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ISSUE:  132
DATE:  November 19, 2003
Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Palolem India - My Personal Tailor
TIP:  My Personal Tailor
LOCATION: Palolem Beach, Goa State of India



Hobo TRAVEL TIPS -  Palolem India - My Personal Tailor
Issue 132 Hobotraveler.com – November 19, 2003
A Hobo trip around the world. Year 7
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How I feel today, or a start down
the proverbial travelers path.

The rest of those who have gone before us
cannot  steady the unrest of those to follow.
 - From the movie "Finding Forrester"


 - The line that forms for the market, toilet, immigration.
This is what England do well. A topic for discussion and
an annoyance because in large numbers of countries you
must push your way to the front of lines.


High diver
 - Yegg who picks pockets.




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I am on R & R in Goa trying to avoid any sudden spiritual
awakenings by some new age Gurus or Gods.
I am on the job being an observer of this British Expatriate
Colony. I may soon learn to understand what "cheeky"
means in the British vernacular. I notice that the cheeks
of the English are longer and tested a question the
other night if that was the origin of the word. I have notices
that their faces are more pasty and cheeky, but they assure
me that I am crazy. Trust me they are cheeky.

R & R is Rest and Relaxation and the proper duty
of any devoted Hobo. Never let work get in the way of life.
For me, I write this newsletter in hope of people sending cash
in exchange for some travel advice and entertainment.
Oh well... If nothing else it keeps my mind busy and out of
trouble and very few dollars a needed in Goa to subsist.

I made a goof in the prior newsletter and a nice person
corrected me so I will pass on the correction.

"I have been an occasional reader of your newsletter for more than a year
now, and enjoy your messages. I happened to read your last message only
today, and would like to point out that the Union of India is made up of 28
(not 25) states and 7 Union territories. 3 new states were added in 2000:
Chhattisgarh (carved out of Madhya Pradesh), Jharkand (carved out of Bihar)
and Uttaranchal (earlier, part of Uttar Pradesh). Practically each state has
its own distinct language and culture, but this tends to get fuzzy across
state borders, which is why you will find several languages overlapping with
each other.

That's it. I hope you enjoy your trip in India.

PS: For the record, I am Indian, and I live in New Delhi."

Thanks for the clarification. I was depending on my Encyclopedia
Britannica Program inside my computer for information. I still trust the
the Encyclopedia immensely more then any POP History lesson
given by some lefty guidebook. Read my lips.....
"Guidebooks are for hotels, buses, and destinations. They are
terrible resources for history and facts."

For this I use the Encyclopedia or an actual history book.
I worry that MTV, movies, books, and guidebooks are manufacturing
a generation of children that cannot separate fantasy from fact.

Goa is great for beach life. I spend less then 5 dollars USA per day here,
but I do not drink so you drinkers will pay about 15 dollars. I can honestly
say that this Goa beach by the name of "Palolem" is one of the
best beaches I have ever visited. It is perfect in many ways.

1. It is very flat so I can walk or run down the beach without walking
on the side of hill.
2. The water gets deep gradually but quickly enough so I can
go in for a cool dip and return to the beach without a lot of hassle.
3. There are very tall palms along the edge with restaurants for all the
pasty white people to hide from the sun or just take a shade break.
4. About every 3 minutes a good body surfing wave comes in and
many happy swimmers jump a safe wave.
5. The bottom is sandy and smooth. No worries of corral or rock cuts.
6. There is tide that comes in and out and forces you to remember
you are on the ocean.
7. The sand is fine crushed shells and rock mixed. It is soft and
does not stick to the skin badly like the larger shell type sand.
This means... I do not spend all the time plucking piece of shell
out of my scalp. Small shell fragment are good at sticking to skin.
8, Small shells, fishermen, and other sea activity to observe.
I have found lot of small Star Fish on the beach.
9. Israel girls in Bikinis. I think of this as a bonus.

Sadly Shakira is still making Pepsi commercials and has not
written or called, but I will make do. Life is good and I cannot
complain too much, a little, but not much, just enough to keep
the world on it toes.

India is BIG. I have not got my mind around this country yet.
I do not know where to start or where to end. It seems like
will take a few trips here. I often tell people that the USA is made
up of 12 distinct cultures. I would have to guess that India is made
up of at least 28 distinct cultures. The boundary between cultures
is often the frontier, line, or roadblock between countries.
So India could be like visiting 28 countries with one visa.

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Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
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A friend said,
"The English have always had a love affair
with India."

In the Movie "The Beach" Alex Garland
talks of doing the "Goa Thing."

What is Goa?

It is a State of India.
It is about 14-15 degrees above the Equator.
It is located on the Arabia, Sea
or towards the Indian Ocean.
Probably has one of the better natural seaports.
Two of it largest river Mandavi and Zuari mouths
are located in Goa.

So what happens when get fresh water to drink
and a good sea port you have a great place to
fight over. A place to conquer, be conquered, held, and
colonized. The gold of this land was "Spices."
That is the money trail.

Imagine a bunch of brave macho sailors and soldiers
fighting over spices. They all need to stock up their
kitchens or bring back some for their wives.
I would much rather fight over oil for the car.

Many religions and countries have fought over Goa as home.
The Hindu, Muslims and Catholics fight.
The Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch, and British fight
over your territories and finally India emerged in 1962 as
the present governing body.


Somewhere after 1962 started the invasion of
Goa by the disillusioned and bewildered free thinking
rich hippies. So poor world hippies entered the Goa to
be rich hippies in a poor world. To use drugs, drink,
and spread the word. The pop singers the Beatles
helped create the search for the Gurus and the exodus
to India and search for meaning. While there has
not been conclusive evidence that they succeeded.
The search still continues today by travelers.

So started the "Goa Thing" and is in transition
now from the land of Hippies to the land of the
"Package Tour."

With excellent beaches and the price is right.
It is the budget travelers beach Mecca and the
place where any self-respecting European druggie
must sojourn to claim credibility.

Goa is a peaceful place and you can find what you
want to find in Goa. Life is simple, the beaches are
great and you can live on less the 10 USA Dollars or
10 Euros with no problem.

Anyone on the tour or world beaches must put
Goa on their short list and thanks to the British
invaders the locals like to speak English.
Life is just too easy in Goa.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

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Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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In an off the rack world custom made clothes are not
common and would be considered luxury. But cheap
labor is still available in 80 percent of the world so with
a little time and lots of patience you can have
custom made clothes and your personal tailor.

The saving alone on a few suits could pay for your
vacation to an exotic country.

My first encounter with having clothes made was
on a beach in Mexico. A young man kept trying to
convince me to buy his bathing trunks he make
by hand. I already had a surplus of swimwear and did
not need his help, but I did have a problem. I was working
very hard daily at spending 4 hours in a hammock on the
beach. Well a hammock is a relative of the couch and
they are both in collusion to steal your coins, and key out
your pocket when you are snoozing. So I ask this young
tailor to make some pockets on the inside of my shorts.
He took about 7 pair can returned in a few days with
each having small pockets inside. This was the first secret
pockets that I now have sown in all my clothes.

I have slowly grew more fascinated with this idea
of paying a tailor to make clothes. I have had alterations
and small projects done in Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru,
and Thailand. It was not until Iraq that I actually made the
first jump to having a full item of clothing made. It was
a nice plaid shirt and extremely well made. I am not overly
enthusiastic about having clothes made because of all
the problems.


People in lots of countries have "Make do" way of looking
at doing things. If one thing does not work they will use another.
So if they are missing the correct button. Why not use what is

There is normally a large choice of materials. But they do not
wish to buy a whole bolt of material for you to make one shirt.
You may find you need to buy the cloth in one place and have
the clothes made in a different. It is better if they have the
material. The price will be better and they probably have
experience with your chosen material.

You must ask how long and wait. As a rule of thumb I would
if a person says 3 days I would think 3 times that or 9 days.
Having clothes is not the thing to have done right before
you get on a plane. You have to have plenty of time.

The biggie problem is language. To explain in words
what you want is problem. I find that for this a translator
can be a great help. But be careful, and check the person
daily if possible. Walk into their place. Do not be afraid.
Enter and inspect how they are doing the work.

This is a way to learn patience. If you have no patience,
this is not for you.

Be careful with allowing the person to help you make choices.
If you want something you can wear in your country you must
make the choice. They know how to design and make clothing
for their country, not your country. You do no think the same.

7. COPY? Does not mean copy.
If you decide that you want them to copy a piece of clothing
this is good, but make sure they do not "Make Do."
Check all the parts of the puzzle before they start.
Demand that it be exact or the way you wish. Why have
a custom made sure that is done the way the tailor wants
and not the way you wish? That is off the rack.
This is not offensive. They will moan, but so be it.
A good tailor in any country will try to make you happy.
So just because it is cheap, do not let them off the hook.

The goal is to buy some custom made clothes at a price
you can afford and want to pay. You are doing this because
it would cost too much in your own country. So please
negotiate and find a fair deal for both side. If you like them
and want to help them, then do not negotiate very good.

I have found referrals by the locals be of little value.
There is almost always a brother, a relative or an uncle
aunt that is a tailor. If you go to this person and do not
like the work it or do not use their friend. There will be 2
prices to pay. One for the clothes and one because you
did not help them. They can lay a guilt trip on and make
life uncomfortable. Walk around and visit a few.
Take a tours of the local culture to see how people, live,
work, and make a living in the country. There is no rush.

If you hear,
"It is only this many Dollars or Euros."
If you hear,
"It is nothing in your country."
If you hear,
"A price that sounds similar to what you would pay
for clothing at home."

They want to convince you to pay too much. They are seeing
dollars signs more then having pride in their work.
My personal tailor has to listen and help. They know
why I am buy the clothes?
"It is good value and a bargain."
A good tailor will enjoy their work and try to design
and craft you a piece of clothing of pride.

Go into a tailor and give them an order for one item.
If they do well, then order some more clothing.
Patience, time and two people learning to understand
the others language and culture is needed.

I am writing this in India. I find that many people speak
English and this makes it an excellent place to have
clothing designed and made. I had very good luck in
Iraq also because they speak English and they also
were an very honest culture in the working class.

Wherever you travel and wherever you go this is
a fun and entertaining way to meet people, make
some friends and enjoy the day.

Photos of tailors and shirt.

Just another day in Paradise!
Be a Hobo, and leave your mark.

X Hobotraveler.com was HERE!

Life is good.
The Hobotraveler.com

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy the Hobotraveler.com
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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Archives of Scotts Story

He is in Australia.

Note: Send recommendations for next
"Extreme Hobo Traveler" for newsletter to follow.


“Peanut Gallery”
Fun tips - Here's a little tip from me, to you,
as an experienced traveler.

Indian people say,
"Name your price."
Do not do this... It is a commitment and you will
find yourself buying or going back on your word.
What brilliance in negotiations. They must have
fun extracting Euros and Dollars from Hippies
and Tourist.




 I'm interested in interviews with computer pro
expatriate(s). Inspiring. Good idea!

Drink much coconut milk?
- Chris


I meet very few foreigners or expatriates that live in developing
countries where the daily pay is between 3 and 15 dollars per
day such as India, and yet still earn a salary in excess of 25,000
USA dollars per year or close. If they do they are not traveling
but are working for oil companies, or large multi-national companies
and have moved to the other country, they are not in anyway free
to travel and visit the world. This guy Mark that is presently in
Palolem is doing this and therefore quite unique.

There is a dream to earn good wages and travel anywhere
in the world by working on a computer or by communicating
with their job by internet. So I will hopefully soon do this interview
and help others to do the same. He went to Bombay for a week.
He has not returned back yet. I really hope I did not miss my
chance and he returns.

I do not like Coconut Milk, but there is a guy that walks
the beach every day. I have not seen just normal coconuts
being sold to eat here. I like to eat a coconut and consider
it one of the worlds cheapest sources of protein. But right
now all the coconuts on the trees look very small and not

Andy -
I enjoyed your comments about falling coconuts.
Made me think it was a good thing Isaac Newton sat under
an apple tree - not a coconut tree -
or else maybe no more Mr. Newton, and where would we
be without a law of gravity?

You are wondering where to have backpacks made.
I purchased your hanging pocket/pouch organizer.
It is wonderful. I use it every day at home for my normal items.
When I go "on the road" it will certainly go with me.
It is functional design and excellent value for the money.
I would like to encourage you to design more such

So, about you making backpacks.
May I offer some suggestions:

1.) I noticed your list of countries doesn't show The Philippines.
Wages are low.
Workers are plentiful and eager.
Quality can be excellent.
English is common.
Freeport areas are well-established.
Shipping costs are moderate - not cheap.

In The Philippines, honesty of the culture is
questionable. Official corruption is everywhere - especially
customs. When I was in the Philippines 3 months ago,
I found some people dedicated to honest business,
as if to counter-balance the reputation of their

Philipino business are used to producing small lots.
You might be able to order only a few at a time,
keeping your raw materials and inventory costs really low.

I can recommend you to a friend of mine there,
a Philipina, who is a independent businesswoman in a small way.
She can coordinate and make inquiries for you.
Her fees would be very modest.
My level of trust in her is high.
She is in Cebu City, central Philippines.
(I am not personally involved with this woman, just a friend.)

2.) Also on your list was Thailand.
I just came from there a few days ago, and
will be returning in January for permanent living.
If you wish, I can make inquiries for you in Thailand.
I am a retired business owner.
Perhaps I can find some sources for you.

I don't want anything for this:
no money, no percentage, nothing.
I'm retired. I have enough to live on and I don't need more.
For me it would be a way to encourage you
in your hobo business. I am a frequent reader of your newsletter
and your blog and your tips. Perhaps a small way to offer bit of
help to you for many valuable ideas you have provided to me.

- Dave W.
Reno, Nevada, USA


The Philippines is an excellent addition to my list.
I think I talked about importing in my blog. I have been done
sufficiently well with my backpack organizer to try or continue
to design and sell more types of special travel gear.
I have in the works or am design a complete backpack
system for people that travel. It would have everything that
I feel necessary for world travelers. I see lots of backpack
but most are designed to actually go in the mountains and
it appears that less then 2 percent are ever used for this type
of journey.

I will find a country soon and make a prototype of all my
products I wish to sell. This is very time consuming.
I believe the Philippine speak better English then lots
of countries of the world.

I suppose the best help a person could provide to
me in this project is if they find actual small cottage
type manufacturing places that already make backpacks.

Link to products I already sell.


Hi Andy,

I hope you are doing well. Sounds like you are.

Do you ever think about 401K's and a secure financial
 future like the rest of us?
It seems we all live by working at a career to eventually
"retire" in a financially secure position as if we were in
control (yeah, right). Maybe you have already retired.
Maybe I am just getting old.

Take care,


I am doing well. Thanks

I do think about retiring constantly. But I am self-employed.
I make my living from my webpage. I do not earn much
money yet, but as the page grows and more people buy
products or I allow specific types of advertisers to sponsor
my page I will slowly increase my income which is of a
residual type.

A web site is like a newspaper. If you have 50,000
daily readers like a paper in a small city you can sell
ad space for X amount of money. If your readership is
1 million or more per day like the USA today or Wall Street
Journal then you can sell if for a LOT more.

Yahoo.com or Google.com are examples of what I would
call super sites. Lonelyplanet.com or Frommers.com are
super sites in the world of travel websites. My goal is to
become a super site. I would estimate that I am half the
way there presently.

DOT.COM failures of the past and present are because
of a completely crazy business model. My model works
very efficiently and is growing rapidly. I can almost guarantee
that I will reach the size and proportions of Lonelyplanet.com
some day in the future. There is no hurry because I all I really
want is money enough to travel and enjoy life.

The best business for any self employed person should
be their own business. So I invest everything of my time,
money, and energy into my web site. It is my retirement.
I am able to earn enough money to travel the world
and that is my first goal.


dear andy
enjoyed the fungus tip on ants. i happened to be watching
a program on new items for home use and there is now a
velcro called, i think, power velcro. it is very strong and it will
stick to anything. they actually hung a cinder block from a wall
and it stayed put. so if it sticks to cinderblock, i believe it will
stick to concrete. it is probably sold in hardware stores
like home depot. blessings ciao. tehuana

This is an answer to my request in this link for a way to connect
items cheaply and quickly to concrete walls.

I will try to buy this special velcro and see if their claims are
true. I am trying to understand how this works?

Click on REPLY to write with questions.


~ HOBO GOSSIP and/or Jaded Remarks

How can a Brit say they went on vacation.
They should say,
"I am going to go visit an expatriate colony."
There is always a British Pub in all countries,
where a Brit can have some proper whatever.


My wish list of things to help me travel.
I want to buy this travel gear.


"Thank you, Lord, for thinkin'
'bout me. I'm alive and doin' fine."
I’m alive and doing fine.‘
Song by: Five Man Electrical Band

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