - 10 Problem Animals
TIP:  10 PROBLEM ANIMALS - From worst to least problem.
LOCATION: Goa State of India



Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Goa, India - 10 Problem Animals
Issue 133 Hobotraveler.com – November 25, 2003
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 7
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Normally they travel after army. A person would
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"Why are there so many Israelis here?"
They person would answer,
"After Army." Then explain.


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Better to read the article on Turtles first!

Beach and Beach Huts on Palolem Beach, India
Toilet - Typical Girls - Sand Castles - Horn at Sunset Goa India
The walk to search for the Turtle nest Goa India Palolem
River Crossing - Large Hotel - Golf Course - Men with Purse - Goa India
British Colonist - Shade River and Entrance to Turtle Beach Goa India
Resort - Turtle Nests - Ferry - Goa India
Turtle Nest in Goa India
Fenny Still in Goa India or a Moonshine India Style
Map to the Turtle nest.


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I am still on the beach in Goa, India. Life is very good,
but I am getting antsy. I need to move soon and do the
cultural things awhile. Look at whatever I am suppose
to look at in India. I do not have a guidebook yet and this
makes for a very relaxing time. None of that
I should go look at this, or I better do this guilt.

I need a guidebook mostly for my hop between hotels.
I am going to hop to the next hotel soon. I do not feel
afe until I am planted in the next hotel. So the guidebook
gives me the next hotel.

The British Expatriate Colony here is getting on my
nerves I found myself looking for Israel people to hang
around with so I could avoid the endless talk about football,
drugs, and beer, like they could ponder and intellectualize
on these subjects and make more interesting. I saw one
straggler French girl looking for room, and I did my best
to help her rent a room in my set of huts, but I had no
luck in the endeavor.

I will find a few Israelis to help me find the next hotel in
Hampi or Gokana. I want everything in balance and every
culture in balance; too much of anything is too much
including the USA culture.

Life is sometimes for me just avoiding the annoyances.
I think about 3 months of any culture now is my mental
limit of culture clash.

I am getting lots of exercise and this makes me feel
healthy and fit. I am slowing down on the sun; my hair
is almost sun-bleached white. Someone thought I was
from Australia because I looked like a surfer. The
blond, blue-eyed thing here remind them of the
stereotypical Australian Surfers in this region of the
world, while in North and South American they always
ask if I am from California?

Lots of travelers take this route.
England - India - Thailand - Australia
It’s a package deal for travelers.

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I was trying to sound mysterious and alarming, but I
think need to get Mr. Spock from Star Trek to help
me search… or discover and / or maybe just go look
at Turtles with me. More properly I was went to look at
some Turtle nests. Spots on the sand where a big Turtle
laid lots of eggs and the Goa, India government pays a
person to watch and protect.

In the back of my head I still want to find a Turtle. I really
would like to sea a big Turtle come up on shore and wallow
around and lay some eggs. People are always talking
about Turtle and for sure Turtles are on the fashionable list
of animals that people think need to be protected. What is
funny is I am having lots of problems finding and information
on Turtles or endangered Turtles or even anything about
Turtle soup.

I looked up Turtle in the Encyclopedia. Describes Turtles
to great length but not a lot of information on why they
need protected? I am a big collector of Turtles. I made a
pond of concrete when I was young and collected about
50 Turtles for the entire world to see. They even ate my
duck. Not a good day for the duck. But the snapper Turtles
of Indiana, USA can be a little or lot on the viscous side.
I was happy to know the Turtles were eating. It is hard to
be sure if they eat or don’t eat.


I looked up:
Sea Turtle
Endangered Species

I was tired of Turtles and thought about whales. So I looked
up whales. I found they do have an acronym. The IWC
or the International Whaling Commission that tries to
protect the whale and there is lot of talk about why they
are hunted and the commercial value, with methods of
limiting the size and all that type of thing, but I do not
understand the fuss about Turtles? …But no information…

Maybe it is because they are cute. I am all in favor of
saving cute Turtles and most cute chicks. But all in all,
I am not sure about the why of Turtles? I would think if
they can talk about the protection of whales, the
encyclopedia could give one paragraph to the protection
of Turtle. Especially because I just spent a lot of energy
walking down a beautiful and wonderful beach in Goa, India
searching for them. This is hard work and somebody has
to do it, and it is fair that the Encyclopedia help if possible.

I know of a few places around the world where they protect
Turtles. Costa Rica, Ecuador and places like that, but this
was my first time to actually go look around and nose about.


Well, this is pretty easy in reality. You start walking south
from Palolem Beach, Goa, India. It would be hard in reality
to miss the Turtles, especially if you keep asking for
Turtles or pointing. On the other hand they may try to serve
you Turtle soup. I had the help of Gabe. He is my coffee
buddy in the morning and the wise old hippie with too much
knowledge both first hand and casual about the drugs of Goa.
But a great guy all in all.


Hand drawn maps make travelers angry. It is possibly to
be a map of a secret beach only known by hippies and
whoever was smoking the joints last night while they had
a few beers. None of those guys or gals would every talk,
but more importantly with a map they would probably
remember. I have a map to the Turtle nest.

Did you go look at the map? Maybe huh, but trust me it
would not make much sense unless you are on Palolem beach.

I am going to leave out a lot of information out of this on
how you could go do this by car or motorcycle so that it
sounds like I was on a bigger adventure. OK?

It was simple, I grabbed my map, and a bag with 2 bottles
of water, camera, put on my gym shoes for the heavy duty
rocks around here and took off SOUTH. I went south from
Palolem in the early morning, or more correctly after the
morning coffee and 1 egg with toast, and extra strong
coffee with milk. I walked off into the rising sun.

Morning is fun and as I walked to the end and off the beach
of Palolem and I made my way over the first hill or rocky
outbreak into the water that slows down my beach walk
and requires shoes. A few of the locals are up and sweeping
the sand. Strange as it may sound, this is a common
occurrence worldwide. People sweep the dirt floor area
around their huts to clean up the debris and tidy up. So I
am waving and saying hello to the early risers and watching
them perform their daily chore of sweeping the sand or dirt.

Another daily chore on this beach is for the girls to stand
around the public water tap and fill up plastic jugs for the day.
They will collect a few of these plastic replicas of old clay
type design. They look just like a clay pot of some archeology
show but made out of plastic.


I was extremely surprised to see remnants besides the
normal beer bottles and plastic bottles on the beach.
There was a sand castle still standing. The texture of the
sand and water content of the local beaches allow sand
castles and other designs to remain for long periods.
This one made is all night. The fashionable sand castle
or sand design very common now is naked people doing
strange things, tacky, but common. I like the traditional

A few fishermen were leaving for a daily fishing trip or
probably more correctly to net some fish. I was slowly
leaving the heavily populated area of Palolem and moving
into the deserted beach. I saw a crazy guy as I walked and
said hello, but I tried to make sure and look away real quick.
Do not want to have him share the trip. There was a sarong
laid out on the sand, but the girl was missing, so maybe
she drowned. Probably not, but the beach is great place
to collect towels, sarongs, and other beach items that
people leave for the morning walkers to find.

On the next beach that goes by the name of Padnam beach
it was sort of deserted but not really.

Where are all the deserted beaches?

A few boats later, and a lot of sand I slow move down
the beach on a walk towards the Turtles. Now the walking
was getting more difficult. Palolem beach has a great
base area close to the water, hard and easy to walk on,
so life is good, but as I walked directly into the blinding
morning sun the sand of Padnam beach was soft and difficult.
I worked my way to the area of beach between the dry
sand and the waters edge. If I watched and was real careful,
I am able to walk directly down the line or margin area
where the sand is hard from being wet, but still pretty dry.
The waves overlap area of the beach. But I kept sinking
in and was not happy. I am not sure if many of you have
walked for extended distance on the beach, but to have
your heel of your foot sink into the sand, and then have to
push off is about the world best calf exercise. I had just
started and knew that if I have 3 hours of this type of walking
I would be dead, but in good leg shape at the end of this trip.
So I was walking the waters edge, trying to find solid sand
if that is possible.


I kind of like that word. Sound distinguished, but probably
easier to say there was a large pile of rocks ahead and I
would have to walk around again, plus you would
understand what I mean. This was the second and is
probably my best chances to get lost or confused, or
forget where the coast is? It really is difficult to lose the
coast, but in the areas outside the coastline there are
a few huts and other types of obstacles so I may have
gotten permanently distracted. That sort of thing does

In reality there are lots of little beaches on this coastline
separated by lots of rock or stone structure that force
you to walk around. Each stretch of sand in between
the pile of rocks has a name. Not that it is important,
but they are not complete orphans.

I make my way around the escarpment. I then encounter
a new hazard, but it was not a golf course hazard, it was
a get wet hazard. I am wearing my gym shoes. My paid
good USA dollars, bought in America Reeboks, that I do
not want to get wet. They could start to stink, and become
dirty looking. They never seem to wear out, they only become
so ugly I have to buy a new pair. So there is a water hazard,
but I really do not want to take off my shoes. I have on socks,
and this whole operation could lead to sand in my shoes
and wet socks, and a general unconformable feeling.

I pulled up a large rock and very carefully remove my
Reeboks. Making sure to keep the sock dry, and shake
the sand away. I placed the socks inside the shoes and
tied the laces together. I then attached this now dangling
pair of Reeboks to the outside of my bag that has a clip.
I am happy the clip is there, but am not sure why it is
there and for what purpose? I have trouble believing
they designed it for my shoes. But it worked well, and
I survived.

I am a person that like my shoes on, or my shoes off.
I do not like to take them off and on all the time. Sandals
are OK, but they do not handle the pressure too well of
rocky escarpments. Get all stressed out and collapse
under real pressure. A good gym shoe is better mentally
equipped for escarpments.


There was a small stream that entered the ocean. Not a
large stream, but a baby, that is just big enough to cause
me problems. I needed to get to the other side. Really that
was a very easy proposition. I could just walk across, but
I did not just want to walk across. I wanted to walk across
dryly. I had on my swim trunks, but was not excited about
walking for hours in wet swim shorts.

So I pulled on my shorts bringing them high as possible
then started looking for the shallow part of this river.
It was moving along pretty fast, and I had to be careful to
not fall, and ruin my Sony Mavica Camera in my backpack.
I found the area close to the ocean again and made it
successfully across with maybe one or two inches to spare.
I am glad I am tall and have the longer version of legs.

I continue on barefoot. I cannot be bothered to put back
on the shoes until it is absolutely necessary.


I look over to my left, and there is this set of colored
concrete two story buildings that goes from one end of
the beach to the next escarpment. Gabe told me they
were building a new hotel over here, but I had no idea
it was for a couple of thousand people. I can tell you the
idea of a deserted beach is hard to find. I would need
a map. But this was not a deserted beach by any means.
I was looking up and down the beach trying to keep my
eyes wide open. I saw a guard, and a few construction
workers. I am sure there was some real rich India people
living in the hotel, I was thinking maybe I could have a
casual morning walk and meet one of the rich daughters.
I did my best, but they were all still hiding inside the
concrete castles called a resort. Most of the Indian people
do not need a tan, so the early sun was not calling them
loudly as it does the diligent western world sunbathers.

But I did spy the Golf Course. Go figure, I thought I was in
Gods country and all alone, but someone built a golf course.
I took photos of all this stuff so do not worry; you can look
at the photos.


Two loyal members of the British Colony that live on this
beach during the winter season were trying to fish.
(Note this is joke, but not really. There is an imperialistic
twitch to the stranglehold the British have on this culture.
It is a colony of expatriates.) I stopped and chatted and
asked them if they caught any fish? This is a touchy subject,
because the one has gone out over 10 times and has not
caught one fish. They are getting real serious and rented
a boat, and went to Chaudi to buy fish for bait. I heard later
they caught 2 catfish that day. I did not hear any bragging.


That is about 25 Cents USA or about a quarter of a Euro,
not much, but just enough to pay the little dugout canoe
captain to take me across a real river. It was an exciting
location, with lots of fishermen, ugly little boats, and ugly
big boats. There were Lots of men standing around staring
at the two British Colonist and me. Wondering if they could
either make money off us, or discover why we were doing
silly things? I was walking looking for Turtle and they were
fishing and not catching fish. They do this stuff for food,
not for fun, we go off doing odd activities and they like to

When I say the boats were ugly, it would probably sound
better if I said they had a lot of character. Because they
did, but because they were very ugly and very dirty. And
there were probably a few characters on the boats
looking around and staring. The India people do this a little
too much, it does not bother me and I just talk to them. The
poorer Indian people do not understand me talking English
to them, but I sort of feel like talking to people that stare at
me, just seems like the proper thing to do. So I talk to them,
and they stare back. We get along great.

I really should not have brought the 2 bottles of water. This
little grouping of houses and store just after the river was
the perfect place to taste the local flavors of people, drinks
and anything else. They had a corner general store that sold
what look to be mostly liquor, but probably almost anything
else I wished or wanted. They just stood and stared so I did
not enter, but I was thinking hard about a pack of the small
cookies, but I successfully avoided the temptation. Plus I
had 2 bottles of water and no good excuse.


I say,
“Turtles, Turtles, Turtles.”
And I point in to the south. Everyone stares at me, finally
a person that spoke a little English understood. He is
carrying a basket of fish and tells me to follow. As we walk
along he ask me if I like fish, and I say,
“No, I like Chicken.”

I am in a fishing village. They have plenty of fish. He wants
to have me stop and eat fish, but I know the ploy. If I would
say yes, he would ask me in or try to get me to stop and
buy some fresh cooked fish. I really do not like fish, so I
was saved honestly, but I also was lucky. It was only about 9:00
in the morning and way too early to smell fish and eat fish.
The profit margin for fish is probably 100 percent here in
this village, but chickens cost money, and not a good profit,
plus he knows as well as I do that it is really too early in
the morning for fish or chicken, even for a rich foreigner.

I find the beach that was next to the path leading out of town.
There was a cow eating from a pile of junk along the beach.
The cows seem to act like dogs here. I see their heads inside
the trash bins on a regular basis. So I am walking into the
rising sun, a large stone escarpment is in the distance, the
village is protected by a large 2 meter wide wall, and a cow
that eat trash. So life is normal and good in India.

I am off on another one of them soft beaches and my
heels are sinking into the sand. I am positively getting
enough exercise today. No worries as the locals say, then
I stop and take a look at Gabes map. The man told me I
was on Tapona beach. I think maybe I just crossed by dugout
canoe the Tapona River. It is not important, but I would hate
to think I was carrying the map and asking questions for no
reason. I was going south down the coast.
Not very complicated.

I continue down the beach. I just realized that Gabe called
these stone escarpments “Headlands.” Sorry about that
people, I should look at my map more, but that is cheating.
I have to admit that Gabe is more correct; these large
rock formations are called “Headlands.”

Having a map is wise, actually stopping and reading a map
is cheating, plus I do believe in the Macho Men’s manual that
I have imprinted inside my head there are specific instructions
saying to only read a map when you are sure you are lost
and not before. So I was cheating.

Encyclopedia Britannica says Headlands:
“A point of usually high land jutting out into a body
of water: promontory”

I would say that describes this pain in the butt lumpy areas
of rock pretty good. I suppose I could just say rock obstacles.
I hope you get the point. I keep running into obstacles called.
“Headlands,” as I walk down the coast of India.

So I see the next one in the distance. I had made it this far
without needing to put on my Reebok gym shoes, but so
much for that idea. (Note; Reebok… Send money please.
You owe me for saying and typing that word Reebok so many
times.) I find a path that leads around the next headland,
which is marked by plastic bag hanging on a tree.
Immediately off the shore is a field of Sand Burs. These are
prickly little plants and like to jab into your foot and hang on,
they are an exceptionally obnoxious behaving plant, and
so I put on my shoes immediately. There is no stone to use
as chair, so I stand on one foot, wipe my foot off of the extra
sand, and put on my sock, then my shoe. I only slipped or fell
over once, so there was a minimum amount of sand in my shoes.


I walk directly into another groups of houses. I am walking
along with their window close enough to look inside and stare.
I do not see anyone inside, so I cannot return the effort and
stare at him or her inside. It was sort of quiet, and eerie as I
walk through the freshly swept sand yards trying to not scare
anyone that I would happen upon. I stopped to try to take a
photo of this little river that passed through the cluster of houses.
Hoping there was enough light to make the photo show up
correctly, but not being sure and just standing there, I was
probably having and dwelling on all these thoughts so I did
not have to move. I sometimes make excuses to myself on
why I should be lazy. I was a little tired and hot.

So in that moment of confusion I look down to the end of a
house and spy what appears to be a very beautiful girl in
bright red clothing? So I spied her and she spied me, and
I decided to try to photo her. It did not work, she was way
too fast and would duck behind the corner of the house, then
peek around to see if I was still there, and I would raise my
camera, and she would disappear. It was good fun, but I
failed to catch a photo. It would be nice to have went over
and talked with her, but I may have scared her, or made
her feel uncomfortable. Not good manners to make people
feel uncomfortable, and especially when it bridges on
feeling afraid.

Wandered down this path that appear to head back to the
beach. I was around the escarpment or headlands and on
my final beach I hoped. This one according to the map
would have the Turtles Nests.

Entrance, I saw an entrance, or more correctly I came upon
what appeared to be an entrance. It was 2 very large bamboo
side posts with a header across the top that was being
prepared to install a sign. So I am leaving a small and
wonderful village and entering a something on the beach.
I started to think that the Turtle nests were very organized,
and maybe this was a full on tourist attractions. I soon found
out that this was really a real estate development or a hut
addition. Sort of a hut development, or a resort made of huts.
They were constructing a round rotunda building that is the
latest fashion in bamboo bars here in this area, and I thought
to myself.
“I hope this is not the Turtle beach.”

A full-scale touristy resort and Turtles do not mix. It is better
they stay separated and do not play together. I walk around
this group of huts under constructions and took a few photos
of the construction workers. I ask a few or basically just
said the word “Turtle” to see if anyone knew what I was
talking about. A very tall Indian girl that looked about 3 social
class levels above the others, and obviously much taller
appeared and in very good English said,
“The Turtles are at that end of the beach.”

She points toward the end, and I leave saying,
“Thank You.”

I walk away a little bewildered on what I had just seen.
I am on this long ecology and save the world walk and
I have seen way too many big resorts and people too
concerned with tourism. I am not feeling like the Turtles
are winning and this very organized resort directly on the
Turtle beach is not saving the world or protecting the
Turtles from stupid tourist and stupid travelers like me.
It is just making it more available for problems.

I think I was on Radabarger Beach. This is the name of
the beach that has the Turtle nest. I am probably saying
and writing the name of this beach incorrectly. But that is OK.
Maybe if no one can find this beach, but the ones that truly
would like to protect the Turtles it will remain safe for a
while longer.

This chasing after Turtles is not a perfect situation. India is
a mixture of people that want to help to sell you something
at every corner, but only want to sell or help you with what
they are selling. The Turtles are not for sale, and this is
normal. The best trips and adventures are free, while the
worst of the world cost way too much and leaves you with
a bad taste.

I walk along this beach till I finally came upon what appeared
to be approximately 6 cordoned off areas around Turtle
nest. It was a mesh type cloth that surround 4 wooden stakes
and very flimsy and easy to remove or destroy. I stopped
at the beginning of the row of nest and proceeded to take
photos. A man came or stood ready to greet me. I normally
would have been very polite and went over to talk with him,
but I have found that if a person is watching for any reason
in a developing country they can make some real strange
rules. Maybe I have to pay, or maybe I am not suppose to take
photos, or who knows what? I did not want to chance not
taking photos, so I just started to take photos.
“Turtle Paparazzi.”

So I captured some photos and then went to talk with the man.
He is very passive and gentle and speaks smidgens of English,
just enough to answer questions, if I spoke slowly and said
my questions simple and clearly, no compound sentences.

I discovered that the eggs would hatch in 55 days. Him and
other people stay around and watch the Turtles all the time,
and as best I can determine they live at night in the little hut
on the beach. I had talked a few times with other people of
Palolem that all professed to have knowledge of Turtle. They
told me that they laid their eggs in November and December
and the eggs hatched 60 days later. One of the person had
came and seen the Turtles. The story I got was different.
The man said the Turtles came to this beach anytime from
September to March and laid their eggs, 55 days later the
eggs would hatch. There had already been a few nests that
had hatched. I ask him how many nests would there be in the
course of the season. I did not ask that question really. Those
are big words. But I slowly found out that there are normally
30 each year approximately, but that number seems
to be decreasing.

I ask him about the resort on the end of the beach, and all
is did is look dejected. He said something about rich people
and this and that. But who knows what was going on in this
mans mind? We do not speak the same language.
He walked me to the area where I could catch a bus
or motorcycle taxi.

As we walked towards the bus stop we passed a house.
I instantly notice and recognized some of the Fenny tools.
Fenny is the local moonshine that is fermented and distilled
down to the hard liquor that is sold up and down this beach.

So the Turtle police guy also gave me a tour of the Fenny Still.
I took some really good photos of the large cauldron where
they was boiling off the alcohol and allowing it to cool in a
tank of water.

I did not see any Turtles. If I had a motorcycle I could return
55 days after the times that was posted on all the signs.
Every Turtle nest was clearly marked in English and posted
with a sign that said the date the eggs were laid. This would
be good fun, and an ideal way to spend a few nights on the
beach. I need a good excuse to want to sleep on a beach,
and Turtles would be a good excuse. I do not plan on staying
long enough in this area to see the Turtles hatch. It would be
a very committed plan to stay 55 days to see only Turtles.

Are Turtles protected? I would say the Turtle Police guy is
there for a reason, and the government of Goa, India is
probably paying him. So yes they are protected. How well
and for how long? I have no idea, but I am lackadaisical
about this, but in the end I do my best to make the
world aware.

The big problem as best I can surmise is that the locals eat
the eggs. The tourists trample the egg nest. The tourists
are in some ways more respectful to the eggs then the locals,
but both are equally a problem. I was talking after my trip
about alternatives to people coming that want to grab the
eggs to eat. I said,
“It could be a good idea for tourist to bring chicken eggs to
place next to the nest so the locals could have some food
and not steal the eggs.”

Gabe piped up and said,
“They do not eat the eggs for food. They eat the egg for
superstitions and things like maybe it will improve their
sexual performance.”

I have no answer to superstitions. The world had a lot
of strange ideas. Palolem beach is full of fashionable
cure-alls for anything that ails you. So people that should
just give up a few addictions come here to find God, but
in the end get a few fashionable words done to them. Like
Ayurvedic Massage, Reiki 1st and 2nd degree, Kalarippayatto
- Keralan Martial Arts and Yoga. These are the words I know
off the top of my head quickly to tell you about the area. There
is emphasis here on the local religions and books are read
about spiritual things.

I am slowly starting to believe that the reason the world
fought over the spices here was nothing more then a fight
over what they believed to be aphrodisiacs. Not spices for
cooking, but herbs and spices to make you feel a certain way.
The western world is in a craze right now where they have some
“natural” cure for very big money to solve any big or small
problem. So how could we convince a person with no
education to listen to a western world idea? The western world
comes here to eat and use that V drug. I cannot write the word
in this letter or the spam police will stop the newsletter.
(V has to do with making babies or performing.) It is a little
hard to believe that maybe they would listen to any of the western
style tourist. I would not listen them and I am one of them.

But hopefully a trip to this Turtle nesting site by me, and other
well intentioned people will help make people aware that
they are not suppose to eat Turtle Eggs.

I ended up at the end crossing a river by a big dugout canoe.
They called it a ferry, but I will call it a big canoe. For 2 rupees
I made it to the other side and started to walk to Masham
a small village to the south of the Turtles. I was lucky or unlucky
and a bus came by before I made it to the next village. I sort of
wanted to see the village, but it could have been hours before
the next bus so I paid 5 rupees and rode to Chaudi, caught another
bus to Palolem Beach and was home with the tourist.

I was surprised how far of the trip in the bus was from the
Turtle Nest. The route along the coastline was more or less flat
and straight while the bus had to meander along the costal hills
and stop at every other turn to pick up passengers. Although I
was not able to find an actual Turtle, I spent 5 hours thinking,
becoming aware of the ocean, the sand, the people and the
Turtles and the World that we share.
I found what I was looking for!


I found in the Encyclopedia Britannica what appears to be
a couple of reputable agencies that keep list of animals
threatened with extinction.

1. Survival Service Commission of the International Union
for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN),
which publishes information on endangered species worldwide
in a series of loose-leaf binders called the Red Data Book.
Another agency is the Secretariat for the Convention on
International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna
and Flora.

2. In the United States the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
of the Department of the Interior is responsible for conservation
and management of fish and wildlife resources and their
habitats, including endangered species.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
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I suppose everyone thinks,
"Lions, Tigers, and Snake!"
are the problems for the adventurer, but in reality
the world is pretty tame and you need to pay big
money to get close to those animals.
The real problems come from...

From Worst to Least

1. HUMAN (Worst)
By far the most dangerous and annoying.
The can steal, lie, and cheat. They will urinate
next to your foot and spit on the floor anywhere.
The make funny noise in the night whether blowing
their noses, or smells. I suppose the resemble apes
but I do not see many apes up close. I really would
and think they should put a few in cages. They also
think the world should hear them breed.

2. ANTS AND MITES (2nd Worst)
There is no escape. If you have ants in your room
and they are crawling in you bed you have a problem.
Ants can penetrate where only a human does better.
There are mites and very very small ants in the world.
Some the size of a fleck of dandruff that climb on you
skin and hair. Hard to realize they are annoying you
and the for the mites you may need a magnifying glass.

3. COCKROACHES (3rd Worst)
More of an annoyance then a real problem. The do
not bite, but are real creepy and not the thing to find
in first thing in the morning by feel in your under-shorts.
I am allowing them life because I hear they eat bed bugs.

Such cute little pets. There is enough cat and dog
crap or dropping normally to declare the world full
of land mines. They smell, bark, and annoy. The mark
their territory which is probably your room by urinating
near, around and in the room.

I had a cat in the attic of a hotel one time. I am laying
in my bed and a wet noise was next to my head. The
cat had urinated in the attic and it came through the
ceiling. Pets and hotels do not mix. But then again
the problem is that you have animals (Humans) that
do not watch or care for the small animals. No wonder
the humans are the most annoying.

Cleanliness, washing of sheets and sweeping
the room is the solution. None of the above happens
in these stagnant or somewhat developing countries.
The mattress is never cleaned. Time to move hotels.

Probably high on most peoples list, but remember the
human is a slow learner and does not carry prevention.
Mosquitoes are annoying but easily prevented in most
cases. I always carry a mosquito net and repellent.
Especially in Europe where the animals do not seem
to believe they need mosquito screens on windows.
Hard to civilize the animals of the world.

I do not to like to even think of this. It just makes
me frustrated, angry, and annoyed at the number
one pest in life or animal. You need to move hotels.

Annoying and a problem, but a mosquito net will
solve this quite handily.

I have never seen one, but I know they exist.
Right before sunset and after sunset they appear to
be the worst. Something about sand makes them
thrive. A good insect repellant is the solution.
What you cannot see can annoy.

This is a proof you have traveled. Any self respecting
traveler will have a few rooster stories. The noise they
make and the continuous racket they make as one
rooster exchanges gossip with another rooster on
or about the hens will keep you awake or wake you
better then the best alarm clock.

A. Rats & Mice
B. Spiders and Centipedes
C. Iguanas (Food eating in Nicaragua)
D. Monkeys (Food stealing in Thailand)
E. Moths and flying stuff. (All around the light)
F. Snakes and scorpions. (Scorpions like grass roofs.)


1. Owner of hotels that do not care.
2. Food in your room.
3. Holes or cracks around in walls or ceiling of room.
4. No Mosquito net. Always carry a net!
5. Beer - Sodas - Sugar Products
6. Cracks under door.
7. Cracks at roof line.
8. Grass or palm roofs.
9. Tile roofs.
10. Toilet
11. No screens on windows (Europe)

I will continue to write tips about how to prevent
all of these animals from setting up house with
you and playing ping pong inside your head.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Archives of Scotts Story

He is in Australia.

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“Peanut Gallery”
Fun tips - Here's a little tip from me, to you,
as an experienced traveler.

Fat people float in water better.
Gain some weight for safety reasons.




 I'm thinking that shrink wrapping a pack could protect
it from having the straps torn off by baggage handlers,
not just the anti-theft issue there, but then handlers would
tend to pick it up and throw it more (than before).

Chris - Idaho


Shrink Wrap is not dependable. I was going to do this for
the extremely long trip to Turkey, plus I also had 2 transfers which
increased the odds of damage to my bag.

I arrived early and the shrink wrap machine was closed.
It is just a random thing and not in every airport.
Not dependable.

I have in my head a design for backpack cover that
would theft protect and pad the bag. Plus provide some handles
for the apes that perform as baggage handlers.
(The only place my bag is damaged is on planes.)


Hi Andy,
Great web resource. I don't know how you find the
time to do it.

Cheers and all the best

Dan R. -  Australia

Thanks for the donation.

How do I find the time?
I wake up every morning with the birds between 5 and
6 am and type on my computer for about 2 hours.
It is a small price to pay for my lifestyle.
That computes to me working at least 5110 hours
on my internet site in the last 7 years.

I prognosticated one time that if I paid a person
20 U.S. dollars to work on a webpage for 12,000
hours I would spend 240,000 dollars and could make
a super site. I determined that there are about 1600
aspects of a webpage to consider and implement.

In a nutshell. I am working to have enough money to
travel forever with no restraints. Work equals success
in a cycle cybernetic sort of synergy.


Mr. Andy -

On your web site you have "Help Andy Want List".
I can offer some suggestions:
4. Concrete Fastener:
Fastener to concrete walls that is easy to install.

Suggestion #1: Gaffer's Tape.
Benefit: Like duct tape, with stronger adhesive.
Used in movie industry to attach anything to anything.
Benefit/problem: Will hold heavy loads forever -
EXCEPT if surface wet or hot!
So at beach - damp and hot - be cautious please.
Do not suspend coconut over head of your bed.
Problem: Full roll heavy - I peel off 20-30 feet and
wrap around a flat piece of cardboard - size of credit card.
To buy Gaffer's tape, here is one source in USA:

David W.

I needed to understand the word Gaffer, so I looked
it up in my trusty Encyclopedia Britannica Dictionary.

GAFFER: a lighting electrician on a motion-picture or
television set.

I think I am getting closer, and this looks like a solution.
I wish to connect a clothes line or a hook or many things
to the concrete walls in rooms. What I may get if I would
pay 50 dollars a night more for a room is a closet.
That is a lot of money to pay for a closet. My backpack
organizers is my set of shelves and my drawers. 10 percent
of the time though there is not place to hang the device.
I will try this solution also when I return to the USA.
Thank You.


Hi Andy,

Glad you are hiking and biking, seeing turtle nests and
meeting readers. You have gained far flung fame and you
deserve it. Keep up the active life - it pays big dividends.
The comparison between you and those party slugs back
at the beach proves that. Maybe some will see you living
it and change back to themselves.

I sometimes get my news online from Google's news
service, which is taken from a mix of world press sources
and timed as to recent releases. Content there changes
every few minutes. Not so CNN, you know. Here's
something about Mosul - as you have experience there...
Mosul Scholars, their petition, etc. This story isn't available
for U.S. consumption, I think. The contrast now compared
 to your recent stay there bears notice:

- Chris


Chris reads the blog regularly and can see or understand
my complete travel picture maybe more clearly. Plus he
has been reading the newsletter for a few years. So
do not feel left out. He has traveled along on this journey
a long time as a reader.

But I am hoping a little more fortune comes my way, or
just a little more so I am more financially secure and do not
have to scramble to make ends meet. Fame could be a shackle
around my ankle if I am not really careful. The joy in travel is the
anonymity or even the idea that people like or do not like me
on the merit of myself.

I picked up on the idea you proposed that other travelers
may "change back to themselves."

Travel does brings out the opposite side of a person.
People seem to have a shadow or an alter ego that emerges
while on vacation or traveling. Sometimes a person blooms
and sometimes they wilt, unfortunately they celebrate the
more debase side of themselves and show the ugly more
then the good side. It is like if no one knows what you are doing
you can be a bad person or your real self.

I would like to see the people behave like they do when
they feel the need to behave around their friends or colleges.
I am not sure who they are though? And probably they are
searching for this more then they traveling.
The traveler in India is a generation of people that live stoned.

On the Iraq war, I have answered my query by visiting Iraq.
The new medias of the world make up the news to sell
and there is no truth at any level.

Click on REPLY to write with questions.

~ HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks

Bob Mathias
American athlete, the youngest to win a gold medal
in the decathlon in Olympic at age 17 once said,
"It is easy to be great."

Something the effect of... You will be in the top 5
percent of all people if you,
 - Walk around the block once per week. (Exercise)
 - Read one book per month. (Readers)
 - Write a page per day. (Writers)

He goes on and on about this theme.

My theory...
To do good at life, wake up... Shut up, and listen up.


My wish list of things to help me travel.
I want to buy this travel gear.


"Thank you, Lord, for thinkin'
'bout me. I'm alive and doin' fine."
I’m alive and doing fine.‘
Song by: Five Man Electrical Band

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